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    As a new member, you should know the rules. Rule #1 it is forbidden for any poster on Jet Nation to say anything nice about the following people at any time: Darron Lee Trumaine Johnson Buster Skrine Marcus Maye Leonard Williams Robbie Anderson Mike McCagnan New Offensive Coordinator Patton Oswalt Any former Offensive Coordinator Rich Kotite Geno Smith Mark Sanchez Jamal Adams (in reference to his Twitter profile) Todd Bowles or Kacy Rogers (same person) Chris or Woody Johnson (same person) Manish Metha or Rich Cimini (same person) Tom Brady Bill Belichick Dan Marino Rex Ryan Whoever the Jets draft in the 1st round in 2019 UNLESS the result of a trade down of at least 10 spots Tony Romo or Jason Witten (same person) Leon Hess Any former coach except pre-1972 Weeb Ewbank Mel Kiper
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    Use to be on JI, tried some others- nothing great. I see some familiar faces. Think I'll stay awhile.
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    Bell should be the top target at RB but if he doesn't want to come Tevin Coleman would be an excellent option. Below are his stats and his profile when he came out in 2015: http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/2979477/tevin-coleman http://www.nfl.com/draft/2015/profiles/tevin-coleman?id=2552453 Coleman has excellent averages as a rusher & receiver and a ton less mileage than Bell does. Also over the last three years he's averaging 9 TD's a year combined
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    Is that you Soothsayer?
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    You are not at a real bar you at the the asylum smoothie bar (where they hide your meds at the bottom of the smoothies) and that toilet paper was your bib.
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    Doesn't matter if it's well received, every player should get every dime they can. They can't worry about whiny fans complaining about stuff they don't understand.
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    My mom always told me “impactful” is a made up word. She scolds Troy Aikman every week when he says it.
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    they were the 30th ranked offense in the NFL pretty sure even the Jets Jeremy Bates messin with sasquatch offense was ranked higher are we supposed to pretend the Dolphins were great? Cause Gase is the coach?
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    Jamal Adams is perfect for NYC. Both are overrated and bragadocious about how great they are.
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    So in the eyes of our wonderful, upstanding GM Hunt can NEVER be rehabilitated? Well, I don't think Mac can be rehabilitated from being a sh*tty GM? He sucks at drafting and always will.
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    Our identity on offense is becoming Sam Darnold. The Dolphins had no identity because they had no "go to" guy to rally around. There was no more Jarvis Landry and Tannehill can't read defenses. They also started Brock Osweiler for 1/3 of their games. What Ja'wuan doesn't understand is that you can't have an identity when you don't have players that do anything particularly well. This isn't an excuse for Gase, he probably could have gotten more out of those guys, but there wasn't much to work with and he was riding a QB who is essentially the Florida version of Mark Sanchez. Finally, how did the QBs seem to do reasonably well (both completed about 64% of passes and had positive TD-INT ratios) and the RBs were averaging like 4.5 yards per carry and this team did so bad on offense?
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    The Colts should draft him so they can have Andrew Luck and Andrew Lock as QB 1 and 2.
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    And yet, still, the reason we all may have any hope for the future is because of Dave Gettleman.
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    Good thing mac has prioritized safety, ilb and punter during his tenure here.
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    Oh sure you happen to stumble in when we hire the Great Adam Gase. #FairWeather
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    Doesn’t matter. if your a top player at your position then you want to be paid like that. Do you know any top players in the league not on a rookie contract that tell their agent “give me less money so we can sign others”. This is not the NBA. Also it’s a double standard. Our players are villains when they want more yet we want to pounce and pay other players who are in the same situation with their teams. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Right because when Revis wanted to be the top paid CB in the league, that was so well-received around here.
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    I've been advocating for Coleman for a LONG time. He's an excellent player. I also think due to Gase's apparent preference for a RB committe, I think Coleman is more likely than Bell.
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    Sam and Jamal are perfect faces of our franchise. We are extremely lucky to have both and if we can execute the plan of building around them we may finally be playing in February soon.
