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    I posted this in the Game Observation thread but since his numbers are so stark I figured I'd put them in a new thread: When the season is over everything reboots. But certain things Darnold has done will carry over because he's your QB: - After the MIA game he talked about winning out and making a run. They've gone 5-2. If as a 22 year old he can rally the team after an awful start, that's huge - In the second half Darnold's stats are 140/231 (61%), 1748 yards, 12 TD, 3 INT - And the improvement in facing elite defenses has been drastic: * NE: 11/32 (34%), 86 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT * BAL & PIT: 34/58 (59%), 401 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
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    In a defensive struggle that had a playoff feel the Jets put a major dent in PIT hopes with a 16-10 win. Fans and critics will try to minimize it but this team is now 5-2 in the second half of the season. Some will now obviously cry about dropping in draft position. But to me its more important that Sam Darnold play solid against an elite defense and win in a playoff atmosphere. Let's take a look: Special Teams - Nothing special in the KO return game and Braxton Berrios had one punt return for 20 yards - Lachlan Edwards had a 45 yard average but had an awful 25 yard shank on the final drive that allowed PIT to start at midfield. He's lucky he got bailed out by the defense - Sam Ficken was 3/3 in FG's with a 54 yarder and a clutch 42 yarder to give the team a six point lead Defense - They allowed only 10 points and pitched a shutout in the second half but they were only solid. Let's face it James Conner and Mason Rudolph were giving them problems until they left with injuries. And without a key PBU by Marcus Maye on the final drive and Devlin Hodges being trash as a QB they could've lost - Bless Austin had his worst game of his short career as he was burned on a TD pass by Rudolph at the end of the first half. Ultimately he was replaced in the starting lineup - Solid return to the lineup by Jamal Adams as he had 8 tackles, 2 TFL and a QB Hit. His ankle must not be 100% because he didn't play in the box as much as he normally does - Marcus Maye was excellent as he had 4 tackles, 2 PD and an INT. He basically saved the game on the final drive as he pulled a TD out of the hands of the WR - After missing a couple of games with a neck injury the "Alabama" version of Quinnen Williams showed up. In easily his best game as a pro Williams finally flashed the skills we saw in college. He had 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, QB Hit and multiple penetrations. Against an excellent PIT OLine it was encouraging - The ILB's had their usual productive days as Neville Hewitt had 8 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL and a QB Hit. While James Burgess also had 8 tackles and a TFL - Tarell Basham showed excellent athletic ability as he dropped into coverage and made a leaping INT - Active days for Foley Fatukasi and Kyle Phillips as they both had 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL and QB Hit - Credit to the defensive staff for developing so many "under the radar" players. Because every week it seems like I'm mentioning the same names Offense - The offense got off to a hot start as the "first 15 plays" were well scripted by Adam Gase. A combination of RPO's and an uptempo no huddle put PIT defense on their heels as they scored an opening TD. But then the "brown out" trend cropped up as in their final 10 drives the offense had five three and outs and generated only 3 FG's. Some of those three and outs started in excellent field position. They did play an elite PIT defense (49 sacks, 35 turnovers) but this trend has to be eliminated - The OLine "punched above their weight" as they held off PIT pressure to keep Sam Darnold clean and did enough on the ground to keep the defense honest - LeVeon Bell got ample work (25 car / 72 yds and 4 rec / 21 yds) but wasn't able to break anything big - Solid day for Jamison Crowder (4 rec / 60 yds) as he did his normal "chain mover" thing - Robby Anderson scored the only TD (2 rec / 32 yds) with a fantastic hands catch over two DB's - Even though Trevon Wesco had a catch for 32 yards this offense really misses Chris Herndon and Ryan Griffin at TE. It seems like Darnold does have great chemistry with anyone else at the position - "Game manager" effort by Sam Darnold (16/26, 183 yds, 1 TD) against another elite defense. He made quick decisions, got the ball out and knew where his "hot" receivers were. It actually seemed like he was more productive when PIT forced him to make quick decisions. When Darnold had more time he made some errant throws and got away with an INT when Mike Tomlin didn't challenge the Joe Haden play in the first half. On the strip sack Darnold had two hands on the ball so credit to TJ Watt's "fumble" skills
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    PIT defense came into the game with 49 sacks and 35 turnovers. With a talent base of: Watt Heyward Dupree Bush Fitzpatrick Haden If you can't appreciate how Darnold managed the game you should stop watching
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    I believe in karma and I love it when it comes full circle. Backdrop to why this matters to me and why I'm sharing; I live in Jacksonville and have had to hear about 2 straight losses to that embarrassment of a franchise from all my co-workers, friends, etc. now for 2 years. This team has double digit losses 9 out of 10 years, yet, they have our Jets number. I'm out a few happy hour bets because of it. That unfortunately said, it brings me comfort that 2 straight years in a row, the Jags have done some classless bush league sh*t to the Jets during the game. Last year it was going for 2 while up 27 points, this year it was playing the ghost busters song before Sam took the field. 2 years in a row, that classless act has immediately resulted in a season ending downward spiral for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Just thought I'd share that sometimes the world corrects itself.
