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    There has to be a minimum post count to start threads. This trolling is ridiculous.
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    Rich Eisen's reaction and expressions in this vid accurately capture what it feels like to be a Jets fan this week. Hey... at least we're not alone out there. There is really no way to describe this week. Shepherd supsended 6 games Quinnen Williams Ankle injury CJ Mosely Groin injury First trade with the Bellichik led Pats ever Quincy Enunwa out for the year and potentially his career being over Lev Bell MRI And Sam Friggin Darnold gets Friggin Mono... unreal Enjoy
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    the dolphins are panicking b/c the jets are now a threat level midnight to get the first pick
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    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!!! 🏈
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    The guy we picked with the Bridgewater pick - Chuma Edoga - is still on the roster. Polite was picked with our own 3rd rounder.
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    No thanks. I'm still trying to forget his penchant for punting the ball back to HOF QBs down two scores late in the 4th quarter on 4th and 2 from midfield.
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    This is an absurd take. Football players get better by playing football. So you are happy that literally the only positive that could possibly come out of this season--Sam's development--is now being retarded? All reasonable people knew going into this season that this season was, like last season, about Sam growing as the team has no chance to make playoffs.
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    Well if nothing else, draft day will be more interesting having a 3rd overall pick again. Any good DT's coming out this year?
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    I think the people who are saying this don't realize what it is. This is definitely an injury you can't play with. They will monitor his spleen and until that bad boy fits inside his rib cage again they won't even let him ride a bike.
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    This sh*t has totally jumped the shark.
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    24 - 0 Browns. I would've said 24 - 3 but you know kickers and such.
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    Needed some help with some chronic pain issue with a broken bone. Just found out about Saw Darnold and his mono thing. The life of a Jet fan....the carrot is forever dangled. Then, a thought. Siemien goes down with an injury early, and Luke Falk comes in. our scrap-heap 6th rounder QB. And he shines.... He shines so bright, that they won't put Darnold in, even when he's healthy. Luke Faulk: The sixth round QB who takes full advantage of an unfortunate situation and carries his franchise to the promised land for years to come. It happened once....... And then I woke up. But it was a fun thought experiment while it lasted
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    Same, after this news broke, I always wonder what Rich thinks/will have to say about it. My favorite Rich moment was in 2013 at the draft...2nd round: (Jet are on the clock) Mayock: Hey Rich, you know who's still on the board yet right? Rich: Dont say it Mayock, dont talk about it. Mayock: I'm just saying Rich, there are still questions at the position, and it makes a lot of sense. (Cherbet announces the pick) GENO SMITH Rich(sounding so down and defeated): "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh they did it, the really went ahead and did it" Camera cuts to Rich, ad he's trying to hide the fact he's a fan, and continue doing his job, but the amount of tears he was crying on the inside couldn't be hidden.
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    I decided the season was over when Mac was fired AFTER the draft and FA spending spree. At that point, I knew there was nothing we could expect from a new regime. To ask anyone to come in here and undo the roster ******* of Rex/Tanny, Rex/Idzik, Bowles/Mac... is unfair, and quite frankly a job I'd have turned down.
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    I'm not concerned with the WL columns as much as I am by Darnold missing however many weeks it will take to recover from this. If it's 3-4 weeks, ok, he can get plenty of time under center this year. From what some people are saying though it might be longer. I have no idea, I'm not a doctor. If this takes 5,6 or more weeks, it's not good at all. What's bad about this is a young QB will be missing X amount of weeks in his second season, under a second HC, in a second offensive system. No matter how you twist it, missing games is never a good thing, especially with a young QB.
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    This is not a blessing Mono is a debilitating illness that has serious side effects especially for athletes. It's not even guaranteed that he returns this year. This is supposed to be the most vital year in his development, he needs reps plain and simple.
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    Bowles was a really good DC. As a head coach two things hurt him 1) his inability to put together a great staff \ loyalty to Kacy and 2) having Macc put together a roster that he had to coach.
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    While leading 20-14 Tampa thinking carolina was going to score called a time out. After the time out there was massive confusion on the tampa D side of the ball and they called ANOTHER time out thus taking a penalty and instead of it being 4th and about 3 it was 4th and less than a yard. Tampa was bailed out by an excellent play by Humprhies that tackled mccaffery and ended the game. Apparently Chris Webber is their time out consultant. Todd Bowles at his finest.
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    Don't laugh too hard. You're next....
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    Not hard to find a kicker. Gano out for the season . Carolina brings in this Slye guy. Bangs in 3 kicks. Without any drama. Its not that hard to find a kicker. Only The Jets.
