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    We need more dawgs on this board.
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    Let me start out by saying, it is what it is regarding the bad luck bestowed upon us at the start of this season. Sh*t happens. The unfortunate thing about being a Jet fan is how inept the ownership has been & how over and over again Woody put people in charge who couldn't post an intelligent thought here at Jetnation. While we all banter back & forth, argue fuss & fight here all of us are here because we've tied our wagons to the New York Jets football team since we were young. Im obvious completely bummed out with the news of Darnold & Mono, but I have to say, though I feel bad for Quincy Enunwa, we FINALLY will have to look to sign or draft a #1 WR. Guys like Quincy & Winters, the last holdovers of the most incompetent GMs Idzik & Macc will be the final 2 ejections of overpaid JAGs we'll see here going forward. Thanks to Woody we've literally had 8 years of probably the most horrific drafting by a franchise in the history of the sport. These guys couldn't stumble into a good draft pick. I feel bad for Chris Johnson who finally had the balls to burn this place down, but with any renovation project as you know once you expose what's under the Sheetrock you start to find all kinds of problems that need to be solved. Gase & JD started that project by jettisoning Jags or malcontents like Darren Lee right off the bat. They had nothing to do with the Quincy resigning. This offseason I was one of the most optimistic fans on this board, but I made it very clear in my posts that for us to fight for a playoff spot we would have to stay healthy as I knew this team had no depth & was paperthin. But im still optimistic about our future under Gase/JD. They're all in 100% football guys. They love football, talk football live football & I truly believe that they can work together, have a plan & can work together to get the pcs necessary to turn things around. I never had dreams of Super Bowls for 2019, only competing for a Wild Card if possible. The days of overpaying for average players like Quincy & Winters are over with this new regime & it will take some time with what these last 2 GMs left here. But I still believe Darnold can be a great QB & Joe Douglas will right this ship starting this offseason & with the 2020 draft. It's painful after the anticipating of season season falls off the wheels out of the gate & the football gods have not been kind to us but IT IS WHAT IT IS. Let's see what kind of fight this group has in them, it could tell us a lot about our near future & what we might expect when Sam returns. Go Jets.
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    This is the type of knowledge I come to jetnation for.
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    Williams did a great job here. He served his time, he does not need to answer to stuff that happened in the past. Odell is being Odell and Williams is right when he tells the media they are feeding this. Now that is their job, so that is why they asked the questions. His job is to coach the defense so he was 100% right to just move past the old stuff. I think he handled it very well.
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    The thread-starting this week needs to tank.
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    So, just to recap. In the last 6 days we have: Blown a 16 point Q3 lead Lost a starting WR for the season; possibly ending his career Lost our QB for at least several weeks Lost our top defensive FA signing for at least a game Lost our first round draft pick, also for at least a game Seen a player suspended for PEDs And that is not even mentioning our kicker. One week ago, I was looking forward to a football season with optimism, for the first time in several seasons. Still looking forward to the Monday Nighter, but hard to be upbeat about the season at this point.
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    I have decided.to buy a ticket on this doomed voyage .. I may even meet up with SAR this year .... No more moaning .. next man up ... Let's go !!!! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Actually. What they need to do is trade for... Discuss. Seriously though. I'm looking at this thinking if Trevor can somehow win ONE game for us before Sam comes back, we're going to get Herndon back, we're going to get Copeland back to play across from Jenkins. The defense played a HECK of a game against the Bills. The ONE weakness that was exposed was our lack of a #1 CB. Ramsey is that and more. He's a playmaker and he brings the attitude this D thrives on. Even at 4-1 going into NE, with Sam back, we'd have a shot to start to take our season back. Then you are looking at the future and this is very much a guy that can be a part of the team long term.
