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    This is how Gase got a head coach opportunity in the first place - sit back and let the QB tell you how to run the offense.
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    For the first time in over a year (10/7/18 and 10/14/18) the Jets actually won two games in a row. WSH stinks and has an over matched rookie QB but who are the Jets to throw wins back. The key points of this game were the offense generated 34 points for a second week in a row and the defense slapped Haskins around all day: Special Teams - Sam Ficken has opened the door to being replaced in 2020. Granted his misses (XP and FG) didn't affect the outcome of the game but he's showing too much inconsistency. At best he's going to have to fight for his spot in camp next year - Lachlan Edwards has graduated from a boom/bust punter early in his career to a consistent "field changer". He had another solid day with a 42 yard average and one punt inside the 20 yard line - Horrid fumble by Vyncint Smith on his only kickoff return. Fortunately for him WSH didn't score on their possession. Finally an impactful game by Braxton Berrios as he had a 14 yard average on four punt returns Defense - Solid overall game by the defense as they stuffed the run and shut down WSH passing game. From a "stat" perspective I'm sure they're kicking themselves because of the meaningless numbers Haskins generated in the 4th quarter - Another impressive performance by Bless Austin as he built on his pro debut against NYG. How refreshing to watch a CB that's fast, has good awareness, speed and is a willing tackler. The total opposite of Trumaine Johnson, thank goodness - In addition to Austin these were the other defensive stars: * James Burgess has grown as his reps have increased. With 9 Tackles, .5 Sack, 2 TFL, 1 QB Hit * Henry Anderson with 5 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL, 2 QB Hits * Neville Hewit had a nice return to the lineup with 5 Tackles, 1 INT, 1 PBU * Nathan Shepherd with another strong game 3 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL, 1 QB Hit. In two games he has put to shame what Leonard Williams has done in the past two years * Jamal Adams with another huge game 4 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 3 TFL, 4 QB Hits - I know its nitpicking but Marcus Maye has to make that INT. He can't let a "scrawny" WR pull the ball away from him Offense - Adam Gase deserves credit for his "first 15 plays", as the offense has scored TD's on their first drive in the past four games. But unlike last week when the offense "blacked out" for two quarters the production stayed consistent. In addition scoring 34 points in back to back weeks is impressive. Getting Sam Darnold on the move by incorporating more rollouts was a nice touch. That's enough credit, now Gase has to keep it up - The OLine was solid in both phases for once. As they finally got over 100 yards on the ground (115) and allowed two sacks early on. They also had to incorporate Brandon Shell back in at RT as Chuma Edoga went down with an injury - I'm starting to be concerned that LeVeon Bell and this run scheme don't fit. Bilal Powell in his few reps (7 rushes / 42 yards) was much more explosive through the holes being opened. While Bell "eeked" his way to 59 yards on 18 rushes. Gase has to do a better job in utilizing Bell or bring in a run game coordinator. Because right now he's being wasted - I'm also concerned about Robby Anderson's role in the offense. Yes, he had a TD but that was his only catch of the day and it was for 6 yards. I'm starting to wonder if he's going to be re-signed - Ryan Griffin (5 recs / 109 yards / TD), Jamison Crowder (5 recs / 76 yards / TD) and Demaryius Thomas (4 recs / 44 yards) all seem to fit better with Darnold than Anderson does. They all run "dirty work" routes over the middle of the field where Anderson usually doesn't. Something to watch going forward - Awful INT by Sam Darnold as he went through at least 3 progressions on the play then still forced a throw into traffic. It could've been a turning point in the game but the defense held WSH to a FG. I know its strange to start the breakdown of Darnold's day with his only mistake (19/30, 293 yards, 4 TD) but the second half of the season is all about his progression. And proper decision making is critical in taking the next step as a QB. Other than that he displayed his "off script" ability and accuracy on the run as there were more rollouts in the game plan
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    Rex would be proud... the house could be burning down around him, but he’d be oh so proud.
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    He can look bad at times, he can look very good at times. Even though QB’s take year two leaps, the kid is 22, has been playing QB for like 5 years, he was still a raw prospect albeit a very highly regarded one...this was always going to take time. We are still in the middle of the trials and tribulations of the youngest starting QB since the merger. He shot out 4 touchdowns and looked comfortable. He looked comfortable last week too. We just need to stack more and more games like these. I know the Redskins aren’t very good but they have a decent defense in place. Most importantly, Gase is finally putting Darnold on designed roll outs and the play calling aside from one or two head scratchers was solid today. Gase needs to continue to make the TE’s a part of the passing game because it helped Sam out a lot to have a in-line blocker as well as a receiving option in the same formation.
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    At least it shows we definitely didn’t make a mistake letting Leo the kitten go.
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    Francessa is and always will be an a-hole. Its the only thing describes him to a T. Guys a walking talking anus. Calling him a Boomer is an insult to Boomers. A-Hole. That's Francessa. Please make a note of it.
