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    If he pulls it off, he will instantly become the most popular coach in franchise history
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    every team should trade with the Jets, on the Jets terms, when the Jets say they want to trade.
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    Trading Anderson for a third round pick would make no sense to me
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    ...that I fell asleep before the draft started and missed it live. (Began at 2am my time). Q? Great prospect. However, when it comes to utilizing draft resources relative to what we have on the roster, this front office and ownership are grossly incompetent. Its now to the point that when this stupidity happens every year we must somehow convince ourselves that maybe he simply couldn't find the right exchange in a trade, which also shows his consistent inability to negotiate a trade when he has top prospects still available such as Q or top rated EDGE guys on the board. And speaking of EDGE, wasnt that what was said to be needed the entire time, which is why we tried to sign guys like Barr? Mike Maccagnan just drafted, for the 2nd time in his GM career, a DT with a top pick, over an edge player, a DT position which is one of the few strengths of this team which includes veteran depth AND a 25 year old developing 2nd year DT that we just drafted last off-season. Macc should have been fired after the end of 2016. Mike Maccagnan is a trash GM, and based on his draft history, he's proven to also be a trash scout.
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    Tom Shane now: Browns win 56 to 12. Game Day: Jets win. Tom Shane then: Calm down people it was only the Browns, this is still a 1 and 15 team.
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    To be fair to Macc it’s impossible to see eye to eye with Gase
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    For those making fun of how he talks, you are grade A dipsh*ts. Biggest day of his life.
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    A GREAT pick folks.
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    For all the posters that think I only crap on our draft picks, I love this one. Excellent value and I see a LT at the next level.
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    I follow this group on Facebook. If you’re on there (I don’t recommend FB), it’s a cool group. I’m a Jet fan because I was a little kid who got to see a lot of games at Shea. I thought this was a cool defense of our own Broadway Joe: Freezing at Flushing members this Don Stokes. I wanted to share something with you written by one of our members Jim Trainor. He was responding to a comment that was made by a member. I won’t share his name. This person stated he felt Joe Namath (In this photo with Buddy Ryan circa 1971) was overrated. I felt Jim’s statement gives a wonderful explanation on the legend of Broadway Joe. Thanks Jim Here it is: ...................For a period of about 6 years, he (Joe) was the best quarterback in Pro Football, and it wasn’t even close. Just listen to the likes of Lombardi, Madden, Shula, Davis, Walsh, Gillman, Baugh all talk about him. Time and the evolution of the game has not been kind to Namath because the post 1980 rule changes and emphasis on scoring has helped dwarf not only his stat line, but his impact on the game. Most people who saw him play, look past the career stat lines because you could “see” the greatness of his talent. If you never saw him play, and you only measure greatness through stat lines, you’ll never be convinced that Namath was one of the top 20 talents to ever play the position. It’s unfortunate that injuries, the disadvantage of playing in one of the most “unfriendly” passing venues in football, and horrendous Jet teams of the mid 70’s have damaged those career statistics. But here’s a stat to consider... In the history of the NFL, from 1920 to now, there have been 188 quarterbacks that have thrown for over 4,000 yards in a single season. 186 of those occurred AFTER 1980, after the first set of rules to help offenses pass the ball were instituted. From 1920 to 1980, there were ONLY 2 quarterbacks to do it, Dan Fouts and Joe Namath, and Namath is the ONLY 1 to do it in a 14 game season. Further, there have been 11 quarterbacks that have thrown for 5,000 yards in a season since 1984, when Dan Marino did it first. The other 10 times it was done all occurred after 2007, which shows you how great Marino was. The point is this... the NFL game we watch today isn’t even the same game it was in 1985, never mind 1970. You can’t measure from different eras against each other... everything about the game (I.e. pro offense rules, stadiums/weather conditions, injury treatments, offensive systems, etc...) is different. Bottom line is this... Joe Namath was one of, if not the best QB, of his generation and some of the greatest coaches and players back that up, even if the career stat line doesn’t.
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    1. There is a gulf between what NFL teams are doing and what the people that cover those teams are reporting on. Insider “access” has become a highly managed, self-contained industry whereby the NFL controls what “news” is distributed, when it gets out, and how. If you’re not Schefter or Rapoport, you’re frozen out entirely. The draft media, specifically, is a bunch of self-appointed bloggers who are almost not worth paying attention to. 2. Quinnen Williams is a fine player who does nothing to help Sam Darnold or the Jets. He doesn’t make the product appreciably better, and his presence here should presage the end of Leonard Williams’ underwhelming time on the roster because there’s no reason to keep both of them, especially when you have to pay one of them $17 mil per after this season. Maccagnan did *exactly this* four years ago with Sheldon and Leonard and he thinks he’s going to get away with it again. 3. Maccagnan will skate, at least publicly, because Dave Gettleman bailed them out with a catastrophic draft night. The Giants train wreck is set to be a national sports story until Gettleman is tossed. 4. The ESPN telecast was a mothet****ing nightmare from start to finish. From Trey Wingo’s screaming, weird opening monologue, to Booger McFarland reminding everyone how awful the Monday Night Football telecast was, to relegating Schefter to a side screen propping up Mort, it was awful. The lowlight, however, was the fifteen minute vignette where they took turns apologizing for and explaining away Jeffrey Simmons beating the sh*t out of a woman lying on the ground. This segment was so inexcusable and obtuse that someone needs to be outed for producing it. At one point, Wingo even says that the woman on the ground had a “history” with Simmons’ sister, as though she had it coming. There’s a reason ESPN was so invested in covering for Simmons and someone needs to find out that reason. An absolute disgrace. Maybe Mushnick or Marchand can take a day off from dick-riding Francesa to actually do some reporting on an actual sports media story. 5. Maccagnan saying that he’s going to try to trade up into the second round is an admission that he knows he ****ed up in the first round. We’ll never know what the offers were to trade down from 3, but chances are good that Maccagnan choked and took the chicken exit to cover his own ass. It was reminiscent of Tannenbaum talking about the “mini-draft” after nuking one of his draft classes, referring to the UDFA signing period.
