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    I’m not sure this is particularly newsworthy, but the changes are going to happen sooner than later. Obviously, they needed Lewis with Osemele out, but the Edoga over Shell thing is encouraging
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    So, Todd Bowles is respected league-wide for his coaching ability and his class, etc, and the Jets hired him, then hung the worst personnel department in league history around his neck, and Bowles never once bitched about all the trash players Mike Maccagnan dropped on his doorstep. As thanks, Chris Johnson fired league-respected Todd Bowles and kept Mike Maccagnan, who lasted five more months in the job before getting shanked by fellow league-respected coach Adam Gase. Todd Bowles was unemployed for thirty seconds and is currently living his best life in Tampa, where he has rejuvenated the Bucs into an aggressive, attacking defense. Todd Bowles is now, once again, a hot head coaching candidate and will get copious interviews for jobs this offseason. This happens because the Jets franchise is, in fact, *not* respected around the league and the head coaching job is widely considered to be a career-killer. And while Todd Bowles flourishes, the Jets remain a laughingstock team with an awful roster built by an historically terrible GM who was inexplicably allowed to survive as league-respected Todd Bowles was fired, and that GM subsequently put together what can only be described as a catastrophic offseason from tip to stern. The league isn’t blaming Adam Gase for this mess. They’re blaming this mess on The Jets being The Jets. The coaching fraternity is small and insular. They know what jobs are good and which jobs are kamikaze missions. Guess where the Jets job ranks? So, please, go ahead and cry about Adam Gase and, sure, let’s fire him after one season. And then let’s act bewildered when second tier head coaching candidates don’t even pick up the phone when The Jets call for an interview. Maybe The Jets can pick up whatever bottom-of-the-barrel candidate the Redskins eventually pass on. Or, maybe we give Joe Douglas and Adam Gase one (1) offseason to purge the roster and start the hard work of an actual rebuild? Maybe? I don’t know—it’s just a thought that maybe it’ll take more than <checks calendar> five months and/or three games to repair a roster that was twenty games under .500 over the last three seasons.
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    Punch your wet nurse in the face today so you can get the mandated electro-shock therapy you so sorely need.
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    Honestly, I think Edoga should start over Beachum instead of Shell but that's just me.
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    Why would Gase care about Kalil’s salary?
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    have to try something - does not seem like bowles even tried - just expected something different
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    @RobR. Do you think Shell could kick I side? I always thought he would be able to move inside, but maybe not. I think he's a better player than Winters.
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    That’s always been Beachum’s deal, though. He’s ok against average comp, but gets annihilated vs any DE with a pulse.
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    It's funny....reading these posts makes you want them to sit Darnold longer.😎 This is scary stuff.
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    Weird. I feel like while not spectacular, Shell has performed the best out of anyone on the OL. I'd think you'd bench Beachum first and give Edoga a shot at LT.
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    Honestly, I'd like to see Harrison given a shot over Kalil. Dude is toast.
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    What decent player is any team going to get on waivers at this stage of the season? The answer is none.
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    I can almost understand Douglas hiding out: why should he have to stand up there like a doofus to get hammered by the likes of Costello and Manish for Maccagnan’s trash roster? It’s a no-win. The right move, perception-wise, is for Chris Johnson to get up there at 0-6 and admit he screwed up the season by dragging his heels on firing Maccagnan in the first place. You don’t want to leave Gase hanging in the breeze too long because I don’t think he’d give a sh*t if he got fired tomorrow, and he’s eventually going to tune up one of the cub reporters for asking him a stupid question about, like, Trevon Wesco’s playing time
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    As bad as the jets have been and they have been terrible- my biggest disappointment is in the coach (who I said was a terrible hire) and his conservative play. I get it he is rolling with his qb3 but let the guy chuck it all over the field at least show some heart and some courage -we dont need protect our qb3's confidence. The Eagles have a bad secondary and can be thrown on. I would love to see the jets come out and be super aggressive and air it out-take plenty of deep shots to RA and go down swinging. I would rather see the our qb throw tons of ints while trying to air it out and score points then watch our team lose by 21 anyways with our qb throwing 3 yard passes over and over again and letting bell run into a brick wall over and over again as teams just line up to stop the run. Let em play coach let the kid play
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    At least we have our best player under contract long term. 😎
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    My theory is that Gase wants a center that can make line calls that don’t get Sam Darnold yoked to death by a nose tackle and he’s doesn’t trust Harrison to make those calls, and it’s also reasonable to expect that Kalil will improve as he gets into better football shape. This is all about Darnold’s development, imo, which is where all of Gase’s attention should be
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    Kalil’s salary is the only reason he's starting over Harrison.
