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    The worst case scenario is happening. The only thing we can't allow to happen. The QB we all waited eons for looks lost, scared and his fundamentals are eroding before our eyes. We can't let this happen. I blame Gase. And I want him gone. I am lost to understand how anyone on this board can say anything in his defense. I have no sympathy for you apologists. I have no patience to listen to your absurd analysis that Gase needs more time for this or that reason. He's inept.
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    Man we dodged a bullet, huh? Q is such a difference maker, a generational talent. Allen was just a one year wonder. Feel bad that the Jags got hosed taking that guy.
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    If you watch this game and think Darnold is the issue, or even remotely close to the issue, you are crazy.
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    #1 Gase has been awful but then I was thinking: - Lost Sam to mono for three games and played him sick in one - Lost Enunwa, Mosley to injury - Lost Herndon, Copeland to suspension - Both the OL gambits (Osemele and Kalil) fail - No starting Calibre cbs That's tough on anyone. Gase hasn't done enough to justify himself, but I think our record is prob the same with anyone.
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    FIRE GASE! That is all. He is every bit as bad as Kotite and Bowles. That is all. POTW.
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    Seriously. I've been Darnolds biggest supporter but he is awful right now. Coaching is awful Oline is a disgrace QB play is bad Good RB but makes no difference Defense stinks and the 'best' players on the team make as many bad plays as good. Wrs a non factor Special teams a non factor. GM has done nothing so far. Owners/CEO are totally clueless and out of their depth.
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    We should have traded down to replenish the OL even if we got cents on the dollar
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    AND Maye. Best safety tandem in the league bro and you're a giant piece of human excrement if you forget it.
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    Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.
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    Nah more like Marrone > Gase.
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    I miss rex Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using JetNation.com mobile app
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    F**k that pig.. I'd rather go 1-15 than watch him QB the team.
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    Jets haven’t had a good edge rusher in decades but Macc bypasses Allen for a rotational non-impact DT.
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    He's definitely ruining him. Darnold has talent, but this coach has been a disaster. And on top of that the O-Line can't block.
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    I don't see the Jets winning in Jax. The most important thing about today is Sam needs a bounce back game very badly. He needs to show he's willing to step into his throws today. That back foot stuff has to stop, he'll never become dependable as long as he does that. If he goes out there today and plays a good game I'll be impressed. He's under a lot of pressure after last week, and a good showing today will put that ghost sh*t in his rear view mirror.
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    Jacksonville dresses up like ghosts because it’s where poor old people go to buy black market geriatric pharmaceuticals and die.
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    Probably one of the 300 Jags season ticket holders.
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    The tool would not let the best HC candidate pick his own staff and was left not knowing what to do and then peyton manning made a phone call on behalf of gase and bingo he is hired. The guy is much worse than woody.
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    True, Gase is pretty talentless, as his entire post-Manning resume shows.
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    We should make Mac the GM just so we can fire him again for his negligence of the O line
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    GASE needs to go asap, fire him mid season for all I care.
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    Guys this is our last tough game. Then the schedule gets easy. Playoffs!!
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    Our late round flyer on a OL getting dominated by the Pass rusher we should’ve taken. Classic Mac.
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    "We're sad and angry that they ran up the score, so to show how angry we are we're going to let the score in 3 plays."
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    2 games in a row Marcus Maye has missed a huge tackle on the 1st drive of the game.
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    Nobody wants to say it. But... This team played harder for Bowles. The Offense looked better even though it didn't have Bell and Crowder. Darnold looked better last year. The Defense, although I wouldn't say it looked better, was as good. Special teams were better. No matter how bad things got, you never felt TB was going to lose the locker room. It's not even November, and we're worried that could happen to Gase. So there. I said it. Prove me wrong.
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    Two games, 7ints. Does not look like the same qb at the end of last year. What on earth is the qb whisper whispering?
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    Gase lost the locker room in little over 1/2 a year, like many thought he would. I didn’t want to believe it, but here it is. Now you have to worry about Gase totally destroying Darnold. Fire him now.
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    Listen, i hated Bowles as the HC here his last 2 seasons but even during their worst times the team stuck behind him and played hard. It's been 6 games into the Gase tenure and half the team wants to commit suicide. Please fire this ass clown.
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    I feel bad for none of them. Like George Steinbrenner used to say in the day: "I'll trade ya all to Cleveland".
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    Hiring the failed HC from the only team more embarrassing than us hasn’t worked out well? Shocking.
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    I remember praying for McCarthy then and Cursing the screen when we hired Gase. I see that I was right then.
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    Darnold has made his mistakes but I saw a stat along the lines of 20 drop backs 5 sacks 8 Hits 9 Hurries I blame the OL for 85% of our issues Edit* (Stat was shown partway through the game)
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    Ray Lucas and Bart Scott are pretty good.
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    Lets put Minshew in Gase's scheme and oline. Lets see how good that bytch is. Darnold > Minshew.
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    Just some logic for those trashing Darnold. At THIS point in the game... Darnold has a rating of 116 and Minshew 115. ...and he is doing that in SPITE of getting sacked 77 times. Can you imagine how good he might be if he was actually standing up the entire game?
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    7 sacks.. With each sack i'd like to kick mccagnan in he balls.
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    Get Darnold out of the game if you are not going to scheme protection for him.
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    10 years of neglecting the offensive line. Among all of the franchise’s missteps and mistakes that’s what is what is most responsible for the current state of the team.
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    You can make the argument that the Jags are better than the Jets, and this is true. But if you’re watching this game and saying the Jets have the better QB, you’re lying to yourself.
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    Only idiots would say that Minshew better than Darnold when Minshew has an actual offensive line and real wide receivers. The Jets are a mess on offense and not giving Darnold a chance in hell. Thats why most smart teams build the offense up when they draft a young QB while dumb teams like the Jets draft box safeties and run stuffing DT's. Good to see Josh Allen out there making plays while our run stuffing DT seems to be just getting fatter.
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    What a dumb comment. He threw and int and the D gives up a 70 yarder, Just a stupid comment.
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    Sam 7/7 88 yards a td... franchise qb material for a 22 year old
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    Mike McCarthy went 7-9 and 4-7-1 during his last two years in Green Bay, who are now a top-tier contender without him, but sure he would be great here with Luke Falk. You people are babies.
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