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    Joe Burrow IS OLDER THAN SAM DARNOLD! AMazing right? Sam is legit. Should’ve been the number one pick two years ago. At times has looked downright special. Has two years under his belt in the NFL. Absolutely wouldn’t trade him
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    Waits 50 years for a franchise quarterback to fall in his lap. Wants to trade him 2 years later at age 22. I swear, we have the dumbest fanbase in the NFL. SAR I
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    I'm so out of touch. WTF is tiktok and WTF is this video?
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    Sounds like my wife on our wedding night. @The Crusher @JiF @CTM @Integrity28 @Spoot-Face @AVM @SMC @Nolder @Verbal @GATA @Nynaeve @Smashmouth @Jetscode1 @HessStation @Bleedin Green @Jets Voice of Reason @Dan.
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    This is why I feel a kinship with young Trevor
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    Trade Sam for the #1 pick and then select the top rated DT.
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    You can’t recover from 10 years of poor drafting and bad contracts in 1 off season Nobody wants to hear it but it’s going to take time what matters is bringing in the right guys, not making a splash on day 1
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    Another Douglas note: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/latest-rumors-around-the-nfl-from-day-one-of-shrine-game/ During my review of East practice, I mentioned New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas is in attendance this week. The fact is this – Shrine practices are crawling with Jets scouts and front office people. Besides Douglas, Phil Savage is on hand, and I counted almost a dozen Jet scouts today. That should come as good news if you’re a fan of the green and white.
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    Whichever young QB you want to roll with, at some point you are going to want to put him behind an above average offensive line and surround him with above average weapons. Since we already have a talented young QB, let's actually try this?
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    Many as here don't want JD to come out firing in free agency? I say BS to that sh*t! We need at least 2 top free agent Olineman to rebuild the wall that Sam Darnold needs to operate behind. JDs job would have been easier if that idiot Macc fixed the center spot last year when 3 guys were available. I don't care if our entire draft is Olineman & skill players either. For 10 years we've been watching the most boring offense in football with a 170 Lb skinny azz WR as our scariest weapon. How about we start bringing in some WRs over 200 Lbs that can run & break tackles? How about some 1 cut RBs? I mean you watch these playoff games and it's amazing how bereft of talent our offense is. I'll be pissed if we come out of free agency without some lineman, the draft can't save this team. Structure contracts based on Tru & Bells contracts ending after next year. Offense, offense, and more offense this offseason and draft.
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    You are a very interesting enigmatic if not peculiar Little fella. So in touch and completely out of touch at the same time. It’s practically impressive. Not sure if I’d like to sit and share a quality seltzer with you or make you the first person I put on ignore here.
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    Buns a-glazin’ cc: @joewilly12
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    Short videos. Cute kids making kinda sorta music videos singing along to 10 second song snippets. Tweets using video and music instead of text. My 15 year old daughter is on it constantly. Some real artists have arisen from this platform. Most notably Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish. SAR I
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    https://wfan.radio.com/blogs/steve-lichtenstein/metrics-showed-gase-failed-to-live-up-to-cutting-edge-hype Lichtenstein: Metrics Showed Where Adam Gase Failed To Live Up To Cutting-Edge Offense Hype STEVE LICHTENSTEIN JANUARY 14, 2020 - 2:03 PM If you’re a Jets fan who hasn’t given up watching NFL football after suffering through New York’s wasted 7-9 season, you probably noticed that these playoff games look like a different sport than what the Jets were playing. The talent on display over the weekend in the Divisional Round—namely the speed and the execution of the offenses—was far beyond Gang Green’s capabilities this past season. Still, even if Jets general manager Joe Douglas stuns us by bringing aboard an influx of skilled offensive players, including linemen, this offseason, how many of you feel confident that coach Adam Gase would know what to do with them? By now it’s obvious that owner Christopher Johnson had zero evidence beyond Peyton Manning’s hearsay to back up his claim when he crowed that Gase “coaches to where football is going” upon his hiring. I warned you about the false hype in a post last offseason that detailed how Gase was just as conservative, and sometimes more so, in his three seasons at the helm in Miami than the Jets bumbling prior coach Todd Bowles. