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    He’s not spending his time on a fan forum giving us updates.
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    I'm sure the Patriots will draft Bradys successor with that 6th round pick. He'll be an all generational talent of course.
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    My theory is that Robbie habitually quits on routes and it’s screwing with Darnold’s confidence and that’s why Gase singled him out.
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    Feisty, power-hungry dickheads have a long history of success in this league. He’s playing Mac’s players, and it’s early. Can we take a breath?
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    Thank God we didn’t pay Myers. Imagine if we were only 29M under the cap rather than 30M.
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    So this is kind of crazy, based on our historical average it seemed like we would hit four million posts in November \ December this year. I said let me get on that so we are ready. Except I just noticed we surpassed four million posts 36,000 posts ago. So we don't have time to bake a cake but I do want to say thank you! I seriously can't believe something as big as 4 million posts could sneak up on us like that. I wanted to make a big splash and have everyone be on the lookout for lucky post # 4 million. The traffic here this year has been crazy. Our top 5 biggest posting days of all time are in 2018 and 2019 and one of them was Sunday. It was one of the biggest days of all time here. The traffic here continues to amaze me, surpassing one million page views month after month is jaw dropping. So thank you for posting, thank you for reading and thank you for making these forums so much fun. We have our moments but it is amazing how little we have to moderate. We set out with a plan to let people have fun and not be heavy handed. The biggest part of that plan was no censorship of Jets opinions. Looks like the plan is working. Here is to a few Super Bowl victories for the Jets mixed in to the next batch of four million posts.
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    I swear...I don't know why I come to these forums anymore....
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    Hard fought game yesterday. Both teams in my mind are very close and probably around 8-8 type teams. Here’s a few thoughts of the Jets from a Bills fan: 1.) You guys have a good amount of “A” level talent such as Adams, Mosley, Bell, Williams, etc but seem to lack in mid level players. 2.)Darnold is puzzling to me-seems to make hard throws look easy and easier throws look hard. For example, when scrambling for his life he makes some incredible throws but when he has a clean pocket misses on some easier throws. 3.) Bell looks like he hasn’t missed a beat and while they say it’s not smart to pay big money to a RB he might be the rare exception. He has 1000 rushing/1000 receiving ability. 4.) Adam Gase to me was a strange hire-he bombed out in Miami and just doesn’t seem like a leader of men, calling out his own guys all the time to the media. 5.) I like your WR group with a nice mix of speed, slot ability, and size. I expect you guys to rebound and be in the wildcard mix along with the Bills by the end of the season.
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    remember when Maccagnan traded a 4th round pick for Ryan Clady’s desiccated corpse
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    Everyone here has dubbed Sam a FQB. So, when he plays like a 22 year old prospect their narrative crumbles, as does their world view, and out comes the tears
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    We couldn't just wait until he was cut?
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    We need to bring back the new uniform threads, and fast. This place is unbearable right now
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    Yeah, I'm sort of in awe looking at a new level of "where's my instant gratification?"
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    Jets fans “ holy sh*t get a guy in here!” also Jets fans “holy sh*t not that guy!”
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    Hello friends. Thomas is the de facto TE until Herndon gets back. You must chill
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    The season isn’t over but Thomas’s career is.
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    The last 5 3rd round draft picks. Lorenzo Mauldin Jordan Jenkins Ardarius Stewart Nathan Sheherd Jachai Polite And people are blaming Joe Douglas for not doing enough right now Lol... Cant make this stuff up
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    In all fairness to JD. JD came in after the draft. All he has to pick from are UDFA’s, players released from other teams, and has beens who are no longer playing. (Not many good choices) Douglas has only been here a few months. I believe he’s currently playing the hand he’s dealt. Guys if you notice most teams that are contenders have long established coaching and GM positions in their organization. The Jets have been a revolving door everywhere in the organization. Most TOP contenders have relatively solid O-lines. I believe this to be critical in having a high powered offensive. Not Rocket science to acknowledge that. It’s only one game and I personally can’t make any solid judgement on this new coaching staff and GM yet. Schedule is tough after the Browns so I’m less hopeful than I was about the Jets prior to the home opener. Seems apparent to me that the Jets will need a couple more years with the new regime to get to the promised land. Not sure how long G Williams will stay but I like him. Jets are still missing some major pieces to the O and D to be contenders....and most of us knew that.
