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    I don't post much at all anymore, but I do read the posts and let you younger guys hammer it out. I've been a Jets fan since '64...a junior in high school when the Jets picked Namath. Before that, not much of a fan of any particular team. Fast forward to 1968, the Jets best team by far. I'm in a little place called Vietnam. Found out the Jets won the SB about 3 days after...communication wasn't like it is today. They hire this Joe Douglas guy and to be honest, I didn't know much about him like most of you...just what I read after I knew the Jets were eyeing him. I watched his presser the other day and afterwards, he brought his family on stage. BAM...there it was! Like a beacon in the dark that made my eyes almost as big as our HC. Joe's dad standing in the back wearing a cap...it said VIETNAM VETERAN. Like I said, it doesn't mean anything to you guys, but to me, this is an omen or it could be nothing. Let's hope this is an omen, because I'm in the winter of my life and not many seasons left.
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    General Notes - Practice ran 2 hours and 10 minutes - Players were in shorts & shells - Elevated spy cameras are now being used to film the "all 22" view of practice instead of actual cameramen - There are now two video replay screens available so coaches/players can immediately review a drill or play - Surprisingly, music is back at practice as it was playing throughout - Marcus Maye, Brian Poole, Brandon Bryant and Bless Austin were working with the trainers. And Brian Winters also wasn't there based on One Jets Drive I expect his wife was giving birth Coach Corner With a change in staff here are some of the differences I noticed: - Practice no longer starts with an exercise period. It started with an 11 on 11 situational drill. The offense was backed up inside the 20 and had a series of plays to move the ball. It was run at half speed - The tempo of the offense has increased dramatically. The play is called and the offense is at the line with 20 seconds left on the play clock - Gregg Williams may be the face of the defense but he let's his coaches coach. Dennard Wilson (DB coach) who was given the title of "passing game coordinator" was actually tying the LB's & DB's together in coverage. Sadly I never saw that with the previous regime - Gauntlet drills are used during individual periods for WR's and OLine. The WR's weave through trash cans and have to catch balls fired at them. And OLinemen have to strike and slide through a gauntlet of five defenders - Mid practice "gassers" were run, not out of anger but for conditioning purposes Player Notes - Quadree Henderson, Greg Dortch, Tim White, JJ Jones & Valentine Holmes were trying out as retureners - LeVeon Bell displayed his unique skills today. Catching a simple screen pass, hesitating and blowing by defenders for first downs. And powering through the middle of the defense for a big run (25+ yards) - Ty Montgomery was also impressive out of the backfield - Tarell Basham (OLB) had a good day showing excellent timing on blitzes and anticipation of the snap count - Frankie Luvu (OLB) had the play of the day with a "pick 6" off of Davis Webb QB Notes - Impressive day for Sam Darnold not because of any sexy plays but with his command of the offense. When the defense brought pressure he was reading it and communicating with Jonotthan Harrison and the rest of the offense to beat it. Excellent chemistry with Jamison Crowder on a couple of blitz beaters which had the defense cursing - Disappointing accuracy by Trevor Siemian and Davis Webb in their reps. As veterans I expected more from them Standouts - Sam Darnold (command of the offense) - LeVeon Bell - Jamison Crowder - Ty Montgomery - Tarell Basham - Frankie Luvu Concerns - Inaccuracy of the backup QB's - Offense didn't function well when Darnold wasn't under center
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    Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone says about him. The guy is probably one of the game's top analysts in finding ways to create mis-matches and he's a film genius at spotting weaknesses. While Miami wasn't that good the past few years, it was more because of injuries at QB and offensive line....we just couldn't get going. Here's an interesting stat for you though- with all 11 of our first string offense on the field, the Miami Dolphins were 11-0 under Gase. Heck, we were around .500 starting 3rd string linemen and virtually zero receivers at all...with a backup QB. That all came down to game-planning with what you have and Gase is a true master. In terms of being a "QB Whisperer", I also believe Gase is legit. Tannehill basically straight out panics in the pocket when there's unexpected pressure....he's absolutely fantastic when clean and horrible when pressured. Gase worked with RT's throwing mechanics to bring him from one of the worst deep ball passers in the league to the highest in percentages. He also brought Tannehill's footwork light-years from where it was 3 years ago and gave the kid the confidence to be an on-field leader. I don't know if RT has hearing issues or bad vision to his sides....he just can't sense the pressure coming like your average NFL starter. Gase maximized RT's potential though and had him on an 11 of 12 game win streak at one time (dating across seasons back to 2016)...that's virtually incredible for a guy who doesn't feel pressure and coughs the ball