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    That "Leak" Was Significant

    For the past 5-6 months whenever Maccagnan or Bowles was asked about Fitzpatrick's contract they always said they wouldn't negotiate through the media. Now all of a sudden after Decker makes a "statement" by not showing up for OTA's this info comes out??? If you think that's a coincidence you're crazy. This could mean the organization has started the clock on how long they are willing to wait for Fitzpatrick to sign the deal. As far as the 12 million in the first year is concerned people need to realize that DOESN'T mean the annual value of the deal is 12 million. To get the cap hit of the deal to a reasonable number the first year is probably paying Fitzpatrick a salary of 3 million with a signing bonus of 9 million. In total Fitzpatrick would have 12 million in hand but our cap hit would only be 6 million. In addition the 12 million in the first year sends a couple of messages: - To Fitzpatrick it says thanks for 2015 and you're our starter in 2016. But at 34-35 years old you aren't our long term answer - To the media it says shut up about us being cheap - To the team it shows they are being more than reasonable It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out now that the team has finally "responded" after all these months
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    SOJ moves here, boy. Have some ******* dignity, Maccagnan.
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    If this is true, I'd sooner the Jets traded for Villains BF in Tampa, or just Drafted Lynch in the first.
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    This is so sad. But unfortunately it's the type of thing I've come to expect from this organization. This whole thing was so unprofessionally managed. With the HC proclaiming a free agent his starter, to a GM continually claiming he's their primary free agent focus to a complete lack of respect from many players - leading to an OTA hold out.
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    I am disappointed if this is true. I have no faith in Fitz.
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    I hate the NY media any other beat writers for other teams usually tend to be fans and somewhat positive when they talk about their team. These parasites obviously hate the Jets and must be Giants fans but couldn't get a job working as a writer for them. It's like they want to see any player fail because as long as we are losing they have something to write about. If we are winning you don't hear sh*t. I swear if I ever see Dick C on Manish I will bitch slap them so ******* hard.
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    I love that this is an actual thing. In the Jets history books reads the chapter; the Ryan Fitzpatrick hold out.... Somehow, the Jets found themselves on the sh*t end of a hold out by a journeyman back up. That no one wants. No one in the league wants this guy, except the Jets. Stuck in a hold out.... With Ryan fcking Fitzpatrick That actual happened? - is what you'll kids will ask you years from now.
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    Year one $ is misleading for a 3 year deal. Need to know all the details before we judge anything.
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    Personally I've said all along that we don't know what they're offering him. If this is correct, and they're offering him $12 milion and he's not taking it...move on and let him get half that from somebody to be a back-up. Sign the damn deal Fitz.
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    if these #'s are anywhere near correct, I have no idea what Fritz is wanting but I know I would not give it to him. He can go play in Canada for all I car.
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    Actually it only matters if it effects someone's narrow argument. History has to be looked at, has to be considered, at face value if it's Geno and helps make some kind of point that's not really provable. But when you use history against Fitz well then it's meaningless. Then it has no place in today's argument. Fitz defies logic. He's a totally unique athlete, only gets credit for wins. Loses however on on the team.
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    Agreed. When we have one, definitely don't low ball him.
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    Yup...years from now, we'll be remembering and talking about why Mac lost his job and this will be the first thing that comes up... negotiated against no one, to sign a journeyman that has never been to playoffs...paid him $12mm - and was benched by week 7. Joke!
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    guaranteed money is all that matters, which is more than likely the hang up I really doubt they offered and he turned down $12 guaranteed
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    I'm going to withhold judgement but if those second and third years are anything beyond veteran backup mentor money, or just pretend years, then Maccagnan deserves to be fired and locked in a room playing nothing but Nickelback for 3-5.
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    Hey guys enjoy a cold one and thank a Veteran if you know one and especially remember the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I cant continue this sh*t today with you guys who just dont get it and never will.
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    What about when fitztragic starts and the team starts 1-7
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    Yes because we have such a rich and deep history of Hall of Fame QBs who have played for us over the years.
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    Jet Nut

    That "Leak" Was Significant

    Maybe instead of meaningless records we can get a playoff game out of him. Because no one else has. Ever. Hes been a bottom tier QB for 11 years. He's just good enough to hang around but not good enough to do more than give some hope to some. He has accomplished nothing in this league and has made how many tens of millions as basically a failure. Yeah, he deserves security. Because he has a cool beard I guess, lol
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    That "Leak" Was Significant

