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    Lmaoo we just can’t escape these 2 huh .
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    We used to do this thing call post of the week here. Anyone remember it? People have asked for it over the years, and I think we have a way to do it again. Should we bring it back?
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    Finding a photo of him catching the ball is like finding a picture of Bigfoot
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    This should be the same penalty from the NFL against New England as the deflated balls fiasco since technically it’s the same thing
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    the Patriots are just a high-class organization from Robert Kraft to the coach breaking a promise to a dead man, to Tom Brady... and the team like Aaron Hernandez great guys, all the way down to the thoughtful man who struggled with his weight and deflated the footballs. I also struggle with weight issues and hope he finds a way forward. Just a great group of guys all around. Classy.
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    They have also destroyed all of the evidence, but assure us all it wasn't really that bad, per head prosecutor Goger Roodell.
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    ...and whose girlfriend got her braces off a few months ago.
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    This is classic case of fans just wanting to get rid of a guy no matter what. Look, I don't like Lee as a player, but there's zero benefit to just getting rid of him.
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    Just wait until you see Thor appear... I hurt my stomach laughing so hard!
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    The Cards have the first pick overall so there’s no reason to have a smoke screen unless they wanted to trade Rosen which they devalued his trade value by talking so much about Murray.
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    When did we get this "Good Defense" you speak of?
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    No, because he hasn’t played for the Jets yet. Let’s see how it go’s...
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    Love the Crowder signing. I think he fits what Gase wants to do really well. Get the ball out fast to a guy who can find the hole in the zone or beat press coverage all day. Once Q went down last year, the Jets had nobody they could get the ball to fast and make something happen. Crowder excels in that role. With Robby taking the top of the D and Bell being a safety blanket out of the backfield, you really have to think Gase can get creative with Q, Crowder and Herndon.
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    The last time the Jets owned a pick this high (not counting trade ups) was 2006. The Jets made the decision to double up on oline and it turned out to be the best draft in team history. If I was Mike McCagnan my two first picks would be the best two OL available (trade down if I could, but if I cant still would pull the trigger at Taylor at 3). Taking one of these defensive studs is enticing, but at the end of the day my job is tied to Sam Darnolds success. If it doesnt work out I will still sleep soundly at night knowing that I did everything in my power to give him the support he needed. The Jets cannot fix all their needs in one offseason. Get the offense ready this year and work on improving the pass rush and secondary next year.
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    Two objectively awful players
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    That is quite possibly the dumbest trade proposal I've seen on this board and that's saying a lot.
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    The Vernon Gholston of wide receivers. Physical specimen with stone hands.
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    I know PFF grades aren’t the be all end all, but this is really really cool. I think it works right into what Gase wants to do as well.
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    Save some for next year. If there is no one worth signing, just roll it over. Spending just to spend is foolish.
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    Exactly. Criticizing Macc for his mistakes is absolutely fair but not giving him credit for anything is just agenda driven IMO
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    Two bodies like this can be found in any morgue in the country. I don't like this. Tomlinson hurt the offense last year and very rarely helped. Qvale never helped. Hope the new Offensive Line Coach better be a miracle worker. That's the only thing that could possibly help these two, On a positive note the Jets re-signed Neville Hewitt. What's up fish? 😀
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    Here we go with the Jets fans thinking every backup has to be a pro bowler Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I'd pour myself a large cup of coffee and let someone else make the picks because I suck at drafting players.
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    Defense is less important than it has ever been in this league. The jets have been a defense 1st team for 20 years. Focus on offense. Trade down and focus on LT/C/WR
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    Good? Dude please. Can't vote after that. Crappy to decent might be a better metric. As for the players listed. Bosa, Allen. That is it.
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    Wait until the 3rd pick but I would do everything in my power to trade down. I'd much rather have a mid round 1st pick, a 2nd and another 3rd for instance than #3 alone.
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    Don't mind him he has no clue what he's saying.
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    He HAS to be better than Eric Tomlinson!!! 😬
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    just building depth and the special teams unit up. people forget that we had only something like 36 players on the roster coming into free agency.
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    Let's go back 4 yrs: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000487627/article/scout-likens-leonard-williams-to-reggie-white
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    I am happy to eat crow if becessary but this whole quinnen Williams “omg what a catch!!” theory is a bunch of BS
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    Allen is going to be there 100% of the time Guy would be over drafted at #3- hes more of a mid first round player IMO Quinnen Williams is a better pick in that scenario
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    Come all without, come all within...
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    No automated system can replace @GreenBeans The thread was usually the best part of the whole thing. Especially during the offseason. Why would it bother me that he had to spend 10 hours on it? It doesn't effect the time I spend with my family.
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    Honestly the embarrassment of this whole thing was always going to be a bigger punishment than any legal ramifications.
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    QVale is fine but Tomlinson is terrible. Hope he gets beat out in camp.
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    Cards are taking Murray. No way all of these Rosen rumors are still happening if they had any intention of keeping him. Heck Arizona hasn’t even come out and given Rosen a full throated endorsement. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
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    When the real new jersey comes out... I hope they give all these fake ones to the homeless and poor kids in 3rd world countries.
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    An 06 repeat would help this team immensely. Unfortunately, there is no Brick in this draft and we dont have a second 1st round pick - or a 2nd round pick for that matter. Although we desperately need a pass rusher, this is just a sh*tty year for us to be picking 3rd if oline is what you want. On top of that it's also a really sh*tty year not to have a 2nd round pick! Goes without saying that I'd much rather have the Giants picks. If they were to offer the two 1st's to move up I'd do back flips, but I dont see it happening. Honestly, oline and C especially are such a concern right now that I wouldn't be angry if he traded future picks to move into the 2nd round if one of the top centers or other olineman were available.
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    Ill take the 17th overall from Gmen to swap 3 for 6. In that scenario it’s not out of the question that Allen falls to 6. TB plays a 4-3 D. Maybe they take Sweat instead.
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    The guy plays a position where you occupy blockers. But but he penetrates!!! So does Leonard Williams right? I think the whole DT in the top 15 trend is a running joke He literally has to be as good as kris Jenkins to avoid being a massive waste of draft capital. You want to bet on that?
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    I still feel Bosa could fall to us because the Niners signed Dee Ford they could draft Williams instead now!
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    Can he get his first carry before we put him in the ring of honor.

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