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    Oh yeah, that dude straight up took the money and quit. Because he was pretty damn good before he got money lazy. But, I hope he gets the help he needs before he hurts anybody,
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    we are not going to agree. i think CJ is smarter then what the media is feeding us. people killed us on timing of the Macc firing...meanwhile here we are having our pick of top GM candidates with no one to compete against but our own ineptitude as a franchise (and dont kid yourself, these jobs are hard to turn down). have a listen (should start at 4 minutes):
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    Sad, incredible how his career has tanked after that contract
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    Montana is and always will be the GOAT until someone goes 5-0 in SBs. Marino was the best pure QB but doesn’t get the recognition because he has no rings.
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    How do they give the rats the concussions
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    Maybe we should hire Mac back just to have that guy who stands around drinking coffee making useless conversation, unfunny comments & asking stupid questions? Haven't we all worked with that guy at some point? He doesn't really do anything bad enough to fire him, but he's basically just like a sandbag with glasses standing there and watching you do 80% of the work? However he always knows everybody's name and wishes everybody Merry Christmas... usually these guys names are George, or Larry ...or Jerry or Ira from Staten Island
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    So the GM reports to Chris Johnson, who reports to Adam Gase? Is that the structure?
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    Seahawks huh? Another team that refuses to build a good oline around there franchise QB. This guy would fit right in here
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    Most important player in the history of the NFL. My favorite Jet by far. Caught some balls from him once. Seems to really be in a good place as a person now. I hope Sam talks to him a lot. happy bday Broadway Joe
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    I agree, he just was not a good coach, partially because the team just didn't have an identity. Say what you want with Rex, but that team was blue collar, run through a wall type team. Instead, Bowles practically was the substitute teacher who treated the kids like adults, which always meant that things didn't get accomplished. Bowles "system" works when he has great one on one match up guys. Give him Patrick Peterson, Tyron Mathieu, Tony Jefferson and pass rush, and it works. The problem is, give pretty much any defensive coordinator that kind of talent on the back and front end, and it works. He couldn't do anything to actually elevate or scheme players into good positions here, because it was heavily dependent on certain positions being extraordinarily talented. His belief in his guys and older vets also bothered me, because he rarely knew how to get young players in and develop them. Part of it is the dearth of talent from bad draft, but he didn't really develop anyone either. Adams: Pretty much a consensus stud in the draft. He's been very good, but for his draft status, he should have been a transitional star. Leo: Consensus stud, and here we wonder if we should re-sign him. Lee: A coverage LB, that never really developed at all. Shepard: If he was a couple of years older, I think his Life Alert would have gone off because he was nowhere to be seen. Hack/Petty: Don't get me started Pick any receiver: Anderson developed, because his specialty is coach proof. He just ran go routes at the start, and it's his speed that allows him space underneath now. Stories of how they didn't prepare for Baker Mayfield or Barkley last year is baffling, because that's pretty much right on the coach. What exactly were they preparing for? You hear the good teams pull of a great play, and stories on how they practiced this obscure play in training camp, so they were ready for it. Bowles? Yeah, let's completely skip over the back up QBs as someone to prepare for. He maybe someone that's great at calling plays but he sure isn't a good at coaching players. I remember a specific situation from the Mayfield game. They were trying to make this last ditch effort to come back in that game. Darnold gets a long completion to I believe Pryor somewhere near the 35/40 yard line under a minute with no time outs. Pass right around 55 second mark. What do you do? You spike the ball. You have a rookie QB in his third game trying to lead a last minute comeback against a talented defense. You spike with about 42 seconds or so, gather together and come up with a play. The down doesn't matter. It's 4 down situations, and it if it takes you more than 3 tries to get 10 yards, you are most likely losing anyway. You spike, you gather yourself, and call a play. What do the Jets do? They let Darnold run the hurry up, costs about 10 seconds as he calls the play and players line up, and gets sacked, followed by an interception. It's these kinds of small details that bother me, because there is no attention to detail at all. There isn't a "Oh, in this situation, do X" type of thinking. It's a situation where the 4 downs aren't important, because the time on the clock supersedes it. I think the offense is going to take a massive leap with Gase, partially because his system is at least modern and schemes guys open. It's not a total QB guru like system they made it out to be when he was younger, but it's much much better than the last two years. However, I think the biggest addition is the ability of a coach to actually coach and understand situations. If he stays healthy, the guy that I really think is going to be a surprise is Crowder. He fits into the system perfectly as the underneath guy, that has enough speed to go over the top.
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    I just want to get the right person in here soon so we can have some stability.
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    He was fun to watch for a few years at least.
