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    Jets fans are some of the worst!! Those of you saying tank; how the hell are we supposed to do that? Tank how...... Get guys to fumble? Put players in the wrong positions? Run poor offensive formations? Don't coach the young players? What the heck are guys getting paid supposed to do? Your bellyaching out here is disgusting! You guys are literally begging your team to lose when they have no real established presence on offense; and yet you have no literal way of the Jets to "Tank"! Oh and Petty in games is not tanking...... We are not a good team but at least the Jets are playing with some pride which is more than some of you. Good Grief!!!!
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    Jax hung 29 on a tough Houston defense in the opener. Scored 44 against Balt on the road Beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh 30-9 today. Not so sure that constitutes a "soft" team. Just a thought.
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    Respect to the Browns. They know how to tank. And won’t let anyone get in their way.
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    NO. This stance is completely nonsensical. He is a young developmental player. One with ELITE skills by the way. And the only way to know if he can become a NFL QB is to play him AND create a support structure to allow him to develop. This applies to Petty as well. One only needs to look at what is happening with the Rams (I hate the new abbreviations LAC and LAC BTW) to see this is true. Goff looked WORSE than Hack last year. Yet they get rid of a coach amazingly similar to Bowles, get some new offensive weapons, a QB focused head coach, and a young player friendly offensive system and all of a sudden Goff looks like a franchise QB and the Rams are leading the NFL in points. Developing a QB requirements commitment and dedication to creating an environment for the QB to grow, which unfortunately is the opposite of what the Jets do under Bowles, This actually makes Petty's clear development even more impressive since he is clearly SIGNIFICANTLY better than last year despite the Jets almost active attempts to undermine his development.
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    Jack Straw

    McCown a great addition

    Great! He'll definitely help us get to the promise land of six wins.
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    I have made it clear several fucking times that you can root against the Jets. But you can't do it in the game thread. I will be going through this thread in detail later. The Jets won and they are in 1st place. Jets fans should be happy. If you are reading this and you aren't happy, voice your frustrations in the 2018 draft forum.
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    Ew. I recommend only eating clean pussy.
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    So with the playoffs all but locked up we just need to focus on the Chiefs. They're all that stand between us and the Superbowl.
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    Watching this game is like mast&rbating with a cheese grater
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    But we'll beat the Patriots next week, guys! This damn fan base. I'll tell you what.
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    McCown a great addition

    You cant even be friggin serious, such a troll post. He is TERRIBLE. He has a high completion percentage because he is essentially rotating through about 5 plays all of which are behind on just past the LOS and teams let him have those since even if he competes all 3 it might not be a first down. He was completely horrific today. He ran exactly ONE effective drive and that was after that doofus coaching the Browns decided to gut his own team by running the dumb up the middle play on 4th down and TWO when they had momentum and could have tied with a FG. McCown should have been benched at halftime. He was awful today.
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    McCown a great addition

    100% #suck-for-a-slow-iLB
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    Agree I think the character of this team is strong and that is helping as well I remain most impressed by Morton. It took him longer to adjust today, but that was Gregg Williams on the other side. The play design on Kerleys TD was sweet and the play call with 6 seconds to go in the 1st half was perfect.
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    Darron Lee

    He still takes bad angles at times but I thought today was the most impressive he has been. Several big stops, a really nice tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Good news for Darron today. I know he had that bad penalty on a pass play (hands to the face I think) but overall good signs of life from the kid.
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    Please keep all rooting for the Jets in the game thread.
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    Jets vs pats