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) A Jets fan who goes by the Twitter handle @DrewfromJersey had a fabulous take on Gang Green’s offensive incompetence during the 2019 season. Drew opined that the best thing to happen over 17 weeks that saw the Jets place dead last in yards gained and 31st in points scored (only because New York’s six non-offensive touchdowns bumped them over Washington) was that quarterback Sam Darnold took the initiative after a Week 8 loss in Jacksonville to confront Gase about his garbage playbook. During the Jets’ 6-2 run to close the season, they were far less inept, ranking 16th in the league in points per game. Now, I’m sure Darnold approached the subject with more respect. Gase even praised his 22-year old sophomore QB for providing feedback. Still, Gase has a long way to go before he can call himself a master of the modern game, never mind the future. For the following analysis, I’m going to ignore the three games that Darnold missed last season due to mononucleosis. They never happened. For these purposes, Luke Falk might as well be the secret identity of a DC Comics character. With that caveat in mind, here are two areas of modern football where Gase’s offense fell behind the curve: 1) Play-action The results are in—adding play-action to a call generally adds on average about two yards per pass attempt, per ProFootballFocus.com. Of the 34 QBS with at least 50 dropbacks, only five had negative differentials in yards-per-attempt between play-action versus straight dropbacks. Only two (Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph) were worse by more than half a yard using play-action. Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports Darnold was 2.2 yards per attempt better when using play-action. You’d think Gase would have had more of those calls on his chart from the onset given how heavily he was feeding running back Le’Veon Bell at the time. You’d be incorrect. Only 19.4% of Darnold’s dropbacks in the Jets’ first eight games were off play-action. That rate ranked 30th among 34 QBs with at least 30 play-action pass dropbacks. All nine of his interceptions in that span occurred following straight dropbacks. In the season’s second half, however, Darnold’s play-action rate rose to 27.3%, the 13th-highest in the league, despite playing the entire time with ligament damage in his left thumb that may have hindered his ballhandling abilities. Gase still has room to install more play-action schemes. Not including Jackson’s ridiculous 59 pass attempts, with only six using play-action, as his Ravens were getting routed by the Titans, the other seven QBs over the weekend totaled 207 throws, with 30.4% coming off play-action. In the aggregate, play-action netted about 1.6 more yards than straight dropbacks. A modern football coach should be well aware of this. 2) Second-and-long runs I don’t think anything frustrated Jets fans more than all the times when Gase would virtually give up on a series after a negative play on first down. An incompletion, sack, run stuff, or penalty would send Gase turtling. The Jets handed off on 49-of-108 (45%) second downs of ten or more this season, per SharpFoootballStats.com. Only the Ravens — by far the most dominant rushing team in the league — and the Vikings ran more often. Again, I’m ignoring the Falk games, where Gase and everyone watching preferred that he kept the clock running. Billie Weiss/Getty Images Since opponents pretty much figured out that the ball was going in Bell’s hands on those snaps, the Jets averaged only 3.2 yards per carry on second-and-long rushing attempts, well below the 4.3 yards per carry league average for those situations. Unfortunately, this strategy was not adjusted in the second half of the season. To the contrary, it got worse, with handoffs on 52% of second-and-longs in the last eight games. The success rate on those runs was similarly miserable, with the Jets gaining a measly 3.1 yards per carry. Gase would likely point to the scoreboards in those contests as proof that he knew what he was doing. According to modern metrics, however, that won’t be sustainable when the Jets face heavier competition next season. Darnold’s got to get in Gase’s ear about that.
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    Metrics ??? Hell, you don't need metrics to see that Gase is not up to the task. All you need is the "eye test". It was painfully obvious...
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    I’m officially frightened to death.
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    Tee Higgins and make Sam a happy man.
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    Or maybe it’s not Jets fans but just 5 dildos on one of their fan forums
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    Whatever you need to tell yourself to make peace with the fact that we took a strong safety over him and then used 4 high picks on a QB who isn’t close to as good as one we could have had for just one pick.
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    As a fan of the Jets, I mean. With our current roster. It's just maddening to me, the disparity between the teams still alive and what we have. We have such a lack of talent at every position, it's almost like we're not a pro team. Injuries have contributed greatly to this, and Darnold is hard to judge with no time to throw, but every single place I look, I see bigger, faster, stronger. We are boys among men! Hopefully Joe Douglas sees this too.
