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    Is there a way to lock a thread but allow the onslaught of neg rep to continue?
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    The Memphis Express will offer us a 1st and a 3rd to take Hackenberg off their hands.
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    Im bummed he was banned. I was hoping to debate him because the Jets are really good
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    One click to ban. Takes two seconds.
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    Yes, I can lock and then pin it for a little while or keep bumping it myself. Worth a try IMO. After it's locked, give me a glorious positive rep to see if that still works. @TuscanyTile2 I see a lowered reputation in your near future.
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    Watching Hackenburgh in the AAF and realizing the guy that drafted him is still your GM? All you need to know.
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    How many HJ's did you give this year?
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    I'd go with the boldface. Probably didn't want to go with a madam finding high-priced girls for him who could turn around and blackmail him. Or maybe he's just a frugal guy who figured a rub/tug shouldn't cost $100. Regardless, he still has to be spending every day thinking **** what are the odds the day - and time of day - when I'm there is when they get raided after all these years. At least we get to enjoy the humiliation of his being there when they got raided rofl. Hahahaha **** him.
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    Couldn't happen to a bigger jerk
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    So I am starting a new thread and I want everyone to read these words. The other threads were all merged and locked because people think they are commenting on CNN or FOX News. This is a Jets site, we don't do politics. What happened is terrible for many reasons. The human trafficking story is unbelievably vile and sad. Really just terrible. That said, this isn't the place to discuss the problems of evil in the world. A bit of a history lesson here, but there was a time when bad things happened to the Patriots it was considered a good thing. The Patriots owner was just arrested. Tom Brady is old and his arm is weak. They had a great story and it was a great run. But I am not sure why we seem to be unable to just have fun here without crossing the line anymore. Leave the politics out of it and just keep it at screw the Pats and we should be fine. It shouldn't be that hard. Just enjoy their dynasty being over, the Jets will win the division next season.
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    The last 4 years Clowney played 13,14, 16, 15 games. Remember when John Abraham was injury prone on the Jets and then went to the Falcons and averaged double digit sacks every year? Clowney is also only 26. That's the start of the a pass rushers prime years.
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    I maintain that the Jets picking yet another supposed "elite pass rusher" is a mistake. This is an offensive league, driven in almost every way by powerful offenses that score points. Pass Rush, Elite Corners, etc. are over-rated and over-paid. I appreciate that supposedly there are no offensive linemen worthy of pick #3. But I cannot believe there is not single offensive player of any skill position worthy of that slot. Worse, there is no way I pick at pick #3. Not with this thin and largely talentless roster. We need multiple talented players, not one "elite" pass rusher, who, given our history, will likely bust anyway. Trade down. Pick O-line. Pick O-skill. SCORE POINTS. Play to win 41-37. Don't play not to lose 12-9.
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    I was hoping Bon Jovi was involved too
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    The TFL percentage is good but hardly other-worldly. You take a guy like that because of what you see he's got, not what his stats are, otherwise Quinton Coples would have been an automatic team-changer. QW had 3-4 teammates with similar TFL percentages and (in comparison to opponents) borderline-unfair talent for a supporting cast. The Jets, however, do not have this. Other than a live wire edge rusher, the team should otherwise narrowly be looking at offense or parlaying those supposed 2200 points into multiple high picks not putting all their eggs into a single DT: LT specifically, since consistent ones (that consistently don't allow pressure) don't hit FA until they're in their 30s, and even then it's not common. There isn't a wealth of really good ones around the league right now anyway. WR with a more unique, go-to, "it"-factor WR. For all his other faults, Brandon Marshall was the only WR the Jets have had like that since Keyshawn, and the best one we've had since before that. Too bad he was hitting his wall and was about as much a team player as his locker room nemesis It's more a philosophical difference than individual player-grading, but inside the top 5 these 3 positions are all I'd consider. If no DE/LT/WR are available who are worthy of such a high selection, then given a team with 10+ upgrades needed and no 2nd round pick, I'm moving down. If QW is such an omg omg omg rare talent then teams will push each other out of the way with offers, just for a chance to trade up to #3 to get him. I'm not anyone's guru on ranking prospects, and don't doubt the guy is gushing with ability and promise, but if it's me I'm building around Darnold unless I can nail a cheap, consistent young edge rusher (which will have an additive benefit of not requiring Adams to blitz so often and will make either of them that much more effective when he does). Talented DTs, on the other hand, come out every year. Probably not as talented as QW, but unless he's literally Aaron Donald II the difference between a DT we can draft next year and drafting QW this year IMO isn't such a disparity worth the #3 overall pick in Darnold's second season.
