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    “We’re going to go on a little run here,” Darnold said on a conference call with reporters. “It’s going to be fun, but it’s going to take a lot of work. I know a lot of the guys on the team are willing to put in that work.” https://nypost.com/2019/09/23/sam-darnold-teases-jets-tear-with-return-looming/ 0-3 gets us to 1-4 which gets us to 7-6 which gets us to 9-7. Get onboard or get out. No SOJF's allowed. SAR I
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    He didnt. They're just telling you he is and you're eating it up.
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    I don’t mind the optimism but the constant bashing of “SOJFs” is tiresome. You know what another name for SOJFs is? People that have been right a whole lot more than they have been wrong about the Jets for 50 years.
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    Positive vibes only. Stop stalking me. Go away. Plenty of negative threads for you to be negative in. Sam and Le’Veon are asking for fan positivity. Some of us respect the team enough to cooperate. SAR I
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    This was never a playoff team. It was about building up the talent level and getting Sam reps. They've failed miserably so far.
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    Here is a happy anecdote for everyone. A kid from Iowa made a sign for ESPN gameday asking for donations to his venmo for Busch Light. It went viral. He decided he'd donate all donations he received to the U of Iowa children's hospital. It went more viral. Both Busch Light and Venmo have said they will match his donation. The total donation recently reached 1 million dollars. Busch Light is also giving him a years worth of beer, in special made cans with his picture on it. See, not everything is incredibly depressing football.
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    1. Jets fans have to feel really frustrated because outside of Gase and the playcalling, there really is nobody around to blame and yell at. Macc is gone so you can't yell at him. Douglas just got here. The owners aren't changing so there's no use to yell at them. And the injury gods can't be reached. It's a very odd situation where Gase is the only reasonable target for the frustration of the fans (some of it well earned however). 2. Joe Douglas should, of course, be looking into selling off pieces in order to get draft picks. How he can do with that is beyond anyone's guess 3. I don't think Gase gets fired during the year, but if they keep going like this they may have no choice. Douglas is here for 6 years (there's a reason he held out for that length BTW. He knew this would take a while). So he really isn't tethered to anybody there. 4. The NFL just seems blah this year. There seem to be more 3-0 teams than usual. It's starting to look like MLB. where there is a greater disparity between teams and the haves and have nots. 5. I loved that Gregg Williams hire from the beginning and so far, with an undermanned crew, he has done a solid job.
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    I just hope the Jets are better at hiring doctors than they are at hiring coaches and GMs, because the idea of him coming back week 5 sounds risky.
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    Like a fillet mignon, wrapped in bacon, sandwiched between two slices of NY pizza... served on boobs good.
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    Two Daniel Jones threads on a Jets board in two days? Time for a new user name and even shorter leash.
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    There are some things that will get better simply because they have to.....Darnold returning from illness, Herndon returning from suspension, Mosely returning from injury, etc. But there are three things that won't get better on their own... 1. Offensive line - This is on Gase, Frank Pollack and the players. We've had no injuries and the Jets have been putting what they believe is their A team on the field. 2. Playcalling - This is very hard to evaluate given the woes of the OLine and asking guys like Luke Falk to complete passes to WR Bellamy against the NFL's best defense. The only playmaker we had on the field Sunday was Bell and the Pats keyed on him all day....as they should have. 3. Roster Depth - It's not getting any better until the Spring at the earliest. The Jets have tried to apply bandaids with guys like Demaryius Thomas and Ryan Kalil. It's not working. We're completely devoid of anything at WR and TE in terms of real playmakers (Robby is good, he's not great....and he's getting bracketed on every play because he's the only thing on the field beside Bell who can possibly break off a big play). If you want to be an optimist and maintain hope here's what I'd say....Darnold returning, Herndon returning and the OLine getting its sh!t together truly could launch the offense. Mosely and QW returning should make a defense that's actually been decent despite its injuries, elevate again and look as it did in the 1st half of Week 1. I really do think brighter days are ahead, if only because they can't be much darker. The good news about Gase - Once Darnold, Herndon, etc. are back on the field we'll be able to have an honest conversation about how bad Gase is or whether he's simply been hamstrung by the injuries and OLine woes.
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    I will continue to kick the corpse of Macc until it is festering in next year’s summer sun.
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    Balt. brought in RG3 in clean up duty and he went 6/6 with 1 TD and they have 1 WR on the team with more than 6 receptions and he's a rookie. Coaching matters.
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    ...and I hope they stay there because I STILL don't want the Jets hiring any of them.
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    You think we can get Patrick Mahommes for him?
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    Generally speaking, bad life decisions.
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    Here it is right here: “We just need to fix some details at other spots as well. We’re not blind to that. It’s just about going out there and going out in practice, in meeting rooms, in walkthroughs and being able to fix all that stuff and not being shy about it. We’re not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. It’s about getting this stuff right. We’re going to get it right. It’s just a matter of time. That's what they need to hear...keep it real, call a spade a spade and if you dont like it then get your shyyt together.