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    It's a long offseason, this got me pumped. Can't wait to see Darnold hitting up his new safety valve.
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    Just imagine getting this guy a pro caliber offensive line.
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    It’s really dusty in here...
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    We have the 3rd pick in the draft, we have 2 third round picks. We have Sam Darnold, we have an all pro safety who happens to love football, we signed LE'VEON BELL, one if not the best all around backs in the league, we signed a stud LB in Mosley, a slot WR in Crowder (underrated signing), Quincy will be back, Bells backup is Ty Montgomery, we signed a beast at LG in OK, we have a very good young TE in Herndon, Shell will be healthy & he's better than Jet fans give him credit for, if Maye stays healthy him & Adams are a top safety duo, we have our 1st offensive head coach with head coaching experience, we have a DC with head coaching experience, we have a proven Oline coach in Pollack, we have new uniforms that didn't turn out to be abominations like many here predicted. But when you come here and read these threads it's just negative, negative, negative. I'm looking forward to a great draft, plus we still have almost 26 million so we're not done filling holes and most importantly I'm looking forward to a great season. Sam has quiet leadership skills. Jamal has loud leadership skills, Greg Williams has even louder leadership skills, Gase is putting together skill players that can take advantage of these new defensive rules by spreading teams out & forcing them to cover the entire field. Bowles brought zero expectations here, this new coaching staff & player additions bring with them high expectations. No one will be late for meetings. Reminds me of 1997. Sam, Gase, G.Williams bring a hierarchy these players can follow, any success should snowball and what this team has been missing for years is true confidence. False bravado has been a Jet staple for years. Pregame speeches meant nothing after they got punched in the face. This team truly has leaders at every level. Sure we have holes, but most teams do. If Sam develops the sky is the limit, once a team believes in their QB good things happen, just that little bit of extra effort puts teams over the top. I expect a 60 minute, tough azz team in 2019 that has enough weapons on offense & defense to succeed. I think we'll see a few Sam Darnold off script wow plays that propel this team toward a playoff berth. I think Darnolds the real deal, my god, 21 years old starting in the NFL! He hasn't even hit full maturity physically, he's got room to get stronger & every game he plays he seems to get better. Full offseason, full camp, every 1st team rep, with an experienced offensive coach. A coach who made Ryan Tannyhill look good when he was healthy! Jet fans....enjoy the ride. This is going to be a fun ride & it starts with the 2019 draft. If we were picking 10th, there would be threads stating, I wish we were picking 3rd, that's the sweet spot, lol. Bosa, Allen, Q.Williams, Oliver or a trade back. Jets are sitting pretty.
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    Mac is forcing himself out with just heinous team building and draft results.
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    I’m a defensive guy. I believe defense wins championships. With that being said. The Oline has been neglected since Faneca left. Now. I have sat back and watched the Jets draft in the first round 90% defense in the first round for 15 years. Where is the lights out defense from doing that? It’s non existent. Enough is a $@&?!#%! Nuff. With that being said. We got our franchise quarterback last year. Its time to play it smart and protect our investment. You put an Oline in front of Darnold tomorrow night. Which will not only help Darnold it will open up the rest of the offense. It all starts up front. So if a trade partner presents itself I hope our GM fleeces them for all he can get and build this team around Darnold. Sorry Defense, It’s Offenses time and turn.
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    That seems high for terry
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    With all due respect i'm not fan of Mike Maccagnan but he has nothing to trade and needs as many players as he can get out of this draft. We aren't in this round because we have Sam Darnold and I will take that any day of the week. Give it a rest.
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    You know you've ****ed up when a guy named Peace Frog wants to beat the sh*t out of you.
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    How do I set it so I never ever see another post from this guy?
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    I plan to pour a tall glass of Jack Daniels, sit on JetNation, and downvote every anti-Josh Allen post on here
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    I used to do fun things for the draft. Then I got married and produced two kids who are now 4 and 1. Now my draft night will consist of me being asked multiple times "what's the point of watching this, they aren't even playing" and being asked even more frequently if we can change it to Muppet Babies.
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    Here's my new avatar. It should help you identify who I am, plus I think it's really modern and badass.

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