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    Damn, I'm excited to see the development of Darnold with Gase..,
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    If this video doesn't excite you about the future of this franchise, I don't know what will. I'm so glad Darnold got to spend a year learning from McCnown. Josh seems like a genuinely good person.
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    He hasn’t taken the jump yet. I mean the JUMP. 30 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 64%, 3500 yards.
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    Nice little collection vid of the guy who is about to explode on to the NFL main stage this coming season. Let them try and stick 8 in the box to key on Bell. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/see-all-15-of-robby-anderson-s-career-touchdowns
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    I am admitting that I changed my opinion a full 180-degrees since Macc's firing. Only a month ago: I was convinced Gase was a conniving clown that players hate; The Jets coaching staff made up of a bunch of misaligned blowhards ready to knife each other; Chris Johnson the most bumbling of bumbling owners - literally an embarrassment. Since then: Gase has shown to be all about winning, someone the players enjoy, and someone I have confidence in (can't believe I'm saying this); We got Joe Douglas, someone widely respected in league circles and someone that I trust at least recognizes how to put a roster together (OL, CB, etc). The Jets coaching staff showing to have depth, experience on both sides of the ball. Cooter, Pollock, Williams, Vitt, Boyer, Gase. The Jets may have shown the rest of the league (whether intentional or by accident) a new and better way to hire a GM (this time of year). All that said, I believe the Jets may actually finally be a destination type team for FA's. We have a young offensive minded coach, a GM that seems to get it, stability and some interesting pieces. I can't believe how much faith I have in our GM and HC. What a change from a month ago...
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    This is stupid. Like a Red Sox fan would ever shake hands with a black guy.
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    One of my all-time favorites. A guy probably deserving of Ring of Honor honors. Met him at a draft party years ago at the signing table after Ellis and Abraham and asked me, “you sure you want me to sign this?” And I was like, “hell yeah!”
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    Do we know for sure Macc is gone? That he isn't coming back? I will change it, but I am only changing it once. You guys promise me he is gone and I will take care of it.
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    Hopefully season ticket holders STOP selling tickets to opposing teams fans and we get more NY Jets fans in the seats like it used to be pre-PSL.
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    Anyone who has more faith in Daniel Jones than Sam Darnold has no credibility at all. Gettleman will ruin the Giants before he's done. Old men with somebody else's money buying dreams of the past. What could go wrong?
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    Had this for the Cheerleaders thread. Didnt want it to go to waste, so whatever.
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    No. Douglas turned him down.
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    I am also enjoying glass-half-full season. Gase wasn't my first choice but, as I've said many times, if you told me the Jets were getting a young, well-regarded offensive mind with previous NFL head coaching experience, without the name I would've been on board. I've got that with Gase, so I'm willing to ride it. When you get an experienced head coach with a mixed record, your hope is that he learned something at his previous stop. Gase's previous stop was a dysfunctional nightmare. With the Jets, he stepped into another dysfunctional nightmare and straightened it up, better than anyone could've hoped, in less than half a year. Looks like he figured out what he needs to succeed. Gase's detractors want to tell you that he's some sort of lunatic, Joe Douglas comes in and talks about his infectious personality and hatred of losing. I'm on board.
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    I get that the Jets don't have Big Ben, AB, or that line but there is enough talent on offense, along with Sam taking a step forward, to be able to finally have an aggressive and potent offense. It's gonna be fun to watch. Taking a full year off is going to do wonders for Bell. Fresh legs and his conditioning is ridiculous. Some people act like he willl have to relearn how to play RB by not playing last year.
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    It should really just say, "Talk about Jamal Adams here." I'll mention it to the boss.
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    I think it's Max's way of not letting us get too cocky about things.😀
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    https://twitter.com/RichCimini More The Jets made it official, announcing the hirings of Rex Hogan (assistant GM), Chad Alexander (director of player personnel) and Phil Savage (senior football adviser). Three experienced football minds for Joe Douglas’ front office. #Jets
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    The great hope is that Douglas & Gase win enough that the owner figures out how to stay out of their way. No more owner-directives to target a specific free agent or crap like that.