    I can't tell you how much I want to see the Jets beat the Pats next week. I know the odds say it's near on impossible, fine, but by god am I hoping for a miracle. A loss to the "supposed to be the worst team in NFL" Jets will cause Brady and Belli a massive amount of heartburn. GIVE THEM HEARTBURN DAMMIT!!!
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    You'll find those are some of the best wins.
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    Credulous Bob Wischusen legitimately befuddled as to why the Browns aren't trying harder to win this game.
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    You’re telling me that Petty can’t hit open wide receivers? Just nothing really being accomplished with McCown in there.
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    6-10 and no ******* quarterback here we come.
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    Hue Jackson driving the tank like:
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    You'd think going for it in that situation Hue had some genius play up his sleeve.....but a run up the middle? wtf
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    Jets crumbling before the QB genius of Kevin Hogan
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    That play by Adams doesn't count, because it was bad.
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    Time for a QB change.
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    Yeah it is actually. Its called coaching.
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    Rooting hard to go 3-2. Want to see the development of our younger talent continue. Cleveland is a very beatable team, even on the road. A big win, driven by youth, come on JETS!
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    Ealy ruled out

    I don’t think Mo has a shoulder issue. He just doesn’t care.
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    Yeah, not going to lie..that sh*t hits the chest hard when you know how passionate you are about a team. Especially passionate enough to want them to lose for a better future.
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    Where's the discipline for the fans who say others aren't real fans just because they have a different viewpoint? Because, that is a personal attack.
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    Good game Jets fans. You guys outplayed us today. Gutsy qb'ing by Mccown. He'll look good on your team in 2020 while our Browns #1 overall pick is taking us to the Super Bowl.
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    Holy sh*t we have a winning team
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    ASJ catching TDs instead of DUIs is progress.
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    HOLY sh*t! Mo REALLY earning his paycheck today! 25 yards in penalties
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    If there wasn't a pompous poster here that loves the smell of his own farts starting threads about #realfanz while screaming "take that tankerssss", my guess is the guys who just want to sit back and watch a tank for a QB while the youth plays wouldn't be boasting the way they've been in this thread. That's just my 2 cents though.
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    What’s the purpose of playing McCown any further?
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    So Kizer going through growing pains with some poor turnovers which are to be expected as a 21 year old rookie starting QB, but he is moving the ball, we have a 38 year old QB making some of the same exact mistakes after 15 years in the league, BUT not moving the ball at all who's franchise long term plan is better right now? Stupid stupid signing by Macc, meanwhile McCowns only other job offfer was to be the QB coach for the Browns lol which he probably was going to take as he left the Jets without a contract, but then the Jets panicked, and probably raised their offer from 2 mill to 6 mill making it a can't turn down offer.
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    "OH THE MISERY CONTINUES" - Sam Rosen Absolute 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐.
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    Maybe with a little more experience McCown doesn't throw that pass. Give the kid a chance to develop
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    I just said that given that I thought the w2 mention was a little lame on a football forum. I have no idea what hood grammar is, just made that up on the fly. 😁
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    Fantasy Island


    Bury him? I was alright with just cutting him. Seems a little harsh though.
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    with 100M of cap space the Jets can do both. Cousins makes this team an immediate contender r for the AFC East, even with Brady still in NE. Imagine this team with Cousins and drafting Ridley or OT in Rd 1 and Falk in rd 2. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine NOT drafting a DL, tiny LB, or CB without ball skills... but just imagine. re: Hack - the kid is still only like 22 years old and definitely improved from year 1 to year 2. I just don't see what all the Hack hate is about. He's in the worst environment imaginable and the fan base is looking for savior that may never come. Let the team develop, let hack develop, and see what happens. If the Jets had any stability at the QB position this would be a non-issue and Hack would be the heir apparent and have time to learn.
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    Breer: The 2018 Veteran QB Market

    We win a couple games against bottom feeders -- and all of sudden people are talking about signing Alex Smith to 20mil and going all in?!?! WTF is going on around here??
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    Villain The Foe


    Na bro. You get all salty and butthurt too quick when the topic is on you. Won't allow you to jump in on this topic. I came here to face the music, but people who are too sensitive when in the position that I'm currently in don't get to have fun right now. You cry too much when you're the center of attention. I'm the center of attention now. Watch and learn how I take this without dealing in my feelings. Watch and learn first.