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    It’s not even the overreaction. I think it’s more the dejection. The promise of finally competing a little, the hype of a second year potential franchise guy. It’s more of a gut punch. You want to watch this kid and now for the second straight year he will miss multiple games. Now we have to question that going forward, can he play a full year with out being hurt? It’s just frustrating.
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    Please stop it. This narrative is a tremendous reach.
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    he probably will be put 6-8 weeks unless he has a miraculous recovery which I doubt. Mono is serious and he will lose weight - already has and will not have any energy. His spleen will swell and he needs to AVOID any contact sport or he could die... if you do not believe me check out Web MD or other sites. Jets need to be careful here...
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    everything is the end of the world. ....If you lose a home game by 1 point it's time to fire the Coach and cut the QB we have posters more interested in being right about the 1 out of 35 things they said 6 months ago than having an honest discussion A mix of uneducated buffoons, arm chair GMs and PFF reading experts is a recipe for disaster thread after thread following a bad loss for me, I think of the Jerry Springer show...but like about sports or something with endless Reply buttons I'm hoping that time, maybe a calm walk through the forest with Jeremy Bates, a nice cold adult beverage, or some time with the gf/wife who some of our posters can't seem to watch football with will help. but....probably not. on to the next disaster! #IsThisTheFireGaseThread #IsThisTheCutDarnoldThread #AmIAtTheRightThreadToSayFireDouglas #WhatButtonDoIClickToBlameMaccagnan #CanIRemindEveryoneThatBakerIsBetterInThisThread #AmIDoingThisComplainingThingCorrectly?
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    link removed I wrote a breakdown of the Jets offensive line play in week 1. Poor communication and inability to identify where blitzes were coming from doomed them from the start. Bell masked alot of the inefficiencies in the run game with his ability to break tackles and make the first defender miss.
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    Bowles as DC > Bowles as HC Some people still don’t understand this. Have you ever seen Wayne Gretzky play hockey? Ever seen him coach? Some guys are well-suited for one thing and just really not good at something else even if it seems closely related. The Jets have taken two excellent defensive coordinators in Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles who they unfortunately hired to be head coaches.
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    He’s had success as a DC before also, one game
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    Because he’s not big enough to play in the box as SS or LB. The wear and tear will shorten his career and does not allow him to excel at what he does at an elite level thereby costing him millions of dollars. He hasn’t refused to play or held out. Heck, no one is even saying he hasn’t put in 100%. He’s just asked permission to seek a trade to a team that will use him in a way that best suits his skills and long term interest. In a nutshell, he’s doing it the right way.
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    Pay me by 7:00 tonight or she dies. SAR I
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    I really love this. In one week this board has gone from expecting playoffs to openly advocating tanking. Amazing fanbase.
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    There's nothing in here about American asian chicks in light bondage lingerie. Wrong fantasy
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    Yea I agree that is what I am most bummed about. Actually specifically bummed about Monday’s game because I had it circled on the calendar since day 1- was just going to be fun to see Baker vs Sam. I don’t think missing 6 games is the end of the world long term though. He’d still have more games under his belt than most 23 year old QBs in NFL history.
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    The last 3 QB prospects this team has had have: 1. Fumbled by running into his own lineman’s ass on national TV 2. Broken jaw over 400 bucks 3. A high school std And of course we have the finger wagging from fellow Jets fans saying the fanbase is actually the problem.
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    I am interested in this article but could not find one of these to read that font:
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    Bowles has always been a good dc. That has no bearing on how you are as a hc. So here comes idiot jet fan posts about how todd bowles sucks.
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    The defensive lineman we draft next year will be on this list. 8th time is the charm!
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    I Jetted up, but all that happened was I sh*t myself.
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    We’ll never win a game again. It’s over.
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    No superstars, but it already looks like it was another deep draft for WR talent. in terms of surrounding Sam with as much talent as possible, Terry McLaurin might have made more sense in the third round than the nut-case we took. Instead, all it took was one injury and we are scrapping the bottom of the WR barrell again looking for Belichick rejects. The Q. Williams/Polite picks were the final nail in Maccagnan's coffin.
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    I'm done with eggs. To me its Darnold or bust. I've said before if this kid doesn't work out I'm walking away. The Jets need to put the assets around him to succeed. He's 22, hes the #3 pick in the draft, he's one of the best college QBs ive ever seen, he's shown the ability to play at an Elite level in the nfl. If we can't make Darnold work we aren't making anything work.
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    Highest rated beast 'can't be blocked' DT.
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