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    He’s a nutbag and it would seem that he’s checked out in Cleveland. You’ve gotta treat him like JR Smith and let him sign with whatever contender will put up with his bullsh*t. If you bring him to a losing situation, he’s going to make that situation worse.
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    100% no. Wouldn’t trade a 3 for him
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    The Cowboys suck and will continue to suck mainly due to their “stud” QB, who, by the way, is ranked at the top in “DVOA” and other silly ass metrics...simply isn’t good enough and sure as sh*t isn’t worth a $40 million a year contract. Despite having 3 all-pros on the OL, Zeke in the backfield, a Top 8 receiver in the league and one of the better, young #2’s in the league... But hey...hooray for analytics and what not!! Numbers, guy! Good stuff
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    I’m flying out for this one boys. No underwear, and lots of contraband. We have an obligation to make this game a nightmare for the bills and the locals PS. 50% chance of getting arrested if you roll me with. I’m 2/4 at Ralph Wilson.
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    Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the day after Not on the weekend. Not next week Not next weekend Not after Christmas Not after the New Year Not after the Super Bowl Not after F/A Not after the draft Not after next OTA Not after the pre-season next season Not after next season Or the one after that Or the one after that. BTW....he's not a HOF talent just quite yet.
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    Darnold is already a more skilled quarterback than Dak right now.
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    Well, at least now we know what happened to Jesse Pinkman once he changed his identity.
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    Does anyone party in Buffalo? I figured people just gather around a trash fire and drink until they forget they’re in Buffalo.
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    It seems like Jamal Adams injury is pretty serious (high ankle?) and with only four games left he may not make it back. What's going to be interesting to watch is the play of the defense. If they play at a respectable or better level will that put the thought in Joe Douglas head that the defense can perform well without Adams? If that occurs I will not be shocked if Douglas pulls the trigger and looks to send Adams to DAL in the off-season. Getting back picks over the next two years to restructure and restock the team would be more beneficial than having a high priced impact safety. Jerry Jones isn't happy with DAL and I could see him making major changes, not only in their coaching staff but in their roster. If Douglas could get something like a #1 and #3 this year and a #2 next year the roster could get overhauled quickly. Imagine having these picks in the draft: #1 our own #1 DAL #2 our own #3 NYG #3 our own #3 DAL That would be SIX picks in the first 100 players in a draft that is deep at OLine among other positions (WR, CB). Of course if the defense collapses over the final four games you can ignore this
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    Reading between the lines it would appear you do not want Odell. Would that be an accurate assessment?
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    What Dallas really needs, and they need to sell out for is a play making Box SS who can rush the passer. Do what ever it takes Jerry Jones!
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    I don't know if I can accept this apology. If I was going to meet dudes at hotels it's the Marriott at minimum.
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    You don’t go out and pay Joe Douglas, Rex Hogan, Phil Savage, etc and then be too afraid of what they’d do with another first round draft pick to trade your strong safety.
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    I'd trade a2019 first for him. Not 2020
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    Cowboys wouldn’t be falling to pieces if they traded for Adams!
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    I vaguely remember Mcgahee getting drafted by the Bills and he had no idea where Buffalo was and his initial was reaction was "oh yeah! New York, New York!"
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    Holy crap this place has officially lost it. He missed a check down in garbage time, unbelievable. You could pick out a bad play from all 32 QBs last Sunday...
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    So No Bowles \ Fire Johnsons \ Eyes of Adam has been banned over 5 times that I can count. Every time he gets banned he does this: 1. Emails the site saying his ban was unfair 2. A week later he emails the site and this time it is really nice, tells me this is a great site and is very positive. Explains how he was misunderstood and blah blah blah 3. If he doesn't get a response to that he send nasty emails. He sends these often. He must have a lot of time on his hands.This time when he was banned it followed the exact pattern. Today I got this I would like the record to reflect, I don't feel like I am a bad person. But ultimately God will sort all that out after I am gone. So until then the historians can decide lol. Why did I post this? Because a lot of people think it is fine to dump all over me and the site. Guess what, were not gonna take it anymore. Seriously we try to do the right thing but people here aren't getting paid. We have an intern that filters these emails. He is getting college credit and I have instructed him to not forward them to me anymore. I will check with him and if the emails continue I am going to turn one of these email accounts into a parody account. One of you lucky posters will get the password to have some fun with it. Wait, I guess that does make me a bad person. Still not going to take it.
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    How dare they not list Jetnation.com
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    Here's where I'll say, "Game Changer is a bit of a stretch for a guy who's career includes 13-wins in 3 seasons and two INTs. " Then, you'll say, "well, he can't do it himself." And, I'll say, "Exactly." Jamal Adams is not a "Game Changer," despite having changed a couple of games (mostly against bottom of the league teams).
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    Absolutely not!!! The front office needs to re-structure the roster properly. And that means focusing on the OLine, pass rush and CB first before looking at WR
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    OBJ is the Carmelo Anthony of the NFL. He makes teams worse despite his talent
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    Until we have at least 5 NFL caliber starting O-linemen we shouldn’t be drafting or signing anything else. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
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    No. Watching the Browns this season I noticed how his presence completely changes the offense from standard play design to getting OBJ the ball. I also noticed that he's not a team guy. Everytime there's a bad play he has this whining reaction, except when he drops passes. Dude is a great talent but doesnt make a bad team better because he's worried solely about his targets instead of how to win. He needs to go to a stable organization where he's the "cherry on top" and not the guy to turn around a franchise. Putting him on a team like the Rams or Cowboys where he's not "the guy" would probably work better.
