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    A hire of this caliber would not have been possible had it happened in January under the command of Chris Johnson. All hail Emperor Gase.
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    Manish Mehta in six hours "RuMoRs oF JoE DOugLaS To ThE JeTs ArE AbSOluTelY FalSE!!!a21!!!@!!!!"
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    call me when theres a petition to put him in JAIL where he belongs
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    Woody just learned that Winston Churchill was dead and there is no chance to meet him..........
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    Not a clue who he was until I read about him here. That said, isn't it fair to be somewhat optimistic about a young guy who's clearly highly regarded in league circles, who's worked for some quality organizations, and who also happens to have a positive relationship with the coach, as opposed to being the guy who'd take the job despite the coach? I feel like this, at least, has better potential than Charlie Casserly's friend who it was reported was going to be fired when we hired him or the only guy who'd have Rex Ryan thrust upon him?
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    Oh for **** sakes....Emperor Gase? Is this like your new Conquering Hero??? And lets be real, you had no clue who Joe Douglas was a week ago.
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    Maybe 200% false Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He was answering questions on profootballnetwork, and pretty much said that Douglas to the Jets was a done deal. Take it for what it's worth. "Tony, over the past 24 hours it was reported by Rich Cimini of ESPN that the Jets will start the GM search. The names Cimini mentioned are Scott Fitterer of the Seattle Seahawks, Champ Kelly of the Chicago Bears, and Joe Douglas of the Philadelphia Eagles. Can you shed any light as to what may happen? Tony Pauline: I had been led to believe all along that it would be very tough to pry Joe Douglas away from the Eagles…until last night. Someone I trust told me the word is Douglas is a done deal and the Jets are just going through the motions interviewing the other candidates. Seemingly, the Eagles are going to let Douglas walk. More than this coming from a reliable source, I’ve also heard this same thing from others since this morning so I believe there’s a lot of validity to it." https://www.profootballnetwork.com/qa-session-nfl-draft-analyst-tony-pauline-answers-your-questions/
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    LOL I hate that little cocksnot as much as the next fella, but these internet petitions are all goofy. Especially this one If you want Manish to suck the scraggly, unwashed dick of irrelevance...then quit buying his sh*tty, floundering paper and quit clicking and sharing his sh*tty links to his sh*tty stories.
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    Three weeks ago. A week ago I couldn’t live without him!
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    It's the Daily News. It's the way they want their sports reporters to write. Remember when Cimini was the Jets' fans' public enemy #1? Now he's not so bad anymore? Yeah, the DN. And those snappy headlines? That's not Mehta, that's their editors. If they fire Mehta, the next guy will be more of the same. Better to just root for the demise of the paper.
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    This will totally work and not give Manish even more attention and a bigger platform
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    I think this the "best shape of his life" talk for coaches, whenever they come in to a new place. I remember when Bowles came in, it was a lot of "No more Rex guys, everything is competition. It doesn't matter, Bowles couldn't care less about your production, you show up in practice, you have a shot" type stories suggesting Ryan had been too much of a player's coach. In the end, Bowles was a worse coach. I don't really care about intensity or difficulty of drills. I care about attention to detail with practices, and preparing players for situations. I was much more excited about walkie talkie for Darnold and video screens to see a play, and break it down. For example, the Elijah McGuire one handed catch was not a great play design. They essentially had two receivers converge to the same spot Shottenheimer style, and McGuire just happened to make a great play on it. I'd rather them see that play on review and correct it, than yell and scream louder, or be more winded.
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    Meh, 80's a walking erection lasting longer than 4-hours. What're you gonna do?
