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    They gave Marcus Gilchrist $7m per. If they try to recoup $6m from one of the GOATs, they should just sell the franchise to Chinese investors and be done with it.
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    Weekends are depressing

    Give me the Jets. I will take it. I will even take a 0-16 season. I miss the Jets on the weekends. Thank God for family obligations that keeps my mind off of Jets. I am a junkie. I need my Jets. Damn. Seriously depressed now thinking I won't see the Jets again until August. Training Camp can't come soon enough. I am an addict. Me: Hi. I am Fibonacci and I am a Jets addict. Crowd: Hi Fibonacci!
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    I'm hoping maybe he had undisclosed injuries. He knows the craft. He's a proven supertalent. He's only 31. Rod Woodson played at 38, Darrell Green was almost 43. Darrelle's "I'm old" comment was either a cover-up excuse or turning past 30 messed with his head. He watched D'Brick quit after 10 years. Maybe he's questioning his own interest in the game (but not the money). Maybe it's just a fixable funk. It must be hard to stay enthused when your team sucks and the HC is clueless.
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    Revis has basically been a celebrity for 10+ years with no altercations like this, or any off-field issues. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. Cut him March 11, pay him the $6M, keep the relationship healthy so that one of the all-time greats stays a part of the family.
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    Mahomes Breakdown

    I am on Mahomes bandwagon. Pick him if he is there at #6. Play him right away. If he turns out franchise QB in 2 years, fine. If not, who cares? We didn't win a Superbowl in 48 years anyway. Pick the next highest QB prospect in 2 years. Rinse and repeat until we find our franchise QB. I don'tr have a lot of years to live.
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    I'll take Sh*t That Literally Never Happens for $800, Alex.
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    Weekends are depressing

    Sorry guys while I do miss football, I nowhere near miss the crap we were subjected to for 4 1/2 months.
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    Superbowl Start Times

    I wonder why they think Saturday Superbowls will draw lesser ratings. Doesn't make sense. I know a lot of people that didn't watch second half this year and years past. They should at least experiment it for the next 2 Superbowls to see if there is really rating drop. For a regular season game, I can understand the low ratings on Saturday nights but this is freaking Superbowl. I am ready to bet on the fact that Saturday Superbowls will draw higher ratings than Sunday Superbowls.
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    Superbowl Start Times

