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    Ridiculous that Gase was over looked after going 6-2 in the last 8 games.
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    With our oline any Jets back is like this:
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    Can we part ways with Gase and keep Bell instead?
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    I'm not a football expert, but I believe Adam Gase wants a running back who runs in a forward direction, toward the opponent's end zone.
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    I'm good either way. If the line wasn't the issue, then his year off ended him and he's a shell of his former self. If that's not the case, by the time we have an elite offensive line that can slush-block the way he needs it he'll be shot anyway. Good team guy, I don't want to see him go. But if he does, I'm not going to cry. SAR I
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    Douglas is going to purge every Maccagnan signing from the roster. It's gonna be a bloodbath,
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    I think both sides want an amicable divorce. Bell has been a phenomenal teammate, but he’s a luxury wasting his last years on a poor team with a poor scheme fit for his patient style. Better for both if they were to part ways.
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    He wanted Tevin Coleman badly, and the rest of the Bell money to be spent on Morse/Paradis. Maccagnan wanted Bell at all costs.
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    Robby Anderson did not have a career year. 2019 52 catches-779 yards-5 TD's 2017 63 catches-941 yards-7 TD's joewilly12
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    Sure, but combine no holes with Bells unique running style:
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  12. 8 points
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    Kenyan Drake couldn't get on the field for him. You guys making comments about speed and such are kinda clueless. Gase has left a ton of good backs underused or misused in his wake. This isn’t a case of not having good players. This is part of Gases reputation.
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    I can't imagine Bell not being here one more season. Costs 15.5M to keep, 19M to cut.
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    If Gase can’t figure out how to use Bell (Ajaya, Drake, etc) who does he want? Is Frank Gore a Free Agent? Gase loves him.
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    This post violates the Jetnation TOS.
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    If Bell isn't here next year it will be nothing but a HUGE stain on Gase. To have a RB of Bell's production and not being able to do anything with him is ridiculous. Granted the OLine wasn't good, but Bell should have been used more in the screen game and running WR routes
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    1) 2 years older at a position known to breakdown right around Bells age 2) was ran into the ground in Pittsburgh particularly his last year. 3) Speaking of his last year he saw a clear regression in all of his per carry stats (nearly a 20% drop in YPC) 4) Strong Oline vs Weak Oline 5) HoF QB putting up top 3-8 numbers vs young QB putting up bottom 3 numbers Naturally the only logical conclusion here is that Gase sucking is the sole reason for Bell sucking because we dont like Gase and Drake played well this year
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    Did you see the video though? My initial reaction upon hearing this was the same....guessing that OBJ gave a security guard a playful "player slap" the same way coaches smack a guy on the rear when he comes off the field following a good play. This was not that. He sized up the guard in the locker room and smacked the dudes ass, then OBJ backed up from the guard knowing what he did wasn't right, then seemed to mock or taunt the guy. This wasn't harmless fun. This was a rich, entitled prick thinking he's on his home turf in the LSU locker room and essentially bullying a security guard. In a world that overreacts to trivial things this was something that shouldn't be ignored or let slide IMO.
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    F**k the Owners. There's no salary cap on HC's. Open the checkbook. The Jets going cheap on HC's is a big reason we've been a mess for decades.
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    You can keep preaching but no one is listening. Bell is a shell of what he was capable of, yet most people here either can't see it, or are in denial about it. I'm liking JD more and more if this story rings true and we jettison a player that we shouldn't have signed in the first place.
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    how about a coach who has a great talent i his hands try to work something out to make the talent shine and not run him into the center of the defense every time?
  23. 6 points
    His actions say otherwise, Tom.
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    That’s a dumb move for a RB.
  25. 5 points
    More like send it to Gase because he never would have reached his potential without his tutelage. - TomShane'd
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    Yup. Got the alert on my phone a little while ago. Sounds like Kirby is serious about bringing our offense into the 21st century. I expect Monken to help open up the offense quire bit. I don't know a whole lot bout Newman, but from what I have read, sounds like most analysts think he will be a great fit for us. I agree Pickens should be a stud this year on the field -- if he keeps his head screwed on right off the field -- which is a big "if" when it comes to Pickens. We also had a real nice recruiting class: Darnell Washington #1 TE in the country, plus several 4 star WRs (Marcus Rosemy, Jermaine Burton and Arian Smith). PRetty sure we flipped Burton from LSU which is always a nice bonus. We also have a TE transfer coming in from FSU. May take some time until they can produce, but at least we are adding some solid talent where it was desperately needed. Offense is bound to be more dynamic than last year's Woody Hayes style 3 yards and a cloud of dust.
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    Can you post the same thing again so I can vote one “laugh” and the other POTW.
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    He’s never been a speed guy, true. He’s got elite vision, which is wasted on a field with no blocks to follow. Oh well. Apparently the OL can be the excuse for Darnold being mediocre, but not for Bell underperforming. Why would Jet fans make sense?
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    Damien Williams? Kenyan Drake? Now Levon? Apparently not a good one. Guys an idiot.
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    Gase is a smart NFL guy, Bell was once the best RB in the league, and the Jets have a big shortage of offensive talent. It's not hard to see what's going on here. Bell requires a certain set of offensive linemen and we don't have them. Gase knew it, he did what he could to give him carries, but in the end he was ineffective. It's either that or Bell is shot. Took a year off, lost his focus, lost his game. Either way, this isn't on Gase. It's on Maccagnan. Or Bell for not adjusting his style to hit a hole quickly and stop sliding around. SAR I
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    Everybody except Sam should be expendable, yes including Adams, this is a total rebuild, Gase did a good job getting 7 wins out of it ..I was on record as saying 3-13.