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    There are still people out there that think the Giants made a good decision drafting Saquon? Gentleman improved the Jets in 5 minutes more than Macc improved the Jets in 5 years.
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    Yep Nothing preventing the Jets from hiring Douglas at this point if he’s their guy. I’m hoping that Albert Breer is right about people in league circles believing that Champ Kelly could join Douglas’ staff.
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    Looks like we got one done. That's good news. The sooner this is over the better. I'm hoping for Douglas due to the Raven's background and Gase comfort level. I'm all in on Gase and his demands for better or for worse. I'd hate for us to hire the one guy who doesn't have a history with Gase and watch the drama fest continue. Anyway... One down. The Jets conducted the first interview for their general manager opening. They met with Seahawks co-director of player personnel Scott Fitterer on Friday, the team announced. Fitterer has been with the Seahawks since 2001, when he started as an area scout. Other candidates expected to interview with the Jets in the coming days are Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly, Eagles director of player personnel Joe Douglas and Saints director of pro scouting Terry Fontenot. Douglas, considered by many the leading candidate, reportedly will interview with the Jets Sunday. The Jets could add another name or two to their list. The Athletic reported that Vikings assistant general manager George Paton declined the Jets’ interview request and will stay in Minnesota. Paton also turned down an interview with the Jets in 2015 when they hired Mike Maccagnan to be their general manager. Maccagnan and vice president of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger were relieved of their duties a little more than two weeks ago. Jets chairman and CEO Christopher Johnson appointed coach Adam Gase as the acting general manager. Both men are involved in the interview process and picking Maccagnan’s successor. Gase, who had differences with Maccagnan, would likely want someone he’s comfortable with and has worked with in the past. Douglas and Kelly have worked with Gase; he has no ties to Fitterer. Gase has denied that a past or existing relationship would be a prerequisite. He said that Johnson would decide who will run the Jets’ football department. Johnson said when the new general manager is hired, the reporting structure would remain the same. The coach and GM both report to Johnson. But it stands to reason that it would be ideal if the general manager and coach had similar visions and were on the same page. That wasn’t the case with Gase and Maccagnan, but Johnson denied that the reported rift between the two was the reason Maccagnan was fired. “There was pretty good synergy, but it was not everything I was hoping for,” Johnson said after Maccagnan was let go. “I made the decision that I want to find a better fit for this building. “I want a great strategic thinker. It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy. I want a great strategic thinker, a great manager, a communicator, someone who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced I’m going to find that person.” Fitterer has climbed the ranks with the Seahawks. After starting out as an area scout, he became West regional director of scouting and then college scouting director before being promoted to his current position in 2015. He and co-director of player personnel Trent Kirchner – who interviewed for the Jets’ GM vacancy in 2015 – have worked closely with GM John Schneider to help turn Seattle into a perennial playoff team. Some of the players drafted with this management team include Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.
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    I agree with you @Green Bean. One of my fears here is that the Johnson's will get cute, and screw it up. lol I originally felt Douglas was going to turn the Jets down for the interview. He seems to be well thought of and has options. Now that he's accepted the interview, I think he'll take the job. Unless CJ.........nevermind Gase and Douglas have the same agent. The best way to tamper is through an agent. His guys make more money, he makes more money. Gase, right now, knows if Douglas will take the job. His agent won't lie to him over this. This should be done next Monday, unless...................nevermind
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    They’re doing something right over there. We could do worse than this guy but I’m still hoping for the Gase relationship to be a major factor. I just want synergy and vision. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Which is why I said you should be allowed to like his resume. That's all any of us have to go with. He checks all the boxes that someone who hasn't been a GM can check and for a pretty long period of time.
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    Like with any new GM hire, any of the good picks his former team made were because of him, and all the bad picks were because of someone else.
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    Stopped reading at "star defensive end"
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001032325/article/leonard-williams-enjoying-jets-crazy-ota-battles You mean to say that Bowles & Co weren't instilling competitiveness and fire in the players all these years?? I'm shocked.
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    The sad truth is that there are people in this world and on this board who will never put themselves out there to back anything the Jets do. It's easier to take a negative stance or a wait and see approach on everything in life bc the blow back if you're wrong is minimal compared to actually putting yourself out there. Its not just sports, there are people like that in every aspect of life. They're cowards. And if you're offended by that then there's a reason why you would be.
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    Well he’s also rich. Slow Fat Lazy and Rich ain’t too bad.
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    I disagree. I understand what you're saying. You're saying Adams being better than anyone else on the roster means nothing because the Jets overall roster is horrid. One of the least talented you've ever seen? I agree. However, Jamal Adams is legitimately as talented as any Safety in the league and that puts him in much more respectable territory.