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    He was the third overall pick int he draft and he has done virtually nothing at all. He is being beat out for playing time by udfa and 6th rounders. It is a legit concern. Severe disappointment so far and if he was rushing the passer we might not have to blitz our safety all the time.
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    The next three good players they add should be offensive lineman.
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    I don’t know if he plans to retire this year, but have you ever recalled a more under utilized player in Green and White? Hes been around through three coaches and four GMs and it’s the same story with regards to his usage. Could you imagine playing your entire career on the 2011-2019 Jets? If he was on the Patriots he would be a household name.
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    He's been beyond impressive. He's athletic, has instincts, and plays a tough game with a nice rangy frame. Hopefully he turns into a TJ Watt type player who both had similar injuries in college. Maybe Mac can give us one decent parting gift.
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    Considering where he was drafted, Bless Austin may just turn out to be Macc’s best call ever. Kid looks like the real deal.
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    He threw it away twice after the bad decision he’s STILL very young anyone giving up on him is cognitively challenged
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    The offense got better after Jacksonville because we played the 30th, 28th, and 25th ranked pass defenses. Not because Sammy did a meeting.
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    Holy sh*t this fanbase is insane! You guys do know that to have a competent offense you need to PLAY TOGETHER? This offense has been a revolving door since the preseason! First with Quincy getting hurt which in affect took away our only effective #2 WR on the roster. Robbie is a skinny weak 9 route runner & Crowder is our slot guy. Vincent blows chunks! We've been playing without Herndon, he has to incorporate Griffin into the offense which he's done with flying colors, and most importantly you can't run any offense with the turnover we've had on our Oline. There are teams with Coaches in their 3rd years who are coming down to earth because of injuries & their systems are already in place. Guys like Nagy & McVay watching their offenses last night. You know WHY it took 10 games, because it took 10 games! Our starting QB played 1 of those games with Mono & missed 4 others, that's half of the season so far. I use to just watch a game & now it gets dissected by EACH & EVERY play like EVERY PLAY SHOULD BE A SUCCESS. Right now Adam & Sam are stacking the chips. This sh*t takes time. I LOVE seeing multiple plays run out of the same formation, you don't tip off the defense what your going to do. I don't care who we played, seeing my Jets score 68 points in two games with a neophyte 22 year old & a patched together Oline with a backup TE, and no go to WR is a revelation. This is why you don't fire the only offensive coach we've had in ions. Is Gase a quirky SOB? Sure seems it, but this about Coach/QB. This is about these guys getting to know each other like Yin & Yang. This is about putting in a system, Joe Douglas finding the missing puzzle pieces & having our young QB get more & more comfortable every year, adding better players that FIT THE SYSTEM around him & having Sam step out onto that field with supreme confidence that this offense can score on anyone. That's the goal. And that sh*t doesn't happen overnight. This game isn't easy, the great Tom Brady scored 17 points against the Eagles. His defense won that game yesterday. It's a TEAM GAME stop micro criticizing Gase every play call, it's asinine.
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    At least we know Mac had a type
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    Better than 7 Baker Mayfield threads like earlier in the season. At least it is now one of our own players that we are arguing about. Progress.
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    Sam Darnold is the only one who can fix EVERYTHING wrong with this franchise
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    He's always been a solid player, he showed as much during his time in Houston. He's never going to wow, but he catches the ball well, can run a decent route, and is an above average blocker. He's a very good TE2 for most teams. Although I will admit this year he is playing at a better level than he has in his prior years. He looks to have gotten a little faster and has shown a little more of a dynamic catching ability.
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    Any win for Sam/Gase/GW with this sh*tty roster is a win, win, especially with Sam throwing 4 TDs.
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    He’s going to be the best QB out of the 2018 class been saying that since day 1 even after the “ghosts” game the pat-loving media jizzed all over
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    It wasn't the dogsh*t competition the last two weeks?
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    He is disappearing again, he is a nothing. Failed app. Should have stayed retired.
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    One was a third round pick, one was a 6th round pick, the other was the third overall pick in the draft. Big difference.
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    Shepherd > Leonard Williams. Never thought I’d say Shepherd better than anyone, yet a pleasant surprise. But just proves that you should never draft DT so high.
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    Douglas needs to try and trade him more often, the last two games he’s been incredible.
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    Trade Jamal Adams. That is all.
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    Nice game from the CB position even if it was against a rookie quarterback
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    Calling Jets fans "cynical" would imply that there aren't any good reasons to be cynical. 64-90 (.416) this decade with 0 playoff appearances since 2010 would suggest those that are positive about the franchise and the direction its going are the ones in the wrong. We know the owners suck. Meaning its up to Joe Douglas to turn the direction of the franchise around. If he fails, we're relying on these sh*tty owners to make the next GM hire. A lot rides on his shoulders.
