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    Anyone that thinks Flores came up with that game plan is a moron
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    Officiating? Please. Stop being a crybaby.
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    Please. The phantom holding call on the long Gurley run in the middle of the 4th quarter was the play of the game. It was 3-3 and Rams were driving and that run had the Pats defense on it's heels and would have prevented them from teeing off on Goff. Instead of first and ten on the Pats 40, it's second and twenty back on the Ram 30 something. That call was the game. And there was no hold. How do you make THAT call when hardly any flags are thrown all day?
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    As an all time great coach. He didn't coach long without belichick and when he did he took over the worst franchise in the sport both on and off the field in NE and led them to the playoffs and then led Dallas to the playoffs with Quincy Carter. In 7 seasons without BB Parcells made the playoffs 3 times with Drew bledsoe, Quincy Carter and Tony Romo. In 7 seasons without Tom Brady bill belichick made the playoffs one time. Bill Parcells was the better HC, he just never had the greatest QB of all time.
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    6 reasons why this hire doesn't worry me at all: Al Groh, Eric Mangini, Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, Bill O'Brien, Charlie Weis.
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    Sam Darnold is already better than one of those Superbowl QBs. That Rams window is gonna close real quick.
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    It's cute that you think Edelman was caught the 1 time in his life he took PEDs.
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    The NFL is rigged and it will be exposed someday.
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    I know today Edelman is the darling of America but this weasel just served a 4-game suspension for PEDs (which of course Goodell won’t disclose what the PEDs were cough cough steroids) i mean this is the same fan base that used to obsess over Alex Rodriguez being a roider to the point they sold Arod steroid needle t-shirts at games
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    Article title is uber deceptive. It's not how the Jets are approaching free agency but just what some random dude thinks they should do.
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    No your not. I will Ban you for spamming. Give it a rest.
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  13. 9 points
    I think because it’s the 50th anniversary of SB 3.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/02/super-bowl-ratings-patriots-rams-marron-5-worlds-best-cbs-1202548893/ Lowest since Steelers Cardinals Chiefs vs Saints/Rams would have been extremely entertaining. Oh well, thanks Goodell.
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    Because Goodell isn't allowed to make eye contact with Brady and nobody else wanted to do it. Namath saves the league again.
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    What are you talking about? The officiating is literally the only thing that didn't suck about tonight.
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    There was no hold, nothing. To make that call, at that crucial point in the game, you have to have an agenda other than objective officiating. A true disgrace.
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    Rams on defense played absolutely fantastic. Their offense was atrocious Goff and McVay were exposed
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    Yeah, it was fng awful, I don’t even care enough to cry, the nfl has destroyed a great sport
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    It’s not worth my time to write any more. But just note the following. They had maroon 5 and sicko mode for halftime. They had a penalty on a gorgeous tackle in the first quarter. They had a hold on a play where the defender had nowhere to go in the 4th. They had a team in the Super Bowl who was there because of a failure to call a pi on a tackle where the defender was ultimately fined. I loved this game and that is over. Still get remotely excited for jets but not really.
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    An absolute travesty of a Super Bowl. Wrong team (Saints + Brees + Payton), much better offensive challenge, got snuffed out by a horrific no call. Two calls that were made that benefitted the Patriots were completely bogus, helmet to helmet & after consecutive yardage losses that would have brought up a 3rd & 15 for the Pats, completely flipped field position on the Rams, the 2nd a complete phantom offensive holding penalty after run resulting in a 1st down & putting the Rams in Patriots territory in a 3-3 tie. I don't know how much more I can take of the NFL, since Goodell has been there making 35 million per the year gets worse & worse, officials are worse, rules keep multiplying & bad calls (actually 1 sided calls) are ruining the game. They completely change up in the playoffs & try to keep the flag in their pocket & every game has some head scratcher calls like the ones pointed out above. On both Romo kept his mouth shut because you knows he's been warned not to criticize while Nantz licks Tom Brady & Krafts balls seeing something NONE OF US SEE?
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    Goff had about 4-5 game changing plays that he either missed or never threw to. This loss falls directly on him.
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    Goff laid a turd to be sure but come on young qb in Super Bowl against Belichick many would poop their britches. Premature to throw dirt on his grave
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    I am posting this in every Rams thread all offseason.
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  26. 7 points
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    How guys who like maroon5 check on dinner
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    I could crush you instantly with my boobs.
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    Good. The fact that Pats won was bad enough, the game itself was just a mess. It had everything from awful officiating because they were afraid to throw flags, to a bad half-time show and sloppy play. The league got what it deserved.
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    hate the pats, had a rough night...i rather focus on the fact that the saints would have won that game by 2 TD's then JE's PED's (which are kind of a joke anyways)
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  32. 6 points
    I didnt understand him ripping his shirt off. You sing teenie bopper garbage (badly) for 12 year old girls. Why the tough guy routine?
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    Sam Darnold ends the Patriots reign in 2020. You can bank on it.
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    As a big fan of punting I came away impressed.
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    Some quarterbacks play way above their level on the biggest stage (Eli/Flacco). Others play well below it. Goff crapped his pants and that was all she wrote. Superb defensive game plans by both teams, but at the end of the day the Patriots always seem to know how to win ugly.
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    While we draft 3 more safeties
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    One of the biggest (out of the many) gripes I had with Bowles, was that he always seemed to play aging mediocre veterans in meaningless games, instead of trying to audition cheap young players. Can't catch lightning in a bottle if you don't even try.
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    Reports on Chicago TV station say it will be Bears/Packers from Soldier Field to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the NFL Seems fitting and it does spare us of watching the Patriots.
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    Football is a great sport. The NFL on the other hand is a God Damn disgrace. I hope ratings go down to zero.
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    Never. We're all dead. This is hell. Get used to it, hell lasts a while.
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    Ted Bundy removed the handles on the inside of his car doors so chicks couldn’t get out once they got inside. Similarly, Max set this site up so that when you leave the message board you go to the front page and that, too, is like being sadistically murdered.
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    Yeah but the rest of Sam’s team is trash and worse than about 30 teams in the league so it’s doesnt mean much. Football is a team sport. Let me know when he has a real team around him first.
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    It was absolutely sickening to see a solid Rams defensive effort squandered by a choke job by Sean McVay. No protection for Goff at all. 3 points by McVay against that ok Pats defense.
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    Welp, nothing left to do but wait until May and draft another six-sack producing DT to slot next to our other six-sack producing DT
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    Edelman’s chin looks like a hairy pussy in a tight pair of panties.
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    Just when I thought the half time show couldnt be any worse
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    See ya guys after the halftime show. No way I'm watching that sh*t.
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