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    I see lots of people in the gameday thread conveniently hammering different people on the Jets depending on the situation. The same people criticizing Gase end up saying how bad Sam Darnold was playing...so which is it? Did Gase win a game over Mike Tomlin and a playoff caliber team IN SPITE of Sam Darnold? Did he suddenly motivate all these guys to step up today and make solid opportunistic plays when we needed them. Did he buy Sam Ficken some glasses? Or, did Sam Darnold bail out Adam Gase against a Top 5 defense? Can't have it both ways. I obviously think that the notion Gase had somehow "lost the locker room" was complete bullsh:t. The dude is dragging a Bottom 5 NFL roster to a 5-2 record over the past 7 games. There were even posts in the GD thread complaining about the Bell run on 3rd down to make that FG a little closer for Ficken so the Jets could go up 16-10. Could you imagine either going for it on 4th down or an incomplete pass on 3rd that caused Ficken to miss from further away? The Jets would have had to protect the short and intermediate distances on Pitt's last drive so that a FG wouldn't tie the game 13-13. It was absolutely the smart way to manage the game there. He knew the Jets D could prevent a TD....a FG was more dicey. I think Gase has been very, very consistent the past two months. He knows what he has now on this team....and what he doesn't. He's found a decent way to try to balance run/pass with an Offensive Line that can do neither particularly well. This was the Jets best win of the season....and they finish with a winning record at Home. Go Jets!
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    The kid has responded incredibly since that back to back disasters vs. NE/Jax. It's exciting to have a franchise QB!!!! The future is bright with Sammy D!
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    Kalil was a worthwhile risk based on his resume. But he needed to earn the starting job, not just have it given to him. Harrison was there all off-season and developed chemistry with Darnold and the rest of the OLine. That shouldn't have been ignored, the handling of Kalil was definitely a fail by Douglas/Gase
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    Jonothan Harrison got a raw deal here at the start of the season. The offensive coaches and our new General Manager didn't believe that Harrison was the answer at offensive center, and pulled a "has-been" out of retirement and paid him tons of money to upgrade and stabilize the position on the offensive line. That turned out to be a crock of sh*t. Jonathan Harrison deserves to be the starting center now, and he deserves to go into next season with every reason to believe that he will continue to be our center. Our GM and offensive coaches "failed us" in that they didn't properly evaluate Harrison, or at least didn't give him a chance. Well, he got that chance after the guy they paid millions of dollars to come out of retirement failed at center, and then only because he got injured, was pulled out from the lineup and went back to Harrison. Harrison then showed stability and competence, and I would like our GM and coaches to admit they made a mistake. We could have spent money better in just getting a player like Suggs on our team, just as an example. In any case, let's not put all the blame on our lousy season this year on the players; the GM and perhaps the offensive line coach deserves some of the blame in not evaluating our talent properly.
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    ... for selling your tickets to Steelers fans. Seeing them experience such an unexpected loss was truly SWEET!!!
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    Giving QW some love, his sack prevented a sure 13-13 tie when they were on the 30 but he knocked Hodges back to the 39 and killed that chance with not many more possessions. Had that not occur the game could have been different with a tie for the ret of regulation.
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    Don't care, I want Darnold to finish strong and the team to finish 6-2 in the second half
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    Ridiculously bright. He’s growing and he’s growing without a #1 receiver, without a safety blanket tight end, and with the WORST offensive line in the ******* league. Sam Darnold is the future.
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    The coaching staff identified center as a position that needed to be upgraded. Based on that Douglas went out and brought in Kalil who at the time seem like the most viable option. Douglas came in after all of the better free agents had been picked up and took a chance that Kalil had one more year left in him. In hindsight it was a poor move and the coaching staff started him and then stayed with when he wasn’t the better option. I still believe that they need to upgrade the position in the offseason as Harrison is nice depth but not an upper echelon center.