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    I was a kid and wanted McCants or Kennedy. My dad was all in on Junior Seau and was incensed when the took a running back. Or maybe we should have drafted one of the HOF defenders sitting there and not gone RB when we had McNeil, Hector and a FB that was very adept at carrying the ball.
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    Was completely unaware of the #85 mentorship... good story, I'm a fan...
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    You can totally see most of these corners retreating so fast when they realize that they just can’t keep up with Robby’s straight line speed. It also helps this guy can track the ball in the air so naturally, has strong hands and his skinny ass CAN make 50/50 contested catches. Robby is a baller.
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    This argument would be persuasive if they were up against the cap. If they wanted to spend $10 million on 1-2 starters, what was stopping them? Certainly not Josh McCown's contract.
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    Wait, I know you are trolling us here, but "Fans make Darnold out to be good", yet "Jones is a franchise qb"?
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    That didn't take long now did it? Josh hangin out with the C team to get his new career started. Good stuff. I can't wait to see what Sam can do this coming season under Gase and with some of the new weapons he has. If they can stay healthy and actually allow some real consistency and comfort to develop it may be a lot of fun.
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    Idzik was a good cap guy who could not step up but actually was good for the Jets financially. Tanny has experienced some success and was worth a second chance. Mac is done. He was not a good scout at Houston. His scouting and strategy for the Jets was terrible. Woody really screwed this up.
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    Well structured upper management + Capable seasoned coaching staff + More dynamic athletic players = Winning franchise on the rise. The Jets seem to finally have solved this simple mathematic equation. Winning football games to follow. It starts now.
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    Looks like Douglas was able to poach a scout from the Eagles as well. he was just promoted for the Eagles so that must translate to him being valued there. Another respected hire for our new GM! Keep it going man! Adam Caplan‏Verified account @caplannfl FollowFollow @caplannfl More Adam Caplan Retweeted New York Jets Though he was promoted with the #Eagles, Chris Nolan will become an area scout with the #Jets. He only would have had a limited amount of schools to scout even with promotion with previous team, so he gets a full area with NYJ.
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    Funny that this is the way the big announcement is looked at.
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    Did they interview Czar Nicholas, Louis the 16th and Shah of Iran after they left?
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    Thank God, I was worried he was feeling down.
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    Francesca invited him on after he was fired, and he declined. It's not his way to air grievances or bad mouth anyone.
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    Agreed. For the job he did the guy did he really is better than a lottery ticket winner. NFL is such a closed shop, lots of nepotism also. If it were up to me the only way the guy would get hired is if I owed Casserly a huge favor, and it’d be a janitors position. You look at all his picks from Rd 2 on, outside of Herndon virtually a total disaster. Graded worse than Idzik by someone who did an analysis. No way do you want the guy choosing anyone on a roster. That’s not my opinion that’s based off his choices not only with the Jets but Houston also. If Woody Johnson wasn’t out to lunch there was no way the guy deserved to be offered the lowest scout on the Jet totem pole, much less GM. GM...Jeez what a travesty, the guy was actually about to be FIRED in Houston. But I don’t blame Maccagnan. Lots of people don’t belong in the jobs they have. Casserly gets all the blame.
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    So, when does the winning start?
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    He's still technically under contract with the Jets, so he probably can't say anything without risking forfeit of money he is still owed.
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    Let me know when hes miserable
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    I hope this is a sign of a totally different culture with the Jets. One of being upbeat and expecting to win every game. It would be a great change.
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    Everyone is tied for 1st except if Mrs. Crimson is reading this post in which case they are all tied for last
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    Or maybe that was sensationalized overblown fake news which sold papers down in Miami. As I understand it he does clash with 'me first' players, but I'm fine with getting rid of those players.
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    I would like to once again reiterate that had the Jets fired Maccagnan in January, there's simply no way their front office looks as solid on paper as it does today. Probably looks more like toilet paper. Lucky >>>>> Good
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    I'm not sure it's necessary to take all these shots at him on his way out. He played some of his best ball for the Jets and was an excellent mentor to Darnold, or at least gave his utmost to help him along. I wouldn't mind being the type of "scrub" who could make a very good living in the league for seventeen years.

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