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    I don't post much at all anymore, but I do read the posts and let you younger guys hammer it out. I've been a Jets fan since '64...a junior in high school when the Jets picked Namath. Before that, not much of a fan of any particular team. Fast forward to 1968, the Jets best team by far. I'm in a little place called Vietnam. Found out the Jets won the SB about 3 days after...communication wasn't like it is today. They hire this Joe Douglas guy and to be honest, I didn't know much about him like most of you...just what I read after I knew the Jets were eyeing him. I watched his presser the other day and afterwards, he brought his family on stage. BAM...there it was! Like a beacon in the dark that made my eyes almost as big as our HC. Joe's dad standing in the back wearing a cap...it said VIETNAM VETERAN. Like I said, it doesn't mean anything to you guys, but to me, this is an omen or it could be nothing. Let's hope this is an omen, because I'm in the winter of my life and not many seasons left.
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    Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone says about him. The guy is probably one of the game's top analysts in finding ways to create mis-matches and he's a film genius at spotting weaknesses. While Miami wasn't that good the past few years, it was more because of injuries at QB and offensive line....we just couldn't get going. Here's an interesting stat for you though- with all 11 of our first string offense on the field, the Miami Dolphins were 11-0 under Gase. Heck, we were around .500 starting 3rd string linemen and virtually zero receivers at all...with a backup QB. That all came down to game-planning with what you have and Gase is a true master. In terms of being a "QB Whisperer", I also believe Gase is legit. Tannehill basically straight out panics in the pocket when there's unexpected pressure....he's absolutely fantastic when clean and horrible when pressured. Gase worked with RT's throwing mechanics to bring him from one of the worst deep ball passers in the league to the highest in percentages. He also brought Tannehill's footwork light-years from where it was 3 years ago and gave the kid the confidence to be an on-field leader. I don't know if RT has hearing issues or bad vision to his sides....he just can't sense the pressure coming like your average NFL starter. Gase maximized RT's potential though and had him on an 11 of 12 game win streak at one time (dating across seasons back to 2016)...that's virtually incredible for a guy who doesn't feel pressure and coughs the ball up on strip sacks every other week. Another thing I really love about Gase is his formations....he will switch to something ultra-exotic for a single play, get a huge gain and then not go back to it for years. He spends the entire game reading the opponent's defense, adjusting on the fly and talking strategy with his QB. The media gave him crap for not watching his own D play, but that's because he was always working hard and figuring out where the next score would come from. Again, this was with the Fins with a 3rd string line, no receivers and a backup QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 8 yards with velocity....and we beat some very big teams last season. Our bad losses came from when defenses blitzed from exotic angles, our line couldn't adjust and Tannehill got laid out without any idea of what was going on. They WERE NOT on Gase...he tried to trade Tannehill last year and the front office said no. I will also add that Gase butted heads with the front office often since he's so cerebral. For instance, Gase insisted on Albert Wilson to replace Jarvis Landry....and it was a brilliant move since Gase was envisioning Wilson in a way that he had never been used before. The front office couldn't see it because they're not mind-readers, so know that Gase will often make a seemingly shocking move that feels completely random, but there's a ton of thought and logic behind it. You may never actually hear that logic but that's just who he is....most of his moves work out well though. For instance, I think Tannehill could have had a Pro Bowl year last season if the team had invested more in our offensive line (which Gase repeatedly asked for)....and I'll repeat that Tannehill is the absolute worst in the league in handling pressure. Gase knew how to cover that up though and polish a turd into a diamond. I know we're lifelong rivals but I'm honestly going to be a Jets fan this season because I like Gase more than I like the Dolphins tanking for Tua. Our owner made a massive mistake letting Gase walk since we should have been a 2-3 win team last season....yet we started the year 3-0 to shock all the experts. That's the Adam Gase effect and we consistently won 2-3 games per season that we had no business winning, so I'm expecting a swift turnaround in NY since you guys have a pure stud as a coach. Don't listen to the media....Gase is the real deal and one of the best minds in the league. You are extremely fortunate to have him and I'll be hating it this season as you're sweeping us. Good luck this season Jets fans...I am legitimately rooting for you because I hate we let Gase walk!
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    Get it over with. No more of these inexperienced coaches. McCarthy and Darnold = 10 wins is now a bad season. Brady and Belly will soon be riding off into the sunset. Take this division.
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    That's nice. CJ and Darron Lee posing together.
