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    Congratulations to our New York Yankees on their American League Eastern Division Championship. Aaron Boone has just become the first manager in baseball history to win 100 games in each of his first two seasons. SAR I
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    We have laid a smelly turd in the first two games. Mono and lack of Darnold has led to some serious conservatism on offense, the OL is awful, and the defense is not great. However, the defense showed improvement last week, Darnold will be back for Philadelphia and the defense will continue to get better. I also believe that a healthy Darnold will show why he is a future Top 5 QB coming back We will probably lose to NE this Sunday, but I expect there to be signs of improvement. Philadelphia, Dallas and NE are a tough stretch. But I am not really that impressed with Dallas. Say we start 1-5. Oh no, season over....but is it? I realize that every team right now is penciling in the Jets game as a win for them, but the Jets did show some improvement Monday, and the Buffalo game was "won" before out epic fail. I still believe we will be more like the TD machine we saw in preseason than our performances in first two games. But here's the thing: After these 6 games our schedule is EPIC in its easiness We play likely only 1 team that will be in the playoffs, Baltimore and they are not as good as they look and might be on QB#3 by the time we play them. I actually think we can start as good as 3-3 but even if we start 1-5, I think this team builds momentum wins 9 of last 10 and makes the playofffs. Usually I would think the season is over but don't feel that way this time.

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