up on strip sacks every other week. Another thing I really love about Gase is his formations....he will switch to something ultra-exotic for a single play, get a huge gain and then not go back to it for years. He spends the entire game reading the opponent's defense, adjusting on the fly and talking strategy with his QB. The media gave him crap for not watching his own D play, but that's because he was always working hard and figuring out where the next score would come from. Again, this was with the Fins with a 3rd string line, no receivers and a backup QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 8 yards with velocity....and we beat some very big teams last season. Our bad losses came from when defenses blitzed from exotic angles, our line couldn't adjust and Tannehill got laid out without any idea of what was going on. They WERE NOT on Gase...he tried to trade Tannehill last year and the front office said no. I will also add that Gase butted heads with the front office often since he's so cerebral. For instance, Gase insisted on Albert Wilson to replace Jarvis Landry....and it was a brilliant move since Gase was envisioning Wilson in a way that he had never been used before. The front office couldn't see it because they're not mind-readers, so know that Gase will often make a seemingly shocking move that feels completely random, but there's a ton of thought and logic behind it. You may never actually hear that logic but that's just who he is....most of his moves work out well though. For instance, I think Tannehill could have had a Pro Bowl year last season if the team had invested more in our offensive line (which Gase repeatedly asked for)....and I'll repeat that Tannehill is the absolute worst in the league in handling pressure. Gase knew how to cover that up though and polish a turd into a diamond. I know we're lifelong rivals but I'm honestly going to be a Jets fan this season because I like Gase more than I like the Dolphins tanking for Tua. Our owner made a massive mistake letting Gase walk since we should have been a 2-3 win team last season....yet we started the year 3-0 to shock all the experts. That's the Adam Gase effect and we consistently won 2-3 games per season that we had no business winning, so I'm expecting a swift turnaround in NY since you guys have a pure stud as a coach. Don't listen to the media....Gase is the real deal and one of the best minds in the league. You are extremely fortunate to have him and I'll be hating it this season as you're sweeping us. Good luck this season Jets fans...I am legitimately rooting for you because I hate we let Gase walk!
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    Just want to say thanks to everyone who posts (and reads) the forums and blog here. Had a moment at the game last night where I just felt a real sense of pride about what has been built here. I won't bore you with numbers but the stats are incredible. All time highs pretty much across the board. None of it happens if everyone reading this doesn't visit the site as much as you do. So thank you. We are about to start another season, and there is actual hope for once. I am really proud that so many people have worked so hard to build this site. Really proud that so many of you call this place your online home for Jets talk. Now that is enough of the nice stuff. I will be yelling at you all again for cursing in 30 seconds.
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    I'm getting married today. Just wanted to share that with my longtime Jet family. I love you guys. Go Jets! God bless you all.
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    That's nice. CJ and Darron Lee posing together.
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    I just posted the last KRL camp report for the year and I want to say thanks to @KRL. His camp reports are phenomenal. His insight is tremendous, he should definitely be doing this for a living. The feedback on his reports has been 100% positive. I have never really seen anything like it. It is a testament to both his insight and his objectivity. He has no agenda and no false narratives. He simply reports on what he sees and that is very refreshing. I know people appreciate that he does this, but I don't know that everyone realizes that he takes a week off of work and drives a really far distance to cover camp. Thank you KRL. For anyone that missed them, definitely check our KRL's camp reports here: https://www.jetnation.com/category/camp-reports/
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    30 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used at least one 2nd rounder on offensive line. 21 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used a 1st rounder on the offensive line. All of this while drafting Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenburg and finally Sam Darnold to be the teams new young QB. The offensive line has more position spots on every down than any other position (5) Just a pathetic dereliction of duty. And for those who try and rationalize his lack of oline priority by saying he fills via trades and free agency, every team fills holes that way. But you always over pay for older vets with issues and those really good players who are young enough in FA there is big competition for. Think back to the good Jets teams of the last 15 years or so, good to great olines. I like the man, he seems nice. He's a terrible GM. Fire him already before Sam Darnold is in a cast.
