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    I plan to pour a tall glass of Jack Daniels, sit on JetNation, and downvote every anti-Josh Allen post on here
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    I used to do fun things for the draft. Then I got married and produced two kids who are now 4 and 1. Now my draft night will consist of me being asked multiple times "what's the point of watching this, they aren't even playing" and being asked even more frequently if we can change it to Muppet Babies.
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    That they kind of like the offensive skill group on this team? I am very interested in how Gase can mesh them all together. The offense is full of pass catchers at basically every turn. Certainly should help Darnold. So I'm optimistic. What of it?
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    Oh really? What else should Herndon have done? What was missing? And no, a Deandre Hopkins type target hog is not a necessity. We have plenty of pass catchers. Herndon included.
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    No offense, but are you in some level of government? 😎
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    Not everyone is ready for a full time professional job at 22 years old. A lot of guys just aren’t prepared for the amount of work it takes to be a professional in anything, let alone top of the line sports. He also spent his entire life in small town alabama. NYC is a culture shock to some people. Not everyone is equipped to live away from their friends, families, and support system they have grown up with.
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    I've been saying it for a little while now. The whole #1 WR thing is incredibly overrated. What you need is a QB who can read a defense and hit the open man. If they have that in Darnold, they have more than enough with Anderson, Enunwa, Herndon, Crowder, and Bell. That's a pretty good group. They have some depth now at RB, could use another WR to push what they have there.
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    It's about time someone spoke up and discussed the virtues of trading down.
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    This time let’s take pace instead of farrior and ward
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    He was never a good prospect to begin with. Here's my breakdown on him right after we drafted from another message board. After watching some more tape of this guy I don't understand the pick in round three. He's basically a mini Enunwa coming out of college that is thirty pounds lighter and three inches shorter. He blocks well and plays hard but his hands are suspect at best. He is not a natural receiver at all. I don't see the elusiveness that he should possess with his combine numbers in the three games I watched.....he only thrived when nobody touched him. That concussion in the Ole Miss game was barely contact and he's on the shelf. I don't see his game transitioning to the next level unless you're looking for a few quick hitters.
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    What was the violation, did he park his car on top of a hooker? He was caught driving 37 in a 25 mph zone. This dude lives in Jacksonville, mind you. Jacksonville! And this is the worst he does? I find that quite impressive, honestly. Hardly makes the needle on the Thugturd meter twitch, when you consider the monsters that this league shelters. Just pay your tickets next time, silly.
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    We didn’t only upgrade at head coach, we also improved at multiple other coaching positions. Gregg Williams at DC and Frank Pollack for OLine immediately come to mind. I expect to see an overall improvement across many position groups simply based on coaching.
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    Couple of points I don't agree with: WR - I would put BUrnett ahead of Quadree Henderson. He is just a kick returner, never caught a pass in the NFL, we signed Montgomery yesterday who returns kicks. I don't think he is ahead of Burnett. I also think Charone Peake is as good as gone. He only has value as a gunner and Bellamy fills that role while giving ou something in the passing game. Coirner -- I think Roberts is a lock. He is our starter opposite Tru right now -- well ahead of Rashard Robinson and Parry who is a slot. Robinson is on the bubble, in my view, not Roberts. Other than that, hard to argue with most of your projections.
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    Draft week you mean? The new format stinks they make the top picks use the whole clock for advertising I will be posting here for the entertainment value of course
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    This guy can catch out of the backfield & run between the tackles, he got hurt getting too many carries because the Packers entire backfield got hurt the last few years. He's backing up a stud RB & you guys are moaning like chicks. This site is getting ridiculous.
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    College WR, plays RB/KR. 6'0 215, 4.55 40, sub 7 3-cone. Went to Stanford. Solid role player.
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    Still don’t know how Arizona takes Murray and just takes the loss on the QB they traded up for a year ago all because they hired a college coach who led a good offense but never really won anything. Just can’t see a team giving up a 1,3,5 to draft a QB only to trade him the next season for a 2nd or 3rd rounder they almost have to stick with Rosen after the investment they made.
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    Instead of getting super-triggered by Villain, why don’t the vast majority of you who are in your feelings about Mayfield looking like Drew Brees Jr just go back and delete your old posts predicting he’d suck? No one will judge you.
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    Here are some of Jet Nations most knowledgeable posters on the draft discussing strategy. Look....there's paradis looking to hand in the selection.
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    MANY players had the yipps with this clown as HC.
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    There is literally no downside to this and anybody complaining now is just a ******* hater.
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    Vet minimum . There goes the cap space complaints
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    Show me a pace and I'll go along with you. There is no Pace and the top of the draft is not loaded with generational must have guys. I'll go so far as to say this is one of the weakest top of the drafts in many years. The top guys all have big questions and yet there is depth in the draft in some areas. This is 100% for sure the year to trade down. I have little faith the big offers will be there or if they are that Mac can pull it off but this is for sure the year to trade down.