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    Holy mother of God.
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    Parcells was a good coach that won and had the respect of his players. And players back then weren’t a bunch of spoiled over sensitive pussies.
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    Remember when the Jets sh*tcanned that guy for Darron Lee? Good times.
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    Not a peep... Where is Brandon Marshall... It was apparent when Mosley went down there was nothing behind him? Where is Scandrick... Roberts looks as bad as we thought he would look. Where is Parkey, Martin, etc etc... Get a Kicker Where is Pierre garcon... They need another WR that knows how to run routes I was all for this regime but the Jets need ball players...
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001053427/article/new-york-jets-dt-nathan-shepherd-faces-ped-suspension Cut his ass tonight Another Maccagnan hit
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    We need a professional wide receiver. Our current guys suck. enunwa was effective in the slot but gets zero separation on the outside
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    pats ok trading with us cause they know we represent zero threat to them
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    Total nonsense. At no point does Anderson slow down or give up on the route.
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    Dude’s gotta choose his words more wisely. These were standard questions..no need to turn into a grade A douche.
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    Maybe not so crazy a pick after all? Still wish Darnold had this kid to throw to alongside Herndon (when he gets off suspension), instead of a DT on a team full of DT's.
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    The guy was brought in post-FA and post-Draft, handed a roster with several holes and told, "Here....fix this! By the way, all the good free agents are now signed and we've used most of our Cap for the year. Find me starting OLinemen, a new Kicker, a CB, a pass rusher and backups for WR, C, TE, ILB, S, and CB. We're happy to have you onboard!"
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    Yes, let us enjoy bitching it’s the only thing we have left.
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    WOW, the Pats have no worries about the Jets at all.
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    Are people really crying over a 6th round pick
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    Yes. If anything, Sunday's game leaves me more encouraged than ever. * We may have a Top 5 defense, a complete turnaround from past seasons. Gregg Williams on point. * Le'Veon Bell looks like he hasn't missed a step and is the best offensive FA acquisition this year. * CJ Mosely looks like a beast and is the best defensive FA acquisition this year. * Jamison Crowder might be the best slot receiver we've had since Chrebet. * Our OL will only get better- its clear that they were out of sync and Gase was protecting that weakness. * Our O will only get better- see above, we ran a conservative playbook due to the OL being challenged. * Our D will only get better when the O isn't going 3-and-out and tiring them. We had that game won. Bizarre circumstances like a K who sucks and an ILB that got injured cost us the win. I see a very good team out there in the midst of Week 1 growing pains. SAR I
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    Are we really approaching the Mac / Bowles level of vitriol after one game??? Take a chill pill, folks.
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    Good man Anderson. Next Mayfield and then Brady. Keep up the good work.
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    No, what you see is that at the 4 second mark Robby "is even" with the defender and stumbles as he passes, yet the safety is still by the hashmarks. Meanwhile Darnold is still sitting on the route for an additional 2 seconds though Robby CLEARLY beat his man with no safety over the top. By the time Darnold releases the ball it's at the 6 second mark and Robby has a full 5 yards of separation on the defender even with the trip. However, because Darnold held the ball too long the safety has now gained some ground on Robby. However, that ground the safety gained on Robby was based on angles that Robby eventually outran by the time we got to the 8 second mark. Robby Anderson outran a flatfooted corner and a Safety that was 10 yards off of the LOS even though he stumbled. What looks like Robby slowing down or giving up on the play isnt so. Robby understands that the ball should have been out the moment he got even with the defender with a safety still on the hashes. Robby isnt slowing down, he's looking back for the ball since the ball needed to be out 2 seconds ago and placed in between the corner and safety given that by the 5 second mark Robby has 4 yards of separation on the corner and about 6 yards of clearance from the safety. Robby is expecting Darnold to see the enormous hole in the coverage. If Sam simply threw the ball at the top of his drop back of the pocket (at the 4 second mark) it would be a TD because the defender is clearly flatfooted and isnt even backpedaling. Robby completely smoked this dude. Sam held