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    That’s too bad. Good guy who worked hard. You bros crying misplaced crocodile tears over the Demaryius Thomas trade can get in line to eat the D.
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    tower 1 my friend...here's my story I wrote up years ago. never forget I'll never forget, I was in the North Tower on the 26th floor. When the plane hit the sound of the explosion was unbelievable, but the aftershock of the hit was worse. The building shook from side to side so violently that I thought it was coming down, my desk was near a window, and as I looked out I could practically see the ground head on. People fell out of their chairs, I was standing and had to hold on to my desk. When the shaking stopped out in the distance looking through my window, I could see what at first appeared to be rocket trails, which turned out to be flaming debris shooting out and down from above. Now I am frozen, and unsure of what is happening. My next sight is burned into my memory, but it took me days to remember it, some poor soul from an upper floor falling past my window, smoldering, this is what got me moving. As I made my way to a staircase, I got hit in the head with a ceiling tile, another thing I didn't remember until someone told me later. The desent down the stairs was orderly, there was a strange smell in the air, which I guess was the jet fuel. As I made it to the lower floors, around 5 or 6 the sprinklers were on, and water was rushing down the stairs. Finally we began to exit the stairwell, onto the mezzanine level, and at that exact moment the building began to shake violently again, this was the second plane hitting. Now I ran, but it was like a dream running in slow motion, as I head for an exit to the plaza I was stopped dead in my tracks by something huge falling from above, just outside the revolving door I was about to fo through. One second faster and I'm sure I was gone. Now I spun and ran the other way, through another revolving door that appeared safe, I sprinted to an overpass over West St. that led to the Winter Garden. A security guard on the other side screamed, "Run!" what was happening, I still had no clue, as I got closer to the guard he said we were under attack, missles or planes, he wasn't sure. I ran towards the water, and then looked up for the first time, the sight was incredible, my first thoughts turned to the friends I had at Cantor Fitzgergerald, I worked for that firm in the past, on the upper floors of that building, including one of my best friends. I could not stay and watch the horror unfold, people were jumping or falling, so I began walking up the West Side drive right away, I was able to make a call to my wife from a pay phone, and I told her I was OK. The South Tower came down, a sight I'll never forget, as I was a safe distance away. A few zombie like minutes later, the North Tower came down, as I was standing in front of Chelsea Piers. My cell phone now worked and I called my wife again, she told me of the Pentagon attacks, and I told her there was no way I was going to Grand Central. I did head over towards mid town, to try a find out more info. Now at some bar in the thirties, looking for water, and info, I run into the guy that sat next to me at work. This is crazy, because we took different routes to get to that point, and we live near eachother in Westchester. He and I walked up, and over the Third Avenue Bridge, where along the way I got hit with bird droppings, as someone said, it was good luck, and I really think it was no small miracle that I got out. In the Bronx, my brother in law picked us up on Arthur Ave. I'll never forget my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances lost on that day. I think of them on a daily basis. I was lucky, my family was lucky, I pray for those that were not.
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    Shows how tough Sanchez was. He didn’t get strep, and he ate brandon moore’s ass during the buttfumble.
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    Two things. One I hate to see this. Man worked hard to get where he is. Best Wishes to Q Two - I told y’all so. Extending a man with a neck injury and depending on him was dumbass dumb. This fcking team.
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    honestly im glad the kid got his money, gave his body for the team.
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    What I think he's trying to articulate...
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    Some of you guys were definitely breastfed too long.
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    You know, I am not one to keep questioning our teams decision makers, but with the couple of various CBs with experience out there shouldn't we try to upgrade there rather than DLine. CB Roberts all but cost us the game last week wiping out a Maye INT with a holding penalty and then giving up the game winning TD. Not to mention CB Johnson playing in a different zip code off the WR giving them like a 20 yard cushion that I thought you only did on Hail Mary plays. Geez, try to at least stop the bleeding on our biggest weakness at this point.
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    It should also be pointed out that Douglas got one over on Belichick, as there’s no way in hell Belichick hands him Thomas if he knows the Jets are losing Enunwa for the year.
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    I do not want to make light of the accusations. That is off limits. But I can't be the only one who immediately thought of this when I read that garbage above.
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    I remember watching the giants game on Monday night with my dad. Seemed like a normal Monday night. I was complaining about the Jets getting blown out by the Colts a few days earlier. The next day the world changed. Our fan base more then most was effected deeply. Today take a moment to Remember them all. Go Jets, Go America. Always remember
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    I liked Willis a lot when he came out of the draft. DE/OLB tweener type, with some pass-rush potential. Nice pickup.