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    It’s about time, don’t you think? The same team that we gave up for dead because of mono, OL woes, and injuries has won 5 of 7, and now sits at 6-9, with a good chance for 7-9 which is right around where most people figured we’d be at the start of the season. Name me one player on this team who’s had a breakout year. I can’t think of any. Adams is our only Pro Bowler, and despite the constant threads and posts to the contrary, our QB has had a year that is the definition of mediocre. Some good games, some bad, end a bunch of meh ones. The two people who are most responsible for this second half resurgence are Greg Williams and everyone’s favorite whipping boy Adam Gase. It’s the HC is the focal point with this team though. It says a lot for any coach when a team with as little talent as this one gets better as the season goes on. He’s kept this team playing hard all year, they’ve never quit. Gase has done a masterful job with game planning, yesterday being a prime example of what he’s been doing this year. He’s keeping things very simple for Darnold, lots of short, quick passes that build his confidence and limit his mistakes. Exhibit A was the third down run call where he is objective was to improve the FG distance, rather then put the game in Sam’s hands and eliminate the chance of an int. I think Gase realizes what Darnold is and isn’t good at right now, and is getting the most he can out of him. We’re winning, and Sam’s numbers look better. As I said Adam has done a great job this year, and for the first time in years, things are looking better for our future. Thank you coach Gase.
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    What starters do the Jets have besides Darnold, Bell, Crowder and Adams... Get real, this whole team playing right now, are the back-ups.
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    Why? There’s nothing righteous about watching a bad football team. There are far better things to do on a Sunday.
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    I'm not against the idea of trading Adams. I get the logic. And I'm on record to go all offense this offseason but I'll say this, if they trade Adams, they better hit on whoever they take with this pick. Adams is a ******* beast and one of the best safeties in the league. Anything less than a pro-bowler taken with the hypothetical Adams pick will be a colossal mistake. And if said player busts out well, I dont really know what to say. There is something to be said about a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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    Revis retired on the field of play. He didnt give flying **** about anything except his money. Most overrated player possibly in the history of the league. That said, Fitz handed them that game with 3 picks, 2 that were absolute game killers in the 4th quarter when all we needed was a FG. Despite the fact Revis wasnt trying and "Stevan Ridley was the game plan"...Fitz being the huge choke artist turd is why they lost that game, Brandon.
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    I didn’t go today, but didn’t sell my tickets. Getting $50 each for $100 tickets will not change my life. After owning seats for 39 years, I will not be renewing next season. The experience went downhill with the new stadium. It stinks. Parking is a nightmare with the color system and the ridiculous traffic patterns. I would not pay the exorbitant prices for PSLs, but the upper deck is too high and far from the field. I was in row 5 of the uppers in Giants Stadium and the seats were great. I’m in row 3 of the uppers and they are too high. There are different people around me every game. The stadium is sterile and ugly with no character. It is not loud. Opposing fans make up at least 25% of the stadium and often more. Nobody has respect for the people around them. The fans in front of me are leaners ( sitting on the edge of their seats blocking my view) , standers ( standing up n the middle of a play blocking my view) or fake fan third down cheer leaders ( arrive late and then stand for every third down then leave early). At his point in my life, I’d rather watch at home. My brother, who has been going with me for 39 years, and my younger son don’t want the seats either. The Jets/Giants built a horrible stadium that caters to non fans who spend the game in clubs eating and watching on TV. Plus they overpriced the seats. The games just are not fun anymore. And I kept my seats through the late 80s- early 90s when the team was just as bad. If the Jets couldn’t keep me as a STH, there are not many others who they will keep. Stub Hub is the main STH now and that is a shame.
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    This is one of those threads where season ticket holders get to whip their dick‘s out, high five each other, drink beer, spit, flex, real fan sh*t. God bless you guys❤️
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    So far he has two full sacks and both times he was completely unblocked. Wake me up when he beats someone.
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    Coming from a non-Gase fan I still call it like I see it. Team is playing hard. With the billboard drama all week, the team could have made the ultimate statement to ownership, and laid down. They did the opposite, against a team fighting for the playoffs. This game said more than any anonymous twitter quote ever could. I likes that Gase played for the win, and didn’t try and gloss up Darnold’s stats, because that’s all anyone seems to care about anymore. He knew with our OL, against this D...game management, methodical was the approach. He was right. Gase also publicly stated he told the team this would be a gritty defensive battle...putting the spotlight and credit to Gregg W. and Co. Good leadership by Gase. I thought Darnold played well, and Gase called a conservative (without being ultraconservative) but necessary game. If not for the great strip sack before the 1st half, or the low snap Darnold recovered in the 4th, this game might have been 20-3 to our advantage. Can’t blame either of those plays on Gase. Lets finish the year strong and grab a W in Buffalo.
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    This. 1-7 injury-riddled start and 6-2 injury-riddled finish. Amazing. SAR I
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    Done! You have made this gift In Honor of Baker Mayfield. Your gift details: Amount: $50.00 Payment Method: Visa Credit card ending in XXXX Date: 12/23/2019 Designation: Homes for the Holidays Company Name: Cleveland Browns Comments: Due to the Browns missing the playoffs Thank you for supporting Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. and our vision of becoming the most trusted resource for inspiring families and communities to create a better quality of life. On behalf of our entire organization, thank you again for your generous gift.
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    Gase can't call the game on the fly. He can script very well obviously.
