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    Bought 5 dozen NY JETS Golf balls on EBAY a few years ago. No longer available. With about 6 left, finally made a Hole in 1 and just terrific with a NY JETS Golf Ball. Par 3, 148 yard uphill, pured a 9 iron and watched it disappear. I am known as "Matt the JETS fan" at the club and totally thrilled it was my 1st ever hole in 1 and made special with a NY JETS ball. Feel free to move thread, just thought Id share.
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    http://www.footballzebras.com/2018/07/06/snowclearing-ban-sneaks-into-the-2018-rulebook/ Patriots...cheating (retroactively) since 1982.
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    The suspense of how I will get mod killed for nothing this game is killing me! In!
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    maybe everything is really turning around ...
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    Sam Darnold already making early impact! Congrats man.
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    Absurd list. Literally the only reason Herm and Rex had an iota of “success” was because they inherited rosters on the upswing that Parcells and Mangini had to build up from from absolute zero.
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    Im retired and a little bored, but I don't think Im that bored.
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    Ranking Jets' all-time best, worst coaches | Where is Todd Bowles? Rex Ryan? Pete Carroll? jkj kj j By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Who are the Jets' all-time best and worst head coaches? We'll attempt to settle that debate here, with a list that includes Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, Bill Parcells, and others. Obviously, it is tough to compare coaches from different eras, so a lot of this list depends on how successful a particular coach was with the Jets — especially in the postseason. That's measurable, at least. Results like that count, even if the coach turned out to not be very good, either during or after his time with the Jets. WHO ISN'T ELIGIBLE FOR OUR LIST? We are only ranking full-time Jets head coaches, not interim coaches. So Ken Shipp (1-4 in 1975) and Mike Holovak (0-1 in 1976) don't make the list. 16. RICH KOTITE Total disaster of a hire, especially considering what Pete Carroll would go on to become after the Jets fired him. Kotite went 3-13 and 1-15 in his time with the Jets — 1995-96. He is widely considered one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. 15. LOU HOLTZ He was a highly successful college coach, but he couldn't translate that success to the NFL. The Jets went 3-11 in Holtz's lone season, 1976. Holtz was fired after a 3-10 start. Holtz's 10 losses were by the following margins — 21, 43, 16, 11, 34, 20, 20, 14, 17, and 21 points. 14. BULLDOG TURNER He coached the Jets (then in their final year as the Titans) for one season — 1962. That was his only year ever as a head coach. He went 5-9. So it's tough to slot him on this list. If you were wondering, his real name was Clyde Turner. 13. CHARLEY WINNER He didn't live up to his last name. Winner went 7-7 in his first season with the Jets (1974). He succeeded Weeb Ewbank that year. Big shoes. In 1975, Winner went 2-7 and then was fired before the season ended. 12. SAMMY BAUGH The franchise's first coach, Baugh went 7-7 with the Titans in both 1960 and 1961. Considering the Titans were an AFL expansion team in 1960, that's not too bad. So maybe he should be higher. But his short tenure makes it tough to move him up on our list. Baugh and Turner were the Titans' only coaches, in three years, before Ewbank took over in 1963, when the team became the Jets. 11. PETE CARROLL Remember, these rankings aren't based on what the coaches accomplished after they left the Jets. In Carroll's case, he thrived, and won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. Rex Ryan, meanwhile, sputtered with the Bills for two seasons after the Jets fired him. But Carroll wasn't as successful with the Jets. Of course, he really didn't have much of a chance. He went 6-10 in his lone season, 1994, when he was a rookie head coach. And then he was fired. Bad move in retrospect, because he is a very good coach. He just wasn't a highly successful coach with the Jets, during his brief tenure. 10. TODD BOWLES Again, is Bowles a better coach than Carroll? No. Nobody would argue that. But Bowles did go 10-6 in his debut season with the Jets, 2015, when he was a rookie head coach. Bowles followed that with back-to-back, five-win seasons. 9. BRUCE COSLET He coached the Jets from 1990-93 and made the playoffs once, losing in a wildcard game in 1991. Coslet went 8-8 that year and in 1993. His other two seasons — 6-10 and 4-12. Nothing really all that spectacular about Coslet's time with the Jets. 8. AL GROH Another one-year coach here. Groh took over in 2000 after Bill Belichick bailed on the Jets and went to the Patriots. Groh bolted after the 2000 season and went to coach his alma mater, Virginia. He didn't make the playoffs with the Jets, but he did go 9-7. Not awful. Then again, the Jets that season started 6-1 (and then 9-4) before slipping out of the playoff picture. 7. ERIC MANGINI This is a tough one. We can hear an argument for putting Mangini ahead of Joe Walton. Was Mangini really given a fair shot with the Jets, in the final analysis? He won 10, four, and nine games from 2006-08. You have to wonder what might've happened if Brett Favre hadn't gotten hurt in 2008. Mangini lost in a wild-card game in 2006. So he never won a playoff game with the Jets. But during his tenure, the Jets drafted players (Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis, David Harris, D'Brickashaw Ferguson) who would form the foundation of the 2009-10 back-to-back AFC Championship Game teams. 