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    Take Roberts off that list please and put Jordan Jenkins on there. Also, I feel like CJ Mosley should be on there despite the injury.
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    With that said, I fully expect him getting 2020 and 2021 to show us. Rightfully so, given the investment in him. With that said, I wouldn't object to a mid-round pick being used on a young backup QB we could also develop while we wait and see. Nothing too high, those picks need to go to building around Sam. But a 4th or so is worth the risk if the right QB is there.
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    In the last 4 weeks, I’ve been tagged 3 times in threads by villain in which Sam has a bad game or makes a bad play. The reason? Because he’s butthurt about me calling out Baker for proving to be what we always knew he’d be. Has nothing to do with Sam. I wasn’t even a Sam fanboy during the draft, nor have I been one since the draft, but my rightful critiques of baker’s suckiness has got baker folks allll up in their feelz. Meanwhile, in this little 2 game win streak the browns have finally pieced together with all of the undeniable talent on their roster, Baker’s best AY/A is still a full yard below Sam’s worst AY/A over the same span. And now we got baker fans talking sh*t in this thread as well. Fun times at JN.
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    Omg the Mayfield cock suckers just can’t help themselves. Bizarre
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    The shilling for this kid is funny, he’s Leonard “zero impact” Williams 2.0. Our Dline is fine without him, personally I’d love to move him for an 1st round pick if possible? A terrible Macc pick, for the 3rd overall selection. Anyone who says different is just a homer. Given a hypothetical re-draft the Jets pick Josh Allen 100 times out of 100. “He needs a year in the weight room, he needs time to develop” blah blah blah. Earth to Jets, if he needs these things, then he’s should Never have been Drafted 3rd overall. I want NFL ready at #3 not a project. Allen is plug and play. Williams isn’t.
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    It didn't take long for Austin to crack our starting lineup. Like 1/2 a game. Props to Gase and GW for developing him and putting him in at the right time. Bowles would of never played him and probably wouldn't of developed him. Gotta love some of these young players starting to step up for the Jets.
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    How did Shepherd & FF look last yr as rookies? How do they both look this season?
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    Hold on HawkeyeJet this guy was the a first round pick #3 in the 2019 NFL draft we should be seeing something productive that helps the team win games. Hope like hell this isn't another first round bust like many before him. For the record I wanted Josh Allen the edge rusher.
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    Get ready to sh*t your pants then: Sam Darnold will always be younger than Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones.
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    Because it does seem that you hate him. Even your username seems to have been designed in an ironic way. Even when Darnold has a good game, it’s chalked up to him playing a sh*t organization and you tell everyone to check their expectations. When a guy like Baker has a good game against a less than stellar organization to say the least, I hear zero mention of these aspects from you or a guy like @Villain The Foe. When Mayfield throws an egregious interception, it always bounced off a WR’s hands, the receiver quit on his route, Baker just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, etc. I can’t help but think that if Darnold grabbed his dick and talked smack to the opposing team or took shirtless GQ photos next to a Mercedes and a bengal tiger...you guys would love him. Am I wrong?
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    If the only issue we have with a 22 yo QB making his 18th start is not always throwing the ball away... we have our guy. He threw the ball 30 times and made 29 good decisions. This hanging on and living/dying by every pick needs to stop. All Quarterbacks are going to throw picks and make bad decisions, occasionally. He has a two game stretch where he threw 7 picks- that’s irrelevant to the assessment of this game.
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    He was never close to broken. We live in a reactionary instant gratification society that lost their minds when they saw a young QB have a bad game on National TV while being micd up. Idiotic narratives are created out of thin air with little context. Sam Darnold will be an elite quarterback in this leuage. His ability is obvious to anyone with half a football brain.
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    Newsflash: old white guy doesn't know about the interwebz.
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    All of this makes sense and unlike so many others you actually have a well thought out argument. One thing I would disagree with is 'fleecing' a team by getting a 1st and 2nd for a player like Adams, especially if we are talking about a good team who is picking somewhere in the late or twenties. As a GM, unless I have already made up my mind that I am not resigning Adams, I'm not giving him up for a late first round pick and a late 2nd. The risk of those players busting or ending up JAGs is just not worth it- I don't care what position you decide to address. You don't nec. have to trade an asset like Adams to fix the team. There's other ways of doing it. The other thing I'll say is that I'm not 100% against Adams' attitude. He is who he is. He talks trash and spends too much time on social media, maybe he's a bit of a diva off the field but he plays with a ton of heart and has immense passion for the game. And he backs it up. Nobody has ever complained about him as being a locker room cancer or bad leader in the locker room. I.E. his teammates love him so that should be all that matters. I hear people say he should just 'shut up and play'. What are we, in the 50s? Give me a break, let him talk as long as he is backing it up with his play. He is having fun with the game he loves. He's not a robot.

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