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    They need a center and RT. This will help the offense immensely. I believe a trade down is coming.
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    We need to draft OL no wasting picks on a RB this was a good move.
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    Keep in mind this is also a nice depth signing for the slot because Montgomery played mostly in the slot before GB moved him to RB when Fat ass Eddie Lacy was hurt all the time. This is nice depth all around
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    So incomplete passes are now drops?
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    Players with a Star (⭐) are a lock to make the team, barring injury or trade (n=35) Players with a green check (✅) are players who have a strong chance to make the team (n=7) Players with a question mark (❓) are solid players who could contribute but might be on the bubble Players with an X (❌) seem to be longshots to make the team at this point Total Signed Players: 71 Available Roster Spots: 19 (For Example: 6 Draft Picks, 11 UDFAs, 2 Vet Free Agents) Offense - 37 Quarterback (4) 14 - Sam Darnold 6'3" 221 USC ⭐ 19 - Trevor Siemian 6'3" 220 Northwestern (Free Agent Signing) ⭐ 5 - Davis Webb 6'5" 225 Cal ✅ x - Brandon Silvers 6'3" 218 Troy (AAF Signee) ❌ Running Back (5) 26 - Le'Veon Bell 6'1" 225 Michigan State (Free Agent Signing) ⭐ 25 - Elijah McGuire 5'10" 214 LA-Lafayette ⭐ xx - Ty Montgomery 6'0" 216 Stanford (WR/KR) (Free Agent Signing)⭐ 40 - Trenton Cannon 5'11" 185 Virginia State (KR) ❓ 35 - Deangelo Henderson 5'7" 208 Coastal Carolina ❓ Tight End (5) 89 - Chris Herndon 6'4" 253 Miami ⭐ xx - Daniel Brown 6'5" 243 James Madison (Free Agent Signing) ⭐ 86 - Jordan Leggett 6'5" 258 Clemson ✅ 83 - Eric Tomlinson 6'6" 263 UTEP (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ❓ 85 - Neal Sterling 6'3" 257 Monmouth (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ❓ Wide Receiver (11) 81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska ⭐ 11 - Robby Anderson 6'3" 190 Temple ⭐ xx - Jamison Crowder 5'9" 177 Duke (Free Agent Signing)⭐ 15 - Josh Bellamy 6'0" 208 Louisville (Free Agent Signing)⭐ xx - Quadree Henderson 5'8" 192 Pitt (WR/KR) (Waiver Claim / NYG) ✅ 84 - Deontay Burnett 6'0" 180 USC (WR) ❓ 17 - Charone Peake 6'3" 205 Clemson (WR) ❓ 84 - JJ Jones 5'10" 173 West Georgia (WR) ❌ xx - Tim White 5'10" 185 Arizona State (WR) ❌ xx – Stacy Coley 6’0” 195 Miami (FL) (WR) (Reserve/Future Contract) ❌ 16 - DeAngelo Yancey 6'1" 220 Purdue (WR) (Reserve/Future Contract) ❌ Offensive Line (12) 68 - Kelvin Beachum 6"3" 303 SMU (T) ⭐ 72 - Brandon Shell 6'5" 325 South Carolina (T) ⭐ 70 - Kelechi Osemele 6'5" 330 Iowa State (G) (Acquired via Trade with Raiders)⭐ 67 - Brian Winters 6'4" 320 Kent State (G) ⭐ 78 - Jonotthan Harrison 6"4" 300 Florida (C/G) ⭐ 77 - Tom Compton 6'6" 314 South Dakota (G/T) (Free Agent Signing)⭐ 79 - Brent Qvale 6'7 315 Nebraska (G/T) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ✅ 69 - Benjamin Braden 6'6" 335 Michigan (G/T) ❓ 65 - Eric Smith 6'4" 308 Virginia (T) ❓ 64 - Jon Toth 6'5" 310 Kentucky (C) (Reserve/Future Contract)❓ xx - Jordan Morgan 6'3" 313 (G) Kutztown ❌ 76 - Dieugot Joseph 6'6" 300 FIU (OT) (Reserve/Future Contract) ❌ Defense - 31 Defensive Line (6) 92 - Leonard Williams 6'5 300 USC (DE/DT) ⭐ 96 - Henry Anderson 6'6" 300 Stanford (DE) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed)⭐ 99 - Steve McLendon 6'3" 310 Troy (DT) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed)⭐ 97 - Nathan Shepherd 6'4" 315 Ft. Hays State (DE/DT) ⭐ 94 - Foley Fatukasi 6'4" 318 UCONN (DE/DT) ❓ xx – Charles Tapper 6’3” 270 Oklahoma (DE) (Reserve/Future Contract) ❓ Linebacker (11) 48 - Jordan Jenkins 6'3" 259 Georgia (OLB)⭐ 54 - Avery Williamson 6'1" 246 Kentucky (ILB) ⭐ 51 - Brandon Copeland 6'3" 263 Penn (OLB) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ⭐ 57 - CJ Mosley 6'2" 250 Alabama (ILB) (Free Agent Signing)⭐ 58 - Darron Lee 6'1" 235 Ohio State (ILB) ⭐ (Trading Block?) 