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    It took way too long but the Jets finally broke into the win column with a last second win over DAL. And the whole reason was one player, Sam Darnold. Luke Falk is probably a nice guy but he's a practice squad player who had no business being a starting QB. There's no comparison between Darnold and Falk and anyone who didn't think there was going to be a big change in the offense was fooling themselves. Let's take a look: Special Teams - Lachlan Edwards was his consistent self and for once wasn't on the field 10+ times (4 punts, 45 yard avg) - Solid effort by Sam Ficken as he was 3 for 3 on PAT's with a clutch 38 yard FG late to give the team a 24-16 lead. He also displays excellent length on his kickoffs - Finally a pulse in the return game. Vyncint Smith showed speed but more importantly a clue on what hole to hit on kick returns (24 yard avg). And Braxton Berrios finally got out of "Jeremy Kerley mode" and returned a couple of punts (11 yard avg). Not great but its a start Defense - A bend but not break effort by the defense. Considering that DAL was missing their two top WR's and starting OT's nothing to celebrate. They were able to hold DAL to FG's, get a couple of key stops and break up the 2 point conversion. One side note, the refs were absolutely pathetic on the final drive. Some of those pass interference calls were horrible, particularly the one on Jamal Adams - The run defense wore down in the second half and Elliott broke off too many long runs. The pass defense played too soft against pedestrian WR's, with no Cooper or Cobb they needed to be more aggresive. If Trumaine Johnson can't check average WR's its time to say goodbye. When is Nate Hairston coming back? - Probably the best game Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye played in tandem since being drafted. Maye (5 tackles, 1 PD) was excellent in coverage and delivered big tackles. While Adams (9 tackles, 1 PD, 1 TFL) was all over the field in the run and pass game. And he was the key blitzer on the 2 point play which caused Prescott to rush his throw - Foley Fatukasi (4 tackles, 1 QB hit) and Kyle Phillips (7 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 QB hit) were active in their reps. Hopefully they continue to develop into rotational pieces - Jordan Jenkins had the team's only sack and three QB hits. If Joe Douglas can ever find a real edge rusher he would be a very solid secondary option. He shows a decent knack for getting after the QB Offense - Amazing how improved an OLine can look when there's a QB who knows what they're doing playing behind them. We'll get to that when we talk about Darnold, but Chuma Edoga needs special recognition. He was very shaky against PHI but he was outstanding against Demarcus Lawrence. You never heard Lawrence name all game and he ended up with no sacks and no QB hits. Tremendous growth by Edoga in one week - Robby Anderson (5 rec, 125 yds, 1 TD), Jamison Crowder (6 rec, 98 yds) and Demaryius Thomas (4 rec, 62 yds) looked like a dynamic trio. Again, amazing how effective they were with a QB who knows what they're doing - With no more mono the Sam Darnold (23/32 338 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT) from training camp appeared: * Tremendous command of the offense * Accuracy * Throwing with anticipation * Pocket presence * "Sixth sense" to feel pressure, slide away from it and deliver the ball from different angles The defense no longer stacked the box with 8-9 players. And Darnold's quick release made the OLine look better. Bad mistake on the INT he was trying to throw to Crowder because it cost the team at least 3 points. The 92 yard TD to Anderson was pretty but what was special was what took place before the throw. Darnold changed the formation by moving Crowder to the left side which left Anderson isolated 1 on 1 with the CB. Then on the snap Anderson blew by the CB with a double move. DAL defense is stacked with a number of excellent players (Lawrence, Quinn, Lee, Smith, Vander Esch and Jones) and Darnold in his first game back sliced them up. Impressive
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    While on Good Morning Football (GMFB) Nick Mangold was asked about a variety of topics... KB: What do you think about Daniel Jones? Nick: Yeah, see I don't care about the Giants. Let's talk about the Jets.
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    I look at this roster, I look at this coaching staff, I look at this front office, and I look at this owner and you know what, I believe that this is the year we take a bold step. Not next year. This year. Call me crazy, but I think the Patriots are there for the taking right now. And I think that for whatever reason, the Jets as a franchise responds to change better than any organization in the NFL, each time we get a new coach and a new culture it creates a spark and pushes this team beyond its limits. Experienced head coach, Darnold in Year 2, big-play offense, Bell ripping easy yardage on swing passes, Adams and Mosely killing it on D under Williams' psychotic direction, excellent special teams, and a favorable schedule. We need to get off to a strong start, 4-1 looks doable leading to a Week 7 showdown at home against the Patriots in a fired-up MetLife Stadium on the highest rated MNF broadcast in decades. Patriots take a step back, Jets take a step up, we win the Division at 11-5 on tiebreakers, hats and t-shirts for everyone. SAR I
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    So much misplaced anger I'm seeing.. "Joe Douglas needs to pay" "Sam is soft" "This is all Khalil's fault" Lol, what nonsense... Guess what - this is what selecting 14 Dlinemen in the last 8 drafts gets you. This is what passing on Centers and Tackles for 3rd round OLBs gets you. This is what paying Quincy to be your starting Z looks like... this is what happens when you don't draft a WR in the 1st since 2001... the list goes on and on and on... Mercs and band aides. Lets recap Our in-house Oline consists of an overpaid RG and JAG RT. our 2 RBs are paid FAs (got to be a first in NFL history) our WR was invisible today, except for the hired help held to catch 5 yard dunks. Despite spending a country's net gross in draft capital on defensive front seven prospect, the only guy who showed up was FA. Our TEs are ballin' Meanwhile: Week 1 Rookies Hollywood Brown and DK Metcalf are already better than any Jets WRs... but who needs to draft skill players when you can just over pay for FAs You don't draft well, you don't win... End of story.
