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    Get it over with. No more of these inexperienced coaches. McCarthy and Darnold = 10 wins is now a bad season. Brady and Belly will soon be riding off into the sunset. Take this division.
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    I would LOVE Williams as DC no matter who the next HC is. He'll right that (mostly) lazy and underperforming ship.
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    You mother****ers better make this happen! Do it!! Do it NOW!! If you **** this up and hire Matt ******* Rhule or Todd Monkey so you can low ball at HC and pay a guy $3M a year to continue this goddamn sh*tshow we've been subjected to for 50 years while pissing away the ******* GIFT this clown shoes franchise got in Darnold, I will come for you! You heard me Chris...yeah, you too Mike. Get your heads out of your ass and get this sh*t done. Pay the man. Help him find his kids a snotty private school and a tutor....and buy them some friends or something to make them happy. Lets go! Dont **** this up! He WANTS TO COME HERE!! Do you hear me?? He wants the job! How unbelievable is THAT! No more obscure coordinators with a FCS level coaching staff! Real, ACTUAL NFL coaching!! My God, man! What are you waiting for!? https://youtu.be/FQRW0RM4V0k
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    Seriously. He withdraws about as well as Philip Rivers.
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    Every good Baker needs a Kitchen, I guess.
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    Easy solution. Fire Maccagnan. Problem solved...
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    Jamal Adams would clean up in bounty cash with this guy.
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    If true, this means Chris Johnson is NOT willing to take away power away from Maccagnan. What a f***ing coward. Enjoy your year off from coaching, McCarthy. Wish our owner had balls.
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    Nope, I’ve been following pretty much all day. So the skinny basically is, the Jets HC search has been cut down to McCarthy, Rhule, Gase and Monken...and I should consider that a “disaster” why, exactly? A bunch of highly respected, offensive minded coaches? That certainly beats the piss out of where we were 4 years ago, breaking down the positives and negatives of the likes of Todd Bowles, Dan Quinn and Doug Marrone.
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    you mean u dont want a guy who went 7-6 and Baylor, beat no ranked teams, and lost to Liberty? thats not the same as above?
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    two years removed from NFC Championship… yeah he stinks. the year after went 15-1… yeah he stinks. 18 playoff games in 12 full seasons… who wants that 10 playoff wins in same time frame… barf
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    Peter Principle in action. It goes to show how vastly different the responsibilities are for a Coordinator vs a Head Coach, and why its smart to exercise caution before hiring any Coordinator to take on a HC job. I made this analogy in another thread: It's like taking your most brilliant car mechanic and asking him to manage the shop. He goes from exclusively working on cars to now having to handle payroll, customer service complaints, task management, and bottom line business decisions. Two very different jobs. Much the same way, when you hire a Coordinator to a HC job, he no longer is worrying about teaching technique. He's leaving that to others, and becomes the CEO of the day to day operations of the entire roster. He needs to be able to have input on every aspect of the team, without micro-managing the Coordinators. He has to worry about optics and team discipline. He no longer can interact with his players the same way he did as a Coordinator, since he'll have to make some tough decisions on which players to cut during camp. It's a totally different job, so it should be no surprise that so many guys who were terrific coordinators prove to be uncomfortable and unsuccessful as HC's.
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    I can see why. All the guys he developed into monsters on the line during his tenure here. All the discipline, the accountability, sheer effort and work ethic. TB is in good hands. 😶
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    This place is going to be hilarious if the Jets pass on McCarthy for Adam Gase.
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    Dont you guys get it? The Johnsons have a genius plan where Matt Rhule is head coach, Mike McCarthy is OC, Kris Richard is DC, Adam Gase is QB coach, Todd Monken is WR coach, and Eric Bienemey is RB coach.
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    I reall wish you would cheer for another team.
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    actually...he is the only answer.
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    This is why it was more important to fire Mac than Bowles folks. The GM spot is capable of doing much longer term damage
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    This cannot be stressed enough. If the latest info that's been coming out is indeed true, it means our owner is putting the feelings he has for Mike Maccagnan as GM above what's best for the Jets organization. Holy f*** I hate this team.