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    I agree with you to an extent. The truth is that none of us have any idea who will or will not be a good GM. Best we can do is look at the background & qualifications of the candidate and form an opinion. Douglas has about 20 years experience as an NFL personnel guy. I listened to a podcast with a Philly wirter earlier this week who acknoweldged that Douglas has been the personnel guy that Howie Roseman leans on heaviest and has been a huge part of building the current Eagles roster. He has been part of Super Bowl winning teams in both Baltimore and Philly. And he has worked with Adam Gase before. I am not aware of a another candidate with similar background (although Champ Kelly comes close). He may of may not be a good GM. Some guys are strong #2s that are not cut out to be the top guy. Maybe Douglas falls into that category. But based on his background and qualifications, I will be very happy if he gets his shot with the Jets.
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    and don't worry if the Joe Douglas deal falls through we will all bash the crap out of him and say we didn't want him anyway
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    The Texans wanted to talk to them about their GM opening, but the Eagles blocked it, which they could because they were in the playoffs. The Texans then went in another direction because they didn't want to lose their next candidate to another team. That's the good thing about firing Mac in May, the Jets are the only team with a GM opening right now and have the luxury of taking their time because they're not competing with anyone else for candidates.
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    I get the feeling I've read this before from you for the last 10-15 years. Then your Raiders implode and you don't show up until the next offseason. Rinse and repeat every year. See ya in February once the end of September rolls around.
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    Just what the little troll needs, even more publicity. SMH You do realize that posting something like this gives him even more hits which in turn keeps his job even safer. He's not a NFL exec, he's a hack writer.
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    Meh, I remember Mo and Sheldon talking about how Bowles training camp was like boot camp intense and the toughest offseason program ever.
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    The head coach sets the tone for the team. I'm so glad we never have to watch Bowles standing on the sideline like an emotionless statue again. Show some energy, show some fire, fight for your team. It really does rub off on your players when you show that you care.
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001032325/article/leonard-williams-enjoying-jets-crazy-ota-battles You mean to say that Bowles & Co weren't instilling competitiveness and fire in the players all these years?? I'm shocked.
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    But a bad first year doesn’t wreck a guy if he actually has ability. The fact so many of Maccagnan’s draft picks are at home and not even on 90 man rosters right now speaks volumes just how poor he was. These failed draft choices aren’t even getting looked at by other teams. That’s not Bowles fault, that all on Maccagnan. You can’t tell me that Bowles screwed up ArDarius Stewart or Chad Hansen, those guys would have been s**t with Lomabardi coaching them.
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    He WANTS this job? What kinda lunatic is this guy?? I like it. Hire this man.
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    Agreed. It's not quite the same as coaches where many every day fans would be more familiar than with asst GM's or Directors of college scouting. No one knows whether or not any of these guys will end up being good GM's but I like the idea of Douglas coming primarily from the ravens FO. That's about as solid of a background as you can get. Add to it that Douglas was one of the pieces added to the Eagles FO when they went to and won the Superbowl. He's got the pedigree and he's been under some of the best out there. The fact that he is buddies with Gase is the final piece which makes it a great move. Get everything Gase wants and go all in with him. F it. I'll add that I found myself a bit envious watching the Colts war room while Reich and Ballard were excitedly on the exact same page.
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    Still waiting for the Jets to tweet out the picture of Douglas signing his contract at Florham Park. Then I will believe it. And they might even need to remove all napkins from the facility for a couple of days just to be sure.
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    Time flies Joe......Happy 76th!
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    Stop posting his stuff. Stop clicking on his pieces. Nobody really buys papers anymore..... The problem fixes itself.
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    The grade is clearly an A+ for getting rid of Mac.
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    What kind of person pays money for an ESPN+ subscription?
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    Stay well Broadway Joe!
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    We drafted a Pro Bowl player at 6 in Jamal Adams but passed on Patrick Mahomes to do so. Jamal Adams is a good player but a bad pick. Saquon Barkley is a tremendous player but also a bad pick. Its not just about who you take. Its what you miss out on.
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    Sounds like a Friday night at T0ms
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    All that matters is that we'll have Gregg Williams working with our #2 CB.