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    Bell is Arians offense would be nasty.
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    I like them more than the old ones, tbh
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    I would propose to this one. Girl's not bad either.
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    Look, we've all slapped the butt of a police officer at some point........
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    Congrats to Tannehill for winning the Chad Pennington award. Now go send Derrick Henry a new car.
  37. 4 points
    No need for dramatics. I just struggle thinking he really could have got that bad over his year off. Dude was literally on pace for a Hall of Fame career with Pittsburgh. Now, we can both agree he had a superior line at Pittsburgh and a QB with weapons other teams had to fear. I honestly think it’s a little of everything. The line was literally historically bad and Sam wasn’t really scaring anyone enough to get a favorable running defense I’ve front. I have no illusions of any kind in that respect. Gase did a great job keeping the team on track and it certainly showed in the last half of the season. Weak opponents or not he kept these guys on track and got them wiling after a first half of bad luck with injury and communicable diseases . I commend that. My struggle is I just can’t believe he couldn’t figure out a way to make Bell more effective. Change blocking scheme by adding TEs, adapt his calls to RPO type plays to get a littLe hesitation out of the defense because it’s that pause that makes Bell’s running style work. Our offensive line obviously couldn’t create it with the present blocking scheme, so why not change the scheme until you find one that kinda works?? It’s like Gase has his way to do it and if the players doesn’t fit the scheme then its tough sledding until he gets his players. I would think someone called and offensive genius would be little bit more creative and adaptive. That all. I understand if you don’t agree and I’m fine with that. I guess time will tell.
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    Belichick won in his second season in New England. His first? As bad as all those seasons in Cleveland. That's what happens when a new coach has to change everything in a new city. Gase hasn't failed in New Jersey. This was a great season for us. Next season completely healthy, same playbooks, believing in their coaching staff, and confident after the 6-2 finish, look out. SAR I
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    Bell is NOT the issue. Are you guys crazy? Our sh*tty offensive line is the damn issue. Put him behind the Titans OL and I promise you Bell will get 1,500 all purpose yards.
  40. 4 points
    Remember when people thought Harbaugh was on the way out of Baltimore as recently as a year ago?
  41. 4 points
    Hey, enough with buttfumbling every post you merely disagree with. That you’d downvote a factual explanation on the cap is no less obnoxious. Mature up or leave the site until you do. You’ve been doing this trash routine for too long and no one is amused, except maybe @Skeptable, whom this same message can almost go to verbatim. It’s like whenever I see a buttfumble that isn’t made in jest - in particular when I see them post after post in the same thread - I know there’s at least a 50-50 chance it’s one or both of you two. Try it with me now in retaliation and you’re gone. No need to reply, as it’s not a point to debate. Just cut it out.
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    Joe trades Bell, gets a good pick and uses it to draft an impact offensive player. Meanwhile, Bell crushes it on his new team, thereby strengthening Joe’s suspicion that Gase’s career track record as a HC/OC may be non-random. Joe uses this in conjunction with Gase’s career failures as a head coach and examples of other players who have fared better after leaving Gase to create a mosaic of reasons to move on. Mid-way through another injury-filled, OL excuse-making, underachieving season, Joe visits Gase in his office and asks him to name a play-call on 2nd and long. Gase, of course, calls for an A-gap dive. Joe thanks him for his service and asks him to pack up his smell salts. The gasologists; direct descendants of penningtologists, whither away. Balance is restored to JetNation evermore.
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    Gase's entire offense consisted of running Bell up the middle twice and hoping Darnold bailed him out on 3rd and long.
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    they should fix the oline and keep Bell
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    Gase just needs to gtfo and never come back. He doesn’t know how to use players to the best of their abilities. He doesn't know how to do anything that competent offensive minded coaches know how to do. He’s garbage and he’s ruining Sam Darnold and the tiny glimmer of hope that we do have in the future. JD just got done saying Bell and Adams were safe — now I’m fine trading them — especially Adams, but trading Bell because you’re too much of a dunce to use him right is so Jetsy to me. I hate this team with all my hate as much as I love them with all my heart.
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    so Sam Darnold could not play because the OL was awful yet Bell had to play on an all pro level with the same OL lol Adam Gase and Joe Douglas, another decade of sh*t football and bad management
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    Good idea. Lets get rid of one of the best RBs of all time for pennies on the dollar so we can sign Frank Gore. If.. no when Bell goes elsewhere and flourishes it will be another demerit in what's become an alarmingly long list for Gase. Thankfully CBTNY hits about .200 with his predictions. Yeah yeah Mac was his magnum opus.
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    I don't like it. Sounds too much like whiffs. No good for OL.
  49. 4 points
    I like them and think they're an improvement. As a fan of tradition and the old uniforms from the 1960's that were resurrected in the 1990's it just felt like time for a refresh. I'm not saying they're great uniforms but the darker green, the more modern lines, etc. are an upgrade IMO. I thought that incorporating the Jets swoosh from the green 1980's helmet would have been cool but the new logo seems like a bit of a hybrid that touches on that helmet. In any case, these will be the uniforms for quite a while I think so we gotta....
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    Tragic all the way around. Removing the Patriots and football aspects of this you had an extremely troubled individual enabled by money and people who said yes to him all the time. Like Antonio Brown and many people in our everyday lives, he needed to be treated for mental health issues. That's not an excuse, he is 100% to blame for his actions and the dude murdered several people because "he was disrespected", etc. but how nobody raised red flags about him is the alarming part. In the end, we all know the truth...Bill Belichick is to blame.

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