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    30 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used at least one 2nd rounder on offensive line. 21 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used a 1st rounder on the offensive line. All of this while drafting Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenburg and finally Sam Darnold to be the teams new young QB. The offensive line has more position spots on every down than any other position (5) Just a pathetic dereliction of duty. And for those who try and rationalize his lack of oline priority by saying he fills via trades and free agency, every team fills holes that way. But you always over pay for older vets with issues and those really good players who are young enough in FA there is big competition for. Think back to the good Jets teams of the last 15 years or so, good to great olines. I like the man, he seems nice. He's a terrible GM. Fire him already before Sam Darnold is in a cast.
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    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowingFollowing @RapSheet More New #Jets coach Adam Gase is on the verge of a big hire: Former #Browns interim coach Gregg Williams is in talks with Gase to become their new defensive coordinator, sources say. Things are progressing in this direction, and those involved believe it’ll get done.
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    Gase and Williams...anyone think we’re still going to have players showing up late for meetings or missing them entirely?
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    While on Good Morning Football (GMFB) Nick Mangold was asked about a variety of topics... KB: What do you think about Daniel Jones? Nick: Yeah, see I don't care about the Giants. Let's talk about the Jets.
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    If he pulls it off, he will instantly become the most popular coach in franchise history
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    I look at this roster, I look at this coaching staff, I look at this front office, and I look at this owner and you know what, I believe that this is the year we take a bold step. Not next year. This year. Call me crazy, but I think the Patriots are there for the taking right now. And I think that for whatever reason, the Jets as a franchise responds to change better than any organization in the NFL, each time we get a new coach and a new culture it creates a spark and pushes this team beyond its limits. Experienced head coach, Darnold in Year 2, big-play offense, Bell ripping easy yardage on swing passes, Adams and Mosely killing it on D under Williams' psychotic direction, excellent special teams, and a favorable schedule. We need to get off to a strong start, 4-1 looks doable leading to a Week 7 showdown at home against the Patriots in a fired-up MetLife Stadium on the highest rated MNF broadcast in decades. Patriots take a step back, Jets take a step up, we win the Division at 11-5 on tiebreakers, hats and t-shirts for everyone. SAR I
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    wasn't excited when we got him... may hate him by week 3 of next season... but god damn it was good listening to reporters get treated like the tossing sh*t at the wall idiots they are. I expect a lot of pissy reporting about the jets moving forward by bitter beat writers...and i am ok with that.
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    Think we finally got it right at the QB spot. This kid really seems like he has his priorities in order, heart is in the right place. Sam left NJ at dawn to spend the day with all these kids. He personally spent time with every single kid at the camp, talked to them about school, other sports they play, etc. Just about every kid got to catch a pass from Sam. They ended the camp with 7 on 7s. Sam jumped in on every game, took some snaps with every team. Really a great day for the kids, my 7 year old can’t stop talking about it.
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    For years now, we've all been bitching that Macc was a freaking idiot. This s.o.b. presided over one of the worst stretches of Jets football I can remember. His incompetence is the stuff of legend. Hackenberg in the 2nd? Should've been fired right then. We finally ditch this turd and the board is going for the Beningo woe-is-us crap. I get it. Some people didn't like the timing. While I understand, we should be elated that we finally dropped the albatross around our necks. If we actually end up with either of the two guys were connected to, or both, it's going to be a major upgrade. I am ecstatic. Sure, this ass should have been shown the door with Bowles. I really would have preferred someone else running our 2019 draft, but we are past that. Screw Macc and his incompetence. It's over. The media and opposing fans want to talk smack and gloat over the dysfunctional jets? Let them. Get a guy in here that can surround our very talented signal-caller with better protection and weaponz. We'll get the last laugh. With the exception of John Idzik, I think it's hard not to make an improvement at GM. Our collective nightmare is over. Macc is gone. Let's enjoy it.
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    I am back. I had heart surgery three and a half years ago, and having not died, and not wishing to go soon, I decided to make some changes. Changed my diet, have worked out like a demon, dating younger women, you know, all of the right things. I recognize some names here, but there are a lot of new ones. Or my memory is worse than I think. For those that remember me, I have been a Jets fan since 1965, somewhat of a homer, and am sarcastic most of the time. I have to catch up on the Jets. Between my recovery and their terribleness the last few years, I have not followed them or football at all. I am ready for some football.
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    every team should trade with the Jets, on the Jets terms, when the Jets say they want to trade.
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    Trading Anderson for a third round pick would make no sense to me
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    They don’t make ignorant assholes bigger than Stephen A.