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    What if Douglas gets drunk at dinner, vomits on Chris Johnson, then sleeps with Johnson's beautiful Asian wife? Is he still getting the job? I think so. I mean, it's his job to lose at this point, right?
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    And he was the wrong pick. QB trumps RB every time. No matter how good that RB is. Its not that hard to understand. AP won how many titles? Playoff games? Sanders won how many playoff games? SBs? In fact how many teams without a "star"at QB win SBs because of their "star" RB? Or how many teams when they need a RB find a way to get one. Now how many who need a QB find one as easily. Add in even if Jones is the right guy at QB and it takes him 3 years to really start winning for the Giants Barkley will be in his 4th plus season and who knows how much time they'll have together to win games. Thats why the RB, no matter what is the wrong pick and the FQB is always the right pick
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    Yup. Interview Douglass tomorrow, Kelly on Monday; then have both of them on hand for the start of minicamp Tuesday.
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    I hate Brady as much as the next guy but the idea that having lost in the Super Bowl means he's not as good as Montana is really dumb. Montana made it to four Super Bowls, Brady to nine. Are we really going to pretend losing in the NFC Playoffs and failing to advance to the Super Bowl makes Montana more impressive? If you value winning above all else it's Brady, obviously. If you think it's a team game, that Brady wouldn't have those wins without Belichick and the New England infrastructure, and value statistical performance and physical attributes you can make arguments for several other guys.
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    These GOAT lists are fun but really prove nothing. The rule changes over the past 50 years have completely changed the game. How would Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Drew Brees have fared with Buck Buchanan or Ben Davidson or Deacon Jones throwing them around like rag dolls? Also in this digital age we tend to overfocus on stats which is unfair to guys like Namath...
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    As excited as I am about Williams as DC I'm just as non excited about Loggins as OC. With Gase there hopefully it will work out.
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    Wait are we already talking ourselves into thinking Douglas is a bad choice?
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    If things go wrong ANYWHERE in the NFL they get ugly. You are either winners or losers, there's no in between. Belichick was on the bubble in New England before a throw away 6th rounder was used on some tall out of shape backup QB. Luck also plays a huge part in success. Timing is everything. Gase goes from an oft injured QB to a 22 year old piece of clay he can mold that could transform his entire career. On top of that he ended up with easily a top 3 RB that fought his way out of Pittsburgh. Then the top defensive player in college football who could be the next Warren Sapp falls in our laps. While the media was killing CJ for the odd timing of firing Macc, because of that timing the Jets are interviewing at their own pace 4 top GM hopefuls who have all agreed to interview with us except the douche up in Minny who because he's refused us twice should not even have been given the opportunity but I digress. So we went from fans on this board saying "no one wants to work for the Jets", to having our choice of 4 guys from top organizations in this league, all with resumes of some success or who worked for very good mentors for years. Same ol Jets? Not this time. CJ the silver spooned boy seems much smarter than he's being given credit for. If I owned an NFL team, I'd imagine holding a Lombardi would be the ultimate goal. I see Chris Johnson as a guy dreaming of a moment like that with his team.
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    I agree. Gase isn't a generational coach. Just get the sense his coaching style/ personality has a short life span. If he can get them winning early he might be able to put together a legitimate run...but if things go wrong early it can get ugly..
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    The truth is no one can truly know what any of these guys will ultimately do once they're the one making final decisions, because none of them have ever actually done it. That's why IMO I don't know why they aren't having a look at Reggie McKenzie. The guy was a GM before, so there's a real track record to go by, and he was fairly successful during his stint. But I digress. These other people that they're considering are neophytes to being a GM. All you can go on is where they've been and what their role was there. As I've previously mentioned, Douglas being with the Eagles for a few years isn't as impressive to me as his 15 or so years with the Ravens. Not because I believe he was instrumental in their success during that period, but because it's where he cut his teeth. And what better front office is there to grow up in than Ozzie Newsome's?
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    Hey, I wanna believe and I'm hoping this is the big turn around like what happened when Kraft stole Bill from the Jets. But as long as CJ, an owner who doesn't know football, insists on the HC and GM both report directly to him, I will have trouble accepting he is a mastermind.