46- Neville Hewitt 6'2" 234 Marshall (ILB) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ✅ 50 - Frankie Luvu 6'3" 235 Washington State (OLB) ✅ 93 - Tarell Basham 6'4" 266 Ohio (OLB) (DE?) ❓ 91 - Bronson Kaufusi 6'6" 275 BYU (OLB/DE) ❓ 52 - Anthony Wint 6'0" 224 FIU (ILB) ❓ 44 - Harvey Langi 6'2" 250 BYU (ILB) (INJURED/PUP) ❌ Cornerback (8) 22 - Trumaine Johnson 6'1" 205 Montana ⭐ 43 - Parry Nickerson 5'10"182 Tulane ⭐ 30 - Rashard Robinson 6'2" 177 LSU ⭐ 34 - Brian Poole 5'10" 205 Florida (Free Agent Signing)⭐ 27 - Darryl Roberts 6'0" 182 Marshall (S?) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) ✅ 31 - Derrick Jones 6'2" 188 Mississippi ❓ 23 - Jeremy Clark 6'3" 220 Michigan (CB / S) ❓ xx – Arthur Maulet 5’10” 190 Memphis (CB) (Reserve/Future Contract)❌ Safety (6) 33 - Jamal Adams 6'0" 214 LSU (S)⭐ 20 - Marcus Maye 6'0" 210 Florida (S) ⭐ 38 - Brandon Bryant 6'0" 215 Mississippi State (S) ❓ 36 - Doug Middleton 6'0" 210 Appalachian State (S) ❓ 45 - Rontez Miles 6'1" 210 California (PA) ❓ xx – Tevaughn Campbell 6’0” 195 Regina (DB) (Reserve/Future Contract)❌ Special Teams - 3 Punter (1) 4 - Lachlan Edwards 6'4" 215 Sam Houston State⭐ Kicker (1) 7 - Chandler Catanzaro 6'3" 210 Clemson (Free Agent Signing) ⭐ Long Snapper (1) 42 - Thomas Hennessy 6'2" 246 Duke ⭐ International Player Pathway (Non-Roster) - 1 x - Valentine Holmes 6'1" 200 Australia (RB/WR/KR)
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    how hard is that, when you're up by 20 in the 2nd quarter, and the other team is passing on 80% of the plays, desperately trying to keep up. That's a DT's wet dream. Alabama played 2 competitive games all year. I'm sorry, but context with Q and his 1 year of production needs to be respected - and i don't see anywhere, in any discussion.
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    IDK, I heard the only measure of athleticism that really matters is the ability to beat up @CTM
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    I’m trying to follow along with this thread because it’s “Baker will regress!” but “Sam will be elite!” and “Baker had more weapons last year” but “The Browns actually stink” and “Odell is a cancer!” but “Le’Veon was actually a beloved teammate” and “The Browns and Jets are the same!” but “The Jets finished 1-9 but it was a *good* 1-9 and “The Browns have a rookie head coach” but “we have Adam Gase, which is somehow better.” It’s hard to follow, but let’s scream at Villain
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    I bet cannon has better shot of making the roster over McGuire .. McGuire offers nothing on special teams . cannon at very least is a damn good gunner .
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    Yeah. Ooooooooorrrrrrrr, he wasn’t good, and was comically over drafted....
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    "Hey Google... Search for pictures of Tom Brady's bachelor party"
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    I am the George Soros of Adams slander forums
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    so now we know what the Mod Lounge looks like on draft night.
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    This guy is a WR that can play RB This is a great signing you can line this guy in the slot he returns kicks. He adds a another dimension to the Jets offense.
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    Thank God for Josh McCowan. He did more to help Sam than all the coaches and FO combined.
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    The upside is, he’s already done the stupidest thing he’s going to do on a football field.
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    Just don’t see why Arizona has to rush to trade Rosen if they draft Murray. Both would be on cheap contracts so no cap issues. Hold out for your price. They hold all the leverage.
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    Trade for this beast Sent from my LGUS991 using JetNation.com mobile app
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    What it does is give Gase a RB that can catch the ball well like Le’Veon does. More likely to not be limited in play calling when Bell is on the sideline every once and awhile.
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    Either is an improvement to McGuire and Cannon.
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