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    Admittedly I came on this forum to see what Jets fans thought of the Browns after the game for a different perspective. As i started sifting through related threads i found that most of the threads were about disappointment. It makes sense after a loss. Most Browns fans I know are so used to it that we are numb to it and find solice in believing one day it will change.....it has to. One game is absolutely no indictment one way or the other but is encouraging. The reason im posting is to give you a different perspective on your team. Im not trolling at all. 1. I noticed the defensive front you guys have is pretty strong and has the ability to control the pocket against weaker or greener offensive linemen. Very promising. 2. Jamal Adams has solid tackling and impressive 3rd gear. 3. Crow has some power. His dumb celebration was selfish and likely triggered by a few fans heckling him in the endzone. Seemed scripted and again selfish. 4. Trumaine is playing like he forgot he is a top cb. Rapid decline or disinterest? Not sure which. 5. Some playcalling was questionable after Browns changed QBs. Its as if the Jets felt Tuhrod (I know) couldnt beat them so they dialed up nonstop blitzes and a heavy front with mostly man coverage. It worked. Baker comes in and after 2 attempts of doing the same without success, they pull safeties back and start playing more of a prevent style with some underneath cushion. Not the reason for the L entirely but definitely aided in the momentum shift. 6. Sam is getting happy feet and showing some habits that he showed in college. He still showed some nice ability. He is going to improve greatly year over year as the comfort of the NFL speed isnt there yet but I believe game over game it is going to improve. Same goes for his decision making against zone. 7. The running game was excellent going to the outside with the blocking. Went to the well a bit too often in a short amount of time in the same formation was a recipe for disaster. Coaching adjustments made there are going to be huge. Keep doing it till it doesnt work but then try masking it and make a defense have to figure it out (dont give a tell) or try the other side. 8. Darnold isnt as good as that Lions game would indicate (at least yet) but certainly not as bad as the Browns game would indicate either. Somewhere in the middle is who Darnold is right now. Whats exciting is the fact that he came out of the gate showing some things. Baker falls in the same umbrella currently. Very exciting first game but he will also have some bad ones. They are rookies adjusting to the game that is now played MUCH faster with much more complex information to absorb. I truly think as long as Darnold gets eased in (as he has been) he is going to get comfy and take more shots. 9. This game is likely disheartening because of a few things, none of which are really a big issue in a developing year. One is the tale of two different teams based on a qb change. Another is tgat the top 2 rookie qbs had a chance to face off and Baker fared better. That hurts simply because everyone wants to believe they got "the best" qb in the draft and this game favored Baker. I get it It would suck if Darnold balled out while Baker struggled. Its one game and Baker was not gameplanned for. They both look good and have rookie moments. Darnild is 21 and 2 years younger than Baker. He will be just fine. In summary I love your defense when aggressive and really like Sam a lot as well as Enunwa (that kid has fantastic vision and soft hands and a heck of a blocker). I also think your special teams is top 10. Coach gad some blunders but i think Bowles will be solid. I dont know if Id say playoffs this year.....but not sure I wouldnt. Oh .....i would have aTrumaine in my office after that game asking him if he wants to be here. His play is not acceptable. He knows how to play at a high level. Thats it. Good luck going forward.
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    I'm sorry some of you smoked crack and thought were going to the superbowl this year, but let's check in on the REAL goals of the season Flush out Bowles & Co. Status: ahead of schedule Develop Darnold. Status: good. Nothing else to see. Learning and development people. He played a top defense and dealt with terrible coaching. I'm fine with it. Figure out who gets a new contract on offense: Status: great. Enunwa is showing up. Robbie isn't. Pryor isnt. Oline - trash. No confusion going into next year Get that Defense playing to keep us in games. Status: good... Darnold hasn't had to get into a nonesensical "throw the ball 50 times to keep up" episode yet... don't make a fcking mountain out of the 4th quarter last night. Mac's general f*ckery. Status unknown. We've jettisoned 80% of his draft picks and some of his FAs are so so and some are looking great. (anderson, williamson) Seems to me - like this is EXACTLY what the fck we're supposed to be doing... So what are you ladies crying into palms for... this is GOOD... we NEED Bowles to flush himself down the drain... We're right on schedule god dammit.