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    And just like that... Glennon makes his triumphant return to JetNation.com 😂🤣😂🤣
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    0-6 whos the best interior DT in the draft? Looking forward to pairing him with our other all pros on the line to form a Big 3
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    What a cluster****. Just end the season. Better luck next year. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Quinnen is being mentored by Leonard Williams, who was mentored by Mo Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson, who was mentored by Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis, who was mentored by Sean Gilbert. What could go wrong?
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    I wouldn’t be friends with you, you’re a douche bag so bad example.
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    I'm too lazy to figure out how to spell his name. If he wins on Monday I'll show him the utmost respect. SAR I
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    I agree. If it was up to Douglas he would have it that way. But you don't 'buy' O-line, you have to draft it b/c you won't be able to afford to keep those guys together otherwise.
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    He was trolled by Odell. This was an opponent playing mind games. It wasn't a league inquiry. Belichick wouldn't sit there answering it. Talk about the game or move on. Williams handled this very well.
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    You are going to get banned. This is just garbage. Very weird joke you are trying to pull off here. Just isn't funny.
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    Bitch ass millennial spleen ass bitch
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    The guy we picked with the Bridgewater pick - Chuma Edoga - is still on the roster. Polite was picked with our own 3rd rounder.
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    Mosley is a bigger loss than Darnold. Defense looked like amateur hour without him in there.
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    That was last week. This week is not last week.
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    Now, Nut, I'm no historian, but when you derisively use the term "SOJs" to describe Jets fans that are, say, a wee bit cynical about the chances of this team, and given light of recent events regarding this team that are fairly comparable to the overarching history of the franchise, wellllll, um, (how do I put this delicately?), um, do you have a traumatic brain injury or what?
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    If only there were a Darnold mono thread where we could discuss this.
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    I listened to Glenn Naughton's podcast and he brought up a very good point about how Gase did not call plays to Sam's strength. How when Sam was clearly being pressured and the O-line was struggling in protection he didn't start rolling him out and putting him on the move, something Sam is fantastic at. I agree 100%. That was just one example. Another one was how rarely Montgomery was used, how rarely Bell was used as a WR, how few shots were taken deep early in the game- being predictable- taking shots deep only when we were desperate to score. I mean, the Bills defense is clearly good and some of it may have been to prevent turnovers (after all sam had no INTs and there were no FMBLs). But it was a predictable, conservative gameplan from a coach who is supposed to be the opposite.
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    So reminds me of sitting in the Meadowlands, opening day, coming off the playoff loss in Denver the prior year. We, most were thinking that we were one of the favorites to win the SB and bang, Vinny throws himself to the turf to grab a fumble from C Martin, who never fumbles. And in that split second the season was over. Done This is NOTHING
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    If anyone things greg williams is the only guy to ever act like this in pro football they are laughably naive. Also people are trying to blast you into next week on every play of the game if they have the chance. In addition the play OBJ was bleating about was a low football hit but since the defenders can no longer go high at all you take the guy down how you can.
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    Francessa had a Doctor on his show talking about Sam and what Mono actually is, and from he way he was talking, it sounded like it would be extremely risky (and foolish imo) to bring him back in less than 1-3 months, and flat out said he would recommend his sitting out the whole season. He said that there are no tests for viruses such as mono. If he gets hit in a game and is not fully recovered, his spleen could rupture and that would be potentially life threatening. He also mentioned that there is no test to determine whether or not &/or when the spleen is ok either, even if not swollen, he said it could still rupture if he gets hit the wrong way, even if he feels good. So if the team is 0-6, 1-5, why would they even think of risking his future in the NFL, and more importantly, his life? If there was a way to be sure he was ok, then, fine, as soon as he gains his weight back, absolutely bring him back, but with this, no, it's too dangerous imo - his life and health are the most important thing. Also, mono is highly contagious, he needs to be away from the team until they are 150% sure that virus has run its course to avoid infecting others. Such a $hitty thing to happen to a great person and could happen to anyone. He must be devastated just like we all are. I bet Sam will probably have to be restrained in 4-6 weeks from trying to come back play too soon no matter what the record is, LOL. Wishing Sam a full and speedy full recovery!