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    2021 NFL Opening Day Team W-L New York Jets 0-0 New England Patriots 0-0 Buffalo Bills 0-0 Miami Dolphins 0-0
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    that’s a lot of words for a Darnold troll post
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    Which goes to show why camp doesn't matter nearly as much as the actual games. Bronson got a decent amount of snaps in games this season and was invisible. Phillips on the other hand stepped up and looked better in actual games. I think he pretty much make Bonson expendable.
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    There’s a scene in Apocalypse Now where Kurtz tells a story about inoculating a village for polio, then coming back later to find that the VC had come through and hacked off all the inoculated arms, and he ends it by shaking his head and saying something like “My God, the genius of that! The will to do that!” Anyway, that’s how I feel about Pac at this point. It’s so far beyond shock or disgust or even pity; I feel nothing but awe that someone is willing to be this deeply, incontrovertibly wrong.
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    Little surprised he was let go. Liked him. He had a good summer and seemed like th exact kinda player you wanted for depth.
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    We did. They blew a 16 point lead in the 4th quarter to go 0-1.
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    This is what happens when you let your 8 year old play with your phone.
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    I'd prefer it if you broke your phone and/or PC.
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    I mean, he played poorly. Pretending he played well would be ridiculous. The offense scored 8 points. That said, the offensive line was atrocious and I'd like to think we're all hoping the mono played a role in his poor deep pass accuracy. We'll get a better idea when he's back at 100%.
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    He obviously didn’t know he had mono, their defense is good and this season is toast so I don’t really care. I just want him to come back healthy and progress.
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    I'm wondering why they can't move Kalil to G and play Harrison at C
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    Actually I think that is Ryan Kalil's superior experience that is in play. If Kalil fails tomorrow I believe that he will be replaced in the starting rotation.
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    They are obviously giving Ryan Kalil one more chance. IMO if he fails this time, he is out
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    For sure. You can have a good OL with a guy like Beachum at LT. In that scenario he's probably your 3rd or 4th best OL, not 1st or 2nd.
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    Because he’s an ok professional OLT and there are only about 16 of those guys walking the earth at any one time.
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    Yes and no. I love that he's getting a start, but I'm disappointed that Shell hasn't taken his game higher. He looked like he might be a pretty good player.
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    You’re a troll. I’ll break it down again for those new members that haven’t seen your schtick before. Darnold already started to make the “jump”. It happened at the end of last year, where he led a comeback win vs the #2 defense on the road and was the #1 rated passer in the whole league through a quarter of the season. He continued that development through the offseason and into pre season. It was obvious, clear, if you can’t see it- I can’t help you. Beyond that, Darnold is the second youngest QB in the entire NFL (Murray has him by 2 months). Younger than Jones, Haskins, etc. He could not play another down next year and still be ahead of the curve development wise. Lastly, last time I checked the season was 16 games- not 8. He’s not missing “half the year” he’s missing 3 games. That gives us 13 games this year- more than Wentz had his second year. OK, now. Continue your pathetic trolling.
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    We really only have one problem on offense. It’s the OL. Every other solution is moot until they can give a few seconds of real protection or open some legit holes. I hope the two weeks away from the field helped in some way because there is nothing else to discuss unless that’s fixed. It has to be quick dinks and dunks otherwise. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Kaufusi is 28 years old. They cut him so the can play 25 year old Tarell Basham and 22 year old Frankie Luvu.
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    It's just bottom of the roster churning. It happens all of the time, especially for poor talent teams like the Jets.
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    McCarthy absolutely sucked with Aaron Rodgers as his QB, but you wanted to pair him with Mike Maccagnan for four years? That’s the alternative? No thanks. I’ll take a new, seemingly highly-qualified GM plus whoever at head coach over handing Macc another offseason.
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    I don’t think he’s gonna play anytime soon
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    What's he supposed to do? Go trolling every practice squad for the next Gary Zimmerman or Anthony Munoz?

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