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    1. You post a thread regarding, of all people, Mel Kiper's big board. 2. You don't even post the list (despite it being readily available), and ask someone else to do it. Maybe the internet isn't the best place for you.
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    Sickening that Maccagnan is going to survive this. Just absolutely heartbreaking,
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    After failing to trade down the New York Jets select OT - Johan Williams, Alabama
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    A new coach will be given the chance to keep one or more of these coaches. I highly doubt they'd be forced to, so I don't think it impacts anything. It would be far worse if we let our coaches leave, coach x quickly signs elsewhere and then we signed a new head coach that wanted to keep coach x and now he can't. Retaining these guys is only a good thing. Especially Boyer who has done a great job with our special teams.
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    He could be a backup plan just in Gase.
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    Good use of another thread. The QB is the one who will attract the coaches, not the GM.
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    Woody and Chris are imbeciles to keep Maccagnan. F*k them both.
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    Everyone bitching about this is so right. Who wants someone like Doug Peterson or Nagy? GIVE US UNINSPIRED RETREADS OR GIVE US DEATH
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    Are people's memories that short??? Why would anyone trust McDaniels after what he pulled in IND???
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    According to incarcerated @BigO he was .
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    This again? Forget it guys. The Jets ownership has destroyed any opportunity for success again. We are wasting our time...
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    I thought we were big game hunting. Sounds like rabbit season to me. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Word out that Jets have requested permission to interview KC"s OC Eric Bieniemy.
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    That the Jets have to annually declare the reporting structure of their convoluted, befuddled and malicious front office is hilarious. Company outings have to be a blast. I see multi-million dollar org getting one of those canopy things in the local park, giving everyone 2 drink tickets to get Bud Ice from the cooler, and pockets of miserable a-holes distributed in cliques spitting venom about each other for 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon.... because they are too cheap to do it during work hours.
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    I still remember his interception fondly.
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    You hold on to the assistants in case the new Coach wants to keep any of them. Once you release them you have to pay out their remaining contract. Let the new Coach decide their fate and then move on either way.
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    Exactly. Promising franchise QB, #3 overall Draft pick, $100M in Cap space, Tom Brady heading into his final season or two with no other team ready to ascend in the AFC East......this job is very, very appealing to anyone who knows what the f**k he's doing.
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    Why hasn't Bowles been fired yet?
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    In Clearwater Florida last night, wearing a JETS golf shirt at bar and singer calls out... HEY JETS fan, they fired your coach. I all by my self screamed out JETS ......JETS JETS JETS . Crowd laughed loudly. On the strip, got tons of GO JETS!!! It was a blast. This morning,,going for a run with my JETS shirt!!!! Proud again!!
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    Woody is probably the worst owner in the league. This is definitely the worst fanbase in the league. The only reason Maccagnan was kept on was so the Johnsons wouldn’t have to pay two GMs on top of two head coaches. This was painfully obvious from the minute they first floated the idea. As was the fact that they would get away with it. Any of the other 31 teams’ fans would have been screaming bloody murder. Jets fans grab their ankles.
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    He already has heart/stress concerns and you want to bring him HERE of all places? No, murder is not ok.
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    Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians are best friends. I'm sure they talk all the time. I'm sure Todd won't have nice things to say about the Jets' job, and I'm sure Bruce wouldn't be excited to take his best friend's job.
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    There is no logical reason to keep Mac as GM
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    Thank you Todd - appreciate the effort and representing the Jets as a professional
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    This was very obvious to anyone who watched this team. Same plays week in week out. Formation dictated the routes. Easy to scout this team.
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    Trade for AB, sign Bell and Chris and Woody can sellout every game to all the Steeler fans currently using Stub Hub...
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    A couple of things: - The HC position isn't all about X's and O's, the candidate really should have good leadership skills. In addition they should have a vision for how the team should look and be able to inspire others to follow that vision. A good HC is really like a CEO who can assemble a good organization and step in at any time to address an issue. Don't get caught up on if someone "called plays" or not or if they're an offensive coach - Jim Caldwell is a "Rooney Rule Quota Interview", Eric Bienenmy and Kris Richard are not. They have been mentioned on quite a few lists about being "hot" candidates
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    is there any way to trade trumaine johnson for Fournette? Because I would trade Trumaine Johnson for Fournette.
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    I can’t watch that Maccagnan presser. My blood pressure is high enough.
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    Which Texans quality control assistant is the front runner?
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    He is a great player But priority #1, 2 and 3 should be improving the offense around Darnold. And with an all-around sh*tty offensive FA class besides Bell and no 2nd round pick, it’s going to be pretty damn hard to do. Like I keep saying, who cares if most people peg a guy like Jonah Williams to go in the 6-12 range. If you think he can be a good LT for a decade and keep Darnold upright, then take him at #3. I couldn’t care less if it’s considered a slight “reach”.
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    On the bright side we're getting new uniforms
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    How do you tear apart something that has already been burned to ashes?
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    48 year old Jet fan here. Really, when every one of my childhood friends worshipped Terry B and the Steelers, I wore green. This report disappoints me greatly. The Jets have never been to a Super Bowl in my lifetime. with the money and fan base we have, thats absolutely pathetic. There have been MANY coaches, GM's and players along the way, but there is one common thread to this unfortunate losing culture, and that is the ownership. There is a reason why Belichick ran for the hills when offered the head coaching job, and why Parcells quickly bailed out himself. The ownership is toxic with their hesitations regarding decisions on topics that require a confident and decisive action, and there is too often meddling in certain aspects of running the organization with which they possess no ability whatsoever. It is a sign of poor leadership and it has permeated the jet culture for too long. I was looking forward to next season as of 4PM yesterday, but with this announcement, it sounds like another round of BS is on the way. No wonder we wont be getting Harbaugh - a man who I believe could actually turn this around. Why the hell would he put his name on this train wreck if he cant even be given the chance to fix it. Its time to put the kids to bed and let the grownups be in charge.
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    Jesus Christ. Do half of you only watch the Jets? Gase is terrible. Dolphin fans are elated. So is Kenyan Drake, by far their best offensive player, who Gase inexplicably hated and refused to utilize properly. Because that’s what I want in a head coach. A guy that doesn’t play his best players so he can send messages.
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    Is there any way for the Jets to do this with Trumaine Johnson?
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    Who ever gets hired will be hated... jets fans would find a reason to hate the hiring of Vince Lombardi

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