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    it doesn't matter who starts it matters who finishes (3rd down, 4th quarter etc) don't be scared fellow Jets fans this is what a healthy defensive line rotation looks like Maybe if these guys get normal rest they can do more.
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    Great defense, a few playmakers on offense and a quarterback who you’re trying to drag along towards a championship. It didn’t end well for the Jets....2 AFC Championship Games and then had to dive back to the bottom and tank for a new QB. It will be the same thing with the Bears. They need a new QB. They might knock on the door again this year, next year....but unless they can defy the odds and win a Trent Dilfer type Super Bowl, I think they will need to blow that thing up again.
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    When he screws up again I don't want to hear how shocked they are
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    Probably something incredibly underwhelming like Fireman Ed coming to the game. They said they were "announcing" what it is at 8am Sunday. They also said it's not a trade or FA acquisition. These guys always disappoint when they do stuff like this.
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    Outstanding SOJ thread. Well done. Which of our really good players do you hate the most. What the actual f*ck.
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    I thought this would be about hotdogs....
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    When you have to phase out your underwhelming sixth overall pick DT to insert your new underwhelming third overall pick DT.
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    After watching a game like this it's no wonder I like watching College Football games. This sh*t is borderline unwatchable and the NFL has neutered this game in ways which it will never recover. Welcome to the 100th anniversary of the NFL. This is what the owners and commissioner wants.
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    I've said this many time here, but what the hell...I Bartended in Boston at a couple of Sports Bars for a few years back in 98-'00 (Allston Station, Champions at Copley) before the dark times....before the Empire... There were no Patriots fans then. Barely a presence at all. I would wear a Jets jersey on game days behind the bar, or walking around my neighborhood in Southie (back before it was fully "gentrified ") and nobody said anything. Nobody have a sh*t. Not even friendly ribbing. Yankee hat? Big problems, Dr. Jones! "**** New Yaawk!" Etc. They were irrelevant. Nothing. A distant 4th to the Sawx, Celtics and Bruins. They almost moved to Connecticut and nobody gave a sh*t. Its ALL phony. All of it. Top to bottom.
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    Buster Skrine “is really one of the better slot corners in the league.” Just shoot me.
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    Michaels and Collinsworth are starting to look like these guys..
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    Boyer got Myers to the Pro Bowl. Myers was a much lower level prospect than Vedvik at this time last year.
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    Jets win the toss, opt to defer. On the first offensive play of the game, Josh Allen throws a pick, returned for a TD by Jamal Adams. @T0mShane's head explodes.
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    I heard he's celebrating with a trip to the cryotherapy center.
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    Disaster if you ask me. This guy was the 3rd fing overall pick in the draft. Even the crowing of 'platooning to keep people fresh!' is idiotic, THIRD OVERALL PICK IN THE DRAFT. Just an awful use of resources and just another reason mac should have been fired at the end of last season. We had no CBs, no OLBs and suspect oline and donkey balls drafts yet another interior dlineman, one of the few positions on the team we have depth. Lets red shirt him like Hackenburg.
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    Don;t think it means much of anything as far as his actual snap count. He was never going to be used as much as Leo or Anderson this year but he will still get used just as much if not more than McLendon- regardless of whether or not McLendon is the actual starter at NT.
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    Rex would have started him, made him a captain and called him a generational talent. Then crowned him “ King ugly.”
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    Heard behind me on the last delay of game on Trubisky: ”really, they’re gonna call that? They generally give you a second” ..... No Masshole. They generally give brady*s cheating ass the extra second. Not the rest of the league. seriously, can’t make this up.
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    Darnold because you can't trust gingers duh.
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    Collinsworth has a way of calling a game that makes me listen to my wife talk instead of listing to the game.
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    My source just told me it has to do with our brand new anthem... first one in 5 years.
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    I'd like to be the 1st to welcome Antonio Brown to the team
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    Breaking news: NYSF is a heaping pile of dog crap
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    Remember when Manish did a week of teasers leading up to the big reveal that Jamal Adams and Michael Jordan had talked once on the phone?
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    Sounds good in theory, but you have to consider positional value at least to some extent, and that's what every GM with half a brain does. It's the whole reason that such supposed "generational talents" Mac patted himself on the back for fell to the Jets in the first place. We heard the same line of crap about Leo when they drafted him despite already having both Wilk and Richardson (and Coples, if even worth mentioning), and yet none of those claims ever came close to being true. The only real benefit Leo provided was already there as a replacement when the team got sick of both Wilk and Richardson, but quite frankly, that could have just as easily been done by a free agent signing at that time. In the end, a good starter is far more valuable to a team than a slightly better player as a backup. This team's decision making has necessitated that, at any given time, one of the team's top defenders will be sitting on the bench, while other positions have guys on the field who are lucky to even be in the league.