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    Def NOT like authentic hockey sweater. I have authentic rangers jersey and not same. I’ll tell you this: it is currently 78 degrees outside by me, and I’m very comfortable wearing it right now! Breathes nicely, NOT itchy at all. It’s weird because I got the limited jersey when it came out (in white) and mentioned elsewhere in this thread that it just “felt weird”. It’s almost like a cotton. Now that jersey I would not wear on a hot night like this. Things I have noticed between the two other than mentioned here: limited has name, number (front, back and arms) all stitched. The elite has EVERYTHING stitched: all from limited, plus “New York”, stripe/swoosh on back/arms, and Nike swooshes on sleeves. Arms are like elastic-form fit. Very comfortable and looks nicer. Limited just kind of “hangs”. IMO with the new design on the arms (the single stripe/swoosh thing they got going on) it just looks better on the elite with the different sleeves. As SAR stated, the fits are very similar. I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with the limited. Like I said it just didn’t feel like a jersey. Just feels like you’re wearing a soft, warm shirt. Now of course football is in Fall/Winter, so unless you’re a lunatic like me, and wear it when it’s 80 degrees outside, it doesn’t matter! But the elite just FEELS like a jersey. My last authentic was the Sanchez one that I bought back in 2011. I think that was Reebok? That had a lot of mesh; this has none. I knew I wanted to wait to get the black in elite, so got the white limited. I was a little concerned about the green on the white jerseys. When I saw that horrible reveal the Jets did, I thought the green looked awesome on the white jerseys, but when I looked online, the green looked more like a hunter green, like what our uniforms had been last year. So I was very happy when the green on my limited matched the reveal. If I had it to do over again, I would have waited to get elite white as well. Someone else here mentioned returning his limited jerseys. Not sure how I can do that since I got it online and have been wearing it! Haha
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    Yep. We need to be all in or all out with Gase now. Can't go half way with a so so GM, might as well kept Mac in that case.
  41. 2 points
    I agree The good news (for me) is IMO Champ Kelly is the second choice. He and Gase have like 6 years together. Only down side I can see is, again IMO, Gase will have a lot more influence if it's Kelly then if it's Douglas. Either way, it should bring a lot more stability, and a lot of intensity on the field. Think we're in for some fun times
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    Fontenot and Kelly are minority candidates. Fontenot is up tomorrow.
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    The Texans wanted to talk to them about their GM opening, but the Eagles blocked it, which they could because they were in the playoffs. The Texans then went in another direction because they didn't want to lose their next candidate to another team. That's the good thing about firing Mac in May, the Jets are the only team with a GM opening right now and have the luxury of taking their time because they're not competing with anyone else for candidates.
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    call me when theres a petition to put him in JAIL where he belongs
  45. 2 points
    Just getting out of bed was considered boot camp for those 2 slouches.
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    Leonard Williams is full of sh*t... Has a lot of Jonathan Vilma in him. Locker room lawyer. Back seat "leader". Always had "insightful" comments to make after the latest ass whuppin... Saw alot of that in camp last summer. Thinks he's still in college... Time to grow up!! That being said, his performance on the field WILL improve this year. "Daddy" Greg Williams will see to it....
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    I think this the "best shape of his life" talk for coaches, whenever they come in to a new place. I remember when Bowles came in, it was a lot of "No more Rex guys, everything is competition. It doesn't matter, Bowles couldn't care less about your production, you show up in practice, you have a shot" type stories suggesting Ryan had been too much of a player's coach. In the end, Bowles was a worse coach. I don't really care about intensity or difficulty of drills. I care about attention to detail with practices, and preparing players for situations. I was much more excited about walkie talkie for Darnold and video screens to see a play, and break it down. For example, the Elijah McGuire one handed catch was not a great play design. They essentially had two receivers converge to the same spot Shottenheimer style, and McGuire just happened to make a great play on it. I'd rather them see that play on review and correct it, than yell and scream louder, or be more winded.
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    So you're not seeing the effect a HC has on his players ? Some HC's have the ability to pull out the most from players and don't rely on players self motivation what do you think makes great HC's great and demand the most from their players or anyone for that matter ?
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    The head coach sets the tone for the team. I'm so glad we never have to watch Bowles standing on the sideline like an emotionless statue again. Show some energy, show some fire, fight for your team. It really does rub off on your players when you show that you care.
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    Now that I can see We still haven’t seen Phoenix as the real “Joker” yet aside from him silently walking through the apartment building and dancing on the steps, but if they let him off the rails and do some gritty sh*t crossed with old Cesar Romero/Mark Hamill Animated series Joker, he could carry it. The laugh they tease after he gets smashed in the face on the train and the outfit at the end seem to indicate that. I’ll also admit that I love that they’re setting this in the early 80’s, potentially setting the foundation to cast Phoenix in the role again in a future Batman movie. I did some research and evidently the kid he’s forcing the smile on in the trailer is a young Bruce Wayne.

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