    They should really do it on a Saturday Teams are coming off a 2 week break, so it's not like it's a short week. Make it easier for people to travel, makes it easier to have a SB party or whatever else as you don't have work/ kids don't have school the next day.
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    I'm done discussing this issue. I fully support Revis for the record.
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    So you want to make America great again? SAR I
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    Regardless of how the criminal charges play out, through the eyes of many, this incident will leave a black mark on Revis' reputation. In my opinion, the best publicity move for Revis at this point would be to say, "Yes, I will work with you. I'll renegotiate my contract". Not saying the Jets should do it, but RIGHT NOW, it would probably be in HIS best favor.
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    I agree that he was a great Jet. Past tense. But this is now. The Jets need to move on. Be more like the Patriots. You don't pay a player based on his past performance only. Must look to what he contributes currently.
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    You are correct. I did do 20 and out for a municipality. The municipality got the better of the deal for 20 years and now I get the better of the deal. We both operated under the contracts and employment conditions agreed to. NFL payers know what they are signing up for and the NFL doesn't get to, nor has it changed rules mid stream (at least not without the NFLPAs consent) Revis has gotten the better of the deal all along and if you think he gives a damn about, or does anything for all those other players that weren't so lucky you are dead wrong. He is Mevis and has always made it clear he doesn't give a sh*t about anybody but himself.
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    If you read the terms of his contract a few posts up, you'll see that it is a gray area, but one certainly does not have to be "convicted" of a crime to be in breach of contract.
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    The Jets don't owe Darrelle Revis anything! F*ck him & his uncle! Revis NEVER played under a contract not worthy of his talent. Look at someone like Antonio Brown & his rookie contract that he honored. You guys are nuts to think the Jets owe Revis anything. He wasn't a GREAT JET, he was TEAM REVIS. The guy won a Super Bowl with our most hated rival over the past 15 years. It would be like Big Ben going to the Ravens for a year, winning a Super Bowl & then coming back & playing like Geno Smith! I don't even consider this guy a NY Jet. When you make over $1,300,000 per game & refuse to tackle your persona non grata in my fan book. I don't think you would EVER see that from great defenders like Woodson, Reed, Watt, it was disgusting to watch. Probably the most selfish, self preservation play I have ever witnessed in pro football & im 56 years old. The New York Jets owe Darrelle Revis NOTHING! He had 2 great years 2009/2010, he got paid handsomely for it & even held out in the 2010 camp and then hurt his hammy. F*ck him & his Uncle and the whole Revis family he said he needed to take care of financially.
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    The Jets just gave him $40 million because he was great in 2009. Chasing him down to save $6 mil before throwing one of their great historical figures does nothing for them. They'd just turn around and hand it to the next Buster Skrine anyway.
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    Since he's unlikely to receive league discipline in the next 3 weeks, it seems likely he'll just get cut and receive his guaranteed $6m. So $39m for 2 years of Revis on the wrong side of 30. No great year; one generally good (though not that good) season, and one bad season (complete with obvious mail-it-in effort). Say it again. $39,000,000 for the past 2 seasons. 29 starts. $1,345,000 per game, over two non-playoff seasons.
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    It's what Jets fans do: demonize the rare great player or coach foolish enough to wear the green and white.
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    Best thing that could happen is 2017 is a complete sheetstorm, Bowles gets fired, Maccagnan gets religion and Jets are in position to pick Darnold, and hire a real coach in 2018. The Jets aren't winning anything in 2017. Enough half measures and half assing it. Burn it down and start over. There is no way that money found by voiding Revis changes any of that. And if it did it would simply be another half measure of failure. The worst thing the Jets can do is throw more lipstick on the pig such that Darnold dosns't happen. Lot of people here want to turn Revis into Public Enemy #1 over a bar fight at 2:45AM on a Saturday night. In the criminal justice system that is commonly called a piece of sh*t case. This is stupidity, not criminality. Everyone was drunk, said and did stupid things, nobody is credible and nobody is really hurt spare pride. Revis has never been in trouble before, have a hard time believing this is anything but one stupid drunk night.
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    Exactly. Imagine if they let the dude throw 35 times in that game. He would have had four interceptions and the Jets would have lost.
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    Give me your Porsche and I'll have my sister touch your penis same thing hahahaha my sister is hideous
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    I'm sure this has been covered, but I'll say it again. Revis was a great player, who also leveraged the sh*t out of the system to get every last cent he could when he had the upper hand. Can't blame him, a football career doesn't last long and no one knows when that career ending injury comes, and it could come in any year. And now, with this escapade, Revis has no leverage, at all, with the Jets and now they can get rid of him and save money in the process. Not for revenge, but because he's no longer good and they need to save the money. Just business. Like the holdouts. But karma, and fitting way for Revis to go out this way. Lived by the leverage gun and now his career with the Jets dies by it. I don't know. I sort of like it.
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    We all know these are bullsh*t charges. Revis hasn't hit anyone in 2 years.
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    C Kyle Friend Signs With Steelers

    Today, with heads bowed we know that the pig is not quite as ripe for the slaughter as it was yesterday.
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    Weekends are depressing