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    Pretty funny that guys like us, on a New York Jets fan site, give more consideration to the feasibility of a team being able to offer a contract to a free agent, based on cap space and need. Meanwhile the player in question, doesn't seem to care or know the same things that occur to the casual fan. Tells you a lot about that player, doesn't it.
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    Bell and his reps will leak interest in 31 teams before he finally signs, yawn
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    No it's worse They are mediocre If they sucked like the Knicks I could walk away Haven't watched the Knicks in 2 years, couldn't name 3 players on the team or the head coach
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    That must be Bob Kraft killing time in his lawyers office..................
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    I love Adams. Easily my 2nd favorite player on this team. Any idea that doesn't involve building around Sam is a bad one.
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    Actually Woodson said the exact thing that bothers Jets fans about Adams is exactly what it needed to elevate the team to a higher level. That the way Adams plays Is contagious. It will be fun this year to see how you and the Anti Adams squad navigate through Adams having a strong campaign with a real Defensive mind. I look forward to it.
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/02/25/robert-kraft-prostitution-charges-sex-trafficking-patriots-nfl-combine-dwayne-haskins-kyler-murray IT’S NFL COMBINE WEEK I love the draft. Always have. Always will. As most of you know, I’m a big college football guy and a big football-at-any-level guy, so the intersection of the NFL and its de facto minor league is right in my wheelhouse. The combine, which starts on Tuesday, is the unofficial kickoff to draft season. To break it down for us, I brought in two guys you know—Daniel Jeremiah from NFL Network and Todd McShay from ESPN—and two guys you might not know—ex-Raiders director of player personnel Joey Clinkscales, who was dismissed in January but evaluated the class for Oakland in the fall, and ex-Titans college scouting director Blake Beddingfield, now director of football ops for the AAF’s Memphis Express. We’ll hit all the themes, and we can start with what everyone wants to talk about … KYLER MURRAY VS. DWAYNE HASKINS Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, said on Barstool’s Comeback SZN podcast that the Heisman winner now weighs 205 pounds. Jeremiah told me on Sunday he heard it was 203. And on Thursday morning, Murray will have to step on a scale and reveal the truth to all of us in one of the most anticipated weigh-ins of the combine. “The size will be an issue some,” Clinkscales said. “But if he’s in shotgun a lot, he already has the ability to scan the field. I do think with his style of play, and his size—and I’m not necessarily talking about the height part of it, it’s that he feels he looks small —standing on a scale will be important. A 190-pound quarterback can only last so long in the National Football League.” And if he’s really 203, like Jeremiah heard? Or 205, like Burkhardt said? “I had two concerns with him. The first concern was commitment and focus, and the second was bulk,” Jeremiah said. “I heard he was 183, 185 during the season, all these weights. And then I heard from someone close to him, he’s 203. If we get to the combine, he’s 203 and he’s written a check to [Oakland] A’s [to return a portion of his signing bonus], then I’m not sure what else there is to be hung up on. … “I think Kyler can do just about everything Dwayne can throwing the football, and there are just things Murray can do with his feet that Dwayne can’t.” Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins was the presumed first quarterback to go until Murray Mania hit a couple weeks ago. As it stands now, Beddingfield, McShay and Clinkscales all put in their educated guesses that Haskins still is that guy, and will be drafted in front of Murray on April 26. “But it wouldn’t shock me at all if it’s Kyler,” McShay says. And as for perspective on how they’d rank with the ’17 class, McShay told me he’d have Haskins and Murray at 5 and 6, behind the four quarterbacks that went Top 10, but ahead of Lamar Jackson. Jeremiah said he has the same grade on Murray he did on Josh Allen, which would tie him for fourth, and he’d have