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    No need, you said it and elaborated so well that it seems ridiculous to even discuss it.
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    Jets Draft

    Great topic.
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    Correct. The Eagles being runner-up has been reported by several media outlets. So far, one person (Pauline) has run the "Jets made an offer" story and nobody has substantiated it. Starting to wonder if it's complete crap.
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    On any given Sunday any team can beat any team. Enjoy the season and be grateful for football.
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    JoeWilly12 is a myth. He doesn't exist. We created him. He was born from that little part inside of all of us that we want to be like, but are too afraid to embrace. Now he goes around urging his followers to fist fight and "sign this beast". He cannot be stopped. You can't kill an idea.
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    No he has it all wrong. Jets fail to extend contract Trade top notch pass rusher in his prime for a total jag OG and a late 2nd round pick.
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    Villain The Foe

    Jets Draft

    I agree that we shouldnt take a QB. There's a strong possibility that the OL or OLB that we covet will be gone. The good thing is the Jets at #20 could actually have first dibs at a WR. I wouldnt mind going WR. Outside of Marshall and Decker we have Smith coming back from an ACL.
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    @BowlesMovement and the Movement extended family photo, from Grandma & Grandpa Movement on down:
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    Lol. You're funny. Now do Easley!
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    I wouldn't make that kind of trade for either of the QBs at the top of this draft.
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    Jets Draft

    Who are we gonna take? We do not need to pick a QB with our 1st rounder. We need a pass rusher and some OL help. Sign Fitz and let Petty grow on the sidelines or have we given up on him already? Please do not draft another qb in the 1st or 2nd rd
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    Jets Draft

    Very original too.
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    Another thing about this kid, let it be noted that he was QB-ing behind an O-line that has guys who might end up bouncers at a titty bar but never will any of them see the inside of a pro football helmet unless it's at a Sports Bar on the fake trophy case
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    You put effort into this ^^^^
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    Possible Mo Trade Scenario

    This came up a lot in the thread about the trade. Three things: 1. They have cap space for his contract 2. They have picks to give us 3. They've already entertained a offer from us that likely included him i think they're a good candidate as trade partner.
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    ****Official 2016 Road Trips Thread****

    You telling a mod that he posted in the wrong forum?? Anyway, if you guys get the chance, book a road trip to KC. By far, the best football atmosphere in the NFL.
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    I thought you were like 16.
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    So, you're not trolling? You actually believe the babbling jackassery that you post on a regular basis? I was giving you credit, I just thought you liked busting balls by taking the stupidest possible view or angle on every talking point brought upon the site.
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    Connor Cook or a DL

    Never reach for a QB. Cook is a 3rd/4th rounder at best.
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    That is basically, a GM betting his career on a rookie QB
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    I would guess slide and have a pair of knees that don't look like a dog gnawed on them?
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    Jets set to Host Hackenberg

    You couldn't be more wrong. The kid was tougher than just about any QB you could find. He was playing behind one of colleges worst offensive lines and playing in a system that did not fit his capabilities. And if those excuses aren't enough, when Penn State was hit with tons of sanctions that effectively prevented them from fielding a competitive team he opted to stay at Penn State instead of bailing on the program and transferring (without penalty) to one of a number of top colleges where he would have had a better chance at success. If that isn't a sign of leadership I don't know what is.

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