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    Getting consoled by a Browns fan.....sh*t. This is what rock bottom feels like.....
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    He took care of the ball playing with a lead in a tough environment against a legit top 5 D didnt really leave anything major out there, browns had excellent coverage or would get to the QB quick. Then running game and screen game was working well- although we abused it a little resulting in quite a few 3rd and long situations he made one horrible play- the 1st int with 1:30 left 6 drives started at the 10 or worse the Anderson fumble was a KILLER... Jets had forced a Baker punt, were driving... up 14-3 with 6 left in the third..... browns were prob looking at at least that deficit going into the fourth... instead they get the ball in redzone and score 1st/2nd down run plays in red zone after browns tied were killer, set us up for a 3rd and long that came up a yard short... similar to the Herndon play vs Miami End is the day it’s very hard to get in a rhythm/air it out when your d is dominating (first half) and you can run the ball... really no reason to push it in this one... until it was too late. but a in all not a bad job of managing a tough game.
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    Many of us have gone way overboard. The Jets were not going to be magic team and roll into a SB victory this year or least it was extremely unlikely, so why are we so SHOCKED by what is transpiring? And yet for me even in defeat, and a "poor" game from Daronld, we get words from Sam that lets his teammates and us know, that this guy gets it. After the game no blaming others, no "let me look at the tape" or worse, "they were just better today" tripe and nonsense... All we got from Sam Darnold was just this.... https://nypost.com/2018/09/21/sam-darnold-pointing-the-finger-at-himself-after-jets-debacle/amp/ "It’s not acceptable the way I played,” Darnold said. He said he didn’t feel he was decisive enough. “I really felt comfortable throughout the whole game,” Darnold said. “I just made stupid mistakes in the fourth quarter and some missed opportunities throughout the whole game. “I have to play better, and that’s on me.” Darnold finished 15-for-31 for 169 yards. “I feel like I’m responsible for the stagnant offense we had,” he said. and this... Darnold was asked about the short week. “That’s not an excuse,” he said. “I feel like I have to play better and make clearer reads." “I felt like sometimes I was hanging in there, looking at one guy and trying to wait for him to get open. I just have to move on to my next progression and move on from there.” The Browns allowed Darnold to make plays underneath the coverage, but he couldn’t make plays downfield. “We have to make them pay,” Darnold said. “Put the ball in our playmakers’ hands and let them do work.” The guy is a winner folks and all he needs is time........
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    The kid is weak, built like a stick, does nothing effectively except run simple go-routes, and is a dumbass off the field. He also sounds like he never made it past the 3rd grade whenever he opens his mouth. No way should he be a part of our longterm plans. Re-sign Enunwa and Kearse and draft another receiver within the first 3 rounds.
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    He’s allowed to have bad games. His first 2 were much better. All 3 games have been impacted by horrible O-line. His game against the Browns was bad but not terrible given how bad his supporting case is. He would look great if he had time in the pocket at better weapons. That can be said of all quarterbacks which is why Mac f*cked up badly by neglecting the offensive line.
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    hes honest and he knows the game. Amazing how some have come forward and Bashed the Jets coaching staff Pepper Johnson warned us of the stupidity Im sure Morton who ran a pretty good offense last year might have some words
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    Stopped reading after “Robby is the most skilled WR”
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    Have you seen this guy enunwa? He is kind of our best reciever Sent from my [device_name] using http://JetNation.com mobile app
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    LOL, ok. DId he also ask him to fumble? Or to bring back a better WR from his injury?