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    * With deference to premium positions and within reason. And while simultaneously looking to trade away assets at positions where you're deep, like DT. For instance, no one can possibly justify taking Jamal Adams over Mahomes/Watson simply because he was supposed to be the top talent. If you're the top talent at a position that doesn't matter, there's a reason he fell to you. Nor was there justification for taking yet ANOTHER Safety in Rd 2 when the likes of Curtis Samuel, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon and JuJu Smith-Schuster were available.
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    It actually makes perfect sense, but is also the reason why, despite how good Quinnen looks like he'll be, the choice of selecting anyone at DT at #3 was mind-numbingly stupid. They already have two established starters making far too much money to send either of them to the bench to open the season, and forcing Quinnen to start at NT would just be a square peg/round hole situation as a desperate attempt to justify the pick, which no one cares about doing anymore now that Macc was finally fired far too late. This also goes back to the point of why they should've been shopping Leonard Williams for months now, assuming of course the team feels Quinnen is good enough. That said, I'm sure Quinnen will still get plenty of playing time regardless, but for a team with such a long list of holes all over the roster, the years of constantly focusing on the same small handful of positions results in some positions with backups more talented than your entire depth at other positions.
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    Could you imagine TJ Hockenson being benched when Herndon comes back and everybody whining about how we wasted a 1st round pick on a guy who isn't 'starting'. LOL.
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    Given all the heaps of praise this player received from some fans here about his talent, it IS a bit of a surprise he's not good enough (yet) to break into what is not a great D-Line as a starter. With that said, it's literally day 1 for the kid. He deserves time. And we don't have a choice but to give it to him. Hopefully he sees alot of action, even if not "starting".
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    Weird how parents want to protect the developing melons atop their children's necks.
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    Threatening to punch your boss shouldn't be met with a whole bunch of 'yeah, but...' and whataboutisms. Can't believe some of you are serious here.
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    just agreed to let them charge my credit card for the playoff tickets. ready for the season!
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    Complimented the Jets fans on how passionate and loud they are, said that when the Jets had the home game vs. the Giants that the place was insane whereas the games where the Giants were the home team were subdued and quiet. Said "the Jets have a new type of fan in MetLife and they are really loud and give a great homefield advantage." Take that you SOJF hater victims. SAR I
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    Players were interviewed, someone said AB knows the rules dont apply to him. Stupid bastard dont get that if he plays on Monday his deal is guartanteed? Not bad approach the GM, curse him out, call him a cracker and threaten to puch hum out and a simple apology works for Chuckie Mayock has to quit, doesnt he?
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    Without having read 10 pages on this, has the head trauma’d Raider fan checked in yet to tell us how “actually, this is good”?
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    A couple of things: - Trubisky had a solid 2018 and definitely took a step forward. But when watching him I never saw a franchise QB, I saw someone like Sanchez. A QB who could win games if everything around him was solid (OLine, running game & defense). I never felt like he could carry a team - With that being said how stupid was it for CHI not to play him in the pre-season. Any QB below 5-6 years in the league should be getting every rep they can - Trubisky seems to be a "one read wonder". If his first receiver is open he's fine but after that he seems confused and is ready to run - Shocked at both offenses in terms of how slow they got their play calls in. How many delay of games did we see?
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    Brown seems to live in a world where he’s surrounded by people who never question his behavior, and because of that we’ve read some stories about him that make him hard to defend. The incident that led to him being suspended from the Steelers final game last season. Throwing furniture off the balcony of a high rise building. Not paying a personal chef $45,000 he supposedly owed him. Not showing up to mandatory practices with the Raiders. All this and more inside of a year, no less! I’m someone who takes the player’s side almost every time, but with Brown, I won’t. He’s one of two things. Either he’s Incredibly spoiled and self centered, or suffering from some mental problem, be it depression or mood swings. The fact that people are trying to shift blame to Mayock for “not knowing how to deal with someone like him” or “disrespecting him by confronting him in front of others” makes me shake my head.
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    Is the NFL in trouble my son and his 4 friends, all 13-14, watched for 10 minutes said this is trash and went in other room and put on the mlb network. 😮
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    Khalil Mack is crazy Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    There's a gap between treating him with kids gloves and just turning a blind eye to skipping practice. You have to practice. When did this become negotiable? NFL practices are glorified butt slapping sessions these days with the new CBA. Brown is just nuts.

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