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    everything is the end of the world. ....If you lose a home game by 1 point it's time to fire the Coach and cut the QB we have posters more interested in being right about the 1 out of 35 things they said 6 months ago than having an honest discussion A mix of uneducated buffoons, arm chair GMs and PFF reading experts is a recipe for disaster thread after thread following a bad loss for me, I think of the Jerry Springer show...but like about sports or something with endless Reply buttons I'm hoping that time, maybe a calm walk through the forest with Jeremy Bates, a nice cold adult beverage, or some time with the gf/wife who some of our posters can't seem to watch football with will help. but....probably not. on to the next disaster! #IsThisTheFireGaseThread #IsThisTheCutDarnoldThread #AmIAtTheRightThreadToSayFireDouglas #WhatButtonDoIClickToBlameMaccagnan #CanIRemindEveryoneThatBakerIsBetterInThisThread #AmIDoingThisComplainingThingCorrectly?
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    It's just a sport. Go spend time with your loved ones, find other hobbies, focus on work, go back to school, take a trip, do literally anything but obsess over this ratty tattered chuckledick franchise for a while. In the grand scheme of things, the Jets ARE 100% meaningless. Perspective.
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    I'm sitting here four days away from Week 2 baffled that I was so excited for this season. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this?
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    “People complain too much,” he complained
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    Don't laugh too hard. You're next....
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    I usually like your posts. Not now. It's way too early and this kid hasn't even played a full season yet dude. And if you have seen or heard anything from him or the people around him, he doesn't blame anybody. What happens at happy hour should stay at happy hour LOL
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    Completely unnecessary thread. All this is covered amongst several other active threads, but more eloquently stated.
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    No trades. The team is the team at this point.
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    Hey, Trevor Siemian and Sam Ficken....
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    They don’t even give us lube. Guess they know our assholes have been stretched over the years.
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    This is a gut punch and truly unbelievable. I literally just called up my son who is a freshman at Penn State and apologized for dragging him into the perpetual misery of being a Jets fan. Told him that at least now he has one decent football team to root for. We both laughed, but it was those fake, forced type of laughs that masked our true feelings of wanting to strangle baby pandas.
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    Should not have used that free gift certificate to the Orchids of asia day spa he got anonymously in the mail.
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    The offensive line and kicker gave him mono, great.
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    I don't know. Maybe it has gone a bit overboard in the last few days. Ok, no maybes involved, things have gone off the rails a bit. But at least this year, we care when the team loses. Past couple of seasons were about draft position and then Sam's development. Winning was secondary. We accepted losing; some of us even preferring losses to wins as early as Spetember. But this year is different. We had some hope. Some expectations. And we played like crap. And lost a game we should have won. People are pissed. They come here to vent. Thats not a bad thing.
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    It does seem worse than usual we are on the brink of going from a must win game in game 1 (lol) to tanking for a QB after week 3 Just pure hysteria
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    aaaannnd there it is, boys. See you guys in the offseason.
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    Listen I’ve been a Jets fan since 97 and it seems every time we think are team is going places they hit us with the “same ole Jets”. Season is not over yes we suffer a big loss in Darnold but let’s keep a good energy and get behind these young guys there is new feeling let’s keep that momentum going. Go Jets Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Well if nothing else, draft day will be more interesting having a 3rd overall pick again. Any good DT's coming out this year?
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    This is the Jetsiest Jets season the Jets have ever Jetsed
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    More offensive to me is people that laugh at their own jokes. Or upvote their own posts. That is what really bothers me.
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    The phrase is "talk" me off the ledge. What you are asking us to do is basically convince you to jump off the building. Ok, I'll try: "Hey Nico- there's an ice cream truck down there! Hurry!"
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    Plus a Bell MRI... well. Guess I’ll head back over to the Draft Forum. It’s been real.
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    Sam played poorly against Buffalo. Jets fans: NO HE DIDNT! THE BUFFALO DEFENSE IS AMAZING Sam has mono. Same Exact Jets fans: HEY MAYBE THIS IS WHY HE PLAYED POORLY AGAINST BUFFALO!
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    Joe handing Sam a kiss from Suzy Kolber..
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    look on the bright side - it's not gonarrhea
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    Sets us up nicely for us to draft Leo's replacement in the Top 5...
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    draft threads will be active now.