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    Small things turn games. I'm a big darnold supporter but he did not play great. But the two things that killed us was the series of three STOOPID penalties when we had everything going out way. And the Anderson fumble. The guy has to clue how to actually carry the ball. When you see him with it you are assuming he is going to cough it up if in traffic. But good thing Todd has assured us that he has noticed we took bad penalties and notices Anderson does not tuck it away and will now have a word with the boys to correct that stuff. I'm still waiting for one of the press anyone to actually take him to task on some issues when he gives his lame answers in the after game pressers.
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    I don't know about twitter, but on the radio today Bart went even further than last night on SNY and was hammering the CS. He does go into detail, talking about LB's depth on dropping back and how the Defense should have done more zone against Baker. He also has been critical of taking Lee out on 3rd and long and leaving Williamson in. Says Lee is supposedly the "cover LB". He blames Bowles and Rogers.
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    Broken Down by Topic... Todd Bowles - I’ve long defended Bowles on JN, not really on his merits, but rather the fact that I think blaming everything on the coach is just 1) wishful thinking that things can be made better quickly with one administrate change and 2) hindsight analysis as it’s easy to call something a bad decision after you see the outcome. We’ve been down this road many times before and it never works and I don’t see a new coach winning with this roster either. He doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, but he's also not the reason we're losing. We simply aren't good. I've long believed that his strategy was, knowing that the team is below average, to try and keep games close and sneak them out in the end. We can debate the merits of that idea, but it's hardly the rudderless ship that some would have you believe. Further, not everything bad that happens is the HC's fault. He's not on the field. That said, and rightfully so, Bowles is almost certainly gone at the end of this year. The important thing is that Macc must go with him. Mike Maccagnan - Our drafting is as close to Idzik level as you can get, especially when you consider Idzik only got two and Mac has now had four. Hopefully the release of Stewart will be a wake-up call that ensures he doesn’t get another draft to find an okay top pick and essentially nothing else. The talent level is abysmal on this team, and it's the reason we're neither good now, nor have much beyond the hope of the QB to get excited about. Look at the drafts, the misses are pervasive. The equally big issue is that the hits aren't making a difference. Williams and Adams are nice players, but largely one dimensional, and don't contribute to wins. There's a reason they were both "best player in the draft" and available at 6. It's not that you don't want these guys on your team, it's just that, as you can see, they're not moving the needle towards being a contender. Lee has stepped up a bit too this year, but he's still got a long way to go, and there is not a single Mac 2nd round pick that's contributing to this team today. Ultimately, even if you like Macc for the Darnold acquisition or whatever else, how do you fire Bowles and let Macc pick a coach? That means, you're signing on for 3 more years of Macc. You can't fire him and then fire the coach after one, and you can't force the next GM to keep the coach, we saw that with Idzik/Rex, no? Macc hasn't earned multiple years, so it's time for him to go. Sam Darnold - Darnold looks shaky at best. There are reasons to be optimistic and there are reasons for concern that you can't really just ignore as "21-year-old rookie." He looks as if he may be good one day, but that it may take a while to get there. The INT he threw at the end of the game (2nd to last one) was a complete disaster. Yes, the offensive line failed on the play, but it’s 1st down and you take the sack. You don’t throw blindly over the middle while falling down. Dreadful situational awareness. He's making those mistakes in bunches, and is lucky he didn't get picked off a couple of times before the end of the game. He gets about as little help as possible, but I also worry about his arm. Mayfield was rocketing the ball around and Darnold can’t do it. Last night, I found myself remembering the combine with Mayfield, Rosen, and even Allen launching the ball and Darnold just standing their not throwing. In that moment, I was glad he'd be gone when we were picking. Though, I was happy when we got him. Ultimately, I think Darnold will be at worst, solid, but will he be very good? I’m not sure. The Offense - What’s