    I go to the local crackhouse and counsel them that the road to recovery begins and ends with improved mechanics.
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    http://www.mockdraftable.com/player/7682/ Not really, while I don't want to use just stats to say he's not fast, he's just not that fast. His 3 cone shuttle, 20 yard dash, 60 yard dash, 40 yard, 10 yard are all below the 40 percentile mark for CBs. Now there have been plenty of guys that are successful with slower speeds, but his issue is that he's a press man corner. If he can jam someone at the line, he throws off their momentum enough that he can stay stride for stride with them. If they evade the jam at the line, he doesn't have the speed to stay with those guys down the field, especially on deep routes. His preferable game is when he's jamming a receiver and then maintaining some form of contact to slow the guy down. He has good weight for a corner, so he's used to overpowering guys at the line of scrimmage, and that wasn't working that well last year in the NFL. Now the transition from college to the NFL is brutal for most corners so I wouldn't advocate dropping him, but he either has to shed some weight to gain speed or get better technique to stay with NFL receivers.
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    In a practical sense, though, the timetable simply wouldn’t work for this to happen no matter the outcome of Revis’ legal matter.The league is unlikely to act until the case is resolved. Nobody knows the facts of the case so that last clause about personal conduct cannot be used until the facts are known. They probably won’t be known until later in the process.The process is unlikely to conclude before March 9, which is the first day of the league year. That is when teams can start using their salary cap space to sign free agents. Slater and Florio both note that if the Jets cut Revis, they would lose any right to recoup that $6 million.The Jets will almost certainly cut Revis before March 9, though. Doing so creates over $7 million in new cap space. If the Jets hold onto Revis past March 9, he still counts against the cap. That is $7 million and change the team cannot use to upgrade the roster. All of this would be to try and regain money when the team will have no idea whether it has a chance to regain it at all.I know people are going to focus on that last “engages in personal conduct” part, but there’s little chance the Jets will have the type of information they would theoretically need by March 9. And having him clogging the cap space by waiting for this to play out would be silly for a lot of reasons. The bottom line is the timeline doesn’t match up for the Jets to get that money back no matter what happens. > http://www.ganggreennation.com/2017/2/17/14654244/the-jets-probably-wont-be-able-to-void-darrelle-revis-cap-hit-no-matter-what-happens as I posted earlier, the real issue is whether to keep Revis or not. Cutting him saves the Jets $9 million no matter what. Is the slower, laissez-faire Revis we saw last season worth $9 million now? IMO, no. Not even close. Perhaps if Revis brought some intangibles to the table, such as being a leader and role model to the team in the clubhouse, inspiring and mentoring young CBs, etc. (none of which he has EVER been reported as doing), then perhaps it would be worthy of consideration. But the recoverability of the remaining $6,000,000 in guaranteed money is just a side issue, one that, IMO, is secondary and not all that important in making the decision to keep or cut.
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    Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Good Lord, is she stunning.
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    Which is why they made zero attempt to keep him 2 years ago. Robert Kraft may be despicable in many ways, but he is a great owner. He would never shove a player like Revis down his coach and gm's throat to try to get back in the good graces of his fans like our brain dead owner did.
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    This. Revis has always been about Revis, never about the Jets. I can't believe people want to suck up to this low life for eternity just because for a few years he could cover wide receivers. I'm only interested in my teams "honoring" the history of players who represented the team admirably, not just by their athletic ability. True greatness in sports of course means excelling as a player and winning (which we never did), but it also means being someone that I'm proud to have my young children look to as an example of how to conduct yourself. Revis isn't that. Curtis Martin was that. Dennis Byrd certainly was that. D'Brickashaw was that. Frankly, defending Revis makes you no better than one of these delusional Pats/Brady fanboys or these new-found ARod advocates.
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    Jets’ Revis Turns Himself in to Police

    I'm not blaming him for "everything" or for anyone else's poor performance. Just his own. And it was horrendous to watch. He was a major contributing cause to the failure of the Jets defense last season. I never said he was the "only" cause. Try not to put words in my mouth please. But he sure was a major cause, and the Jets would be insane to pay him $15 million this season. Cut him now, save the $9 million in cap money, petition the NFL to save the remaining guranteed $6 million and if Revis wins on that issue, so be it.
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    Right. But what if this is a case of self defense?
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    Revis didn't steal anything from the Jets when he held out twice and threatened to do so a 3rd time. That was the business of the NFL and how it works. Likewise, the Jets wouldn't be stealing anything from Revis if the remaining guaranteeed money is voided under the terms of the contract that Revis himself signed. "Tell Darrelle it was only business. We always liked him."
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    Jets’ Revis Turns Himself in to Police

    drop the hammer and recoup the 6 mill..even if u can't recoup just drop the hammer..
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    No thanks as I have told you in the past I sit row 1 when I do attend games that I have to buy otherwise I'm in my neighbors company seats in the LL. I didn't make a commitment to be there every week like you did. Did you dump that Fitzpatrick jersey and shave the beard yet?
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    Im not your pal son and blah blah blah the NFL is business Revis did well for himself. Innocent until proven guilty.
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    Dont harass somebody on the street with your cell phone, jerkoff. Lesson learned. + 1 Revis
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    Every time I checked back in this thread, there's always little gems.
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    lol, you're the easiest
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    New York Mick

    Good Picks for the Jets at #6?

    Hooker so I can get a Hooker jersey.
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    Remember James Dearth?

    ^I saw that, too. They almost long snapped that rat straight into Hell, but it turned into the New Meadowlands.
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    The Walking Dead

    I think he does. If I remember correctly, the kid who he has taken under his wing dad was killed by walkers. I think he was killed by Negan a la the Glenn/Abraham initiation. I agree with just killing Negan is not the answer. There is a power structure in place. While killing Negan might create a void, SImon or another could quickly fill the role and the 'haves' of the saviors would still be in power.
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    The only job better than being a weather man, is being an ESPN NFL draft analyst. No other jobs in the world allow you to make one wild guess after another, be wrong constantly, and actually thrive in your chosen career the way these two gigs do. Well, perhaps politician, but that's too incendiary for a Wednesday morning.
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    The Cycle is now complete.