Haskins behind those two, as well as Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Josh Rosen, but ahead of Jackson. THE QUARTERBACKING FIELD One general manager told me Sunday he believes Murray and Haskins are the only two starting quarterbacks in the class. Another GM agreed with that. And I didn’t get much pushback from our panel. “I think it’s those two, then you’d be gambling,” said McShay. “I’d say [Missouri’s] Drew Lock is the best gamble, because he has all the tools, the athleticism, all that stuff. But coming from the spread, he’d have to learn to go through progressions, set protections, he only started with that last year [with Derek Dooley’s arrival at Mizzou]. And his decision-making is erratic and his accuracy is inconsistent.” Duke’s Daniel Jones inspired skepticism. NC State’s Ryan Finley actually got more praise than I expected. And it sounds like those are the three with the best shot at going alongside Haskins and Murray. “I don’t think it’s as pro football ready, given all the characteristics, as the class last year,” Clinkscales said. “I really do like Haskins, he’s a big, strong, physical kid with a big arm who probably has a little more mobility than you think. Obviously he’s just a one-year starter but so is Kyler Murray.” That’s sort of the QB class in a nutshell—the top two have 28 college starts between them, while all five of last year’s first-rounders were multi-year starters. THE BEST POSITION Right now we’re all talking about Murray. But the scouts have been talking about the defensive line group and have been for quite some time. So when I ask what jumps out about this draft class to them, all four of our panelists gave the same answer. “The depth of the D-line class, it’s an easy answer,” Beddingfield said. “It’s rare that you have that many players, players that can play in multiple defenses, that can play on all three downs. It’s a premium position, everyone’s looking for them, and this draft has a lot of them. It’s the numbers. More than the elite guys, there are just a lot of starting-caliber defensive linemen. A good group of players that can step right in.” Ohio State’s Nick Bosa has been, and should remain at the top of the class because of his combination of talent and refinement (McShay said of Bosa’s use of his hands: “It’s martial arts almost, I don’t know how else to describe it”). Alabama’s Quinnen Williams is right there with him. And then there’s one other player right there. “[Mississippi State’s Jeffrey] Simmons would make it three if he didn’t have the injury and the character stuff,” said McShay. “If not for the ACL,” Jeremiah affirmed, “Simmons is in that mix.” Simmons, you may remember, was caught on video punching a womanduring his senior year in high school. In the time since, his coaches at Mississippi State have sworn by him to scouts. But more recently, in training for the combine, he tore his ACL, which makes him as complicated a prospect as there is in this class. Another thing that won’t help Simmons is the depth Beddingfield referenced. McShay says he heard Michigan’s Rashan Gary will run in the 4.5s at 280 pounds. Light-ish Houston DT Ed Oliver has game-wrecking potential. And three Clemson defensive linemen could go in the first round. Then there’s Mississippi State’s other DL, Montez Sweat, Florida’s Jachai Polite and … so on and so on. “I’ve been doing this 20 years, and this the strongest I’ve seen top-to-bottom, in terms of d-tackles and edge guys,” McShay said. THE NEXT GRONK? Three of our four panelists raised Rob Gronkowski’s name when discussing Iowa’s T.J. Hockenson, and they did it in a “I’m not saying, I’m just saying” sort of way. “I think Hockenson’s the cleanest player in the draft,” Jeremiah said. “There’s nothing that you’d want from that position that he doesn’t have. He has all of it. We just saw the value of in-line, ‘Y’ tight end in the playoffs. I’m not saying he’s Gronk. But he’s dominant in the run game, and it’s hard to find that without sacrificing athleticism. … To me, as a draft pick, he’s right in the middle of the fairway.” He, his Iowa teammate Noah Fant (who’s more on a H-back type) and Alabama’s Irv Smith could land in the first round. What’s more, there’s depth into the second and third rounds at a position (with guys like Stanford’s Kaden Smith, BC’s Tommy Sweeney and Texas A&M’s Jace Sternberger) that has been weak in the draft over the last few years. “There are some guys that give you the ability to stretch the field,” Clinkscales said. “There