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    https://nypost.com/2018/10/14/the-moment-sam-darnold-saved-jets-year-and-maybe-bowles-job/ If the staff really gets this - if this is really the mentality from here on out - then everything changes. Everything. Welcome to today's NFL, Todd. It's nice here.
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    Well f***. We can't celebrate a win on gameday anymore without depression settling in, can we?
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    Forgive me if you guys did this in the game thread..... Michael Voorhees...... Jason Myers. How many games like this have we been lamenting how the kicker blew it? Kearse. Finally healthy? Lee..... That pick saved the game! The Jets do a great job on gameday. I got there at 10 o'clock and went in at noon. Got lost trying to find escalators can we get some signs up? lol The white towels will be a treasured memory of a perfect day with my 12 year old son. Lots of exciting plays, lots of yelling and fun.
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    Macc also traded up to #3 while the price was still nothing but stupid 2nd round picks... and got us Jets fans the QB we've waited a half century for... San Darnold.
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    He is beginning to look like the game is slowing down for him. He is beginning to look like a veteran. He is beginning to look like the Franchise QB we have been hoping for.
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    A motivated Trumaine Johnson
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    Would it be nice to kick his @$$? No doubt about it... But thank the good lord he didn't sign here. Thrilled to have Darnold over him.
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    For the first time in a year the Jets finally "stacked" wins with a wild 42-34 victory over IND. In a game where they were far from perfect on both sides of the ball the Jets were opportunistic and scrappy. If this type of game happened a few weeks ago they would've lost, so they're showing progress as a team. Now that they're back at .500 let's see if they can continue to mature and keep the "streak" going against MIN: Special Teams - In a game that punters must dream of Lachlan Edwards kicked only once and held for TEN kicks (7 FG and 3 PAT) - Andre Roberts had one decent kick return (30 yards) but other than that he had no major impact. But it is comforting to finally have a returner who secures the ball and doesn't leave it on the field - Game ball to Jason Myers as he scored 24 points on 7 FG and 3 PAT. His impact on the game can't be minimized because he kept the team up by two or more scores as IND kept scoring Defense - The overall performance of the defense was uneven as Andrew Luck kept the pressure on all game. The issue of covering TE's popped up today as Ebron, Swope and Alie-Cox had multiple catches and TD's. Also due to the defense running a "light box" IND running game had a bigger impact than expected - But the defense was opportunistic as they forced four turnovers. They also held IND to only two FG's when the offense turned the ball over twice deep in their territory. They were also lucky because IND WR's had multiple drops which killed drives - The scheme in terms of covering the crossing routes in the middle of the field was much better. Brandon Copeland and Avery Williamson had multiple PBU's and Darron Lee had an INT which effectively ended the game - Avery Williamson continued his good overall play as he contributed an INT in addition to his PBU's. Also his ability to strip the ball out of players hands needs to be noted. Because on multiple PBU's IND receiver actually caught the ball but he was able to pull it out for no catch - Brandon Copeland was a "low level" signing but he has outperformed his contract. He continued his solid play as he had PBU's but also brought edge pressure and had an TFL - Jamal Adams had an up and down game. Two times in coverage he got beat by the TE for big gains (even though he indicated they pushed off). But he also forced a fumble that Jordan Jenkins recovered and tipped the ball that Mo Claiborne returned for a pick 6 - Mo Claiborne had a big game with a pick 6 and a tip that led to Avery Williamson's INT. Claiborne has far outplayed Trumaine Johnson, if Johnson comes back healthy and lives up to his contract the secondary will be in excellent shape. If not are we looking at another Revis situation? Offense - Credit to the coaching staff for the way the team handled the FG at the end of the first half. For once the team looked aware and prepared as everyone moved together to get the clock stopped - It was great to score 42 points but the team needs to be better in the red zone. Some of those seven FG's need to be converted into TD's - Issues with ball security cropped up again as Quincy Enunwa put the ball on the ground after a WR screen. These need to be cleaned up because they all seem to happen on plays that get big gains - The OLine had another solid game as they were decent in run blocking and solid in pass blocking. Spencer Long though had a couple of bad moments. He had another poor shotgun snap which almost gave IND a turnover. And on a big gain on a screen pass he was called for being down the field too soon - Chris Herndon had his best game as a pro with two catches for 50+ yards and a TD. On a wheel route out of the backfield he made a circus catch and took the ball away from Hooker - Good game for Terrelle Pryor as he stepped up when Quincy Enunwa left the game due to injury. He was a big target in the red zone as he scored a TD. And showed an excellent catch radius making several leaping catches that extended drives - Jermaine Kearse finally looked like himself as he had a big game. Making key catches for first downs and catching slants for big gains - Sam Darnold had his best game as a pro as he took advantage of the cover 2 scheme IND ran. He completed 80% of his passes (24/30 280 yards) with 2 TD's and an INT. His INT was a back foot underthrow as the pocket was pushed into his face and he couldn't step into it. What you have to love about Darnold is the visible growth you see game to game. Earlier in the year he was locked into Enunwa as his main target, today he spread the ball around to seven receivers. Last week against DEN Darnold attacked vertically, today he took what the IND zone gave him and had a great completion percentage. And to think he's only six games into his career and 21 years old
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    I definitely think it is Todd maturing and adapting to the NFL today. But I also think a large part is that they now have a QB they really trust. Crazy that it took a 21 year old to gain that confidence.
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    It's SOJF syndrome. We can win a Super Bowl and the SOJF's would complain that it took too long, or that the win wasn't convincing enough.
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    Yes, but he signed Crowell who as darn close to as good as Hunt and right now has more big runs and TDs as I believe in our game they said in yards and TDs he is 2nd to only Gurley.
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    Rosen or Allen. We didn't give up 3 2nds for anything but a QB.
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    I just don’t get the backwards looking moaning. I’m sure we could have used a QB when we passed on Brady five times. Sometimes you just have to move on. Errors are part of the game.
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    Watching Sam it’s just so obvious that he’s going to be very good. His demeanor and playing instincts are off the charts. You just don’t see 21 year olds throwing with the level anticipation and feel of Darnold. Kid is a natural football player, not just a great athlete.
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    Having a 21 year old Darnold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> having a 30 year old Cousins
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    Who’s the chiefs QB?
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    He's the youngest starting QB ever, and he's put up a 83 rating with a below average supporting cast. A
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    I was particularly impressed with Sam/Bates recognizing the Colts difficulty with covering slants and ruthless use of them on 3rd down with different receivers and formations. Prior jet qb/OC tandems would get too cute or over think that kind of situation, but we were relentless on it today. Also, the ball Sam threw to Robbie in the end zone today was perfectly placed. You almost never see Robbie drop something like that but it would have been a special play.
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    Darnold is a beast. The Giants are going to regret passing on him for a decade.
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    How great would it be to kick his butt? He used us as leverage to get more money from the Vikings and thought we were a joke. Let's put the hurt on him!🤕
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    With Rex and now Bowles, the Jets have always played scared as the clock ticks down. With Darnold so far so good. Even when there was good cause and I half expected it and half dreaded it, I've not seem him play scared AT ANY TIME or at any place on the field. This is a day and night difference for us!
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    The game is definitely getting slower for him. I’m excited for this guy. I hate to talk off-season at this point but we have to invest in offensive lineman and more weapons either via free agency or the draft. Please, no more 1st round picks on DL and DB.
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