there to say? We have no weapons and we can’t protect the QB. We are going to struggle to move the football and it’s unclear, as there’s not a lot of young talent that’s developing, how and how long it will take to fix it. You need a fully new Oline, a legitimate WR, a RB, and we still don’t have a TE who can create problems. This is years of rebuilding... Robbie Anderson can’t be counted on for anything but go-routes, and we can’t protect the QB long enough to run them, and Darnold hasn’t looked great throwing them. The WR screens were overused last night, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them actually working. We usually run them right into a DB. Outside of my hope for Darnold, I like Enunwa and just about no-one else. Again, how do you fix this? The Defense - There are some pieces in place, and there's a chance we can be a good defense at some point in the not too distant future. However, as currently constructed, the defense looks great until you actually need them. You can't expect miracles, because they are put in a terrible spot when the offense simply can't move the ball or get points. But, do they ever get pressure in a big spot? Do they ever generate turnovers when you really need them? Adams plays well at the LOS and was looking to have a career game, but once the Browns started airing it out, you forgot he was on the field. Lee is improved, but still a ways to go, and as mentioned before, Williams is "fine." Trumaine Johnson won't be worth his contract, and will be gone well before we're good, but the investment was fine because we had the money. My biggest concern is that the defense isn't there yet, and you still need a guy who can generate pass-rush on his own. This should be fixable, but any resources we invest on the defensive side of the ball is a resource we could have/should have invested in the anemic offense. The Game - This morning, it feels a lot less heartbreaking than it did last night. Sure, we were up 14-0, but we had one real drive in 60 minutes. We blocked a punt and capitalized which is what you need to do, but if you’re counting on that for half your offense, you’re finished. The better team won last night, and it sucks that we got dunked on as both the Browns 1st win, and the beginning of the Bayer Mayfield Era, but this game was never as much in our control as the score indicated. Ultimately, the loss itself is a lot less impactful than a number of things it revealed/confirmed about this team. We couldn't get pressure when it mattered and we couldn't move the football at all. We just weren't good, and it didn't have the feel of an off night. The better team won. The Penalties - Meh. Whatever. Bad teams take bad penalties. Baker Mayfield - Much will be overhyped about tonight, and understandably so, but he looked the part of a #1 overall pick. He made some mistakes which will be downplayed, but the guy could be a player. The Browns - This is a team on the rise. They’ve been way down, but for the last two years, we’ve been told, at least we’re not the Browns, but who wouldn’t trade their roster for ours today? They came to life with Mayfield and even if we’d held them off, Browns fans would have had more to be excited about than us. They hung tight with the Steelers and Saints, and while this probably isn't their year, you can see where there's an opportunity, if Mayfield is even solid, to take over the division. Kahlil Mack - Last two weeks are why you don't trade for him. Imagine having lost all your resources to fix the mess that is this offense. We may have actually won the game were he on the roster, but compared to the bigger issues, that would have been largely meaningless. Next Week - Anyone have a reason why we can keep this game close? Maybe Bortles has a Stafford-like meltdown? JetNation - The game thread last night became a disaster. Guys, it's a game and it's a discussion forum. Getting angry at each other is one thing, but telling people to go **** themselves and to kill themselves and the other meltdowns - get some priorities. This is a hobby. It doesn't matter. I imagine most of us went to work today, and would have done the same had the Jets won. Perspective... Seriously. Summation - My biggest concern, as alluded to above, is that I just don't know how you fix all of this. We'll look better than we did last night at times this season, and we already have, but the problems are pervasive, and if done perfectly, probably take 2-3 drafts to fix. I guess you start with the offensive line, probably in FA and the draft. That will hopefully stabilize a lot. The team feels far away from Monday night, and further away from being a contender. Jacksonville next week... Oh boy. If your still reading this, thanks for wasting your time with my nonsense.
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    Spot on on everything btw, except, “Bowles will be solid.”