6. JOE WALTON Walton got seven seasons with the Jets (1983-89). He made the playoffs twice, in 1985 and 1986. And he won a playoff game in 1986, reaching the divisional round. Yes, he had more time than Mangini, but Walton did have more high points. He had three winning seasons — 11-5 in 1985, 10-6 in 1986, and 8-7-1 in 1988. His final regular season record with the Jets was 53-57-1 (.482 winning percentage), while Mangini went 23-25 (.479 winning percentage). The slight edge goes to Walton. 5. WALT MICHAELS Now we're in the top five, and you can start to guess some of these names that are coming. In six, post-Joe Namath seasons with the Jets (1977-82), Michaels had two playoff appearances, in his final two years. He lost in a wild-card game in 1981 and made the 1982 AFC Championship Game. Michaels abruptly resigned in early 1983, after that conference title game. But credit him for building the Jets back up after Namath's departure. Considering the Jets have played in the AFC title game just four times (not counting their Super Bowl III year), Michaels' trip to that game lands him in our top five. 4. HERM EDWARDS As with the Mangini vs. Walton debate, we wrestled with Edwards vs. Ryan. Edwards had three playoff trips in five seasons with the Jets. He won two playoff games, advancing to the divisional round in 2002 and 2004. Edwards' regular season record with the Jets was 39-41 (.488 winning percentage). 3. REX RYAN Look, the Jets had some very incompetent lows late in Ryan's tenure. He turned out to be just an average (or maybe even below average) NFL head coach, once he flopped in Buffalo. But the fact remains: Ryan took the Jets to back-to-back AFC title games in 2009 and 2010, his first two seasons. He was undoubtedly successful. Then things fell apart in his final four seasons. He went 46-50 in the regular season with the Jets (.479 winning percentage), but he'll always have those four playoff wins in 2009 and 2010 — two magical seasons for Jets fans. 2. BILL PARCELLS He put the Jets back together after the Kotite fiasco. And he did it quickly, winning nine, 12, and eight games in his three seasons as the Jets' coach, immediately after they won three and one under Kotite. Parcells is the best coach the Jets have ever employed, when you consider the totality of his career. Makes you wonder what might've happened if he continued coaching the Jets. The high point of his Jets tenure, of course, is his lone playoff appearance — the 12-4 of season of 1998, when the Jets reached the AFC title game. That remains the Jets' single-season record for wins. 1. WEEB EWBANK He built one of the most memorable teams in American sports history — the Super Bowl III champion — so we have to give Ewbank the No. 1 spot. He coached the Jets from 1963-73, and he made them matter in New York — along with Namath, of course. Ewbank's 1969 team could have repeated as champions, after a 10-4 regular season (following 11-3 in 1968). But the '69 Jets went one and done in the playoffs. Ewbank's career record with the Jets is 71-77-6 (.480 winning percentage), which isn't stellar. But he was the architect of the franchise's most successful team. So he gets the No. 1 spot.
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    Happy birthday, @flgreen
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    Welcome to being a Jets fan: Where the best you get is arguing about who was better between Herm Edwards and Rex Ryan.
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    You know what would save the NFL? Goodell stepping down and going on a book tour where he admits to helping Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick cheat at football. Go scorched earth, clean the slate, let the bullets fly, and move on. Everyone knows it’s true and everyone is annoyed about it, but most of us willingly supress the fact that the sport we love has been compromised for twenty years by Patriots malfeasance. Big Rog should go out like Michael Cohen. Damn the Torpedoes Style.
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    I guess it depends on the caddy??
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    Baugh should he higher Mangini should be higher Groh should be lower Coslet should be lower
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    Thanks guys, a good excuse to drink some beer and eat hot wings.
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    Aside from the half a season or so when Favre's arm was functioning, Mangini's teams were unwatchable boredom. He makes Bowles look like a riverboat gambler.
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    Weeb is #1 by default but Ryan is obviously #2 and it’s an insult to his greatness and the joy he brought this franchise to have that scumbag Parcells above him. I mean yes, technically Parcells is a much better coach but his tenure here is way overrated. He did much more damage than good (Belicheck, Manning vs one measly playoff run/epic choke job).
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    Don't remind me. A gift for our favorite team. Can't stand the image of Tammy jumping up and down like a little girl after Butlers pick.
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    At least I think they got the fake tough guy bowles correct. Todd Bowles is rex ryan at the end of his tenure except that he is boring. I still say that the one guy that got canned too early was Mangini.
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    Well if the selections are weighted for buffoonery Edwards and Ryan go #1 & #2. Holy crap what a sh!t show list. Only one widely regarded great HC in all these years and it was a rental.