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    I have banned more people this week than I can remember having to do before. We normally go months without anyone getting banned. The rules are simple, no personal attacks, no religion, no politics. This week several people have been banned for racist posts. We are here to talk Jets. If you can't follow the rules you aren't welcome here. Shouldn't be that hard. We have been really relaxed here for a long time. We had almost 50,000 posts last month and we trust that people will be on good behavior here. When they aren't they are going to be shown the door. I have asked the moderators to let less slide because so many people are taking advantage of our relaxed atmosphere. We don't want to ban anyone else, just talk Jets.
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    Imagine being gospel-quotin’ Matt Rhule and you’re about to get your first NFL gig and Mike Maccagnan tells you your coordinators are going to be two extremely bitter, notoriously hostile, recently-deposed head coaches, each of whom would kill you in your sleep to take your job
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    Macc wanted either Darnold or Mayfield. He may have settled for Rosen but I think he was HIGHLY confident the Giants were going with Barkley. Macc thought the Draft was going Darnold>Barkley>Mayfield. It turns out he got the #1 guy on his Draft board. Kudos to him. You can't hit a pitch you don't swing at. He swung hard and we're lucky he did.
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    Good news. The one assistant coach who did a good job this season.
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    Blessuan Austin on the football field:
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    Douglas is in his 40s, Graduated from University of Richmond in 1999. Went to work for the Ravens in 2000. Has nearly 20 years experience in personnel between the Ravens and Eagles. None of us have any way of knowing who will or will not be a good GM, but this guy has been with winning organizations, nearly 20 yeras experience and has worked with Gase before. Those sound like pretty good qualifications to me. By the way, the 36-year old Joe Douglas is a British theater director. I would not want to hire the British guy as our next GM.
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    Why let him spend $100m and draft then fire him? Backwards organization
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    Guy on the far left looks like a good listener.
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    McCarthy would step in and be the best coach the Jets have had since Bill Parcells on Day One with the potential, with Darnold, to be the best of all time. The Jets have had their most success under retreads Weeb and Tuna. People against this guy are out of their minds, IMHO.
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    Was listening to NFLN on Sirius yesterday and Kirwan and Curruci made some really interesting observations about the Douglas hire. They basically said: 1. The Jets are AHEAD of the curve in their coach and GM combo. Said that in today's NFL the model that works is to have a GM and HC that are really in lockstep and work as a team. Carucci spent a lot of time comparing the situation to Levy/Polian in Buffalo and said that the Jets are potentially duplicating that type of situation 2. Kirwan, said, which shocked me, that the organizational structure of GM having all the power and the Head Coach reporting to him is not effective in the modern NFL. He thinks the Head Coach is more important than the GM and that they should be equals, both reporting to the President, with the Head Coach actually having more influence than the GM. Jets get roasted routinely for this structure but both guys think it is actually the right structure 3. Both think Douglas will be an awesome GM, and even more so because he is aligned with Gase.
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    wth? who cares about the Giants? If they want to make a fair trade to move up to #3 then make the trade. Crazy talk.
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    Show us on the doll where Jamal Adams touched you.
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    Mike: If you hire Williams he's a very outspoken guy and it says a lot about your confidence. Gase: I want a guy with swagger, I want someone aggressive, I want to treat every practice like its a game.