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    I was musing today about this multi-month event, and I suddenly had some POSITIVE thoughts about it all, Dog have mercy on me ... First, I suspect disgust with this pick within the Jets building - from Gase and others - was palpable to Chris Johnson right after the draft (if not during it.) If he didn't already have reasons to investigate what was up within the organization, or come the the conclusion that Mac and his allies were clueless, this reach and the lack of due diligence it displayed might have either been what broke the camel's back - or lead Chris to the camel. Second, the meritocracy is hopefully here. Cutting Polite (and Gase's immediate jettison of Lee) showed all the staff and players that spots were earned, not granted. Also, I have not read any reports about players feeling like they didn't get a fair shot, or stating that a cut teammate didn't get a fair shot. Working in a place where fairness is a value helps everyone. Lastly: note that although Polite's poor behavior must have started pretty early on, there was not a PEEP from coaches or players to the press or anyone else about any details, all during training camp. THIS IS GOOD, and IMHO, important. I think it demonstrates a big change in mentality, to one where the players, front office and the coaches have a unified purpose and goal, where it was clear to all that leaks to people outside the organization are NOT cool, and that internal issue are just that - in house. It's tough enough just to field a team and compete - but if you don't have factions in the locker room, the office suite and the executive boxes, THAT is a significant plus.
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    The league needs to exempt QB contracts from counting against the cap because it incapacitates teams forced to pay still-developing QBs top dollar. Or, they need to crack down on the Pats paying Brady under the table. One or the other.
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    If he pulls it off, he will instantly become the most popular coach in franchise history
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    We all like reading what @T0mShane writes because he is a good storyteller. His stories (I mean posts) are fascinating at times, his talent is impossible to deny. He takes us on this journey by painting a picture which his impressive football knowledge. The picture that he paints isn't always accurate. His current story involves Jamal Adams. If you read the board I don't think I have to recap his thoughts on Adams. Basically he says Adams is over rated, doesn't make impact plays and his position is of minimal importance in the NFL today. Tom is relentless, even after Jamal Adams had a game saving play against the Cowboys, the story remains the same. It doesn't meant the story is true though, it just means that Tom posts it a lot. Which reminds me of the first day I met Tom. Yes, I met him in real life and I survived to tell the story. Back then, a much younger Tom was often very critical of another Jets great, Kevin Mawae. Kevin would read Tom's posts (this is in the pre-Twtitter days) and the impression I got is that he didn't seem happy. Not sure how you could be critical of Kevin Mawae, he came here as a free agent and played at a pro bowl level year after year. Now he is a hall of famer. Yet hall of fame talent apparently isn't good enough for Tom. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Mawae at a draft party one year. Kevin knew posters by their screen names. He said to me, "oh you are Maxman, I like your posts". Then he said, "Is Tom Shane here? I would like to talk to him". I told Kevin that Tom was indeed at ESPN Zone that day and I would go downstairs and personally walk him back up. Kevin offered the VIP treatment, when Tom gets here he doesn't have to wait on any lines. Just let me know and I will greet him personally. How awesome is that, a future hall of famer asks for a meet and greet with you personally. Tom was going to be so excited. A chance for him to help Mawae get better. Tom seems to have all the answers, not sure what part of Mawae's game needed work, but here is the opportunity for Tom to fix it. Funny thing happened after that. Tom said, "I am not going up there to meet him". I assure Tom that there was security and he would be safe. Tom wouldn't go, instead he hid. It was the 2nd time that day he hid actually. (Insert Steelers fan telling Tom off and Tom doing nothing about it story here). So I thought of this today and just wanted to share. Jamal Adams is an impact player, don't let Tom fool you.
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    Since you asked, he's an imbecile.
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    wasn't excited when we got him... may hate him by week 3 of next season... but god damn it was good listening to reporters get treated like the tossing sh*t at the wall idiots they are. I expect a lot of pissy reporting about the jets moving forward by bitter beat writers...and i am ok with that.
