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    Get it over with. No more of these inexperienced coaches. McCarthy and Darnold = 10 wins is now a bad season. Brady and Belly will soon be riding off into the sunset. Take this division.
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    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowingFollowing @RapSheet More New #Jets coach Adam Gase is on the verge of a big hire: Former #Browns interim coach Gregg Williams is in talks with Gase to become their new defensive coordinator, sources say. Things are progressing in this direction, and those involved believe it’ll get done.
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    Gase and Williams...anyone think we’re still going to have players showing up late for meetings or missing them entirely?
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    They don’t make ignorant assholes bigger than Stephen A.
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    I have banned more people this week than I can remember having to do before. We normally go months without anyone getting banned. The rules are simple, no personal attacks, no religion, no politics. This week several people have been banned for racist posts. We are here to talk Jets. If you can't follow the rules you aren't welcome here. Shouldn't be that hard. We have been really relaxed here for a long time. We had almost 50,000 posts last month and we trust that people will be on good behavior here. When they aren't they are going to be shown the door. I have asked the moderators to let less slide because so many people are taking advantage of our relaxed atmosphere. We don't want to ban anyone else, just talk Jets.
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    Good news. The one assistant coach who did a good job this season.
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    McCarthy would step in and be the best coach the Jets have had since Bill Parcells on Day One with the potential, with Darnold, to be the best of all time. The Jets have had their most success under retreads Weeb and Tuna. People against this guy are out of their minds, IMHO.
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    Show us on the doll where Jamal Adams touched you.
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    Mike: If you hire Williams he's a very outspoken guy and it says a lot about your confidence. Gase: I want a guy with swagger, I want someone aggressive, I want to treat every practice like its a game.
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    He's a raw player, in his his first year, and he's playing in a bad scheme. Also, Shepard checked all the right boxes as a lineman looking to make the jump into the NFL based off of measurables, combine numbers, etc. He may not make it, but this thread is extremely premature.
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    Or it’s possible that the Jets saw names like Joe Philbin and Ben McAdoo on McCarthy’s proposed staff and were turned off. That’s totally within the realm of possibility. McCarthy has a track record of stubbornness and failure to learn from past mistakes.
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    If you think about it, it is really amazing how completely different the Jets will be next year. It will sort of be hard to recognize them. All preconceived notions and historical trends and tendencies are completely out the window. This could actually lead to a few extra victories for us next year. From a fan perspective it is even greater. Think about it: 1. New Uniforms and logo so the team wont even look the same (sticking with Kelly Green, grey and blue as primary colors as my specualtion) 2. Offensive minded head coach for the first time since Al Groh. EDIT: KOTITE!!! 3. Head coach that is the polar opposite of Bowles 4. Very aggressive coaches and approach to football which is completely different than Bowles 5. An emphasis on "modern" even forward looking schematic concepts. We have been trying to be a run oriented team in the face of a changing NFL. "Ground and pound" is finally dead!! 6. A good in game coach. Gase may fail, but one thing he was good at in Miami was in game situational football which led to a VERY strong record in close games 7. Big one for me: NO QB COMPETITION. This is absolutely huge I think. Darnold could legitimately get more than twice the reps he got through OTAs and training camp then he did under "hedge your bets, I want a veteran" Bowles. The impact of this cannot be overstated. Darnold will make a huge leap from year one to two just from this 8. We have SAM DARNOLD. Seriously we have not had a QB centric team since Namath. Before many current Jets fans were even born. 9. Expect more prime time games. Yes, we sucked, but the Jets will be a new look team with one of the future QB stars in the NFL. Browns (Mayfoeld) Bills (Allen) Cowboys and Giants are all intriguing prime time games that can get good ratings. 10. Better coached. So far it looks like Gase is creating a coaching staff without fear, and one that will provide feedback to him even to a confrontation level. This is impressive. Bowles staff was so bad, there wasnt even an interim candidate 11. Players: We could see 50% turnover in the roster next year. New HC, new schemes, not many players under contract and a LOT of cap space means a very very different roster than the one we had this year. My hope is we avoid the really big ticket guys (including Bell) and use that money to create a young foundation team that is solid throughout the roster with great versatility and depth and look to find stars in the draft. I personally think trading down from #3 is a must. We are in maybe the best spot for a trade down, and we set the value last year so we can get a Top 8 pick and 3 seconds minimum for it for someone that wants the QB. If Bosa falls because of the name association we could get more 12. Post game interest: Not a huge one but pressers, the SNY post game show will all be more interesting next year 12. Last but not least: WINNING. I did not love the Gase hire, but I am starting to think Gase and Darnold will be a good marriage, the coaching staff is shaping up to be very strong. Williams Pollak and Boyer are a fantastc set of coaches for the most important non-HC staff positions, we will be younger and hungrier, and between the draft and FA we should have a much stronger roster top to bottom next year. I think we make the playoffs. Regardless it will be one of the most interesting years as a Jets fan since the first two Rex years.
