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    Wow hard rebuke of Jamal Adams right from the jump.
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    First thing he mentioned was the franchise QB and Sam and seeing him in practice last couple of days has gotten him very excited. Second person he mentioned was Jamal Adams @T0mShane Second person. Loves having a guy like Robby to take the top off a defense. Said the draft and free agency gets the accolades but he’s looking forward to the waiver wire. Wants to improve the overall roster Gase has an infectious personality, became great friends in Chicago and didn’t even get to work long with him but loved him. Maybe maybe not McShay. Dodged the MAC conspiracy theory. Loves Chris Johnson. Doesn’t worry about Woody coming back. Does not care about the reporting structure owner/GM/coach because it was the SAME EXACT structure in Philly (HA!!). Ozzie Newsome means everything to his career, said he had long productive discussions about the Jets. Did not have reservations about the job, didn’t say it outright but he didn’t turn it down 3 times. Sounds like a very bright, normal, natural dude. Not stiff or fake or a stuffed shirt. Great hire.
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    Well, he didn't start his press conference by pulling Tom Brady's severed head out of a wicker basket and holding it up to the camera, so I'm calling it a Fail
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    Douglas showing huge balls firing the first shot across joewilly’s bow. Really setting the tone as to who’s boss.
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    He was a sweet boy. Day I got him.
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    Just finished hearing the press conference. I don’t know how I feel about this. Douglas seems to be all talk and no action. He said the Jets would be active in the waiver wire. So I checked and nothing. SOFJ
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    I think all this means he saw the new Aladdin movie and liked it.
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    Joe Douglas has only been here for a few days, and he's already made @joewilly12's sh*t list.
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    Yeah but that was just to satisfy the Rooney Rule. They weren't really interested.
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    He sounds like a team builder which is exactly what mac was not. Mac made many poor draft picks but his biggest fail was not over a 5 year period having a solid plan to build a team rather than just pick bits and pieces. I really wish he was hired when gase was hired and not after letting mac have the last draft and FA period.
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    @Villain The Foe can smile, he got his wish, reporters have mikes and questions can be clearly heard.
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    This is the epitome of a non news story. There is not a single player who has been franchise-tagged in the past 5 years and who has not yet signed that tag who showed up for minicamp. He is not under contract, and if they're not going to sign him to a long-term deal, the odds are good that he does not sign his tender and show up until right before week one of the regular season.
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    You know it’s going to happen with Le’veon Bell in the fold, the inevitable comparison of Sam to Big Ben. Sams not as bull strong but coming out of USC comparisons were made of the two. Think about this kids demeanor, how lucky are we? The calm, cool, collected redhead displays that quiet confidence that teammates will love. His opening game on the road vs Detroit as the youngest QB to start since the 1970 merger! When his great career is over that interception on his 1st throw will be the start of his A FOOTBALL LIFE story. Let me add that our new uniforms are eye catching. NY Jets are back on the NFL stage for the foreseeable future. Can’t wait for that National game vs the Browns. That will be the WE’RE BACK game.
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    Not as catchy as "The Pig is Ripe", but you never know ... Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
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    Best college QB I’ve seen since Luck and all I watched over the past 7 years were QBs waiting for our Luck. The real deal. We are golden for the next 12 plus years.
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    Chris Johnson’s done more in two seasons than woody did in a decade lol Man this is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a season
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    Call whatever you like. There is no way that Joe Douglas is the Jets' GM today if Gase isn't the head coach. Plain and simple. I'll stand by that one. That's about as close to fact as speculation can get. Without Gase, this team still has Maccagnan.
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    Did Mac ever even acknowledge the fans once? Douglas could still be a failure, but he just seems so much more qualified than McCoffee, Idzik, Tanny...loved the Ozzie quote. It framed why McCagnan was such a failure...he was never really "looking" for anything. I sense we as a team are going to be much much unified and driven and strategic under Douglas.
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    Doesn't this guy play right guard for us?
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    I think the Jets really like Wesco and Daniel Brown as the potential #2 and #3 behind Herndon. Wesco can block and is very versatile, while Brown is great on special teams and a solid pass-catcher. Tomlinson (or someone else that is yet to be signed) could stick early if Herndon is suspended, but I think Herndon, Wesco and Brown will be the 1,2,3.
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    Always sad to see a talented player get held back by injuries hopefully he can stay healthy and remain in the league!
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    Knicks have a JD too (James Dolan) unfortunately.
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    Yeah, but wondering about it gets us all through third shift down here in the coal mine, Rockefeller.
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    Jeremiah on his podcast saying Douglas doesn’t have a ego and great listener. He’s an offensive lineman. Believes in the trenches offensively. And in general upfront. Believes he’ll look to shore up the OL next offseason. And bring in reinforcements on the dline. Nothing ground breaking but nice to hear. Hopefully it happens.
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    In other news, Dave Gettleman: Glowing things to say about @WayneChrebet80's posting.
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    Remember when Woody Johnson was all "PSLs are like taxi medallions" and most people who don't know the ins and outs of livery company finances were like "take my pension!" and then Uber came along and made taxis irrelevant to the point where bankrupt taxi medallion-owning rubes were so despondent that they started jumping off the Verazzano? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    If he wore these he’d crash the NFL page
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    I look at it this way. 2 years ago, if you asked me what I was most unhappy about with the organization I would have ranked them QB, HC, GM. Since then, we have absolutely upgraded all three. I'm not sure Gase will be a great HC, or even a very good one, but I'm pretty confident he is a significant upgrade from Bowles. And I don't think McCown -> Darnold or Macc -> Douglas needs any debate. When I compare the two rosters, I am hard pressed to find a single player in 2019 that isn't at least as good going into the season as his 2017 counterpart. And some are truly substantial improvements (on paper), such as: RB: Forte -> Bell TE: Nobody -> Herndon WR: Anderson/Kearse/Kerley -> Anderson/Crowder/Enunwa C: Wesley Johnson -> Pretty much any four-limbed mammal ILB: Lee/Davis -> Mosley/Williamson But for me, Douglas indicates that we should expect the trend towards an improved roster should only continue now. And hopefully not having to overcome a truly horrible HC and below-average QB puts us so far ahead in the potential department that I find myself looking forward to the season quite a bit more than I did since 2011 or so. I think he's the icing on the cake of a really good offseason. And yes, while Macc had a lot to do with it, I think the lack of valuation of OL was his Achilles heel and if Douglas corrects that, then we are in good shape for the near future.
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    Not necessarily this year, but this spring. People didn't like the timing of the firing -and I get that- but the always a bridesmaid Jets almost certainly did themselves a huge favor by creating a GM opening when no one else had one. They interviewed four guys better than Mac, Idzik, or Tannenbaum largely because there were no other options for these guys other than standing pat and waiting for next January.

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