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    Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone says about him. The guy is probably one of the game's top analysts in finding ways to create mis-matches and he's a film genius at spotting weaknesses. While Miami wasn't that good the past few years, it was more because of injuries at QB and offensive line....we just couldn't get going. Here's an interesting stat for you though- with all 11 of our first string offense on the field, the Miami Dolphins were 11-0 under Gase. Heck, we were around .500 starting 3rd string linemen and virtually zero receivers at all...with a backup QB. That all came down to game-planning with what you have and Gase is a true master. In terms of being a "QB Whisperer", I also believe Gase is legit. Tannehill basically straight out panics in the pocket when there's unexpected pressure....he's absolutely fantastic when clean and horrible when pressured. Gase worked with RT's throwing mechanics to bring him from one of the worst deep ball passers in the league to the highest in percentages. He also brought Tannehill's footwork light-years from where it was 3 years ago and gave the kid the confidence to be an on-field leader. I don't know if RT has hearing issues or bad vision to his sides....he just can't sense the pressure coming like your average NFL starter. Gase maximized RT's potential though and had him on an 11 of 12 game win streak at one time (dating across seasons back to 2016)...that's virtually incredible for a guy who doesn't feel pressure and coughs the ball up on strip sacks every other week. Another thing I really love about Gase is his formations....he will switch to something ultra-exotic for a single play, get a huge gain and then not go back to it for years. He spends the entire game reading the opponent's defense, adjusting on the fly and talking strategy with his QB. The media gave him crap for not watching his own D play, but that's because he was always working hard and figuring out where the next score would come from. Again, this was with the Fins with a 3rd string line, no receivers and a backup QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 8 yards with velocity....and we beat some very big teams last season. Our bad losses came from when defenses blitzed from exotic angles, our line couldn't adjust and Tannehill got laid out without any idea of what was going on. They WERE NOT on Gase...he tried to trade Tannehill last year and the front office said no. I will also add that Gase butted heads with the front office often since he's so cerebral. For instance, Gase insisted on Albert Wilson to replace Jarvis Landry....and it was a brilliant move since Gase was envisioning Wilson in a way that he had never been used before. The front office couldn't see it because they're not mind-readers, so know that Gase will often make a seemingly shocking move that feels completely random, but there's a ton of thought and logic behind it. You may never actually hear that logic but that's just who he is....most of his moves work out well though. For instance, I think Tannehill could have had a Pro Bowl year last season if the team had invested more in our offensive line (which Gase repeatedly asked for)....and I'll repeat that Tannehill is the absolute worst in the league in handling pressure. Gase knew how to cover that up though and polish a turd into a diamond. I know we're lifelong rivals but I'm honestly going to be a Jets fan this season because I like Gase more than I like the Dolphins tanking for Tua. Our owner made a massive mistake letting Gase walk since we should have been a 2-3 win team last season....yet we started the year 3-0 to shock all the experts. That's the Adam Gase effect and we consistently won 2-3 games per season that we had no business winning, so I'm expecting a swift turnaround in NY since you guys have a pure stud as a coach. Don't listen to the media....Gase is the real deal and one of the best minds in the league. You are extremely fortunate to have him and I'll be hating it this season as you're sweeping us. Good luck this season Jets fans...I am legitimately rooting for you because I hate we let Gase walk!
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    That's nice. CJ and Darron Lee posing together.
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    I am back. I had heart surgery three and a half years ago, and having not died, and not wishing to go soon, I decided to make some changes. Changed my diet, have worked out like a demon, dating younger women, you know, all of the right things. I recognize some names here, but there are a lot of new ones. Or my memory is worse than I think. For those that remember me, I have been a Jets fan since 1965, somewhat of a homer, and am sarcastic most of the time. I have to catch up on the Jets. Between my recovery and their terribleness the last few years, I have not followed them or football at all. I am ready for some football.
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    Macc wanted either Darnold or Mayfield. He may have settled for Rosen but I think he was HIGHLY confident the Giants were going with Barkley. Macc thought the Draft was going Darnold>Barkley>Mayfield. It turns out he got the #1 guy on his Draft board. Kudos to him. You can't hit a pitch you don't swing at. He swung hard and we're lucky he did.
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    Guy on the far left looks like a good listener.
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    wth? who cares about the Giants? If they want to make a fair trade to move up to #3 then make the trade. Crazy talk.
