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    A team not mentioned much. The Bengals. New coach. Dalton isn't a guy a new regime may want to hang their hat on. Haskins being an Ohio State guy. They may want to nab their QB of the future now so he can sit a year like Mahomes did with Alex Smith.
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    It's a long offseason, this got me pumped. Can't wait to see Darnold hitting up his new safety valve.
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    I just want to see our GM walking naked and getting sh*t thrown at him as we all chant 'Shame shame shame!' after the draft.
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    Your misery is less funny than you think. Just sayin'.
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    Silly, Darrelle in a landslide even if you think he’s a money grubbing a$$hole
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    Why stay at 3? I would look to trade back, pick up OT, Brienne of Tarth in the teens, and then draft Tyrion Lannister in the 2nd to replace Darron Lee.
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    This is both an exercise in futility (my affection is the kiss of death) and an annual demonstration illustrating how big of a loser I am... My top 5s are based on a mix ability/confidence but also where talent meets the value -- so doesn't always translate to popular boards. **This is specific to the Jets needs/Draft position QBs RBs: D. Singletary, FAU (rnd 3-4) W. Hills, SRU (rnd 6-7) D. Williams, ND (rnd 4-5) R. Anderson, OU (rnd 5-6) A. Barnes, KSU (rnd 4-5) UDFA: J Scarlett (FU), D Ozigbo (Neb) WRs: (emphasis on X/split end) N. Harry, ASU (rnd 2, *trade) K. Doss, UC Davis (rnd 3-4) J. Hurd, Baylor (rnd 3-4) J. Ferguson, NWSU (rnd 5-6) DK Metcalf, Miss (late1/2 *trade) UDFA: E Butler (NAU), J Way (SAU), J Gardner (Miami OH) TEs: K. Warring, SDSU (rnd 5) K. Brown, TXST (rnd 6-7) J. Oliver, SJSU (rnd 4) N. Fant, Iowa (rnd 1 *trade) D. Knox, Miss (rnd 4) UDFA: D Parham (Stetson), L Parker (SUU) OTs J. Taylor, FU (rnd 1 *trade) A. Dillard, WSU (rnd 1/2 *trade) T Howard, ASU (rnd 3) T. Pipkins, SFU (rnd 5-6) C Edoga, USC (rnd 4-5) UDFA: T Roemer (SDSU) J Miles (Morgan State) OGs J. Williams, Bama (rnd 1 *trade) C. Linstrom, BC (rnd 2 *trade) N. Davis, Charlotte (rnd 3-4) A. Bars, ND (rnd 5-6) K. Sutherland, TAMU (rnd 5-6) UDFA: L Bonner (ASU), BJ Autry (JSU) Center G. Bradbury, NC St (rnd 1 *trade) E. McCoy, TAMU (rnd 2 *trade) E. Jenkins, Miss St (rnd 3) C. McGovern, PSU (rnd 4-5) M. Jordan, OSU (rnd 3-4) UDFA: nothing. Trash. Pass Rusher: N. Bosa, OSU (rnd 1) J. Allen, KU (rnd 1) B. Burns, FSU (rnd 1 *trade) C. Winovich, Mich (rnd 3-4) M. Crosby, EMU (rnd 5-7) UDFA: T Ward (ODU) A. Saint-Amour (GT) Dline: E. Oliver, Hou (rnd 1) D. Mack, TAMU (rnd 4-5) PJ Johnson, AU (rnd 6-7) not interested in anyone else UDFA: C Kaufusi (BYU) LBs Not even going to bother because, seriously. DBs B. Murphy, WU (rnd 1 *trade) J. Williams, Vanderbilt (rnd 3) N. Needham, UTEP (rnd 5-6) R. Sin, Temple (rnd 3-4) J. Love ND (rnd 3) UDFA: Small school guys -- they won't all get drafted; Moreland/Brown/Ballentine
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    In the glory days of Revis Island he was arguably the best player in the league. I don't ever recall people saying this about Peterson...
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    Damn. I voted before I realized you specified what the offer was. For that kind of haul, take the trade. I withdraw my vote for Bosa.