are other guys that give you the versatility to line up and power the ball down the field, because they’re really good blockers, true Y guys. I think you’ll have a chance to get better pretty quickly at the tight end position.” Beddingfield added, “Teams are gonna get a first-round caliber defensive lineman in the second round. And when teams value their board, they’ll see second-round caliber tight ends in the third round. There’s gonna be good value in that position.” SAFETIES TOO Like tight end, safety has been a position that’s had a rough class or three this decade, but starting with the 2017 class, headlined by Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker, we’ve seen a resurgence at that spot. And this class is no different. There’s no Adams or Hooker. But there are good players everywhere. McShay says he has 14 guys with grades in the first four rounds, whereas the average for the three years prior to this one was 11. And what jumps out about them is how they’re built for the 2019 game. “It’s a different group,” Beddingfield said. “They’ve evolved into the cover corner position in the NFL, because of how the passing game works, so you need guys who have coverage ability and can tackle. It’s the safety who can do it all. It’s a nice group of athletes that are coming.” Among the top guys: Mississippi State’s Jonathan Abram, Delaware’s Nasir Adderly, Washington’s Taylor Rapp and Alabama’s Deionte Thompson. And I’ll add that a lot of the hard-core football people I respect love the heady, tough Rapp. The depth at the position should be there, too, right into Day 3 of the draft, with guys like Boston College’s Will Harris, Kentucky’s Mike Edwards, Miami’s Jaquan Johnson and Utah’s Marquise Blair standing as potential values. OFFENSIVE LINE HELP IS ON THE WAY Jeremiah was the one guy who didn’t limit his answer to the above question—what stands out most about the class?—to the defensive line. “You have premier big guys on defense, and the depth of big guys on offense, those two things jump out right away,” he said. There’s no Anthony Munoz or Walter Jones or even Taylor Lewan type left tackle in the group. But there are a lot of interior linemen and swing tackles that could start on Day 1. “In the second round,” Jeremiah says, “I could see four of the Top 10 picks being interior linemen.” That’s good, too, since the NFL is so hard up for offensive linemen that in the span of a week of free agency last year, Nate Solder became the highest paid tackle in NFL history, Andrew Norwell the highest paid guard, and Ryan Jensen the highest paid center. Getting a good starter on second- and third-round deals will, by comparison, feel like stealing. WHAT’S NOT GOOD ABOUT THE CLASS? In three words: The skill positions. “It’s a pretty average year at wide receiver,” Clinkscales said. “You have to find a guy that fits the style and the mold that you’re looking for. You can probably say the same at running back this year, given that maybe the best running back coming out is a guy that really didn’t start at his school, the kid from Alabama. Those are the two obvious positions.” Jeremiah happens to love that Alabama running back—Josh Jacobs. “So I do have the one running back high, but after that, you might as well wait on them, because a guy in the second round’s not going to be different than a guy in the fourth,” he said. “The receivers, there two are freaks in their own way. Even after the lisfranc [injury], [Oklahoma’s] Marquise Brown’s tape is so good, I couldn’t move him down. And [Ole Miss’] DK Metcalf is the other freak, in a different way.” If you have Twitter, you saw last week that it’s in a very un-receiver-like way. He’s more of an Incredible Hulk-style freak. Which can bring us right back to where we started: whether Murray can look a little more Hulk-ish on Thursday than the scouts who went through Oklahoma thought he was back in the fall. More than you think could be riding on it.
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    I like how all the scouts and analysts think that if Murray puts on 10 pounds and goes over the 200-lb mark he will magically become tough enough to take the rigors of NFL tackling. It's the same hive mind of stupidity that told us Baker Mayfield was not good enough because he barely if at all crossed the six-foot height barrier.
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    What the hell Jason Taylor sucked for us. he was horrible. Omg I hate this thread, someone break out with the uniform leak??