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    Oh yeaa! https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-lg-kelechi-osemele-to-sam-darnold-i-m-your-new-bodyguard Jets LG Kelechi Osemele to Sam Darnold: I’m Your New Bodyguard When the Jets traded for left guard Kelechi Osemele, Sam Darnold was one of the first people who reached out to the two-time Pro Bowler. “He was really excited on Instagram,” Osemele said of his new quarterback. “I hit him up and told him I’m his new bodyguard here. I’m really excited about that.” Osemele, who spent the last three seasons with the Raiders, said he had just wrapped up at church when he received the phone call that he was going cross country to trade silver and black for green and white. Shock quickly became excitement and he turned to Twitter to say his goodbyes and hellos. Now, he’s eager to bring leadership and experience to the Jets, but most of all, physicality. “That’s what I pride myself in and what I enjoy doing,” he said. “I have fun with it and I’ve heard Mr. Winters is going to be a guy I’m going to like a lot, so I really can’t wait to play with that guy. I feel like I have a certain presence. I think I bring that, a certain professionalism for the younger guys to look up to and I keep my nose clean, I stay out of trouble, so that’s good. I think there’s a few qualities that I bring to the team.” While Osemele hasn’t met right guard Brian Winters yet, he’s familiar with his neighbor up front in left tackle Kelvin Beachum, who was in the same workout group as Osemele at the 2012 Combine. “We actually have a few similar friends. He comes down the Bay Area every now and then,” said Osemele, who’s in the best shape of his life. “I’ve heard a lot of really good things about him. I’m excited to learn from him on and off the field and likewise for [Beachum], so that’ll be a good experience.” Another familiar face to the former Super Bowl champion is both former and current teammate C.J. Mosley, who Osemele likened to the defensive version of new Jets running back Le’Veon Bell. “He’s a ballplayer. He’s a ballhawk,” Osemele said of Mosley. “He’s like literally Le’Veon but in a linebacker’s body. He’s sideline to sideline, just as good ball instincts as any wide receiver out there, has a high football IQ. He has a swagger and a presence about him. He’s just a ballplayer.” When asked if he’s excited to block for Bell, the 6’5” mauler smiled and said, “Hell, yeah. How could you not be excited? He’s a baller, man. He always finds a way when it looks like there’s no holes there. Obviously we’re going to do our jobs and open up big holes for him and he’s going to make us look good as well. I’m really excited about that. He’s a playmaker and I think he’s going to be a game changer for us.”
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    1. Publish a trash blog post that wasn’t interesting or researched enough to be worthy of its own thread on a fan message board. 2. Realize that, even though you’re a paid member of the media, you’re about to spend the next week helplessly waiting to RT Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter tweets regarding free agent signings made by the team you’re ostensibly paid to cover and whose headquarters you live within thirty minutes of. 3. Make above tweet mocking fans for being “impatient” with awful GM who’s spent four+ years putting together a bottom-three roster in the NFL. 4. Set alert on phone to tell you when Rapoport tweets something so you can slap “Sources confirm...” in front of tweet despite the fact you’re sitting in an apartment in Jersey City playing a PS4 game you pulled out of a RedBox two weeks ago and have no sources.
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    Think about it, the Patriots are heading into a season that won't have a happy ending. Another distraction because of the owner. Another year older for Brady. They are going to lose some more big pieces in free agency. The Dolphins are rebuilding and are in tank mode with a rookie head coach. The Bills have a QB who became known for running the football. Except he was drafted for his strong arm. Gregg Williams will have this defense LOCKED down. A guy like Tru Johnson steps up and has a rebound season in this defense. Gase will have this team playing hard, winning close games and the Jets will finally have an exciting offense. Signing Bell shouldn't be the priority in free agency. Fix the OLine. Draft Bosa or Allen and this defense will get after people. The Jets will win the division next season. You heard it here first.
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    Considering our backup last year cost us $10 million this is a steal.