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    I mean if anything we should have traded our first this year for Amari Cooper if we were just going to use it on a DT.
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    What happens in the backseat of a BMW in the back parking lot of the Carlton-Ritz stays in the backseat of the BMW in the back parking lot of the Carlton-Ritz.
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    Even people FROM Buffalo don;t want to party IN Buffalo.
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    I am a huge fan of Adams. Huge. That said, let's just pretend they can get a first and some other picks from the Cowboys. Based on the general area where the Jets and Cowboys are picking currently the Jets could potentially walk away with Andrew Thomas/Tristan Wirfs AND CeeDee Lamb/Tee Higgins. Plus hopefully another few starters with picks aquired through various moves. Almost can't say no.
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    I like looking at individual plays, both good and bad. It's good to know where he can improve, then we can see next year if he has the same problems or if they go away. For balance, here's a good play - except for ugh the drop
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    Matthew Judon is another BAL "under the radar" pass rusher whose going to be a free agent: https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/3961466/matthew-judon He's almost identical to ZaDarius Smith, who I wanted the Jets to go after badly last year: https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/3043168/zadarius-smith We have a huge BAL influence in our front office (Douglas, Alexander & Savage) and Mosley who played with Judon on the roster. Hopefully this year we'll leverage those connections and finally score a pass rusher
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    The top Safeties in the league make $14M or more per season and there's a 100 % chance Jamal will want to eclipse that. I'm not willing to pay him anything close to that much if I'm in Douglas' shoes. Player Team Age Total Value Avg./Year Total Guaranteed Fully Guaranteed Free Agency Kevin Byard Titans 26 $70,500,000 $14,100,000 $30,825,000 $19,625,000 2025 UFA Tyrann Mathieu Chiefs 27 $42,000,000 $14,000,000 $26,800,000 $26,800,000 2022 UFA Landon Collins Redskins 25 $84,000,000 $14,000,000 $44,500,000 $31,000,000 2025 UFA Earl Thomas Ravens 30 $55,000,000 $13,750,000 $32,000,000 $32,000,000 2023 UFA
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    Just my stupid opinion here, but I think there have been some discussions on the board this week (particularly about a certain qb), that have seemed to have more open and earnest discussion than they have in the most recent past, where they may have been shut down by those that just had hardened opinions. Just my stupid opinion.
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    One of the biggest babies ever
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    Dak’s got some pretty stats for sure. And I don’t think he’s a bad quarterback at all. You’re right in that I think Dak is less likely to meltdown like we’ve seen Darnold do a few times. But I don’t think any other aspect of his game is better than Darnold’s. This is just my opinion obviously but when I watch the two play, Darnold at his best is better than Dak at his best. He makes more big-time throws under worse circumstances. No way would I trade Darnold for Dak. I think many GM’s would feel the same.
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    Hellllllll no. All this season has done is further proven what should have already been known, he's far more trouble than he's worth.
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    Dallas play calling is horrendous.
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    People have to be very careful with the analytics. Use your eyes.
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    Not so Controversial opinion: You do not buy Sushi from Gas Stations, convenience stores, Chinese Restaurants, or any state without a direct coastline on the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Carribbean, or Sea of Cortez.
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    If Douglas was truly offered deals like that and turned them down, that would tell me that Chris Johnson had a part in declining the deals. Hopefully the offers he got for Jamal and Quinnen were exaggerated so I can feel good about our GM and his ability to call the shots. I just can't imagine any GM, including Mike Maccagnan, turning down a Jalen Ramsey-level offer for Jamal and a tremendous package of picks for Q.
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    Gase is a total jackass. He has Le'Veon Bell - a guy he didn't want - so he doesn't utilize him. Sine when do you have to like a guy in order to take advantage of his skill set? Any HC that would rather let a guy rot on the vine because he didn't want him should be relieved of his duties but Woody and Chris Johnson don't have half a brain between the two of them.
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    Tannehill has a 113.9 QB rating in 6 starts this season. That's the best QB rating in the league for anyone who's thrown more than 100 passes. We'd be trying to get Darnold into the pro-bowl if he was playing so well.
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    Agreed completely with the others who have said that Adams will hold out this summer without a new deal. This guy has publicly said that he views himself in the same class as Brady and Aaron Donald. Doesn’t matter if he has another year plus the 5th year option left on his deal. He’ll pull a Zeke and hold out anyway. And the same people who continually fawn over him will blast the piss out of him, just like they did with Revis. And Revis was 5x the player in his prime and played a premium position. Take a 1st and 3rd and don’t look back. Very good player who thinks he’s a phenom and has already dicked Joe Douglas around and has separated himself from the team on multiple occasions. All of this “I’m a winner, not a loser”, “I’m not a part of it” crap. You don’t think that rubs plenty of dudes in the locker room the wrong way? Please.
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    I don’t know how anyone looks at the current roster and concludes that we 1. Don’t need a sh*tload of draft picks to start repairing it and 2. We should commit huge dollars to a defensive back who has one extreme garbage time interception this year.
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    The interesting case study that's about to go down in regards to how the Jets should treat Jamal is, how bad does the D look without the Pres? If it's a disaster, I could see a long term deal being worked out this offseason. If they barely miss him, I see a trade deal going down this offseason.

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