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    Cimini has an interesting breakdown on Rhule as a candidate: 1. Not an offensive coach. 2. No history of developing QBs 3. Question if he could put a staff together. 4. Losing record at Baylor. 5. Only NFL experience is as Giants OLine assistant coach So let's hire him to help Darnold!
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    Hey, fun fact about Williams, he's going on his 8th job in 12 years. Think maybe there's a reason for that I dunno.
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    "A" leaders hire "A" employees. "B" leaders hire "C" employees.
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    This is supposed to make us feel better? I wouldn't hire a Jets fan to sweep my driveway.
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    so do I. so do I. I didn't choose them, they chose me...
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    IMO, it means that they're down to McCarthy and Rhule, and Rhule will cost 40% of McCarthy and doesn't threaten Macc's position.
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    I sure as hell do Guy is both the best RB and best WR on the market. Not only is he going to give you 1200-1300 yards on the ground, but he’s just about as awesome of a safety valve that you could possibly provide Darnold with. You frontload the piss out of his contract, run him into the ground and then release him before he hits 30.
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    If we were going to go for Hunt, the correct time would have been when he was free on waivers under a rookie contract. Bell very well may break down, but with the amount of cap room the Jets have, it's worth the risk. IMO, more so for his pass catching ability than his running ability. Giving Darnold a check down that's always open would be great.
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    It's McCarthy's O. He runs it. I don't think who the offensive assistants are will make a whole lot of difference. McCarthy is really jst like Andy Reid and Sean Peyton in that regard. I'm excited by his history of hiring an experienced DC and letting him do his job. I don't think Gregg Williams will stay in Cleveland after not getting the HC job. It would be a real coup if we get him.
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    Please hire the guy already so im not compelled to check my phone every 15 seconds.
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    This. We can shoot for titles after this. You don't win titles if you're not this. Progress can be incremental. It doesn't all have to come in one go or nothing. We're the 1996 Jets again today. We need (IMO) a 1997 Parcells. The closest option is McCarthy.
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    I honestly cant believe the anti McCarthy Jets fans....they want to pass on a guy with a better career record then Sean Payton for a guy who was 6-7 in Baylor last year and has 1 year of NFL OL coach experience. Honestly not even interested in a debate...its just stupid.
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    If hes a Jets fan he probably told Johnson to hire McCarthy.
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    lol Boy does this board need a real announcement so we can all in unison hate our new coach
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    Tomorrow's forecast is sunny, but don't discount clouds or even rain. Still in it.
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    Need something stronger than a butt-fumble here.
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    This sounds like him just summarizing the vibe on Twitter rather than quoting anyone with real knowledge of the situation.
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    The attempt to connect people with McVay has gone completely overboard. There were people pointing out that the Cardinals went out of their way to connect McVay and Kliff: I believe I heard on the radio this morning that the Cardinals have since revised the announcement...but the internetz never forgets. Look look!!!! He's qualified! He's friends with McVay!!!! Lolz all around
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    Meh. Bruce Arians is the HC. The same guy that went 49-30-1 in Arizona (and the team fell apart as soon as he left). And he did that with the likes of Drew Stanton (13 games), Blaine Gabbert (5 games) and Ryan Lindley (2 games) at QB, sandwiching Palmer (60 games). Meaning he went 49-30-1 while being forced to roll with a substandard QB 25 % of the time. And he most certainly got the best out of an aging Carson Palmer, who'd worn out his welcome at his previous 2 stops (he only lasted 2 years in Oakland) but seemed to be well-behaved and certainly productive in his 5 years under Arians. He had the best statistical season of his career in 2015 at the age of 36 under Arians (63.7 % completions, 104.6 QB Rating). My guess is we see a rejuvenated, improved Jameis Winston in Tampa. I don't think much else matters. Bowles has a strong track record as a DC too. Maybe that was all Arians too, but he was known as one of the league's elite DC's while he was there, leading to him getting the HC job here.
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    I'm sure the new theme song for the 2019 Bucs will be the Talking Heads classic "Once in a Lifetime" You may ask yourself, my God, what have I done?
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    I didn't withdraw once. School clothes are much more expensive than I ever could have imagined!
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    Fangio munchak sounds like a foot disease you get from walking in the rain forest for too long 😂
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    Lol so he’s insane?
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