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    It's a nice feeling isn't it? I haven't watched the Knicks or Nets for that matter, In about 14 years. Not much has happened during that time outside of the Jason Kidd coaching years in Brooklyn. It's amazing how enrobed we get with all of this stuff, thinking "this could be the year" Leave for 15 years and come back to see nothing has happened. lol
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    Not a terrible idea that has been brought up in the past. And from all accounts, Blake is a great dude and teammate. You could do worse for a back up. The only issue I see for the Jets, is while they have a ton of money, they also have a ton of holes. That money is going to move fast.
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    These opportunities would be perfect for a team like us. I loved the concept behind he Osweiller deal. The problem with Bortles is that this has been suggested before and the contract is structured in a way where this would not help the Jags as much. I think it only saves them $6-7 million which wouldn’t result in a high pick. There are few salary cap dump options and although this one looked like a great opportunity, it apparently isn’t because of the structure. I don’t recall who found out the structure and shot this down originally but at least now we know.
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    The premise is to act as a clearinghouse for salary for the Jaguars, a la what the Browns did with Osweiller. Not a terrible idea, if you have a deal with someone then to take Bortles off your hands.
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    "Stinks of a guy terrified he'll get snubbed by another FA class and was worried he'd end up with nothing." You nail it. Which means the Jets now have a "GM" in place who really has no confidence in his own abilities and very well might spend the rest of his tenure as he did 99.9% of his time in the job, outside of the panic move to trade up to 3, and that's "playing with scared money". Jets need first and foremost dumb luck on their side while he still has the job. Do you think it is possible that a scenario develops where Maccagnan is made to basically sit in the corner while others take over his responsibilities..ie he gets busted down but keeps his title in name only?
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    I'm sure someone else would have forked over $9MM/year with $20MM guaranteed to Enunwa 🙄. I like Enunwa but given his body of work it seems pretty unlikely, even in this FA class. Seems more a combination of, "We have no one else technically under contract, have 1 draft pick in the first 2 rounds, and [at the time] no WRs are projected to be worth that high of a pick. Robby's a RFA who'll play under the tag, but otherwise that's it." Stinks of a guy terrified he'll get snubbed by another FA class and was worried he'd end up with nothing. I wouldn't make any guesses as to what "even the Jet owners know" on anything related to football players and coaches. This was pure payback for Darnold falling to #3. Meanwhile if the Giants had taken him instead of Barkley would that make the GM any worse or better? From their own retelling stories of their reactions, they were all shocked when the Giants took Barkley at that point. Craziest of all, it wouldn't have happened anyway if he'd gotten his wish and Cousins accepted his all guaranteed 3 yr $90MM offer only to find out he was used to get Cousins up over his (then) next-highest offer of $25MM/year. Then again, getting lucky over and over is probably a good plan and one that is sure to succeed. We are very lucky fans.
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    Cheating ? He’s not cheating. The girlfriend just had a better agent.
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    Idzik was probably worse. The only thing that saved Mac is him maneuvering to be in the spot for Darnold to fall to us. Other than that he is straight up garbage.
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    Yeah lets use the 3rd pick overall on an interior lineman. The took Shepherd in the 3rd last season. Make it work.
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    Truth, hopefully your husband realizes this
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    It’s like this guy reads my mind
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    So why bother opening and posting in the AAF thread? You think anyone gives a flying F that you don't care? FOH
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    "A team that is use to HANDLING a scandal" LOL
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    and searching the web for another " Spa "
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    The Raiders may need him after your wonderful new Head Coach trades Carr for yet more picks.
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    Maccagnan should be fired solely on Hackenburgs AAF performance. To scout this guy and not only draft him, but draft him in the second round is professional malpractice. Get this assclown 1000 miles away from the Jets.
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    Karma is real. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Exactly. He's cheating on her with a prostitute from that massage parlor?! I still say that something doesn't add up here (which I say because there were multiple billionaires who went to that same place). I have a feeling Kraft was somehow involved in something far worse than just a misdemeanor.