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    You won't believe it if I tell you, but 2-4 gets us to 10-6. Semen just needs to beat the Browns and Cowboys at home, not impossible. SAR I
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    The Jets showing Sam Spleen the utmost respect. SAR I
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    how can u guys give up hope so easily when Jamal Adams and his culture-changing leadership is on ur side smh
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    Ok enough. I am a physician (anesthesiologist) and the recommended wait time is usually a month sometimes two months. Ultrasound can be used to verify splenic enlargement and normalization. Definitely going to hurt the team but he can likely come back at some point close to the halfway mark. Also prior to that he can train etc. Just can't be hit.
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    He might as well retire right? Since he’ll never really know if his spleen is enlarged. Am I doing it right?
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    Sigh. Honestly hate to throw away a season, but the best case scenario this year is 1.) no winning,; 2.) enough Sam to confirm he’s the future (Geno looked good for one month too, so spare me your certainty about his greatness); 3.) end up with a top 2-3 pick, trade it to a team needing a QB and give this regime a good 7-10 picks next year on top of the $80m we can probably have in cap space if we roster dump.
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    300 pound bar of butcher knives
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    I will take the exact opposite position on this one. The insanity on this board is not a sign of diminshed mental capacity. It is a sign of mental health. Part of the service Max provides, giving Jet fans a place to vent, to let out our frustrations. We can all have our "mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore" moments. But we get to do it right here. Online. With our fellow fans. A less healthy or well-adjusted fan might take out their frustrations by venting to the wife (who in my case does not give a sh*t), yelling at the kids, (but why take it out on them), or kicking the dog (but what did that cute little guy do). Instead, Max gives us a forum to vent to other like minded, fans. Lets face it, those of us on this site are not your normal Sunday afternoon fans. We invest a lot more time and money in this team than most. We need a release. JN provides that release. Crazy stuff on the board these days. Ridiculous threads up and down the forum. Absolutely. But it helps keep us sane for the real world.
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    [team plane crashes, killing the entire roster and coaching staff and most of the front office; the NFL, unsure of how to proceed, simply contracts the franchise and reassigns all team history and records, including the Super Bowl III championship, to the Giants] JET NUT: lol cant wait to see how the SOJFs spin this into a negative
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    They had 4 TO's, scored a safety and a defensive TD. I mean they gave up a lot of yards. But only 17 points. Only 3 points in 3 quarters. It was a 4th quarter collapse where they allowed 2 TDs that lost the game. And thats only b/c their offense was so painfully anemic all game and their kicker couldn't make a FG. Had the offense done ANYTHING worth a damn, even with that 4th quarter collapse (in large part due to CJ Mosley getting hurt), the Jets would have won. If our defense gave up only 17 points every game this season, scored a TD and a Safety I would be dancing in the aisles and the Jets would be going to the playoffs.
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    This is a false narrative. We likely would have got nothing for Teddy leaving as a FA. The comp pick formula is based on a load of factors, including the size of the contract a player signs and the success he has with his new team. But the most important factor is net losses - you have to lose more players than you sign to qualify for comp picks. We lost very little in FA this year, and the players we did lose signed low-level contracts and are not expected to be impact players. We signed a load of good players to big-money deals, more than cancelling out our losses. So, even if Teddy had stayed for the year and then left as a FA, there is no chance we would have received a 3rd round comp pick (or any comp pick) for him at all. Trading Teddy at that time, as the 3rd string QB, for a 3rd round pick was absolutely the right move and a great trade.
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    I agree with all of this, but they did get burned with the injury. This should have been a complete rebuild with OL being bought first.
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    Even if we go 0-7. Second half of our schedule is way easier including two games versus the Dolphins who would lose to Rutgers and the Giants look horrible plus Sam will be back at 100%
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