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    General Notes - Players in full pads and uniforms - Practice ran 2 hours and 15 minutes - First "fight" of camp as Kelvin Beachum and Tarell Basham (???) got into it during 1 on 1 drills on the far field - Nice bounce back by the team as the penalties disappeared after a sloppy practice the previous day - In my opinion another even practice as neither the offense or defense "won" the day Coach Corner - During 11 on 11 periods the following situations were emphasized: * The offense had a 1st & 10 from their own 22 yard line * End of half two minute offense * The offense with a 1st & 10 from their own 1 yard line * An end of game situation where the offense was down 17-23 with 1:18 on the clock. Ball on their own 41 yard line Player Notes - Focused on Jachai Polite to see what's been going on with him. To me he seems to be "thinking" through his assignments instead of just playing. In 1 on 1 drills you see his pass rushing skills now he has to mix it with his other responsibiities. After saying all that he probably had his best day as he had two "sacks" during his reps - Quinnen Williams continues to display his skills as he had another good practice. On a WR screen to Deontay Burnett he showed his range as he got outside the numbers to make the tackle. In addition he had another two TFL's and a "sack" - Nice coverage skills displayed by CJ Mosley as he stayed with Jamison Crowder and forced an incompletion during the end of game situation mentioned earlier - Blake Cashman played with the #1's as the coverage LB during the end of game situation - A couple of back end roster guys deserve a mention: * Tim White (WR) had a couple of nice catches * Tevaughn Campbell (CB) with good coverage and a couple of PBU's * Neville Hewitt (LB) with a couple of TFL's QB Notes - Another good day for Sam Darnold as he spread the ball around to the normal culprits (Jamison Crowder, Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon). And continued to grow in his command of the offense, two examples: * During the period where the offense was backed up at the 1 yard line. Darnold used a fake snap to get the defense to show they were coming with a blitz. He then changed the call to a draw play to LeVeon Bell for a 20+ yard gain * During the end of game situation Darnold had a couple of "thread the needle" throws to Anderson (20+ yards) and Crowder (10+ yards). And then after a drop by Herndon, Darnold "won" the game by hitting Enunwa (20+ yards) on a crossing pattern as Trumaine Johnson slipped Standouts - Sam Darnold (one INT in the seven practices I've seen) - Quinnen Williams - Reducing the penalties Concerns - Can the team translate these practices into real games
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    Think we finally got it right at the QB spot. This kid really seems like he has his priorities in order, heart is in the right place. Sam left NJ at dawn to spend the day with all these kids. He personally spent time with every single kid at the camp, talked to them about school, other sports they play, etc. Just about every kid got to catch a pass from Sam. They ended the camp with 7 on 7s. Sam jumped in on every game, took some snaps with every team. Really a great day for the kids, my 7 year old can’t stop talking about it.
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    For years now, we've all been bitching that Macc was a freaking idiot. This s.o.b. presided over one of the worst stretches of Jets football I can remember. His incompetence is the stuff of legend. Hackenberg in the 2nd? Should've been fired right then. We finally ditch this turd and the board is going for the Beningo woe-is-us crap. I get it. Some people didn't like the timing. While I understand, we should be elated that we finally dropped the albatross around our necks. If we actually end up with either of the two guys were connected to, or both, it's going to be a major upgrade. I am ecstatic. Sure, this ass should have been shown the door with Bowles. I really would have preferred someone else running our 2019 draft, but we are past that. Screw Macc and his incompetence. It's over. The media and opposing fans want to talk smack and gloat over the dysfunctional jets? Let them. Get a guy in here that can surround our very talented signal-caller with better protection and weaponz. We'll get the last laugh. With the exception of John Idzik, I think it's hard not to make an improvement at GM. Our collective nightmare is over. Macc is gone. Let's enjoy it.
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    I am back. I had heart surgery three and a half years ago, and having not died, and not wishing to go soon, I decided to make some changes. Changed my diet, have worked out like a demon, dating younger women, you know, all of the right things. I recognize some names here, but there are a lot of new ones. Or my memory is worse than I think. For those that remember me, I have been a Jets fan since 1965, somewhat of a homer, and am sarcastic most of the time. I have to catch up on the Jets. Between my recovery and their terribleness the last few years, I have not followed them or football at all. I am ready for some football.
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    I see a lot of people assuming the Pats have the advantage here. Just a little something to chew on.
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    That’s too bad. Good guy who worked hard. You bros crying misplaced crocodile tears over the Demaryius Thomas trade can get in line to eat the D.
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    Literally speechless...can’t remember a quality player ever unretire for a chance to play with the Jets.
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    Thanks Le'Veon! If you aren't following us on Instagram, please do so. We appreciate the support. https://www.instagram.com/jetnation/
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    every team should trade with the Jets, on the Jets terms, when the Jets say they want to trade.