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    He is a powerful force. Very strong, great with his hands and is far from a one trick pony. Stronger and more polished than Josh Allen. Biggest red flag for me is a lack of tape, due to injury, and games played. Wish he had tried to return this year to prove his fitness for the next level. He and his "people" obviously feel that the " jury is already in" on this player, but I don't feel that way. The "maxed out size" issue doesn't concern me. He is plenty big enough. The consensus #1 overall pick is no sure thing, in my opinion.
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    Jets will get him because he is a guy who will chase the money and not turn Macc down to play for less elsewhere. He is the exact kind of FA we have to chase. This is where we are.
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    Patriots haters are flocking to the massage parlor where Robert Kraft got busted By Elizabeth Rosner February 24, 2019 | 2:09pm | Updated Enlarge Image JUPITER, Fla. — The seedy prostitution joint where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was allegedly a customer is now a favorite tourist destination — for the team’s haters. Dozens of people lined up Sunday to take selfies at the now-shuttered rub-and-tug spot, with many saying they were there to revel in Kraft’s fall — because they despise the Patriots. “I am a Jets fan, so I’m here to take a picture,” said a man who identified himself as Steve S., 51, vacationing from his Port Jefferson, LI, home. “It’s so sad — you’re reading all this stuff, and Kraft was contributing to all of this,” Steve added, referring to the human-trafficking that authorities said was going on at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Selfie-seeking lawyer Rachel Mazzarella, 34, of Florida admitted, “Spending a long time in Boston and not being from there, I have a long animosity towards the Patriots,” adding that it was “amusing he was caught this this way, but it’s also highlighting the issue of sexual exploitation.” Brock P. of Jupiter said, “I can’t believe how many morons like me are here taking a picture.” “Now this place is a historical site, it’s a tourist attraction — everyone wants a picture.” Several people shouted “Kraft cheese” as they posed for photos, and an elementary-school-aged child was overheard telling his mom, “If I were you, I wouldn’t walk over to the day spa, you know what’s been going on in the news.” Jupiter Police announced Friday that they had two video recordings of Kraft, 77, engaging in sex acts inside the strip-mall massage parlor between Jan. 18 and Jan. 22. He was identified along with 25 other suspected johns, including billionaire Boston hedge-funder John Childs, 77; golfer Johnny DelPrete, 29 and former Citigroup president John Havens, 62. Kraft faces two counts of misdemeanor soliciting a prostitute — which carries a maximum 60 days in jail and $500 fine for a first-time offense. He has not been arrested, and a warrant could come Monday, according to CBS. Kraft has denied any wrongdoing.
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    Forget this guy. I doubt he’s going to be dominant at the highest level. Virtually everyone coming out of Alabama comes with an inflated performance because of the talent around them. With the Rules the way they are now not only does it make no sense to draft interior D linemen, unless their name is Aaron Donald (who actually put up Sack totals as though he were a great Edge Rusher, not to mention all the plays he blows up behind the line), it doesn’t even make sense to make a CB a Top 10 pick anymore. It’s all about Offense and holding the opposition to FGs as much as you can, because they’re going to score too. Maccagnan either never got the memo, is too stupid to understand, had his arm twisted by Bowles, or it has been a combination of those three things....but all that has to change...NOW. The ONLY Defensive player I’ll be happy drafting up high is someone who is a bonafide Sack artist and who will produce right away, any other position on Defense is trying to be too cute. Something the Jets have been guilty of over many many administrations. I’m confident that Gregg William’s pinky knows more about Defense than Bowles and his best pal basically “no show jobber” Rogers COMBINED. Darnold will light up the scoreboard with more help management gives him with talent around him. He was lighting it up virtually ALL BY HIMSELF the last 4 weeks of the season (PFF had him rated as the Highest ranked QB in the NFL over the last quarter of the season, imagine how good he’d be with just 1/2 a team around him?). The D will be an afterthought. Darnold will win lots of games. Like I said before I think the Jets make the playoffs next year as a Wildcard. If not Josh Allen or a dropped Bosa...Offense please.
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    I hope that Kraft has the clap.

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