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/06/10/houston-texans-brian-gaine-nick-caserio-cam-newton-panthers-joe-douglas-jets I said this when the Jets fired Mike Maccagnan, and I’ll say it again now. For all the pain the Jets went through to get here—the bad press, the outsized contract for a first-time GM, the awkward offseason, all of it—there’s a better-than-good chance that hiring Joe Douglas will be worth it. That’s because Douglas is among the most respected scouts, at any level, in all of football, and one of the few who you really never hear anything negative about. To try and illustrate that, I hit up the last two guys he worked for to get their feedback on Sunday. “Joe is so prepared for this opportunity,” Eagles EVP of football operations Howie Roseman said, via text. “He’s been with three great organizations and contributed to [Super Bowl]-winning rosters. He knows what it looks like on and off the field. He’ll take some from everywhere and put his own spin on it. He’s a great listener but also passionate about what he believes in.” “Start with being an excellent evaluator—not just good at accurately grading players, but also painting a picture of the player to everyone in the room,” texted Bears GM Ryan Pace. “Joe is great with the coaches. Great listening to everyone’s opinions and being respectful as you go through the process of establishing final grades on players. “His personality and disposition is unique in that he’s very likable, yet he’s not afraid to stand his ground and strongly convey what he believes in. … Throw in high-end work ethic and you have someone that’s going to be successful in the GM position for the Jets.” With that established, a few leftovers from the process during the last few weeks in Florham Park, N.J. … • We mentioned it before, but one of Douglas’s greatest strengths comes with his Rolodex. Connected in the scouting community like Chris Ballard was going to Indianapolis two years ago, Douglas should be able to build a robust department. The first two names I’d keep an eye on are the two rising stars he poached from Baltimore upon getting to Philly: director of player personnel Andy Weidl and director of college scouting Ian Cunningham. Maybe Roseman lets him take one of the two. Among the other names that have been out there as possibilities to join Douglas in Jersey are Chicago’s Champ Kelly (who interviewed for the Jets’ job) and ESPN’s Todd McShay. • One name that’s an important one going forward: Hymie Elhai. The SVP of business affairs and general counsel has been more active in football operations of late, and is one of three now (joining Douglas and Adam Gase) reporting directly to ownership. How Elhai fits into the overall framework figures to be one element to watch going forward—he was right there with Gase and owner Christopher Johnson in the interview process, which is a pretty clear indication of where he stands in the organization. • The Jets were prepared for Douglas to turn them down. The team was talking contract figures with Seattle director of player personnel Scott Fitterer’s camp as they were negotiating with Douglas, which was smart business. Fitterer impressed them enough to where they were comfortable with the idea of hiring him. In the end, they got their first choice, and certainly Gase’s first choice. • I’d consider the six years on Douglas’s deal vital, mainly because of the lingering unknown of how secure the new GM would be when Woody Johnson returns from the UK, which could happen as soon as next year. It’s also interesting that Douglas’s deal goes two years past the four-year deal Gase signed in January. • Don’t weep for the Eagles. Howie Roseman’s stocked his staff well, and ex-Browns exec Andrew Berry was hired in part because Philly knew it would probably lose Douglas sooner rather than later. The challenge for Roseman now will be deciding who to let go with Douglas to New York, particularly when a couple of those guys have deals expiring after this season (meaning they could just walk after next year’s draft). • My belief is that Sam Darnold’s presence was a significant draw for the candidates involved, mitigating some of the pratfalls that were on the display the last few months. So interestingly enough, the trade that Maccagnan and VP of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger made in March 2018, their most impactful move in four years there, wound up being a catalyst to finding the right people to replace them. And ultimately, I’d say between Douglas and the guys he’ll likely bring with him, the Jets have done just that. All’s well that ends well, I guess.
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    I decided to start following the Jets because of this message board. I wanted to follow the NFL more closely but didn’t know what team to support. I decided that I wanted a team that hadn’t won the title in a very long time so that when they did finally win one, I couldn’t be called a bandwagon follower. I also wanted a team that had caused a lot of heartache and aroused passion in its supporters. I used to follow the St George Dragons here in Australia but had to stop because it felt like I was in an abusive relationship. I hated them and loved them in equal measure and kept coming back for more heartache. I read through a lot of different team's message boards and this one was perfect. The range of posters is better than any other one I read.You have the very experienced fans who talk about games from 50 years ago. You have men and women. You have posters with reputations, and I love it when people say, “oh wait until … reads this!” Most posters are also very funny and importantly, very smart. I read one post and find myself agreeing with every point in it and then the next poster will provide statistics that blow the previous point out of the water. Some posters are optimistic and always think the next great time for the Jets is imminent and others have been broken too many times and can’t bring themselves to have much hope, so they strike out before they get hurt again. The posts on this message board are a great metaphor for life. I now check the message board before going to work because we are 14 hours ahead of you, so I read the posts that you have written while I’ve been asleep. I am addicted and got nervous during the draft?! I don’t have the technical knowledge to contribute to the discussions but I am happy to lurk and I wanted you to know that all posters have provided me with great entertainment and knowledge during this off-season and the drafting experience.