    Denver does not require Lynch to play well( ie. Manning) to win. Two totally different teams. You can't say that Lynch managing a game for Denver would be the same as him starting for the Jets. Sanchez will start for Denver... they'll let Lynch sit until at least the Bye in week 11. Concerning Fitz, I'd like to have him in camp but if he gives the Jets crap over this deal then it's onto Geno and let the Petty/Hack competition for 2017 begin. If we're out of it by week 11 (bye) let the young guys loose.
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    Watch us cave, give him like 15mil the first year on a multi-year deal that declines but they're stuck with it and they go 6-10. That basically would define my entire life as a Jets fan.
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    If the word "playoff" is in the language anywhere that would prevent him from signing.
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    Why do people keep saying that the Jets are bidding against themselves? They made him an offer at the end of the season, his agent shopped it and nobody was willing to pay more. That doesn't mean that nobody wants him, it means nobody wants him at a higher price. Let's face it, he is indeed more valuable to the Jets than any other team because of his familiarity with Chan's system and his relationship with the receivers. If it was February and he signed the offer that is floating around, Jets fans would be saying the Jets got a good deal based on what the other QBs got.
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    At times, I really want Fitz to be a Jet. We deserve him. The FO deserves him. Every bit of him. I know he's going to sh*t the bed, no doubt in my mind (n 31 other GMs). I just wanna be the guy to say "I told you so" cuz Fitz is going to be the one with the last laugh. We have actual NFL schedule this year, unlike the cake we were served last year. He took a dump on that cake as well btw.
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    It means that now the Geno haters have 2 reasons they hope that Fitz signs. The stupid "he's 7 million times better" nonsense is catching on with them though.
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    You made a long post, I don't agree with all your points, but with the theme, it's hard to argue with. Both sides have upped the ante. Fitz's guys have brought it to the locker room. Bad stuff Jets are leaking info to the media. Bad stuff Jets' FO/CS/vet players don't want smith as QB. Man it's really time for this to get resolved. It's about guaranteed money. Get it FN done
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    True. If that offer was legit and it was offered in March and he decided to instead hit free agency thats telling in my eyes. Things like that GM's need to set some sort of precedent on. Meaning that if Fitz is going to play hardball in that fashion and the Jets offered 12 million before the market dried up, my response would be lowering the price since that market is now dried. If you're willing to play hardball then you must be willing to take the lumps, especially when you put a franchise in a position to offer you that amount and run the risk of then possibly losing you in free agency. And now that FA is over as well as the draft and this is still an issue? Just based on this the Jets should seriously wait until training camp and see what they have in ANY of our current QB's. It's one thing to be held hostage in a sense by a guy like Revis that was the best in the business....but this is Ryan Fitzpatrick. All jokes aside, I understand he threw 31 TD's and had one hell of a season, but this dude is FEELING himself right now. Im not interested in this guy whatsoever. Generally, im all for the players making money. I was a huge supporter of Revis back when he was in his prime, because he showed through multiple years that he was worth the money. Then when he was traded he made sure that he got his money form the Bucs and then he earned it. The following year he went to the Pats and earned that money. Even when he came back. Outside of one Sammy Wakins and DeAndre Hopkins game, Revis was money on the field. Revis has a track record. Guys who have track records are allotted this type of approach imo. Fitzpatrick supporter or not, I dont think anyone with a straight face can say that they're confident that Fitz can get us to the playoffs and actually be competitive...and its only fair given that Fitz has actually never done it. This is really unsettling. Supporting players has to be based on what they've done and what they can do. I dont have that same feeling with Fitz....and his history shows that when he got his pay day in his prime that he didnt live up to it. For FItz to try to squeeze "every bit out" only works when you're a franchise QB, or atleast a star QB with some credentials. This really doesnt sit well with me.
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    Granite, you are probably right, correcting others grammar on a message board is found upon, and can land you in the intents and care unit...so wash yourself.
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    Right....they're clearly in LOVE with Geno who they have under contract for $1.7 million...LOVE I tell you....LOL
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    $12m for year one = we know you are our starter. I have no doubt Fitz is fine with that payday, as he should be. It is better than competitive for what he brings to the table. It's the 2nd and 3rd year that are no meeting his expectations. So, as I've been saying all along. It doesn't matter what you pay Fitz this year, our spending is done. Just don't **** up spending in the next 2 years. Contract sounds like what it should be, to me.
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    Bet this was leaked by the Jets. After Decker and Marshall were no shows for OTA's, they want to dispel the "low bll offer" stuff. Get off the pot Fitz and sign the deal
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    Extra extra, Geno Smith looks great in shorts against air.
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    How does paying Fitz 24mil over 3 years change whether Geno earns the gig? It only delays the progression of the 3 young guys we have. Of which, odds are at least 2 are better than Fitz.
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    I can't wait to see the Geno boys try and tear this report up "grabs popcorn and kicks back"
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    Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    ****UPDATE***** Geno still winning.
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    Of course not. Don't re-sign him if he doesn't play well. And no one is gifting him the starting gig. There are two other QBs here. One in his second season and a rookie. Geno had to play his first two years so it's not crazy to have him compete vs those two.
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    Coaches don't offer contracts and terms of said contract. The GM bear's the weight of that deal. Chan probably just made it known that he thought he could operate well in that system. The GM was the one afraid to lose him and thus over paid for Fitz
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    No wonder they are too embarrassed to tell the world what they are paying for a 34 year old career journeyman QB. This is a bigger FAIL than Neil O'Donnell and he took the Steelers to a Super Bowl.
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    I agree with just about everything you're saying...two specific things. 1) Woody Johnson is a meddlesome owner whose focus on on PR over winning. 2) If this team has a rough year with whomever is at QB. Bringing Fitz back is the right PR move (not football move) If Geno starts and they're 2-6 to start the season - they'll get hammered for not bringing Fitz back. If Fitz is here and we're 2-6 it's a lot easier to say "we tried" Agreed, Mac and Bowles should be given the rope to hang themselves. This is a lot of faith being put into a journeyman. I honestly hope I'm wrong and the Jets win 11 games this year.
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    If you put Curtis' durability in Freeman's body, what a player.
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    You should take some time to learn about NFL contracts. What you're saying is not accurate at all
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    FTL Jet Fan

    Patriots Forum

    Ahh speaking of the Devil AFJF.
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    If Fitz makes $12 mil, Cam Newton is worth, what, $3.5?
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    Good for Maccagnan for having the figures "leak" out. Of course people are going to overreact to the 12 million in the first year but if properly structured it's not a big deal. If it's a three year deal it's probably: Year 1 - 7 million salary and 5 million bonus (over the contract that's a 1.6 million hit) Year 2 - 7 million salary Year 3 - 7 million salary
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    Great to hear that without Fitz in OTAs, the other 3 guys are getting more reps and opportunities to step up. Tinfoil hat: Maybe that's why Fitz isn't back yet?