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    Recently we've all seen stats related to 3rd down and longs & how the Jets & Darnold were 2nd in that category. Bates was horribly predictable & Bowles penchant for wanting to establish the run was on full display here during his 4 years here. Darnold had more 3rd & long dropbacks than any other QB other than Dak Prescott. He also, other than Josh Allen had the worst group of skill players around him than any QB in the league. Rosen was handing off to David Johnson & throwing to Larry Fitzgerald. Teams were rolling coverage to Anderson, Sam had no Quincy, he had McGuire in the backfield, Kearse had basically retired, and still led the league in QBR in the last quarter of the season. He also made some incredibly tight throws in those 4 games. Next year with an upgraded Oline, the additions of Bell, Crowder and Quincy back, an entire offseason to get ready, getting every 1st team rep with a more complete team, can you imagine the type of jump he could take when we can keep this guy out of those 3rd & long scenarios and have him a lot of 2nd & 3rd and shorts? Darnold proved last year he can do it all! He'll be a nightmare in short yardage. He can run, he's strong, he converted all of his 3rd & 4th & 1 keepers, he'll be much better in hurry up, he'll use his cadence to his advantage with experience, he can throw running right or left, and he's pin point accurate in the short game. We added one of the best RBs in the NFL as his outlet and we added a beast in OK to run short yardage behind. Chris Herndon will be more comfortable & get all the 1st team reps with Sam too, unlike last years camp. This is BY FAR the most anticipation I've had as a Jet fan since 1998. 2009 & 2010 were awesome but unexpected and the way the team was built with what turned out to be a below average QB propped up by an incredible running game was unsustainable. Sanchez couldn't hold Sam Darnolds jock. You give Darnold 300 yards on the ground, the Jets are not losing like Sanchez did vs Buffalo in 2009. Sanchez also had zero touch on his short game passes. What we saw in 2009/2010 was an ok inexperienced QB with a loaded veteran team. What we saw last year was an inexperienced QB carry his team on his back with very little help, injuries on the Oline & at the skill positions, and a slew of wow plays while playing sandlot football getting chased around by opposing defenses. I still believe IN THE LONG RUN Sam Darnold will be better overall than Baker Mayfield. Not until 2021 will Darnold be the same age Baker was coming in as a rookie on a team that was LOADED with talent. Having an offensive coach like Gase will be a godsend to Sam and to this Jets team as a whole. Sam is Tannyhill X 2 and Gase had success with a HEALTHY Tannyhill. Those azz kickings Gase & Sam put on the Dolphins for the next 10 years will be a thing of beauty. They'll have the Pats number too soon enough. Darnold does not seem to be the kind of athlete that will tolerate getting embarrassed, kids a confident winner. I still love that clip from the draft, Sam, what can Jet fans expect from you...."A LOT OF WINS!". Bring on the draft baby!
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    Here is another wild scenario walk in front of a bus and wave your hands in a circle like you’re Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and see if you can stop the bus with your mind before starting another thread
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    Tom Shane now: Browns win 56 to 12. Game Day: Jets win. Tom Shane then: Calm down people it was only the Browns, this is still a 1 and 15 team.
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    Kirk Cousins - The best thing that never happened to the Jets.
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    No one has ever heard of either of you so be grateful you pay attention to each other. SAR I
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    If you think about it, it is really amazing how completely different the Jets will be next year. It will sort of be hard to recognize them. All preconceived notions and historical trends and tendencies are completely out the window. This could actually lead to a few extra victories for us next year. From a fan perspective it is even greater. Think about it: 1. New Uniforms and logo so the team wont even look the same (sticking with Kelly Green, grey and blue as primary colors as my specualtion) 2. Offensive minded head coach for the first time since Al Groh. EDIT: KOTITE!!! 3. Head coach that is the polar opposite of Bowles 4. Very aggressive coaches and approach to football which is completely different than Bowles 5. An emphasis on "modern" even forward looking schematic concepts. We have been trying to be a run oriented team in the face of a changing NFL. "Ground and pound" is finally dead!! 6. A good in game coach. Gase may fail, but one thing he was good at in Miami was in game situational football which led to a VERY strong record in close games 7. Big one for me: NO QB COMPETITION. This is absolutely huge I think. Darnold could legitimately get more than twice the reps he got through OTAs and training camp then he did under "hedge your bets, I want a veteran" Bowles. The impact of this cannot be overstated. Darnold will make a huge leap from year one to two just from this 8. We have SAM DARNOLD. Seriously we have not had a QB centric team since Namath. Before many current Jets fans were even born. 9. Expect more prime time games. Yes, we sucked, but the Jets will be a new look team with one of the future QB stars in the NFL. Browns (Mayfoeld) Bills (Allen) Cowboys and Giants are all intriguing prime time games that can get good ratings. 10. Better coached. So far it looks like Gase is creating a coaching staff without fear, and one that will provide feedback to him even to a confrontation level. This is impressive. Bowles staff was so bad, there wasnt even an interim candidate 11. Players: We could see 50% turnover in the roster next year. New HC, new schemes, not many players under contract and a LOT of cap space means a very very different roster than the one we had this year. My hope is we avoid the really big ticket guys (including Bell) and use that money to create a young foundation team that is solid throughout the roster with great versatility and depth and look to find stars in the draft. I personally think trading down from #3 is a must. We are in maybe the best spot for a trade down, and we set the value last year so we can get a Top 8 pick and 3 seconds minimum for it for someone that wants the QB. If Bosa falls because of the name association we could get more 12. Post game interest: Not a huge one but pressers, the SNY post game show will all be more interesting next year 12. Last but not least: WINNING. I did not love the Gase hire, but I am starting to think Gase and Darnold will be a good marriage, the coaching staff is shaping up to be very strong. Williams Pollak and Boyer are a fantastc set of coaches for the most important non-HC staff positions, we will be younger and hungrier, and between the draft and FA we should have a much stronger roster top to bottom next year. I think we make the playoffs. Regardless it will be one of the most interesting years as a Jets fan since the first two Rex years.