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    This bullsh*t made me laugh right here. Yeah its the fans fault. Finally someone has figured it out. So what to do you ask? Fire the Fans? Move the team to a new city so they can get new fans? Only allow fans into the Stadium who promise not to boo? No beer sales at all? Only serve vegan food at the concession stands? A mandatory mass yoga class at half-time? Gender neutral bathrooms? An online quiz to prove you are worthy to watch a Jet Game based on your answers? How about you put a product on the field that doesn't stink up the joint? How about players play the game and not make infantile undisciplined mistakes that cost the team on the field? How about a Coaching staff with a zero tolerance for petty sh*t? How about players acting like the pro's they are paid to be? This is supposed to be a Professional Football Team not a circus. Players make mistakes. What we saw on Thursday Night was undisciplined nonsense that the HC is responsible for. Yet the Fans are the problem? GTFOH.
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    could you please send a case of that to Robbie Anderson
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    Which is amazing because this offense hasn't even tried to go deep yet.
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    I'd like to see Bart Scott be a part of our next coaching staff. This team needs someone to get up their ass.
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    Mehta (Toilet's water carrier) doesn't like Bart criticizing his BFF. Especially during Marrone week.
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    That’s what we’ve been subjected to. Stupid penalties at critical moments of the games, lousy clock management, a defense that can never get offf the field. Always giving up a critical 3rd and what ever. This all falls on coaching. Specifically Todd Bowles. I’m done with this clueless fool he needs to be fired. Now.
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    Another reason that solidifies this coaching staff, HC down, as the most incompetent group of mother****ers in the NFL.
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    yes, it was Bates who made Anderson fumble the ball twice in the last 2 games
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    What he said is totally correct. NT's and 3-4 DE are easy to come by mclendon Henry anderson, devito, snacks etc. There are some game changers like Donald. Our guy (Leo) at this point is not a game changer. Another thing that outside pass rushers bring is more holding penalties because the holding is much more obvious.
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    How many times in the reign of Todd Boyles have those famous, “we’ve got to clean up our mistakes” been heard? Yet, it never happens.. Todd Boyles should be shown the door..Get out..
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    It's your movie, you get to pick the ending....
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    This one is easy, mccagnan. No oline, no impact WRs, lousy TE, meh backs. The oc will always take the blame though. Right now our talent level on offense is awful and has been for a few years. Both gailey and morton were miracle workers to get anything out of the qbs and what they had to work with. Their thanks? Fired by Bowles.
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    Mehta is beyond words a total ****kng joke
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    Typical Jet fan over reaction. A smidge of success and we're superbowl bound and a few bumps means everyone sucks and every decision we made was the wrong one. As long as they're not fukin up Darnold and his growth, we're all good. BUT if they continue this 10 yard offense b.s., we could be on our way to doing that much sooner then I thought.
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    And the short-sighted overreactions just keep pouring in. The only thing absolutely bad about the Jets right now is Bowles' teams are undisciplined. That won't change. Sam played in his 3rd game...with 2 and half days to prep against a very good defense that just did quite well against Ben and Brees. THIS IS WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANTED FOR HIM TO START WEEK 1. NOW LET HIM LEARN. Relax.
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    Yeah, let's cut crowell and then wait until Powell gets hurt and watch Darnold get mauled because we have no running game. Any more brilliant suggestions?
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    You cut him somebody probably picks him up. I would give him the ball 50x against Jax and let them kick the crap out of him.
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    It won't happen until after the season of course. But tonight was it. The Browns were favored. They hadn't won in two years. Your team is up by double digits. Then the wheels fell off. Stupid penalty after stupid penalty. They got out played and out coached in the 2nd half. These are the things you get graded on. Next few weeks are rough, this was the game to win to send a message about what you wanted this season to be. You failed this city. Not sure how you give Macc another draft. Robby Anderson is considered one of the better receivers and he was an UDFA who beat out your two draft picks last year. Robby is like 140lbs and gets out muscled often. Maybe they could throw down the field to him, oh but Macc never drafts offensive lineman so they have to call plays like Pennington is the QB. Fun stuff. But Bowles did himself in tonight, he is going to need to pull some serious upsets the next few weeks to reverse the course of this season.