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    So many Cowboys fans there. Jets won. So many Giants fans there. Jets won. So many Raiders fans there. Jets won. So many Steelers fans there. Jets won. Is being boo'ed coming out of the tunnel the key to success for the Jets?
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    - Tale of 2 QBs - Big difference in play from Rudolph to Hodges - Special Teams looked sharp. Ficken 3/3 FG 1/1 XP Long of 54 Yards. Berrios had a nice 20 yard punt return. Edwards 6 punts, 2 inside the 20 yard line - Average of 46 yards per. Also drew the Steelers off-sides to get a 1st down. - Pedestrian Day for Sam Darnold. 16/26 183 Yards 1 TD 1 Fum - Nice game for Bell. We fed him early and often. He's quietly accumulated over 1,100 yards this year. - Robby Anderson should get paid. Not a crazy day from Robby but a nice TD in double coverage. IMO he is the best WR hitting FA this year (Cooper won't hit FA) Cheers!
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    Who would pay money to see the Jets in person?
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    well, can't speak for the other 17,999,998 but on behalf of the Crimson family, you are welcome
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    I spent yesterday with the in laws. I like them and we get along great but they have a strange affinity for a guy who lives on Pennsylvania Ave. I have no problem with that either but before going I had to give a vow to the lady friend that I would not give my 2 cents if the subject was broached. At one point her father, who is an awesome guy I joke with all the time, said "well he's the best thing that's ever happened to this country"... after almost choking on my egg nog I had to take a deep breath and say: "hmmph.. that's something.... so.... is there any egg nog left"? It wasn't easy.
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    When other teams beat up on the jets practice squad QB early in the season the wins and losses still counted.
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    He never lost it. Tbat was astroturfed, 100 per cent fabricated BS. We probably cut a guy who played like two games and he had an opinion about the locker room. Gase is a professional who expects his players to be the same way. None of this Rex, "one of my guys" buddy buddy stuff. Gase is socially removed from just about everybody. So to assume that he "lost the locker room" signifies that he has some close connection with his players. He doesn't.
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    I don’t know why anybody thought he’d lost it. He never did and the teams been playing hard for him all year
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    Ah yes, let's ignore FACTS and continue to advance our trollish narratives and agendas
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    Those are 4 very possible outcomes. Would actually be fun to see 3 of them happen but Raiders lose. 😁
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    You appear to be the same you were an hour ago
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    Coaching is not a popularity contest. Gase isn't the warmest guy and he strictly holds players accountable. During rough times, and there have been plenty this year, that style will cause players to ask themselves "why am I putting up with this, if we're losing anyway?" - and Gase doesn't have the history of success that would buy him time. The extremely tough early schedule and rash of bad injury / sickness luck right out of the gate was extremely bad fortune for a guy trying to establish a program without a lot of cachet or a winning personality. And yet, Gase has still turned the season around and led the team to a 5-2 record over the last 7 games. Yes there were some cupcake teams beaten in that stretch (and an inexplicable loss to one) but a defeated locker room loses all of those games - and today's win was undeniably a solid one. I'm not sure Gase is the answer. There have been enough hiccups along the way due to his coaching that I'm still not 100% a believer. However, I think he's done enough though to have legitimately earned the opportunity for a 2nd season that Christopher Johnson has given him.
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    The only people he has lost is the fanbase. (Myself included) This team despite all of its shortcomings has not quit this year. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of Jets teams that quit on their coach. They might not be all that talented but if there is one thing you can say about this team is that they have not mailed it in.
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    As frustrated as Jerry Jones is I'll be shocked if he doesn't make another offer
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    I didn’t sell my tickets to the enemy and went to the game. I can say while it wasn’t his sexiest performance you can tell he’s making a lot better decisions. There were times you can tell he was Gona make a dangerous throw he might of made earlier in the year but didn’t. He seemed very comfortable under the blitz and footwork seemed better. This resulted in no interceptions against a very good defense. The throw to Robby for the TD was amazing the two darts to start the last drive to go up 16-10 were on point. It wasn’t a sexy day, but Sam showed guts and maturity in a tough match. Good for Sam.
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    When the season is over everything reboots. But certain things Darnold has done will carry over because he's your QB: - After the MIA game he talked about winning out and making a run. They've gone 5-2. If as a 22 year old he can rally the team after an awful start, that's huge - In the second half Darnold's stats are 140/231 (61%), 1748 yards, 12 TD, 3 INT - And the improvement in facing elite defenses has been drastic: * NE: 11/32 (34%), 86 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT * BAL & PIT: 34/58 (59%), 401 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
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    winning breeds winning. chuffed we won. the perfroemance? good enough to win. gritty wins is good wins. we need better still.
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    Those who don’t show up now don’t show up when we turn the corner. You’re phony.
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    What a strange way of framing reselling. As if sellers go through some sort of interview process with buyers.
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