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    Trading Anderson for a third round pick would make no sense to me
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    Many detractors on here want to bash Joe Douglas on moves he made and some he didn't. That said: D Thomas looks like he can still play and worth the 2021 6th rounder even though he hurt his hamstring weeks back. Trading for Alex Lewis is probably the best lineman on the offensive side at the moment. Hairston (when healthy) proved that he is better then Trumaine Johnson and will start again soon. Signed an extension to a player mid-season before they went to FA (twice): McClendon and Hennessey. Yes these are role players but I like that the GM is thinking ahead and is active versus multiple previous regimes. Continuously claiming players off the waivers and churning the bottom of the roster and PS to find the right fits. Signed Vyncint Smith and asked a former player their thoughts before bringing him to the active roster. He looks to have a place at least for kickoff returns (Cannon is slowly getting replaced) Doesn't allow the drafted players to sit on their draft status to 'develop' Signed a special team LB.... that at least filled in the position when Hewitt went down... but man, he didn't look great... hopefully Mosley and Hewitt stay healthy. Although the team isn't going to turn into Superbowl contenders this year, you can see how much he has improved the roster already without a draft, FA, or a lot of time before the season. I think he is going to turn this team into an annual contender, given a few drafts and FA periods. Just saying for all the prove it crowd... I think he has done an admiral job given what he had. Not to give all positive... He has made some questionable moves in the Kicker fiasco after his kicker retired. Edit: Forgot about Griffin who is a good back-up TE. And Kahlil is what he is... He tried but thats a waste of 9 Mil...
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    I wish I could unfollow the Jets.
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    General Notes - Players in full pads and uniforms. In previous practices some players wore shorts - Practice ran 2 hours and 15 minutes - Credit to the WR corps for taking advantage of Hines Ward being in camp. Whenever there's an individual period someone is asking him for advice Coach Corner - Good bounce back performance by Adam Gase and the offense as they won the day in my opinion. He went "extreme no huddle" (plays were being run with 28-30 seconds on the play clock) to get the offense in the flow - In one period to slow down the offense Gregg Williams cooked up a wild formation where basically only two players were in traditional positions. Everyone else was "floating" around, which caused four straight incompletions Player Notes - With no drug tests to disrupt his flow LeVeon Bell had a good day. Breaking off three big runs (20+ yards, 10+ yards and 20+ yards) during the 11 on 11 periods. Using his unique hesitation style on one run and exploding through the hole on the other two - Jamison Crowder continues to demonstrate his chemistry with Sam Darnold. As he had multiple catches in traffic for first downs and one 30+ yarder for a TD - The "bust police" can calm down as Quinnen Williams showed out today. In 11 on 11 periods he had at least two "sacks" and one QB hurry. And in the 1 on 1 period he showed his unique quickness/speed in beating his man - Two under the radar WR's, Deontay Burnett and Greg Dortch showed up today. In their reps both caught everything thrown their way, Burnett had a sweet diving TD catch (15+ yarder) from Trevor Siemian in the back of the end zone. And in the 1 on 1 period both Burnett & Dortch showed good footwork in getting off press coverage - Tarell Basham and Frankie Luvu continue to "stack" practices. Today Basham had at least two "sacks" while Luvu had a TFL (one armed tackle of Elijah McGuire) and a QB hurry - Derrick Jones showed up today as he had an INT of Trevor Siemian. He displayed good technique as he stayed hip to hip with Josh Bellamy and then turned around at the right time to make the catch. Also in 1 on 1 drills Jones showed good footwork and route recognition. With so many CB spots up for grabs its now or never for him - Chandler Catanzaro bounced back from his bad day over the weekend as he made 5-6 FG's. With his one miss coming from 55+ yards as it hit the crossbar - Montrel Meander (CB) deserves a mention because he had a "pick 6" off of Davis Webb during 11 on 11 QB Notes - Sam Darnold was sharp as he spread the ball around to multiple receivers (Crowder, Qunicy Enunwa, Chris Herndon, Ty Montgomery and Robby Anderson). He also used his cadence to get the defense to jump offsides on a couple of occasions. The "extreme no huddle" seems to fit his ability to improvise, will we see it when the games count? Strong bounce back from Sunday's slog by Darnold Standouts - Sam Darnold - Jamison Crowder - LeVeon Bell - Quinnen Williams - Tarell Basham - Frankie Luvu - Derrick Jones
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    Joe Douglas just did more for the Jets Offensive Line than Mike Maccagnan did in 5 years.