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    Oh yeaa! https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-lg-kelechi-osemele-to-sam-darnold-i-m-your-new-bodyguard Jets LG Kelechi Osemele to Sam Darnold: I’m Your New Bodyguard When the Jets traded for left guard Kelechi Osemele, Sam Darnold was one of the first people who reached out to the two-time Pro Bowler. “He was really excited on Instagram,” Osemele said of his new quarterback. “I hit him up and told him I’m his new bodyguard here. I’m really excited about that.” Osemele, who spent the last three seasons with the Raiders, said he had just wrapped up at church when he received the phone call that he was going cross country to trade silver and black for green and white. Shock quickly became excitement and he turned to Twitter to say his goodbyes and hellos. Now, he’s eager to bring leadership and experience to the Jets, but most of all, physicality. “That’s what I pride myself in and what I enjoy doing,” he said. “I have fun with it and I’ve heard Mr. Winters is going to be a guy I’m going to like a lot, so I really can’t wait to play with that guy. I feel like I have a certain presence. I think I bring that, a certain professionalism for the younger guys to look up to and I keep my nose clean, I stay out of trouble, so that’s good. I think there’s a few qualities that I bring to the team.” While Osemele hasn’t met right guard Brian Winters yet, he’s familiar with his neighbor up front in left tackle Kelvin Beachum, who was in the same workout group as Osemele at the 2012 Combine. “We actually have a few similar friends. He comes down the Bay Area every now and then,” said Osemele, who’s in the best shape of his life. “I’ve heard a lot of really good things about him. I’m excited to learn from him on and off the field and likewise for [Beachum], so that’ll be a good experience.” Another familiar face to the former Super Bowl champion is both former and current teammate C.J. Mosley, who Osemele likened to the defensive version of new Jets running back Le’Veon Bell. “He’s a ballplayer. He’s a ballhawk,” Osemele said of Mosley. “He’s like literally Le’Veon but in a linebacker’s body. He’s sideline to sideline, just as good ball instincts as any wide receiver out there, has a high football IQ. He has a swagger and a presence about him. He’s just a ballplayer.” When asked if he’s excited to block for Bell, the 6’5” mauler smiled and said, “Hell, yeah. How could you not be excited? He’s a baller, man. He always finds a way when it looks like there’s no holes there. Obviously we’re going to do our jobs and open up big holes for him and he’s going to make us look good as well. I’m really excited about that. He’s a playmaker and I think he’s going to be a game changer for us.”
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    1. Publish a trash blog post that wasn’t interesting or researched enough to be worthy of its own thread on a fan message board. 2. Realize that, even though you’re a paid member of the media, you’re about to spend the next week helplessly waiting to RT Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter tweets regarding free agent signings made by the team you’re ostensibly paid to cover and whose headquarters you live within thirty minutes of. 3. Make above tweet mocking fans for being “impatient” with awful GM who’s spent four+ years putting together a bottom-three roster in the NFL. 4. Set alert on phone to tell you when Rapoport tweets something so you can slap “Sources confirm...” in front of tweet despite the fact you’re sitting in an apartment in Jersey City playing a PS4 game you pulled out of a RedBox two weeks ago and have no sources.
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    Think about it, the Patriots are heading into a season that won't have a happy ending. Another distraction because of the owner. Another year older for Brady. They are going to lose some more big pieces in free agency. The Dolphins are rebuilding and are in tank mode with a rookie head coach. The Bills have a QB who became known for running the football. Except he was drafted for his strong arm. Gregg Williams will have this defense LOCKED down. A guy like Tru Johnson steps up and has a rebound season in this defense. Gase will have this team playing hard, winning close games and the Jets will finally have an exciting offense. Signing Bell shouldn't be the priority in free agency. Fix the OLine. Draft Bosa or Allen and this defense will get after people. The Jets will win the division next season. You heard it here first.
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    First thing he mentioned was the franchise QB and Sam and seeing him in practice last couple of days has gotten him very excited. Second person he mentioned was Jamal Adams @T0mShane Second person. Loves having a guy like Robby to take the top off a defense. Said the draft and free agency gets the accolades but he’s looking forward to the waiver wire. Wants to improve the overall roster Gase has an infectious personality, became great friends in Chicago and didn’t even get to work long with him but loved him. Maybe maybe not McShay. Dodged the MAC conspiracy theory. Loves Chris Johnson. Doesn’t worry about Woody coming back. Does not care about the reporting structure owner/GM/coach because it was the SAME EXACT structure in Philly (HA!!). Ozzie Newsome means everything to his career, said he had long productive discussions about the Jets. Did not have reservations about the job, didn’t say it outright but he didn’t turn it down 3 times. Sounds like a very bright, normal, natural dude. Not stiff or fake or a stuffed shirt. Great hire.
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    The best thing about a Douglas hire would be the unusual feeling that the Jets actually had a plan here from the start and then successfully executed it.