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    I'd willingly get a blood transfusion from Magic Johnson, so long as I was guaranteed the opportunity to bite you just one time.
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    Grown to despise that term....and tiny hands on a man. 😂
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    Tom is an old frustrated high school safety. Could not even start his senior year. Thus, the hatred for safeties that actually can play. He is Al Bundy without the HS accomplishments, an English Lit BA, and the internet as his canvas. I actually admire him, in an odd way.
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    I feel any trade down would happen while the Jets are on the clock. Depends on who is still there at #3. If Bosa is still there...let the bidding begin. I'm not crazy about his injury history and we just have so many needs.
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    He has said all the right things so far i love the fact that he has a chip on his shoulder and has a lot to prove
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    Executive bullet points please
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    This is easy. It has to be Hodor. He's huge and a great protector. A guy willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the team.
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    As far as I can see, the Jets are not shopping the #3 pick:
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    Raiders help us on two fronts, as they're also in need of a pass rush after trading Mack last year. Teams could be looking to get ahead of them for different reasons. Personally, I think they like having themselves rumored to be in the QB market so that someone does trade ahead of them to grab one, pushing another premium defender down to them.
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    Jets & Giants aren't making a trade that's that high profile. Also don't know if the Giants are really interested in a QB in the first round this year. The Broncos have had a couple losing seasons in a row and probably would prefer to build around Flacco than draft his replacement immediately after signing him. Redskins would have to come up with a monster offer to get from #15 to #3, and I'd listen.
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    The Redskins are in full rebuild. No way they hand over that much draft capital for a decent defensive end prospect.
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    That's actually a really cool, well cut video, seems genuinely excited to be playing with Sam.
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    Between Gase & Williams, they drafted 6 interior DL over 6 drafts. The earliest selection was Ron Edwards, a 3rd rounder in 2001. They picked 4 edge rushers over 6 drafts, BUT all 4 were selected in the 1st and 2nd rounds. As far as OL, I'm only going to look at Gase because Williams is the DC now. Gase drafted 2 OL in 3 drafts, with Tunsil being the highest selection in round 1. Now, does all of this mean that Oliver or QW won't be the pick at 3? Of course not. However, a tiger never changes its stripes and, historically, both Gase and Williams seem to value edge rushers over interior DLs in the draft.
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    I thought this subject would be more intersting than another mock draft.
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    I follow this group on Facebook. If you’re on there (I don’t recommend FB), it’s a cool group. I’m a Jet fan because I was a little kid who got to see a lot of games at Shea. I thought this was a cool defense of our own Broadway Joe: Freezing at Flushing members this Don Stokes. I wanted to share something with you written by one of our members Jim Trainor. He was responding to a comment that was made by a member. I won’t share his name. This person stated he felt Joe Namath (In this photo with Buddy Ryan circa 1971) was overrated. I felt Jim’s statement gives a wonderful explanation on the legend of Broadway Joe. Thanks Jim Here it is: ...................For a period of about 6 years, he (Joe) was the best quarterback in Pro Football, and it wasn’t even close. Just listen to the likes of Lombardi, Madden, Shula, Davis, Walsh, Gillman, Baugh all talk about him. Time and the evolution of the game has not been kind to Namath because the post 1980 rule changes and emphasis on scoring has helped dwarf not only his stat line, but his impact on the game. Most people who saw him play, look past the career stat lines because you could “see” the greatness of his talent. If you never saw him play, and you only measure greatness through stat lines, you’ll never be convinced that Namath was one of the top 20 talents to ever play the position. It’s unfortunate that injuries, the disadvantage of playing in one of the most “unfriendly” passing venues in football, and horrendous Jet teams of the mid 70’s have damaged those career statistics. But here’s a stat to consider... In the history of the NFL, from 1920 to now, there have been 188 quarterbacks that have thrown for over 4,000 yards in a single season. 186 of those occurred AFTER 1980, after the first set of rules to help offenses pass the ball were instituted. From 1920 to 1980, there were ONLY 2 quarterbacks to do it, Dan Fouts and Joe Namath, and Namath is the ONLY 1 to do it in a 14 game season. Further, there have been 11 quarterbacks that have thrown for 5,000 yards in a season since 1984, when Dan Marino did it first. The other 10 times it was done all occurred after 2007, which shows you how great Marino was. The point is this... the NFL game we watch today isn’t even the same game it was in 1985, never mind 1970. You can’t measure from different eras against each other... everything about the game (I.e. pro offense rules, stadiums/weather conditions, injury treatments, offensive systems, etc...) is different. Bottom line is this... Joe Namath was one of, if not the best QB, of his generation and some of the greatest coaches and players back that up, even if the career stat line doesn’t.