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    Macc directly after Idzik was a complete disaster for this franchise. There's no way we could have been worse if we simply kept Tanny in charge, tbh.
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    Rx- take 5 new o-linemen and call me in the morning
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    I remember 9/11 still so well. I was in college at the time and walked right past some TVs in the gym on the way to my class. But I also remember 9/12 really well too... The outpouring of support, the kindness people showed each other, the strength the people of NY, DC and Penn - as well as the entire country - showed. 9/12 was somber and everyone was still shaken, but there was a twinge of hope and love under that too... We were good to each other. We told our friends and family we loved them because we were reminded things really could end at any moment. So that's what I try to remember. I try to recall that feeling the nation had in the days afterwards. We rallied around each other. We held people close. We took nothing for granted.
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    Immediately thought defensive tackle, because Jets.
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    Does he have 2 legs and a pulse? Sign him!
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    That is awful but I can't stop laughing at this.
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    Darnold preparing for his MJ flu game I’m here for it . 4td passes confirmed for Monday night lol
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    Maccagnan drafted three defensive players with top six picks over that past four years and they combined—COMBINED—to make five tackles on Sunday, no INTs, no sacks, not even a single useless TFL. Meanwhile, you people are butthurt about the coach being dissatisfied with UDFA psychopath Robby Anderson’s effort level.
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    I’m an adult that doesn’t immediately jump to alarmist hysteria. I’m not here to help you understand anything. But keep cluttering the board, it’s a free world.
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    I would like to say something witty and shame the OP but honestly after what I saw Sunday I’m In the same place. I was expecting high class hooker and I got a virgin on her wedding night instead. On top of that Sam literally looked as bad as he did when he had to sit last year. Please save me the line the line stuff because he just didn’t look good. Bad feet and missing throws. I thought Gase was a QB whisperer offense guru guy? I do realize it’s week one but damn, not what I was expecting.
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    :Jets burn a third round pick on Jachai Polite, who was predictably and transparently the worst football prospect in the draft since Christian Hackenberg: Jets fans—This is the kind of gutty front office move I like to see and is guaranteed to work out. :Jets send a 2021 sixth rounder to Pats for future Hall of Fame WR: Jets fans—What an egregious waste of resources.
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    If only there was a thread where we could...oh jeezuz...never mind.
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    Call me crazy, but maybe we see how he performs before damning the trade? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Im sure hes a really good player and the texans are just cutting him.
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    I was working in a hospital in Newark. The first tower was hit before I got there. The 2nd tower was hit while I was doing a training class. I said we have to cancel, the guy in charge said no we can't let people go we are a trauma center. That is understandable, but nobody was going to listen to training so I cancelled the class and left. I went home my family was all there and my Dad was there with them. As we were watching everything on TV, he said, now people know what war is like. Those words really jumped out at me. May those who died in this horrific act be at peace. I pray for their families and all those who lost a friend or loved one that day. So many others are sick right now with illnesses because they saved others, that is the definition of a hero. So selfless. The worst that humanity has to offer brings out the best sometimes. Never forget.
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    I pray all goes well for him. There is more to life than football and hopefully he will be successful outside of the NFL. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    The op is a bit over the top but he's right. Just what has Adam Gase done to justify the faith people are putting in him? He had a year of peyton manning at his best. He utterly failed in Miami and like the op said it was not at all his fault. He was hired specifically to make tannehill a good QB but the fail is all on Tannehill. We have seen this act before, coaches who talk a great game. His tenure started very badly with that Buffalo game.
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    God bless my friend charlie and to all the people who lost their lives on that fateful day. May their families remember them w/ love today.
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    Just like when they told us Aaron Hernandez killed somebody. Utterly false...because he actually killed like 3 people.
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    Reminder to never send my kids to Central Michigan.
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    If there was only a thread where we could discuss this.
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    What was the point of censoring one word after 30 F bombs lol
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    The guy who broke the story used to cover the Jets. Guy gets it, Go Jets.
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    Exactly, this isnt about acquiring a star #1 receiver. Its about the complete lack of talent as well as intelligence of the WRs on the Jets. The jets are the only team in the NFL who would have Robby Anderson as their #1 and the Jets don't even have a #2.
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