on to the ball way too long, then overthrew Robby. You know what Gase should be mad about? Seeing Sam do this on both plays. The first play was the underthrow, and the 2nd play was the play we're talking about and you can clearly see that Darnold is looking directly at Robby but he's hesitating to make the throw. And speaking of the backpedal pass that he underthrew, some fans are suggesting that "if he didnt have constant pressure in the game he wouldnt have done it" while at the same time some of these fans also want to talk about "how much we're going to have to pay Darnold". Darnold is currently on his rookie deal and hasnt shown what other players on their rookie deals are doing in clutch moments like that. Speaking of which, Watson is on his rookie deal and has constant problems with his Oline yet when crunch time comes the man stands tall in the pocket and makes the throw with proper form KNOWING he's going to take the hit. Want an example? Look at this pass last night to take the lead with less than a minute left in the game vs Brees and the Saints. Watson didnt care about whatever pressure he was under throughout the game, he cared about "The moment" and how he was going to do everything he could to get the win. He showed balls at a crucial part of the game and put his body on the line to make the play. When Darnold starts doing this, then maybe we can talk about how much the Jets are going to have to spend to keep him. Darnold completely bitched up on that play and he wasnt even under pressure on the play, while going up against his bestie, Josh Allen. Meanwhile, Watson went out on a rookie contract and tried to snatch the soul away from a GOAT. THAT'S A GUY YOU TALK ABOUT RESIGNING. This is not the 2016 Rosebowl, this is the big leagues. I dont want to hear sh t about Robby Anderson. Robby smoked his guy both times. Darnold needs to make the f'ing play. The only reason why we scored 16 points is because our defense scored as many points as our offense. That pass wasnt on Robby and for all of the franchise talk, potential and comparisons we have regarding Darnold, dude needs to display that during critical moments of games when it matters. Deshaun Watson did that last night. Stand tall in the pocket and throw the football. I dont want to hear about Gase being pissed when Robby had 5 yards of separation in a league where 1.5 yards of separation is considered "wide open". We dont need to start coddling this dude.
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    I have issues with a sh*tton of guys on the squad not named CJ, Bell, or Crowder right about now, but anyone that doesn't place the blame of yesterday's absurdity directly on the piss poor performance of the Offensive Line and the total neglect of that unit for the past 8 or so years is a ******* moron who probably shouldn't be talking Football in public. And anyone who has said anything to the effect of "Well, Darnold needed to step up in the pocket... is a total retard. Pocket? LOL. Get the **** outta here. The O line was crap. The playcalling was crap. The receivers not named Crowder were crap. Darnold was crap. The secondary was crap. The "pass rush" was crap. It was a totality of CRAP. Trying to single one guy out is is just...dumb at this point.
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    All I was hoping to get out of this season was solid QB play and the belief that we finally found the guy who can be here for a while. I could care less about the rest of the team. 95 percent of these players won’t be here when the Jets are good again. The question is whether or not Darnold will be.
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    I might have jumped the gun here
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    Also, a lot of dudes convinced themselves the team, as a whole, was going to be good enough to compete for a Wild Card and now they see that, in fact, the team largely sucks and they’re not prepared to accept that reality.
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    After watching yesterday's game, I would have agreed with you. After rewatching each snap on NFL GamePass, I think the grade is on the mark. The second watch made me realize how much pressure Darnold had to deal with most of the game, and why a lot of his throws were check downs. I wasn't exaggerating when I said a Bills defender had a clear path to him on the majority of his drop backs.
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    Doesn't this just prove how unthreatened the Cheats are by the NYJs?
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    Trading a draft asset to an in division team for a guy who was a free agent like three weeks ago, is on a massive downturn, the wrong side of thirty, and not an immediate upgrade to a position of need is very... not good.
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    You should report the card stolen.
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    Was that the first or second time the Jets let him go?
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    Gase had these issues in miami. He was beyond terrible w/ his playcalling. But hes not getting 3 years here. He gets another game, maybe 2 before i turn on him. Hes not a rookie coach. He doesnt have a rookie qb. Get this thing fixed and do it this week.

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