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    11 Jerry Jeudy , WR Alabama 48 Lucas Niang , OT TCU 68 Netane Muti , IOL Fresno State 79 Darrell Taylor , EDGE Tennessee 110 Clyde Edwards-Helaire , RB LSU
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    One of my favorite things is when someone uses metrics to seem more intelligent but clearly has no idea how to analyze statistics nor contextualize those numbers in a meaningful way. Once you add in the quoting of “drewfromjersey” you have the death of journalism.
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    I always thought you just were a critic of his ability. Really starting to get the feeling you just don’t like him at all and don’t expect him to be anything...at all. Like this is sort of turning into a T0m Shane/Jamal Adams ordeal.
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    Of course. I'll try to keep it short, lol. My Dad went to a Mets fantasy camp in '85. He co-owned a travel agency with my Mom. Thru that experience he made some connections and ended up helping out with the B.A.T. (Baseball Assistance Team) Dinner and Baseball Writer's Dinner for years. He worked his way up with the Baseball Writer's event to where he was the right-hand man for Phil Pepe. Through all of that, we had the good fortune to meet tons of athletes through these 2 events plus many others. We went to Cooperstown about every year and my Dad always received credentials to the Otesaga Hotel where all the players stayed. A few years back, Phil Pepe passed, so my Dad took over as the event manager for the dinner. Crazy that a non-writer, some travel agent from Jersey who now lives in Raleigh, was entrusted with running the dinner that for so long was operated entirely by the writers. A writer in Florida once heard a story about my Dad and decided to write about it. The link to the article no longer works but I have a copy of it saved in a word doc:
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    ^^^^^used to salivate over Josh Rosen
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    You miss 100% of the poops you take in your pants, T0m.
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    Injuries meant almost nothing to this team. We either lost terrible players or we lost good players who were replaced with almost no difference. (ILBs) The injury excuse is laughable. We played a weak as sched and had one team rest its players last game.
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    The pick I’d want is the 2021 for Trevor Lawrence
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    Do people watch the Jets? Did you see how many injuries we had? This roster healthy was a playoff caliber roster. Even with all the injuriee and Sam missing 3 games while playing week 1 with mono we won 7 games.
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    Just wait to buy the tickets a week before so you can check the weather. A rainy game in 55 degrees is worse than a sunny game at 30 degrees
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    Douglas is on the scene: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/east-west-shrine-game-practice-report-east-team-day-1/ While it was 80-degrees and beautiful outside, most of the action took place on Tropicana Field as the first practice for the 2020 Shrine Bowl got underway. The East took the field first for a crisp 60-minute pads practice which included some good performances. James Morgan of Florida International was the most efficient and accurate quarterback of the first practice. His pass placement was impressive, as was the timing of his throws. He did not have receivers waiting for the ball, hit targets in stride, and moved the chains in full scrimmage. His ability to drive deep passes with any speed or power is a concern. That wasn’t a concern for Princeton’s Kevin Davidson who showed great arm strength but really came up short with his accuracy. Many of his throws were all over the place. South Carolina’s running back Tavien Feaster displayed surprising quickness for a bigger back, making defenders miss, running solid routes, and catching the ball well. Several wide receivers stand out As I mentioned on Twitter, Navy’s Malcolm Perry looked like a duck in water at the receiver position. He ran great routes, caught the ball exceptionally well, and displayed excellent traits in open-air drills as well as one-on-ones. I’m told Perry will also get action at running back as the week progresses. I have been informed that Perry is on the fence for receiving enough votes to get a combine invitation. Berry College’s Mason Kinsey did much of the same and looked natural catching the ball. He lacks deep speed – or at least did not show the ability to be a vertical threat – which may be an issue come draft day. The two Florida receivers, Freddie Swain and Josh Hammond, both looked solid. I thought Aaron Parker of Rhode Island had an inconsistent day. His route running was choppy and slow, while he did a bit of double catching and bobbling throws. Parker is not expected to receive a combine invitation. Offensive line observations On the offensive line front, I was impressed with Buffalo’s Evin Ksiezarczyk. He’s a mammoth blocker who controls opponents once he gets his hands on them. Though I grade him as a right tackle, he did a solid job all day on the left side. Michael Onwenu of Michigan is big, powerful and had moments of domination. There were also times when Onwenu was overextending into blocks and struggled to contain opponents. Onwenu will be going to the combine. Offensive linemen Jake Benzinger of Wake Forest and Steve Gonzalez of Penn State also had their moments. The defensive side of the ball Missouri S&T defensive tackle Tershawn Wharton looked quick, explosive, and