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    Tannehill is weird, because he has the talent. If you are going on pure athletic ability, I think he's on par with Deshaun Watson. He can do everything Watson does, but the problem is that he doesn't make the correct reads, and almost decides beforehand where the pass must go. There were plenty of times where he had the options, and he just didn't see it or hesitated to the point the play didn't develop. This now becomes an egg or the chicken question. Does Tannehill's lack of progression fall on Gase? Does Gase's lack of success fall on Tannehill? I'm not bothered with 2017, because fat Cutler off the bench isn't going to win anywhere. To me, without Tannehill progressing to read defenses at a good level, they couldn't overcome it. There are guys that aren't good with reading defenses (Tribusky is one) that still do well because they match their personnel well. In Chicago's case, they had Cohen, Robinson, Miller, and the ability to play with a lead. The Fins got post Pats Amendola, Stills, Wilson (who promptly got hurt) Drake/Gore, and Parker. It didn't quite match up. It'll be interesting to see how they develop, because Sam has some qualities that Tannehill lacked. It's paramount they set him up with better weapons though. It also stems from the offensive philosophy being limited by injuries. Tannehill has his strengths/weaknesses. The backup (Moore) has his as well. However, the problem is that you can't really mesh one strength with another. For example, Moore has no real arm strength, but he's better at reading defenses. So your gameplan has to go with more intermediate routes, where Tannehill can deal with more routes that run deep. So the injury and change to game plans hurt because you can't go for the strengths of each guy separately, since there isn't time. Thanks Thanks. It should, although maybe in a bit, I have some concerns about the receivers. Parker not developing really bothers me, because I was very high on him, and he's shown flashes. Some of the route combinations puzzled me, because they seemed like 3/4 individual routes, than a combination of routes. For example, there would be a go route to the outside, and out route on the same side. On the other side, it'd be a curl and out route combination, when the middle of the field would be wide open in such a situation. I don't think he had a choice in the matter. The dead money hit if you dropped him would be massive once he was already extended. Heck, they can't really even cut him now without getting a $13 million hit in dead money, and they barely have cap space. The problem really is that team is heading for a rebuild and I don't think he wanted to stick around. That team might need a good RB, maybe 2 good receivers (assuming Parker and maybe Amendola are cut), and offensive line, resign/replace Wake, decide on Quinn, and possibly find a RT and they start out with $13 million in cap space. That's getting awfully close to tear down, especially if Tannehill is not the guy, and they need to find a QB. I just don't think he wanted to stay for a rebuild because this was going to be another losing season, at which point he would have been fired anyway. It probably (and this is my guess) went down as if he asked for an extension to outlast the rebuild, and got rejected. He couldn't, not with that contract. I heard some rumblings they were hard after Rosen last year, but didn't trade up. I think it's hard because that contract can't be swallowed when they are up against the cap like that. Tannehill had all the physical tools, he just couldn't put it together on the mental aspect. The injury history doesn't help for sure, but mostly it's the late conversion. Someone like Darnold/Mayfield can sense guys being open, while Tannehill waits that extra second. I never heard about Mayfield, I heard about Rosen though, albeit they never did anything to trade up. Thanks. And their best receiver, Wilson, missed the second half of the season as well. While I think playoffs is way too premature now, next season really depends on the talent around Darnold. If they can get another weapon at receiver and a good running back, while drafting OL, I think the offense can really take off. The team definitely needs to upgrade some positions, especially WR1, RB, and pretty much everywhere on the OL. Tannehill suffers from an inability to read complex defenses. If there is an open guy, he can hit him, and it'll look pretty. But when he has to anticipate based on what the defense adjusts to post-snap, he holds onto the ball too long to see what develops and that limits him. I actually have to say, it's a testament to his physical abilities that he's been decent in the NFL because I think he has the ability. He just can't make that mental jump. They also had to deal with a terrible OL too, albeit he faces the same issue here. Thanks. The rankings are bad for sure, but I think a good amount of the blame can also be attributed to Tannehill. Yeah the contract really killed any shot at a change, too much invested.
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    I love how Adams will torture T0mshane for the next decade.
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    I'm not going to rationalize for his failures with the Dolphins. I choose to take them as one of the few enjoyments over the last couple seasons. Winning a game here or there despite bad stats is the sign of unexpected upsets rather than likely repeatable occurrences. We had that in 2013, too. Personally I think it's easy to just start awarding automatic would-be wins to someone who didn't earn them, and who's proven little as a HC. As though it's some mere formality that by showing up one could transfer all our wins to him and then start tacking on even more wins as extras. It doesn't work that way. Gase's Dolphins were 7-9 last year but 4 of those wins came in 5 games against 2 rookie QBs in the division plus an Oakland team tanking the season in advance. Against everyone else they were 3-8 which is very Todd Bowles level. One of his losses came to a Colts team that lost to Bowles -- so much for the idea that it's a given he'd win against every team beaten by the 4-win Bowles Jets. If he's given a better roster he'll do better. If not then he won't. He's no miracle worker despite many people wanting to believe he is. What he is is the one candidate who agreed to the Jets' HC job that came with strings attached that the failure of a GM gets to pick his DC for him.