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    Highest rated beast 'can't be blocked' DT.
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    Roll with Siemian. He’s about as good as you are going get as a backup. Also it would take a new QB time to learn a new system. It’s not plug and play like a kicker.
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    Yes, 22 year old QB missing a month due to the kissing disease is Actually Good. You people have brain parasites
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    i've always wanted to ask someone who knows... IS ignorance bliss?
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    For the Jets 2019 season, it's a disaster. For Sam Darnold, it's just a speed bump. He has a long career ahead of him. As for me, I'm now looking forward to the start of the NHL season. Although with my luck Taylor Hall or Jack Hughes will contract malaria..
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    Oh in that case we should be fine.
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    It's truly amazing how this team always manages to find new and creative ways to totally screw with us time and time again. They really are just the friggin' worst.
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    so to recap, we've lost darnold/enunwa/mosley/Q/williamson and maybe bell. so basically every projected impact player.
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    Ya can only laugh and shake your head.
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    tower 1 my friend...here's my story I wrote up years ago. never forget I'll never forget, I was in the North Tower on the 26th floor. When the plane hit the sound of the explosion was unbelievable, but the aftershock of the hit was worse. The building shook from side to side so violently that I thought it was coming down, my desk was near a window, and as I looked out I could practically see the ground head on. People fell out of their chairs, I was standing and had to hold on to my desk. When the shaking stopped out in the distance looking through my window, I could see what at first appeared to be rocket trails, which turned out to be flaming debris shooting out and down from above. Now I am frozen, and unsure of what is happening. My next sight is burned into my memory, but it took me days to remember it, some poor soul from an upper floor falling past my window, smoldering, this is what got me moving. As I made my way to a staircase, I got hit in the head with a ceiling tile, another thing I didn't remember until someone told me later. The desent down the stairs was orderly, there was a strange smell in the air, which I guess was the jet fuel. As I made it to the lower floors, around 5 or 6 the sprinklers were on, and water was rushing down the stairs. Finally we began to exit the stairwell, onto the mezzanine level, and at that exact moment the building began to shake violently again, this was the second plane hitting. Now I ran, but it was like a dream running in slow motion, as I head for an exit to the plaza I was stopped dead in my tracks by something huge falling from above, just outside the revolving door I was about to fo through. One second faster and I'm sure I was gone. Now I spun and ran the other way, through another revolving door that appeared safe, I sprinted to an overpass over West St. that led to the Winter Garden. A security guard on the other side screamed, "Run!" what was happening, I still had no clue, as I got closer to the guard he said we were under attack, missles or planes, he wasn't sure. I ran towards the water, and then looked up for the first time, the sight was incredible, my first thoughts turned to the friends I had at Cantor Fitzgergerald, I worked for that firm in the past, on the upper floors of that building, including one of my best friends. I could not stay and watch the horror unfold, people were jumping or falling, so I began walking up the West Side drive right away, I was able to make a call to my wife from a pay phone, and I told her I was OK. The South Tower came down, a sight I'll never forget, as I was a safe distance away. A few zombie like minutes later, the North Tower came down, as I was standing in front of Chelsea Piers. My cell phone now worked and I called my wife again, she told me of the Pentagon attacks, and I told her there was no way I was going to Grand Central. I did head over towards mid town, to try a find out more info. Now at some bar in the thirties, looking for water, and info, I run into the guy that sat next to me at work. This is crazy, because we took different routes to get to that point, and we live near eachother in Westchester. He and I walked up, and over the Third Avenue Bridge, where along the way I got hit with bird droppings, as someone said, it was good luck, and I really think it was no small miracle that I got out. In the Bronx, my brother in law picked us up on Arthur Ave. I'll never forget my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances lost on that day. I think of them on a daily basis. I was lucky, my family was lucky, I pray for those that were not.
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    This franchise is a real-life version of that machine from The Princess Bride that sucks the life out of people, and it’s never, ever, ever going to change. Hope that helps
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    Youngest starting QB ever. I’m surprised he’s even had his first kiss.
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    I remember watching the giants game on Monday night with my dad. Seemed like a normal Monday night. I was complaining about the Jets getting blown out by the Colts a few days earlier. The next day the world changed. Our fan base more then most was effected deeply. Today take a moment to Remember them all. Go Jets, Go America. Always remember

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