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    Black beacause its the funeral of the season, the season died from mono.
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    It would be better without lights as well.
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    Wait this team can't find a guy to waive? I could think of about 40 guys that we could waive and not notice them being gone. Just throw a dart at all the names and I bet nobody would claim them.
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    Ok couple things to address from this thread. There is no way for the staff to have known he had mono when he felt unwell. It has nothing to differentiate it from other upper respiratory infections (cold, flu, etc. ). So people can stop acting like the FO ran him out there with blood shooting out of his eye. There is no IV that can help him maintain nutrition. IV "food" (known as TPN) is ridiculously dangerous and only given to critically ill bed ridden patients who for whatever reason can't absorb food through their GI tract. He would also need a central line (an IV in his internal jugular) to receive this. Lastly it will take probably a month for him to be fully over the illness in the best case scenario. They can (and probably will) use ultrasound to make sure his spleen is okay prior to putting him back in the field. This is all in my opinion as a physician. I know there are other physicians on the board so hopefully they put in their opinions as well. I just get frustrated with medical misinformation getting bandied about with regard to illnesses such as this.
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    Well he’s almost as old as Nathan Shepherd so he probably should.
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    Your New York Jets take on the Browns of Cleveland in a rematch of the first ever Monday Night Football game that took place in 1970 when @T0mShane was just ripping the heads of his sisters Barbie dolls, before becoming the sociopathic lunatic serial killer we know and love today. Anyway I digress. The Jets have their work cut out for them tonight missing half their team to injury and illness that usually only affects members of the high school band. The Browns come in with OBJ who insists on wearing a watch, when he all know he can't tell time unless its digital. Good luck to our Jets I hope they muzzle the Dawg pound and escape their own home stadium with a win. Clear Eyes, Full Heart, someone get me some booze.
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    I have no idea why Giants fans expected the team to be good this year. Say what you will about Jets fans, but years like 2017 and 2014 we knew we were going to suck, it's not like it was some stunning, unexpected surprise. Giants are rolling out the same team as last year with less offensive weapons and an even older quarterback in an offensive league. SAR I
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    I'm thinking one of the 17 dlineman has to go.
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    Fitzpatrick was the MVP after week 2 last year.
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    Let's see how many snowflakes I can trigger this time..... Only one man can save the Steelers season..... (On a serious note....this might be his best chance...the Rooney's - creators of the Rooney rule- are about as progressive an ownership you're going to get in the NFL)
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    Hate it for Brees, love it for Rapelisberger.
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    BPA on defense every year but somehow defense never improves 🤔
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    Did anyone see Julio Jones last night? Anyone who argues weapons don’t matter for a QB need their head examined or should just acknowledge they know nothing at all about football..... Big Ben has been nothing without his targets..... Good WRs make a huge difference
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    Did you just try to rhyme Allen with Ballen? Oh my.
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    Probably This is precisely the kind of goofy sh*t that the Jets do. Major letdown blowing a 16-0 lead against a mediocre Bills team on opening day with a mostly healthy roster...and then beat a supposed “Super Bowl contender” in the Browns the next week while missing their prized young QB, superstar ILB, #3 overall pick DL, etc while inspiring false hope only to get the dogsh*t smacked out of them by New England 6 days later. It’s not only possible, I fully expect it.
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    The double safety pic of Marcus Maye over Dalvin Cook bothered me in real time and has bothered me ever since
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    Because clearly we have “just lose, even by one” down pretty nicely.
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    I'm off tomorrow who's down to get black out drunk tonight for this massive game. If they lose it's a very big problem with the Patriots and the Eagles coming up. Not to be a downer but realistically the season will be over and I'll be going hard on the nfldraftnetwork mock simulator two games into the season. So sad but so true.
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    a decade of drafting defense in the first round and tonight leader of the defense is UDFA neville hewitt
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    See, this season could be way worse. We could be paying Kirk Cousins 30 million a year.
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    Again, you're an annoyance and nothing you say is interesting. Go delete your account. No one likes you and you're a waste of bandwidth.
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    You're an annoyance and nothing you say is interesting.
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    Love it! couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of a$$holes!!
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    Out spending that sweet, sweet, PSL cash we saved!
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    You know they have stadium lights right lol?
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    Even with all the bad news last week the season isn't over, let's see these questions answered going forward: - Is the coaching staff good enough to get the team to "punch above its weight"? We haven't seen that since the first two years of Rex Ryan. Can they craft schemes to keep the team afloat until players return from injury? - Will Gregg Williams put Mosley on the headset to help the ILB's with the defensive calls? Mosley's special talent in diagnosing offenses shouldn't just be sitting on the sideline - Will Leonard Williams finally appear, refused to be blocked and show he deserves a second contract? Sadly I think the answer to this is no. He hasn't done it in four years and his first game against BUF was putrid - Can Gase do here what he did in MIA last year when he got Osweiler to throw for 400 yards and beat CHI in OT? Show me some of that offensive creativity: https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401030771
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    Robby would have 12 TDs and 1500 yards on the Cheifs offense.
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    Why would you be a “new Jets fan?” What exactly is the appeal if a choice were involved?
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    I told you this in confidence and then blogged about it. I can’t believe you’d betray me like this and then not even link to my blog, which needs more traffic. You bastard.
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    I personally would like to see them get rid of some of the rules that favor the offense so heavily and balance the scales back out again. Things like illegal contact, all the ridiculous roughing the passers, late hits, etc. I want good hard hitting clean football, but the NFL has over corrected and made an offense only league.
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    In case you weren't aware, the reason you don't have a girlfriend is because you are too comfortable being a victim. SAR I
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    We made the right decision getting rid of him for his haircut alone. Robby Anderson next to follow.
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    If I ever see Mike Macagnan in person I'm just punching him in the face. No words, just walking up and giving the dude a hay-maker. No reasonable judge is going to convict.
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    Can't wait until Monday when the last vestiges of light from the homers is extinguished and banished to the dark soul of true Jets fandom.
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    Good call, Coops. You nailed it.
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    To be honest Lamar Jackson has been playing a lot better than I ever thought he would. Ditto Kyler Murray. I thought he was actually retarded after that Dan Patrick interview.
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    The DT has a gimpy ankle, the OLB was among the first cuts, the ORT can’t beat out Brandon Shell, and Trevon Wesco will probably be waived to squeeze in the new #3 QB. I’m sorry but there’s no room at the inn for Deebo or whoever sorry
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    The guy we picked with the Bridgewater pick - Chuma Edoga - is still on the roster. Polite was picked with our own 3rd rounder.

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