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    Francesa pushing him on his "style" of offense (wide open, big play, control, etc.) and Gase states he will do what our personnel will allow us to do. Dictated by who we have on the roster and who we are playing. He's not going to force the team to play a style that he wants to play, he's going to adapt and flex situationally.
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    Throw yourself down a flight of stairs.
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    So we are right at 1 million page views for the month of January. The 18th day really just started. I can not remember going past 1 million page views this early in a month ever. Big thanks go out to Sam Darnold, Mike Macc, Adam Gase, Gregg Williams, Matt Rhule, Todd Monken, Christopher Johnson and Antonio Brown. I feel like I am leaving someone out who deserves thanks. Oh, that's right thank you to Chad Pennington. We are a site built on Pennington's arm strength, or lack thereof. So I can never leave Chad out. I guess some measure of thanks should go out to all of you reading and commenting on this post. Thank you for calling JetNation home! We really appreciate it. This site has grown so much over the years and apparently there is no end in sight.
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    A bunch of failure has brought us to today, which is ironically a good place to be. A young team with a potential franchise QB, a high draft pick, and a lot of cap room for improvements. Granted, it was failure that put us in this position, but it doesn't change the fact that we are where we are. We can lament over the past, but nothing will change the poor decisions that ownership and the front office have made over the past several years. You can make a past failures thread if you want, but I'd prefer if we focused on giving credit to ownership and the front office. Culture Change -The jury is out on whether or not Gase was the right choice, but with his hire, we immediately changed the culture of the team. If there was any doubt that Gase will have changed the culture, the hire of Gregg Williams removes any doubts. No more rookie, defensive head coaches - We not only hired coaches who will change the culture, but we hired an offensive minded, experienced head coach along with a defensive coordinator who will light a fire under the backsides of the loafers. Developing Sam - We hired a head coach specifically to develop our young QB, which is a move in the right direction. Possible change in convoluted power structure - Not confirmed, but it sounds like Chris Johnson is having the head coach report to the GM. You can argue that Macc doesn't deserve to have a HC report to him, but that is irrelevant. The decision to have your GM have the power of a GM is a move in the right direction, even if for when we hire the next GM. It will easier to sell being the GM of the Jets if the power structure is normal. All of these moves could end up being a disaster, but at the end of the day, I applaud Chris Johnson for listening to the fans, or at the least, accidentally doing the right thing.
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    He should only do interviews on the radio.
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    I think you are MIS-Representing what Gase said in the PROPER context. He spoke about HOW difficult it is to assemble a staff b/c some of the assistants HE is interested in, ARE STILL UNDER CONTRACT until the respective NEW HC for those organizations come in and DECIDE who to keep and let go. THAT was the issue he mentioned in the "difficulty" of assembling a staff AT THIS POINT in time, b/c MOST are still under contract from the prior HC regime - kinda like how we STILL HAVE Bates, Dennison, Dorrell, K Greene, & Kacey Rodgers under contract as CURRENT NYJ employees until decided otherwise. Give it time.
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    The truth is you don't know what you're talking about. For starters he turned down the Cardinals. You must have blocked that out your memory because it doesn't fit your narrative. Let's be real, if McCarthy really wanted to coach, just to have a job, he could have reached out to every team that had an opening and been a coach somewhere. He was picky, and only wanted certain situations he liked. He didn't get the Jets job, but it doesn't mean he's not a great head coach, or that he won't get a call in a year from now. Let me tell you something, if those young McVay clones look like they're in over their heads next season and Grampa Vic Fangio is kicking ass, the let's find the next Sean McVay trend will come to a screeching halt. Especially if McVay himself still hasn't won a playoff game.
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    Most important stat is that his name is not Todd Bowles
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    I went to bed last night depressed, Chris and mac had managed to do the most Jetsy thing ever and mess up getting McCarthy. I stared at the fan and couldn’t sleep but then I started thinking... 1) we got a guy who is offensive minded and had been a head coach in this league before. Monkey, rhule, Kliff I was a hard Pass on all. We needed a guy who knew how to lead team, even it wasn’t always perfect. 2) I realized there is a reason McCarthy wasn’t getting interviews. He apparently burned a lot of bridges and maybe wasn’t adjusting with the league. In a rapidly changing and younger league that could of become problematic. 3) Gase needs no schooling up on the AFC east and our rivals. He also has had a pretty good division record in his last 3 years. 4) this hire puts pressure on mac to win now and spend money. He knows gase in some ways was gamble and will be held fully responsible if it doesn’t pan out. 5) we always seem to like our hc hires like we liked Bowles. They never pan out, maybe the guy we didn’t like at first will.... I feel better today. I feel optimistic I am ready to Jet up again! 2019 we coming! Jet up!
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    We are going from Gladys Knight to Slayer in terms of coaching personality.
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    Don't get me wrong. There's lots to complain about as to how this decision was made, but it's over. The decision has been made. I'm wiping Gase's slate clean and will judge him based in what I see on the field of play. Best of luck coach Gase!
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    1. You post a thread regarding, of all people, Mel Kiper's big board. 2. You don't even post the list (despite it being readily available), and ask someone else to do it. Maybe the internet isn't the best place for you.

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