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    Just imagine getting this guy a pro caliber offensive line.
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    Here's a picture my son took outside of the window from the Bar he works at in downtown Nashville. Should be quite a few Jet fans with us picking 3rd or 7th?...10th? 15th?
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    Is this a joke? Revised in his prime may be in the convo for best CB ever
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    Better career - Peterson Better 3-4 year span - Revis
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    Damn - ya'll act like you're taking a timed exam or something. Slow down and read before you click everything on the page like a crack head.
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    Atlanta could be nuts to move up for a lineman as well...
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    All this Ed Oliver leaked talk feels fishy. Lying season. Telling teams that if you want Ed you need to trade up. You want Ed? Call us. You want Q? Ring-a-ding time. You want Haskins or Lock? Pick up the phone. You want Bosa? Gimme gimme gimme. Oliver is just another guy getting love that some teams may be drooling over. We like him I am sure. But the for sale sign is firmly planted in the ground. Somebody will give us a package of picks. It might not be the haul we are hoping for though.
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    The nerve of some people.
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    5 premium picks for 1. Take the trade. Especially since Washington will likely be starting a rookie QB. Next years 1 could be a top 5 pick. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Make the trade. Justify it by saying you were concerned about bosas injury history. That is a fair haul and will help us move the team in the right direction. Sent from my LGUS991 using JetNation.com mobile app
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    In 3 years Gase's Dolphins drafted: 11 Offensive Players Tackle (1st) RB (3rd, 5th) WR (3rd, 6th, 7th) QB (7th) G (5th) TE (2nd, 4th, 7th) 11 Defensive Players CB (2nd, 3rd, 7th) S (1st, 6th) DE/Edge (1st) MLB (2nd, 7th) OLB (3rd) DT (5th, 6th) Specials K (7th)
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    A couple more from the Honeymoon, since I love showing her off: Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    "D Ozigbo (Neb) " He can't be an UDFA because I drafted him in the 7th round in the jet nation draft and I would get minus points. Please make an adjustment and list him as a 6th rounder. Good work on this. I cant make a judgment on many of these because I have done less draft research this year than in many years. My first year of retirement and I have less time to look into the draft than I did when I worked. 🤐
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    So glad we here at the #Jets don’t have any defensive backs on the roster like that
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    Good. It’s voluntary. And if Coughlin feels so much about it then we can trade down from 3 to 7 and we’ll take Ramsey and a second.
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    Or we can ignore history and study rumors 🤔
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    If the board actually fell that way in the 3rd I would take Hakeem Butler at 68 and Sean Bunting at 93 and then Max Scharping at 105.
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    Great to see the never-ending apologist of the Noodle-arm and Buttfumble so excited to trash Namath.
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    I really hope we can trade down and add a LT and C in first two rounds. People aren’t as high on Jonah Williams and “project” him as a guard, but I still think he’s be great at LT. 4 year starter, dominated against elite rushers. People keep pointing to one or two plays on film. I seem to remember Quentin Nelson getting pancaked by our own Leo Williams. Means nothing. Nelson’s a monster and Jonah can be a very good player for a decade. Sam on the move, in the pocket, with time, in this offense will slice up defenses.
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    Only QB to throw for over 4,000 yards in a 14 game season in history - In windy Shea Stadium no less. I saw Joe Willie play in the late 60's at Shea. Met Joe Willie in the mid 80's. Joe Willie is in a class by himself.
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    If we could trade down, draft a starting LT, land Clark with our newly acquired second, and draft a Center and another offensive target for Darnold with our 3rds...this may be a perfect offseason

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