beat a lot of blockers all day. He’s also small, but I could see him as a potential three-technique tackle on Sundays. I was super impressed with West Georgia’s Auzoyah Alufohia. He has terrific size, power, and was collapsing the pocket all day. Michigan’s Mike Danna looks the part and showed a nice degree of athleticism. He had several nice plays during one-on-one drills and beat opponents throughout the day. Myles Dorn was – well Myles Dorn. He is well-sized and explosive, but the North Carolina safety gave up a ton of underneath receptions and is very late reacting. Oklahoma cornerback Parnell Motley struggled. We rarely see Alabama players at the Shrine Game, but several are in attendance this year including safety Shyheim Carter who made a lot of nice plays throughout practice. He really stood out in the defensive backfield. As I stated on Twitter, Rodney Clemons made several nice plays against the pass which compliments his run defending prowess. Mike Maccagnan had a history of attending Shrine practices when he was general manager of the New York Jets. Joe Douglas is keeping up that tradition, as the “new” general manager was here today in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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    Watching that game yesterday it crystal clear how laughable Darnolds weapons are starting with the Oline & ending with the Tight end. I would take almost every WR on the Chiefs roster over Robbie Anderson. Kelsey is currently the best TE in the league since Gronk retired & its not even close. Tyreek Hill is unstoppable. Then they throw out Watkins, Hardmen, Robinson (If he didn't drop 3 balls they wouldn't have to come from so many points behind). Its really criminal that lack of Oline, WRs, RBs in this day & age of offensive football. AJ Brown is a stud, in the same mold as Deebo Samuel. How can a Jet fan not be excited about QB that literally has the worst group of players surrounding him in the entire league & displayed some semblance of success? I just imagine Sam with weapons & an Oline protecting him. No one has done more with less in this league at his age.
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    My name is nj meadowlands and I will die on the Joe Burrow Is Not Actually Good hill, right next to my neighbor T0m on his Jamal Adams Sucks hill.
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    He got his ass handed to him the last game. Missed blocks, got pushed back and looked awful. I was all for him until I watched that.
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    Well Jets fans are to impatient, Obviously. 🙄
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    Can we just get interviews with the LSU coach the rest of the game. I crack up every time he speaks. I know its a cajun accent but my God, he is line every stereotype you ever heard
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    Yeah but five dildos is one hell of a party
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    The schedule is out in April, not now. See above for the sunny side of the stadium. It's boiling hot in September in those seats. If I were you I would target an October or early November game. The weather is perfect for your little guy then, the last two years we have been wearing shorts and a hoodie up to Thanksgiving. The photo is of an October game at halftime. Let me know if you need any additional stadium help. SAR I
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    He’d be found in a bathroom in the East Villlage with makeup on.
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    LOL Hell no Burrow isn’t even the same level of prospect that Darnold was coming out, and I like Burrow. Burrow plays on arguably the most stacked roster in the country. Nearly half of the dudes starting on that team will be playing in the NFL. He has like 4 different receivers, a TE and at least 1 RB who will be drafted over the next 2 years. Not to mention the OL. Meanwhile Darnold’s top targets in the passing game at USC were dudes like Deontay Burnett and Tyler Petite. Burnett didn’t get drafted and has bounced from practice squad to practice squad and Petite probably won’t get drafted either. Put together a solid OL so Darnold isn't being harassed on every dropback and grab another reliable receiver besides Crowder and he’ll flourish.
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    Boy howdy Did that guy waste time on writing that or what?
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    Everybody out there appreciates the play and heart of Jamal Adams except Jets fans.
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    We have 1 All Pro on the Jets and everybody talks about trading him. Don’t!
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    I got you all beat. I shook hands with Bronko Nagurski when I was a young kid and we stopped for gas in International Falls, Minnesota where he owned a gas station. He had really big powerful hands and was quite intimidating but had a bemused smile. Later on I learned that he had the biggest ring size of any championship NFL player at 19 1/2! Of course, I never saw him play or I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.
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    Isn't he basically saying he cares more about winning than about money?
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    As execrable and tone-deaf as the Jets franchise is, they’d fire the sh*t out of Greg Buttle or Ray Lucas for making any one of these tweets. Once again, any journalist that tries to tell you how classy and upright the New England Patriots franchise is or was is a fraud who cannot be trusted.

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