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    Honestly I just had enough of his nonsense. He was ruining thread after thread with the whole the NFL is fake act. He has emailed the site both days since he has been banned. Yesterday he said the Patriots will lose to the Redskins and it will be Patriots \ 49ers in the Super Bowl. The gem tonight was this: Redskins win tonight. Haskins comes in
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    LT - Beachum sucked last year, even down the stretch - kept him. 😄LG - Osemele sucked last year and he took a gamble on him that even I won't bash. C - Jon Harrison had 4 good games and entire career of bad - kept him. Reports out of camp were not good and that's the f*cking reason why Kalil was signed. Gase and Pollack wanted Mitch Morse and Paradis, and f*ckface botched getting one of them. RG - Winters has sucked for years and dipsh*t gave him a big deal. RT - Shell is a JAG. Our offensive line coach is one of the highest regarded coaches in the entire league and Big Macccccc was one of the worst GMs in recent years, who ignored the line every single year he was here and only you can't seem to figure out which one is likely to blame for the talent and level of play on the O-Line.
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    Pretty sure if they cut him, they'd lose any compensatory pick they would have coming when he leaves in the offseason.. The Jets need all the picks they can get.
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    The only thing Rex is qualified to comment on QB wise is their foot work. He doesn't even see anything else.
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    https://wfan.radio.com/articles/maggie-gray-and-bart-scott-discuss-jamal-adams-cancellation I don't blame Jamal from not wanting to talk about all the negative things surrounding the team on a weekly basis but if you agreed to do a weekly spot then you should honor that.
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    This is what a caustic fanbase and media does to teams. It drives them nuts. It makes them insulated. Private
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    A reasonable poster.... Wow, I thought they all flew away... As I have said before I think the Defense is being underrated here. This currently as it stands is a top 10 Defense in the league. This is without Mosley, the best defensive player on the Jets, playing 2 games. This is also with the Jet's offense not being able to sustain a drive for 3 games... The defense has to be tired at the end of the games for the shear amount of minutes they are on the field. As the offense improves with Darnold and Herndon back on the field. The Defense should also get better at the end of games.
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    Well keep in mind that 60 year old Nathan Shepherd is heavily skewing that number.
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    Just think you have to give it time. What you saw from Darnold late in the season gives you hope. Right now with a very bad OL and QB down with Mono it is kind of hard to generate any kind of an imaginative offense. Let's not go out and start making Jackson to be this great QB just yet. While I like what the Ravens have done on offense to push what he does well righrt now, his two good games were against Miami and Arizona. His game against the Chiefs his completion percentage went down to like 50 percent. You hope that when Darnold gets healthy and they can get the OL in some kind of order that we will start the see the Darnold we saw towards the end of last season.
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    Mayfied is a punk ass bitch who is completely overrated. Love the fact him and the Browns suck after all his false bravado bull sh*t. Funny how quiet all his lovers are right now.
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    This is Macagnan's draft logic in a nutshell. I have a car that has 4 really good tires but the car won't start. Something is wrong with the engine. Let me go to the store and get the best available tires for my car. That's his logic for drafting Leonard Williams and Q Williams Beyond stupid!!! So annoying we could have better pieces on this team but had moron GMs. Please oh please let Douglass fix the broken parts of the car
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    No, you as a fan should have seen that drafting back to back safeties and then a pack of lethargic DTs when your offensive personnel is putrid would have dire consequences down the line and now we’re here. But half of you guys were very pumped about the Best Player In The Draft headlines and are now beclowned so own it
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    If you want to mock fake Jets fans probably should pick somewhere other than a Jets Fan messageboard where only the diehards hang out after the Bowles years and a 0-3 start.
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    actually no, the team being bad doesn't make fans angry, angry fans make the team bad. try to keep up
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    Don't care, don't live in NY, don't have a Giants or Daniel Jones inferiority complex. Don't worry about them, worry about us.
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    Maybe he was still gassed from his Pick 6?
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    I have high hopes for this thread
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    Thanks, guys! Like Parcells said, once you start thinking about retirement, you're already retired. The more I thought about being eligible to collect my pension, the more attractive not going to work started to look. Been rotating shifts for over 30 years. Enough is enough.
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    I can’t wait until the Ravens smack the piss out of them and then the wheels really start to fall off. Kitchens and Mayfield already look defeated. I used to kinda sympathize with the Browns and their fans. Now I might hate that team and fanbase more than anyone besides those dickheads in New England.
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    Wednesday is my last day at work. Heading down to apartment hunt in Puerto Morelos in November. Have a lot of **** to do between now and then. So, of course, I'm procrastinating in this thread and elsewhere.
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    The offensive line has been terrible. We are down to a 3rd string QB who looks over matched Roster has been decimated by injury and suspension This is not a well coached team These 4 statements can all be true. Beginning in Philly, we will start to get players back. Lets see what we look like over the next 13; because these first 3 have been beyond dreadful.
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    Were you at the game? How do you know the Skins lost... or that it occurred at all?
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    Have to give this a bye week bump. It received a ton of rep, but it needs more. Spermie nailed it.
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    Modern NFL offense on display. QB doesn't have to be good. OL doesn't have to pass block long. Just have a 3-step drop, dump it off to a little quick guy WR/RB being covered by a LBer, or a big strong TE being covered by a Safety... and let them get the YAC. No reason we can't be running a basic offense like this, even with Falk and our doo-doo OL.
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    Sad that a good chunk of the internet knew this was coming and the GM didn't
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    We are definitely for real. We are really that bad.
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    LMFAO. Great idea. Lets cut Adams too since they didn’t draft Mahomes then Anderson because he’s not a number one WR, Darnold as well that prick can’t stay healthy, who else? **** it. Let’s cut the whole team and get guys off the street.

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