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    Which is why drafting a CB at 3, this year, would be asinine. Even just slightly above average CB's (looking at you Trumaine) can look great when they are playing behind a dominant DL. Above average to excellent CB's can look pretty damn mediocre when there is no pass rush.
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    Was rookie Darnold > any QB Gase had in Miami? No, and I think this is more what EY was alluding to. It was past time for his predecessor to go, and I get the desire to feel they made the right decision here, but you have to admit the level of excuse-making for Gase has reached crazy levels already, and he hasn't even held a single practice yet. I'm happy he's an offense-minded HC. It's a nice change. Even still I'm also lol at all those suddenly excited over the hire because anything the Jets decide to do is by definition considered the smart thing. We were supposedly going to make this great big splash of a HC hire, and we ended up with the dooshy guy the Dolphins fired faster than we fired Bowles, because this was the one who agreed to hire the DC the GM had pre-selected. If we win a SB, no one will care if the HC's name is Gase or McCarthy or Harbaugh or Bowles. They could help him out by giving him better teams than the Jets' HCs have had for most of the past several years.
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    Saquon Barkley is one billion times more impactful to an NFL outcome and is infinitely more articulate and intelligent than our straight-up meathead showboat strong safety so I’m gonna say this article is as valuable as the toilet paper i just used to clean the vomit off the toilet seat at this bar I’m at.
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    "There are some things that are extremely egregious that I personally have a very hard time with condoning," Maccagnan said in the run-up to the 2017 draft. "And violence in particular — that's a very serious thing to me. That’s something that for me and my wife, we’ve had a personal experience with that. I would say, simply, we don't take it lightly." A close friend of Mike and Betty Maccagnan was killed in a domestic violence murder-suicide nearly nine years ago. The tragedy prompted them to become voices for the One Love Foundation to raise awareness about the warning signs of domestic violence and relationship abuse. ...I have no problem with him taking this view, but it's kind of weird he gets to pick and choose which things are considered too egregious. If he loses a friend to a DUI this summer do we cut everyone on the team who has been arrested from drunk driving?
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    Horrific? Really? Did you see the Ray Rice Video? Hunt's video looked like a G rated movie compared to that.
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    But we signed a dude who was cut by Tamps when he was found in his car sitting in his own doo doo. And we didn't cut Donahue for going the wrong way drunk in the Lincoln tunnel? If your motto is no redemption allowed then go all the f*cking way with it. Totally hypocritical, both ASJ or Donahue could have KILLED people driving drunk, they just got lucky.
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    Because a family friend was killed in an incident of domestic violence?
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    Most deserve a second chance but besides that horrific video, there are two other incidents under investigation as well. Dude is bad news.
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    So our chinless wonder had a friend experience domestic violence (sounds horrible, not minimizing it), therefore nobody should ever get a second chance? Damn...I wished they fired that idiot when they flushed the Toilet.
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    Posting daily news links should be a bannable offense
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    This is the only right answer. Anyone who answers otherwise is detestable and disgusting and should be banned. Really gross to read some of these responses
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    Lol smoke way tooo early . But either way I hope Macc let these . teams know where open for business . I’m still hoping for 2nd this year and 1st next year package for swapping with somebody .
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    So... It's day one for you and you're reading 71 pages about new uniforms? Yeah, you'll fit right in.
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    Are u Jamal supporter or a Jamal hater ? Lol
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    Full credit to Sanchez.
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    Call up the Giants and offer them Jamal Adams for either Saquon Barkley or ODB and see if you can induce a laughing-related Dave Gettleman stroke before he hangs up on you.
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    I like Jamal Adams a lot. As a player. As an example of how to play the game and treat the fan base. He's definitely a leader on this team. But as the "Face of the Franchise"? I'll take Sam Darnold, thank you very much.
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    RE: Jamal Adams tweet with green and black cleats. All he did was have these classic high top Jordans, modified to be cleats. He's a Nike/Jordan endorser so all he has to do is have his agent make a call and Nike will modify a few pairs for him. While it's possible it has something to do with new uni's...chances are it doesn't. You can find these classic Jordan's online, just google green and black Jordan's....

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