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    O'Brien brought the Jets the same amount of super bowl trophies as Marino did Miami.
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    This is the beginning of the all star games and there are two today. The first one is one of my favorite the East - West Shrine game. So there are more than a few players I will be keeping my on for the Jets. I really like Jon Runyan, Jr at OT after watching him this year. He has improved greatly and had a good bowl game against Alabama. Also his teammate Michael Onwenu at guard is another I will be watching. At center Daryl Williams is one I be watching who played for Miss. St.. Another player who plays guard that I also like is John Phillips of Boston College, Now these are the offensive lineman of the East team. I am curious to see the Clemson Center Pollard and Guard Cervenka play in this game. No wide receivers interest me except maybe Isaiah Wright of Temple who under performed this year. At Tight End Mitchell Wilcox is the one I will be watching. On Defense for the East watch this kid Isiah Swan of Dartmouth. He is a sleeper. An interesting player here is Michael Divinity that walked away from his team this year and than we found it he was suspended for marijuana. Now he was the leader of this defense so he better come out to play. He needs to repair his image off the field and on. He is playing with the real good tandem Miami Linebackers, A player to watch on the edge is Alex Highsmith who at Charlotte had 15 sacks and the underrated and all out player Joe Gaziano from Northwestern. The West team Players that I will be watching closely are Brandon Bowen of Ohio St. and Darrin Paulo of Utah at OT. One Player I do love is Calvin Throckmorton of Oregon at Guard. He is impressive when I watched him. Also you have one of the best centers in the nation with Zack Shakelford of Texas. The other 2 centers are not shabby either with Cabral of Arizona St and Mauguia of Wash. St.. There are two receivers here that should of had better years in Juwan Johnson of Oregon and Victor Binjiman of Ohio St. . But I want to watch Dezman Patmon of Wash. St who is a big receiver who has nice hands. On Defense Watch this kid Luc Barcoo at Cornerback of San Diego St. He has nice size and a ball hawk. So underrated. As his teammate Tezino at LB. One of my favorite defensive players is here. Watch Bryce Huff of Memphis at DE/LB. He is a terror and had a great game against Penn St. We also have three FCS players in this game that I watched and will surprise you. Luther Kirk at Safety, Dante Olson of Montana at LB and a terror at DE in Derrek Tuszka of FCS champion North Dakota St. These three will be interesting to watch. As is Casey Toohill of Stanford off the edge. And lets not forget the two kickers. They both are real good and two of the best. I had to come back and write this. I got to give a shout out to two wonderful players who can play in the NFL and are n the armed forces. Malcolm Perry of Navy and Elijah Riley of Army. Both of these players are real good.
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    There is a line. When you find yourself making a racist joke that means you have crossed the line by a wide margin.
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    Thomas Hennessy tied for the NFL lead in tackles among long snappers with four. So there's that...
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    I hope the people who doubt Sam Darnold eat every single last word they ever negatively spewed towards this kid.
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    Look at you, rooting for Dallas Cowboys
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    Seems like a good hire especially for a first time head coach.
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    Congrats to Tannehill for winning the Chad Pennington award. Now go send Derrick Henry a new car.
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    Quinnen Williams is for sure top 5 in disappointing 1st round picks from last year.
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    Forget top 5, we would struggle to put more than those two guys in a top 10 list.
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    Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer were obviously better.
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    Quarterbacks don't win championships, teams do. There's no question Marino was a far superior QB. The biggest Jets draft blunder in history.
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    That’s a dumb move for a RB.
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    gotta love the off-season around here.
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    If slot CB is considered its own position, yes probably. Poole is very good. If not, the next closest that played this year is probably Maye.
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    I honestly don't know what your point is? When healthy Tannehill played good for Gase and had a winning record. He is now on a much better team with the best RB in the NFL and is managing games OK. If Darnold had similar stats in the playoffs that Tannehill had and we were making a big deal about it, you would be calling us homers.
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    He's better than Dowell.
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    He had mono and he improved his QB rating by 10 points, threw more TDs and fewer picks. Over the 2nd half of the season he was the 10th rated QB in the NFL. Was it a great season, no it wasn't. However considering his illness and horrid offensive line it was a reasonably good season. Also consider the Jets were 7-5 with a healthy Darnold. Hopefully next year with the stability of a returning HC and an improved line he will continue his growth into a QB you would expect with the 3rd pick of the draft.
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    Gase really could use a run game coordinator, but he is way too stubborn
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    If you have to explain the joke, it's not that funny.
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    Right, but Adam Gase should be fired for not winning more games! LOL!
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    This could be true. It would be just our luck the worst coach in the league picks the best GM available to us and he build a great roster, only for it to be wasted by said worst coach in the league, wasting a talented QB and team.
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    all kidding aside there are reasons why this isn't such a bad idea. imo it's a good idea if they get a boatload of picks in the deal. if it's strictly even up, it makes little sense. this is the same reason why trading adams makes some sense. the downside is the draft picks are always risky. another point is the offense really isn't that set. with the exception of crowder, griffen, herndon, and bell there aren't many starting offensive players coming back. so it's not like the chemistry darnold has developed with the current players will carry over to next season. burrow may turn out to be a great qb but there's also a pretty good chance he will not. darnold, for all of his faults, is a proven commodity and has shown he can win in new york with a substandard offense. the less risky course is to get the player darnold needs to succeed.
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    You wouldn’t consider him a top slot corner? Not overall CB, just slot. He did really well.
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    More importantly, would you have traded 3 2nd round picks plus our 1st rounder in 2018 for the #1 pick this year?
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    Greenbean is a straight up baller.
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    Scared me every time we played the fins. No lead was safe, no game in the bag. Always was the best player on the field, every game. The "he never won" comment is mindless in a team sport like football. Never had a run game or a real defense
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    Gase ran Tannehill out of Miami a full three months after he was fired, and traded Kenyan Drake a full ten months after he was fired, which is a vulgar display of power from the grave if I’ve ever seen one
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    Why would he get deported?
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    Well this pretty much guarantees the Giants will be 11-5 next year and Daniel Jones becomes an All-Pro. #Etienne
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    Quite a head scratching move. I mean I highly doubt his draft position is going to improve next year since he's already got a ton of game film for scouts to look at. All he's doing is adding another 200+ touches and risking injury that would hurt his draft position for 2021.
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    We need a would you let Sam Darnold bang your wife if we got a super bowl thread .... THAT would be interesting reading.
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    Screw Burrow, i want drama. Let's draft Tua and hope he can walk again one day
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    Fellas it's the off-season. That's what it is.
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    Didn't we just have a thread about this the other day? Or am I experiencing deja vu?
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    He was better under Philbin/Lazor than he was under Gase.
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    Greenbean, how skeptical was she of you when you were like "I'm a roving reporter for a popular Jets' website, who was tasked with interviewing a random girl that I just met. I swear this is legit!"
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    I would propose to this one. Girl's not bad either.
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    What a miserable life it must be dealing with a family of Miami Dolphins fans. Poor girl.

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