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    Maybe something about Schiano just rubbed Kraft the wrong way?
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    Many times I've wished the Jets would trade back, accumulate extra picks and then draft Olinemen. Every year I hear about guys we can pick up in the draft. Every year we dont draft Olinemen Every year our Oline sucks. Trade down, draft linemen. **** you Maccagnan
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    I follow this group on Facebook. If you’re on there (I don’t recommend FB), it’s a cool group. I’m a Jet fan because I was a little kid who got to see a lot of games at Shea. I thought this was a cool defense of our own Broadway Joe: Freezing at Flushing members this Don Stokes. I wanted to share something with you written by one of our members Jim Trainor. He was responding to a comment that was made by a member. I won’t share his name. This person stated he felt Joe Namath (In this photo with Buddy Ryan circa 1971) was overrated. I felt Jim’s statement gives a wonderful explanation on the legend of Broadway Joe. Thanks Jim Here it is: ...................For a period of about 6 years, he (Joe) was the best quarterback in Pro Football, and it wasn’t even close. Just listen to the likes of Lombardi, Madden, Shula, Davis, Walsh, Gillman, Baugh all talk about him. Time and the evolution of the game has not been kind to Namath because the post 1980 rule changes and emphasis on scoring has helped dwarf not only his stat line, but his impact on the game. Most people who saw him play, look past the career stat lines because you could “see” the greatness of his talent. If you never saw him play, and you only measure greatness through stat lines, you’ll never be convinced that Namath was one of the top 20 talents to ever play the position. It’s unfortunate that injuries, the disadvantage of playing in one of the most “unfriendly” passing venues in football, and horrendous Jet teams of the mid 70’s have damaged those career statistics. But here’s a stat to consider... In the history of the NFL, from 1920 to now, there have been 188 quarterbacks that have thrown for over 4,000 yards in a single season. 186 of those occurred AFTER 1980, after the first set of rules to help offenses pass the ball were instituted. From 1920 to 1980, there were ONLY 2 quarterbacks to do it, Dan Fouts and Joe Namath, and Namath is the ONLY 1 to do it in a 14 game season. Further, there have been 11 quarterbacks that have thrown for 5,000 yards in a season since 1984, when Dan Marino did it first. The other 10 times it was done all occurred after 2007, which shows you how great Marino was. The point is this... the NFL game we watch today isn’t even the same game it was in 1985, never mind 1970. You can’t measure from different eras against each other... everything about the game (I.e. pro offense rules, stadiums/weather conditions, injury treatments, offensive systems, etc...) is different. Bottom line is this... Joe Namath was one of, if not the best QB, of his generation and some of the greatest coaches and players back that up, even if the career stat line doesn’t.
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    Hello All-found this forum on Twitter and had to join. Bursting at the seems for the upcoming season. So excited that our football team is trending in the right direction.
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    This deserves its own thread. The structure Mac negotiated is terrific for the Jets. With an 8M signing bonus and 14.5M in year 1 cash flow, Bell's salaries are: 2019: 6.5 M (8.5M cap hit) 2020: 11.5M (13.5M cap hit) 2021: 10.5M+3M Reporting bonus (15.5M cap hit) 2022: 10M+3M Reporting bonus (15M cap hit) On this structure, the Jets can cut Bell in 2021 for a 4M dead cap hit and 11.5M in cap savings, so if he isn't still playing at an elite level as he finishes his age 28 season in 2020, he's going to either be restructured or gone. 2022 is a phantom year unless Bell is still playing as a top tier RB; he'd have a 2M dead cap and the Jets would save 13M from cutting him. Not coincidentally, 2021 and 2022 are the years the Jets will be looking to extend Darnold on a big money deal - meaning there is exactly zero chance that the Bell contract negatively impacts the cap space they have available for Darnold, no matter what happens to the cap between now and then. If the Jets want to make one last "low $ QB" run in 2021, and then shift to a more traditional cap allocation in 2022 (high dollars to the QB, relatively low to the RB) they absolutely have the flexibility to do that. Add in the 6M of holdout protection and this contract is an absolute home run for the Jets
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    It's a long offseason, this got me pumped. Can't wait to see Darnold hitting up his new safety valve.

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