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    Roberts played well at Cornerback until Bowles decided to put him at safety when Maye went down. He has length and speed, pretty sure Gregg Williams can work with that
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    Is Nate Shepherd ever going to be other than what he is/was? An older prospect from a Div 3 program with Day 3 talent? Was Lorenzo Mauldin going to get faster? Was D Lee going to grow into a 3-4 ILB instead of a WLB trying to play in a 3-4? Are Dylan Donahue, Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty, and a plethora of others ever going to make an NFL 53? Bowles was trash. But so was Mac. It was a perfect storm of crap. It was....Craptacular.
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    What about when they are cut and on other teams? With other coaching staffs? Bowles and company were so bad these guys were ruined forever?
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    Yes, the draft is a crapshoot. True. The REAL point is, do the PICKS themselves make sense? Mac picked Leo...when the team was full of holes and DL wasn't a need or a weakness. Over the next 5 drafts, he picked, what, 4 more D linemen? He took Petty in the 4th, solid attempt at a developmental QB....and 2 years later he drafted Hack in the 2nd. LOL. BUT, he recognized the NEED to develop a young QB, but neglected to build a foundation for him to work and learn in. No OL before the 5th round (Harrison, Shell) until Edoga. BUT, after demonstrating he recognized the NEED for QB, passes on DeShaun Watson AND Mahomes for Jamal Adams (an excellent safety)....and then doubles down at safety. 2016 he drafts a 6'1 230 lb LB, 3 years later, has to sign CJ Mosely, a completely different TYPE of LB to replace his former forst rounder. I could go on, but there was no rhyme or reason to Macs drafting. It was like a Tetris player who kept stacking in the same place vertically instead of trying to build bottom to top. Made ZERO SENSE. Every team drafts guys who underperform their position. Happens to everyone. But is there a plan? Is there a template? I'm not going to research Douglas' career, but if he demonstrates a plan, and an intention to build a team in a systematic and competent manner while taking input from the coaches who design the systems these players will be playing in, then he's a huge win.
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    Mom, the sister Beth, and CJ are MINORITY investors/owners in the investment company that financed Woody, who is the majority owner of New York Jets LLC, and also owner and CEO of the Johnson Company. Woody is the only one of the crew who has actually done anything in the way of making his own money, and is the richest and most powerful member of the 4th generation Johnson family. He also has had nothing to do with Johnson and Johnson since he was 18 when his grand father, fired his father. He inherited a good bit of money, and turned it into billions through real estate investing, and a cable company
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    Attack on freedom of the press because he wrote something you don’t like ?? 🤦‍♂️....hard pass
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    So the only thing holding them back is the fact that they have to play other teams? Got it. Fire Goodell.
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    meh.. kind of like calling for the firing of a reporter at the Enquirer. The guy is looking for a reaction and he gets it more than any other beat writer in NY. His job is safe.
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    If Douglas is the eventual hire, I think it bodes extremely well for Adam Gase's prospects in this hellhole job. He's already body-slammed the Jets beat writers into submission by simply answering their inane questions like an adult, and--more importantly--he's got the Johnson brothers under his boot, as well. Who knows how it will translate on the field, but there were real reasons to doubt that he'd be able to handle the media or our dope ownership considering the perception of him coming out of the Dolphins gig. He's surprised me with the way he's handled this past month, to be honest. I thought for sure he was going to have one of those awkward, super-defensive, Idzik-y press conferences by now, but he's methodically gone about his business and that's driving people like Manish crazy. It at least appears as though the team is responding to his coaching style--he didn't come in guns blazing and try to take over the locker room, but he's subtly sent the message that he's in charge by dumping Darron Lee and (imo) planting the story about being annoyed by Bell being Bell, which is a nice, cagey Parcellsian tone-setter. If he can manage to prop up this dumpster fire roster and get to 9-7 or so, the dude is going to basically own the Jets.
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    Is this the Bowles you don't wanna see anymore? I use them as wallpaper on my laptop so I can get a good laugh every time I fire it up.
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    Iv'e been saying this since the day Mac got canned. Don't worry Jets fans, Douglas is our guy.

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