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    General Notes - Practice ran 2 hours and 15 minutes - Players in shorts & shells for the final day before the pads come on - Brian Winters and Brian Poole were back and participated fully. Quinnen Williams appeared but only observed practice since it was his first day - The players auditioning for the return spot were Jamison Crowder, Elijah McGuire, Greg Dortch, JJ Jones and Tim White. They are returning against a skeleton coverage unit so you can't judge who is effective yet - The defense had a much better day against the run but to me the offense won the day Coach Corner - Very strange to see a Jet HC actually control and correct the offensive side of the ball. Adam Gase started to get very creative with personnel groupings and formations. Unfortunately the team doesn't want that being leaked, but be on the look out when the games start - There's a definite increase in the 11 on 11 scrimmage periods - Mid-practice conditioning seems to be a normal thing. Today the offense ran "gassers" and the defense did "up/downs" and "suicides". After that they continued practice, a good indication to see who can execute when tired Player Notes - Brian Poole had an excellent day. He had a PBU against Jamison Crowder and tight coverage even when he made a catch. Also he showed a talent for ripping the ball out. He caused two today, once he pulled the ball away from LeVeon Bell on a screen pass. And then he stripped Quincy Enunwa after he made a catch - Ty Montgomery is going to have a bigger role in this offense than many expected. Today he was sharp in the passing game catching multiple balls from Sam Darnold one was a 30+ yard TD. He also was excellent in protection as he picked up a blitzing Jamal Adams to allow Darnold to throw another long TD - Bronson Kaufusi had a pass knockdown and a TFL in his reps. He's been getting reps with the #1's, can he create a role for himself? - Strong day for the ILB's CJ Mosley, Avery Williamson and Blake Cashman. They were much stronger against the run than day one. And Cashman showed good range/speed as he was able to get from the hashes to the sideline on screen passes QB Notes - Sam Darnold had an excellent day and was on fire during the 11 on 11 periods. He spread the ball around to all his receivers and had great anticipation. A couple of times it looked like Darnold was throwing directly to a defender but he was actually throwing to a spot where the receiver was going to be for the completion. There were so many "sexy" plays but three stand out: 1. A 40+ yard TD to Robby Anderson where Montgomery had the blitz pickup I mentioned earlier 2. A 40+ yard "thread the needle" sideline throw to Quincy Enunwa who went over Darryl Roberts for the catch 3. On the very next play he completed another 40+ yarder to Enunwa who made a one handed catch over Roberts - Credit to Trevor Siemian and Davis Webb as they bounced back and were more accurate. The offense actually moved when they had their reps Standouts - Sam Darnold - Quincy Enunwa - Robby Anderson - Brian Poole - Run defense - Ty Montgomery Concerns / Decide For Yourself - Not a ton of pressure by the defense. But is that a credit to the OLine (who has been very solid so far) or an indication that they'll struggle again getting sacks
  36. 36 points
  37. 36 points
    Imagine being gospel-quotin’ Matt Rhule and you’re about to get your first NFL gig and Mike Maccagnan tells you your coordinators are going to be two extremely bitter, notoriously hostile, recently-deposed head coaches, each of whom would kill you in your sleep to take your job
  38. 36 points
    Macc wanted either Darnold or Mayfield. He may have settled for Rosen but I think he was HIGHLY confident the Giants were going with Barkley. Macc thought the Draft was going Darnold>Barkley>Mayfield. It turns out he got the #1 guy on his Draft board. Kudos to him. You can't hit a pitch you don't swing at. He swung hard and we're lucky he did.
  39. 35 points
    General Notes - Players in full pads, but not full uniforms as some wore shorts - Practice ran 2 hours and 20 minutes - Team is relatively healthy as only Marcus Maye, Bless Austin and Daniel Brown sat out - The first practice after an off day was slightly sloppier as there was an increase in penalties. A couple of false starts on the offense and offsides on the defense - It seemed like the offense put an emphasis on the short passing game and the red zone. So there were no "sexy" plays, generally it was an even practice between the offense and the defense Coach Corner - I made mention of this in an earlier report but the pass coverage of the LB's and DB's is much "tighter" than in years pass. Particularly in zone there doesn't seem to be confusion about where everyone should be. We'll see if it continues when the season starts but so far Dennard Wilson deserves credit Player Notes - Quinnen Williams showed up again in his reps as he had two more "sacks". In addition he's starting to get reps with the #1's - As to be expected Jamison Crowder excelled again with the short passing game being emphasized. He showed good chemistry with Sam Darnold to adjust his routes and beat the blitz when the defense brought pressure. In addition he caught a TD from Darnold in a red zone situational period. The offense was down 20-24 from the 20 yard line with 1:30 left on the clock. On 