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    i don’t get this since he was doing to great in the pre season my guess is the coaches trying to make the game simple with 3 games in 11 days but we are literally ******* ourselves here... again, Sam did this BEAUTIFULLY in the pre season... it explains why we looked so conservative, why Robby isn’t involved, why Sam “struggled” even though there were no plays to be made
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    After week 3, where Sam is now, Peyton was 0-3 with 8 picks. Just for a little perspective. And Brett Favre threw a pick 6 his first pass in the NFL, too. When you land a franchise quarterback, you take a valium and sit down and watch. And wait. Deep breaths, dudes! DC
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    Yeah Todd, I'll take your word for it that stupid penalties won't happen again. Just like they wouldn't happen again after the Nickerson penalty in Detroit.
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    Bates not more than a week ago "If you treat your young QB like a rookie and cut down the offense he will play like a rookie."
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    Mike mccganan is to blame that we have no deep passing game. When the oline is so over matched that your qb has no choice but to get rid of it a second it puts crimps in your long game. Also, here is a memo get your boy robbie to not fumble the ball every second time he get s his mitts on it.
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    Disagree as to Darnold getting Happy feet, which means a QB is abandoning a clean pocket. On the contrary Darnold has great pocket awareness. He didn't abandon any clean pockets against the browns. Rather he sensed pressure accurately and scrambled with his eyes downfield looking to make a play.
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    Discipline and accountability is a major problem. Our players need to know that they can not get away with the crap they are doing. Do you think Robby Anderson would still be on the patriots roster after back to back off-season incidents? Do you think Crowell would ever see the field again after that end zone "celebration" do you think Johnson would see the field next week after taking so many plays off? We need to hold our players to a higher standard, they need to fear playing poorly or getting in trouble both on and off the field that is on the coach and their lack of discipline is a direct reflection of him period. I am not saying fire Bowles now but it is his job to keep his guys in line. Sent from my [device_name] using http://JetNation.com mobile app
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    Yup, I started a thread defending Sam and the offense earlier today because I believe everything I wrote. Sam was fine, and actually better than Ben Roethlisberger was against Cleveland. His stat line only looks bad because of the final 3 minutes of the game when were in pass-only desperation mode. Prior to that he drove the team to 17 points with no INTs. (FYI - Drew Brees only managed 18 points vs. Cleveland last week) Our problems are discipline, coaching and penalties IMO.
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    Question is will or should he be released the answer is no. The appropriate question is should he be disaplined for his behavior. To that my reply is yes. Bowles should have gone Mike Singetery on him and sent him to the locker room. The act was an embarrassment to the player himself, his teammates,organization and their fans. This was not an act done in a private environment but on National TV. My personal belief is that anyone that could defend this act needs to have their moral values checked. Bowles lost me last year when he quit on his team, he has lost any respect from me for a lack of leadership for this issue. This is not a mater of being prudish it’s a simple mater of right and wrong.
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    Bottom line is no matter how you try and twist it, the whole team, Darnold included, gave away a 14 point lead and lost to what we all think is an up and coming team. It's over. We all got to vent, but lets just hope the extra time before the Jaguar game is used to get better in all facets. The idea this year is to develop this QB for the long term. He's going to have bumps in the road along the way, and it's not a sin to say it when he has the inevitable bad game(s) while he learns on the fly.
  45. 3 points
  46. 3 points
    Sam Darnold a winner yes........Todd Bowles NO
  47. 3 points
    If the Browns should be 3-0 with a defense that made two potential hall of famers look like rookies and we have one of the worst offenses, why do you think we should have won?
  48. 3 points
    Well any coach with nuts whatsoever would at minimum bench the guy but Bowles is so much an utterly phony tough guy it is laughable.
  49. 3 points
    Correction, 10 years. Mangini was the last coach to hold guys to a standard, despite not being great at it.
  50. 3 points
    That would make 3 highly-drafted and touted DL players that Bowles ruined; 4 if you include the one Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-Macc traded away in folly. Defensive genius my arse.

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