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    How the hell is Edwards higher than Walt Michaels? Competition in the NFL in 1982 was incredible. That Raiders team the Jets beat in 82 was very good. Edwards single handedly lost that playoff game in Pittsburgh by turtleing like a little bitch at the end of that game!!! I still have visions of Chad taking a knee & losing 3 yards on 3rd down, ugh! Watching Pederson aggressively going after the Patriots makes you realize how this team has had so many conservative pussy coaches that froze like little bitches at the most important times of playoff games. But Herm takes the cake for those 2 drives & missed FGs. Had Herm not been involved in that crazy fumble recovery vs the Giants he wouldn't have been such a damn woosy. I'm positive he was remembering that moment & coached to not make a mistake than coaching to win that game!
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    He became the most talented QB on the team the second he was drafted.
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    Arguably the Seahawks, yeah the D won the first one, BUT if the Seahawks don’t have a brain fart, or whatever reason you believe they didn’t give it to Lynch he would have lead the way in that one. If you go back to the Cowboys first Super Bowl win in 1992, Aikman, Young, Favre, Elway, Warner, Brady, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Brees, Aaron Rodgers accounted for 21 of the 26 Super Bowl wins, and Russell Wilson might not get everyone’s respect as an elite QB, but he gets mine so it’s 22 out of 26 of the last Super Bowls won by HOF, and future HOF QB’s yes I will argue Wilson will end up in the HOF along with the others on the list that are not in the HOF yet. Dilfer, Johnson, Flacco, and Foles are the exceptions in the last 26 years, and Foles is kind of an asterisk guy as the probable MVP, player ranked #3 best player in the league by his peers in only his 2nd season drove that bus most the way so he is kind of a Hostetller type who got thrust into a situation that had destiny on its side like Jeff H. So yes the RB dominating, and carrying a team to a Super Bowl is probably the wrong way to try, and win a Super Bowl, and the main reason the Giants will look like fools in 3 years for passing on Darnold while us Jets fans get to reap the benefits of that with a sh*t eating grin!
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    A true JN OG who knows his stuff and has always brought good #content to the table. A real gentleman and a fine lady’s man.
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    All time NFL Draft. Someone drafts Lawrence Taylor, then someone drafts Joe Montana, then someone drafts Dick Butkus, the 27Dominator drafts someone like Goose Gerstein from the 46 Cleveland HorseMooses and everybody goes “what” and then someone takes Jerry Rice.
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    Got my Darnold jersey from the Jets shop today IT'S MINT got the tee shirt, love it as well.
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    Jets always do better with low expectations than high ones, so 2018 will be one of those crazy seasons that shock everyone. I'm really surprised that people don't realize how average 90% off this leagues teams are. Last year the Jaguars lost to the Titans, Jets, Rams @ home, Cardinals, 49ers, Titans. Really? Anything can freaking happen in this league.
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    *entire roster winds up being versatile box safeties.*
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    Let him sit until Game-6. The three-game stretch in 10 days to start the season, followed by “Saxonville” in week 4 and DEN (w/ Chubb in tow) in week 5, make INDY (week 6) an ideal start. Let him watch & learn while the OL gels, and then let him play & learn, when the DL heat wears off some.
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    Go awol all you want baby . I got you covered.
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    that definitley gets a HELL YEAH!!!
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    Heading down to AC this weekend. Plan on placing a $100 bet on the Jets to win the SB. No, I don't think they will win it all, but the odds are about 120-1, meaning if you bet 100 you get back $12,000. The rationale is that the Bills/Fish are pretty bad, the Pats are showing some signs of cracking and no longer have Jimmy G around to save them if Brady gets hurt. On the Jets side, they won 5 games last year and have an easier schedule this year with a team that is definitely better. I am not suggesting they have a good chance of winning division/SB, but at 120-1 (although I have seen it in the 100-1 or even 80-1 range), it's not a bad value bet. If they were 20-1 or even 50-1, I wouldn't touch it.
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    Trumaine Johnson seems to be the most likeliest to survive the cut.
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    Classic Ape - don't bother to prove how it's "not true". It's everyone else's fault, lol.
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    I guess I'm confused -- what's the logic in sitting him if it's not about certain teams/situations? I don't really see what benefit it is to Darnold not to play if the opponent/site isn't the issue. He's not going to get better over the course of five weeks while holding a clipboard and watching McCown take all the reps while he very well could improve himself with those extra games. The new CBA limits practice time. We want Darnold to get his lumps in this year so by 2019 he's taken a huge step forward and is ready to lead this team to the playoffs.
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    You have been OUTED as a FAKE and you should be ASHAMED
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    With Hackenberg, the Jets coaching braintrust is developing a radical developmental technique of sitting rookie qbs through their first contract. Let's not rush in to this, show him some patience and start him year five; by then Mac will will have drafted more o linemen not related to Art Shell.
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    I, too, look to improve my people skills by hiding in the woods for four years.

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