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    I'm old. I've been a Jets/Titans fan for a long, long time. And like virtually every Jets fan I've had my share of cockeyed optimism. And I have had much of those hopes and dreams about this team shattered. C'est la vie. It's sports. Still, I have a renewed optimism about this team along with a healthy dose of skepticism. Here are my reasons for both. Optimism We have a really good chance of finally having our franchise QB. We went through the Mark Sanchize, Geno Smith, Chad Pennington and (fill in the blank) QB, but there is something different about this kid. With all of the other guys there was always something in the back of my mind telling me he wasn't the guy. Darnold just seems to have 'it'. He's smart, athletic, aware and just plain likable. There's hope. The defense has been collecting individual talent and pieces over the last few seasons. Unlike most, I really like Leo and think he gets a bad rap. And I think Jamal Adams is a great player and is a 'glue' guy. He brings this defense together and gives them an identify. Unfortunately, there wasn't much talent around him but I think that has changed. I am thrilled we took Q and I believe he will be a game changer in middle of the defense. He's smart, athletic and extremely likable. CJ Mosely was a great signing. Swapping him out for Darren Lee is an improvement of monumental proportions. Around these guys are solid, if not spectacular complimentary pieces. Williamson, Henry Anderson (kudos to Mac for that trade) and Jenkins (if only all of our third round picks turned out this way) are very soild, as is Marcus Maye if he can stay healthy. Another key aspect of this team is youth. Among the alpha-dawgs Le'Veon is 27 and the rest are between 21-26. With Darnold, Adams, Q, Leo, Maye, Herndon, Crowder, Anderson and Enunwa all on the right side of 26, the window should remain open for several years. I really, really like the Wesco pick. I think it's safe to say he is an addition to the OL (see skepticism below). Skepticism The biggest potential issue I see is chemistry. Not between the players but among the coaching staff. Will Gase and Williams co-exist? That's the wild card (pun intended) here. As for the rift between Gase and Mac, I think, or at least hope, that's the media trying to remain relevant between the draft and camp. I'm surprised they haven't called for an independent investigation and asked for Mac's tax returns since he took office. While most are clamoring away for a better CB2 I am more concerned about CB1. IF Trumaine returns to form, I think the CB2 issue is far less relevant. IF Tru locks down one side of the field Williams can give CB2, whomever that is, enough help to keep the damage to a minimum. If not, we can expect a lot of 42-41 final scores. This "concern" actually falls somewhere between optimism and skepticism. I love the Polite pick and I'm hoping that his poor decisions leading up to the draft turn out to be the "20 pounds that saved the Jets season". He has first round talent and falling to us in the third round may be the saving grace to finally provide us with a pass rush. I watched every Florida game last year (notice I didn't say I watched the "tape". Let's face it we posters don't watch tape, we watch CBS!) and this kid stood out. And playing next to CJ and Williamson and behind Leo, Q and Anderson, I am optimistic. If not, well, that's where the skepticism part comes in. As for the OL, I remain skeptical. I think Winters has finally proven he is not the RG we need. I really hope Mac has a trade up his leave so we don't go into the season with Harrison and Toth as the two guys. Overall I am excited about this season. I think this team will be fun to watch on both sides of the ball. There will be hiccups and bad plays/games but the final product should be far better than last year's version. I expect around eight wins but more importantly I think we will go into the 2020 offseason with just a few holes to fill and a plan to fill them.
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    Considering our backup last year cost us $10 million this is a steal.
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    He's a raw player, in his his first year, and he's playing in a bad scheme. Also, Shepard checked all the right boxes as a lineman looking to make the jump into the NFL based off of measurables, combine numbers, etc. He may not make it, but this thread is extremely premature.
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    Cliff notes so far: he hates the media he hates answering questions he hates free agency he hates agents he hates the draft process he hates dealing with the front office He LOVES Darnold
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    ...that I fell asleep before the draft started and missed it live. (Began at 2am my time). Q? Great prospect. However, when it comes to utilizing draft resources relative to what we have on the roster, this front office and ownership are grossly incompetent. Its now to the point that when this stupidity happens every year we must somehow convince ourselves that maybe he simply couldn't find the right exchange in a trade, which also shows his consistent inability to negotiate a trade when he has top prospects still available such as Q or top rated EDGE guys on the board. And speaking of EDGE, wasnt that what was said to be needed the entire time, which is why we tried to sign guys like Barr? Mike Maccagnan just drafted, for the 2nd time in his GM career, a DT with a top pick, over an edge player, a DT position which is one of the few strengths of this team which includes veteran depth AND a 25 year old developing 2nd year DT that we just drafted last off-season. Macc should have been fired after the end of 2016. Mike Maccagnan is a trash GM, and based on his draft history, he's proven to also be a trash scout.

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