4th down Darnold rolled out to hit Crowder to "win the game" with 22 seconds left - Quincy Enunwa had a good day as he also provided Darnold an outlet to beat pressure when the defense blitzed. And in a red zone period he caught a TD from Darnold as he went over Darryl Roberts - A couple of "under the radar" defenders showed up again today. As Frankie Luvu had a TFL on LeVeon Bell while Bronson Kaufusi and Justin Alexandre had QB hurries in their 11 on 11 reps - Chandler Catanzaro was 4-6 in his attempts. But I noticed he was 3-3 when Lachlan Edwards held for him but only 1-3 when Matt Darr held for him. Also when Darr held for Catanzaro he had a tendency to "slice" the ball on his misses. If this continues there's no way Darr has any shot at winning the punter spot QB Notes - Sam Darnold had a solid day as he threw the two TD's mentioned earlier (Crowder & Enunwa) and didn't turn the ball over. He also used his cadence to get the defense to jump offsides. But to me his growth in seeing the blitz and knowing where to go with the ball has been huge - Have to show Trevor Siemian some love as he probably had his best day. He threw three TD's during red zone periods. Bilal Powell (20+ yards), Ty Montgomery (15+ yards) and Deonte Thompson (10 yards) were the receivers Standouts - Quinnen Williams - Jamison Crowder - Quincy Enunwa - Coverage sacks (due to tight coverage of LB's & DB's) Concerns - Need to clean up penalties
  40. 35 points
    You guys ever notice that KRL--who does this for free--consistently comes up with fascinating little observations like this, while our beat reporters--who are handsomely compensated--are content to fart out something like "Gregg Williams is one intense dude" and pack it in for the day?
  41. 35 points
    General Notes - Players in full pads - Practice ran 2 hours and 25 minutes - Brent Qvale appeared to be seriously injured as he was carted off with an air cast on his leg Coach Corner - A 1-2 minute "off the cuff" speech by Gregg Williams to the fans. Telling them how happy the staff is to be here, how the team wants to be coached and how they look forward to defending MetLife stadium - After that speech Williams and the rest of the defense basically pitched a shutout, as they had a dominant lockdown performance. What was most impressive was how all three groups were "tied together" and there were no communication breakdowns. Also when the offense tried to run no huddle the defense wasn't confused (no 12 men on the field penalties) Player Notes - Excellent coverage by the big names in the secondary Jamal Adams, Trumaine Johnson (near INT), Darryl Roberts and Brian Poole. Poole delivered a huge regular season hit to Jamison Crowder on one of the few completions - CJ Mosley and Avery Williamson locked down the middle. Mosley had a couple of PBU's in coverage and Williamson had a couple of TFL's including one on LeVeon Bell - Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland had good days on the outside. As they brought pressure and Copeland showed good coverage staying with Chris Herndon and breaking up a pass in the red zone - Bronson Kaufusi, Blake Cashman and Frankie Luvu showed up again today as they all had "sacks" - And for the first time Jachai Polite appeared as he finally got to the QB for a "sack" - Steve McLendon and Nathan Shepherd were stout in the middle as both generated multiple TFL's - Leonard Williams and Henry Anderson generated pressure and had "sacks" - Justin Alexandre (DE/OLB) also had a couple of "sacks" in his reps QB Notes - It was a tough day at the office for Sam Darnold as completions were hard to come by. Also for the first time he had delay of game penalties as the play clock ran out as he tried to figure out what the defense was doing. The best thing about Darnold's day was he didn't turn the ball over Standouts - The entire defensive side of the team Concerns - Interesting practice tomorrow to see how the offense bounces back
  42. 35 points
    Blessuan Austin on the football field:
  43. 34 points
    This season will get real interesting in a hurry. I think they have a shot, hoping for good news on the CJ Mosley front! But the schedule gets easier, they could go a a run. Hopefully that run has already begun. So if they beat the Pats I think there will be some optimism for the first time in a long time. Let's go Jets! I can't wait to tailgate on Monday. Going to be a lot of fun.
  44. 34 points
    Antonio Brown to the Steelers?
  45. 34 points
    I find him attractive.
  46. 34 points
  47. 33 points
    Give them Leo and a 4th. If they won’t budge, we can throw in Calvin Johnson.
  48. 33 points
    Douglas is in his 40s, Graduated from University of Richmond in 1999. Went to work for the Ravens in 2000. Has nearly 20 years experience in personnel between the Ravens and Eagles. None of us have any way of knowing who will or will not be a good GM, but this guy has been with winning organizations, nearly 20 yeras experience and has worked with Gase before. Those sound like pretty good qualifications to me. By the way, the 36-year old Joe Douglas is a British theater director. I would not want to hire the British guy as our next GM.
  49. 33 points
    Why let him spend $100m and draft then fire him? Backwards organization
  50. 33 points
    Guy on the far left looks like a good listener.

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