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    Although I give the first two backs on this list late 1st round grades, I don't expect to see anyone's name called until day 2... Could be a run on backs in the 2nd/3rd, value will be high. Damien Harris (Alabama); didn't watch independently until recently. Springs into stride with a stout frame, good hands. fast. great blocker, explodes to the 2nd level. I see similar strengths that Zeke brought to the table. Jets Spin: Unless we trade back, won't be an option. Would be an instant 3-down starter. Dexter Williams (ND); Flashes DMC at Arkansas. Fantastic feet, vision and burst. Knows when to be patience, supercharger at will. A finisher. Jets Spin: Again, no 2nd rnd pick, not a likely option unless off field concerns drop him. Devin Singletary (FAU); I confess I've left this one on the shelf too long... shifty and seemingly impossible to take down on first contact. Incredible balance, and legs that keep churning. Heigh/size will keep him out of first two rounds i suspect. Jets Spin: I doubt Macc has the gonads to buy in on a 5'7 RB, but the tape speaks for itself. Darrell Henderson (Memphis); Explosive slash and dash. A young Ivory. Impressive agility at the 2nd level. Lot of wide open lanes though, didn't see enough tough runs against good 'LBers. Not sure he's a 3-down between the tackles back in the NFL Benny Snell Jr (Kentucky); +Physical runner +Pass pro +Hands. Hard to bring down, but not a lot of lateral wiggle. No twitch and disappeared in big games at times. Reminds me of Kerryon Johnson on film. Jets Spin: If Jets strike out on Bell, i could see Macc buying into the "lead back" label Benny has, + locker room leadership qualities etc. Jordan Scarlett (Florida); Isn't a phyical specimen but has the intangibles, change of speed & direction is good, and has great feet and vision in traffic High floor. Alex Barnes (KSU); Physical at all levels of contact, decisive running, and faster than he looks. Plays like a lightweight version of Peyton Hillis (slightly contrived comp) Rodney Anderson (OU); Love his game. Such a natural runner with vision and patience. Arian Foster 2.0... but can't trust his knees. Bryce Love (Stanford); Glorified 3rd down back. A role player who can compliment a backfield with his dynamic playermaking ability on passing downs. Won't be able to do much (if any) damage between the tackles in the NFL. Wes Hills (Slippery Rock); More likely to bust/go undrafted than some names that never made it on this list, but the ceiling on this 6'2 220 gazelle is too hard to ignore. Mike Weber (OSU); Nothing elite, but instant top speed and gets upfield. One of the best 3rd down backs in the draft. Think G. Bernard Jets Spin: a very Maccagnian pick, big school, well test well at combine. Lee of RBs Didn't make the cut: L. Scott (MSU), J. Hill (OSU), W. Gaskin (WU), J. Moore (App st), D. Montegomery (Iowa St) (if that didn't do it for you, then I offer this--)

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