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    Yeah, about this. I disagree with this.
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    Surprising to see Brady and RJF enjoying an event centered around sadistic homoeroticism.
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    Any vids from his prom or family vacations?
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    In a very strong way, the success of Ryan Tannehill away from Adam Gase should be very encouraging for Jets fans. The reason is simple. It shows that Gase will not completely destroy Sam Darnolds career. He may hinder it but it will not destroy it. Which means that once Gase is fired (if he is) Darnold is completely salvageable and can grow quickly into an elite QB. Just look at Ryan Tannehill.
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    Vote 80 large ping for using the JN mobile app
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    Tannehill would have 300 yards and 4 tds if he had not been ruined by gase.
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    KC is committing game-changing penalties. You can’t make those kind of mistakes when you are trying to get a bruising running game off the field
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    No, you missed the real opportunity! Bring Brady here and DON'T fix the OL. What could be more fun that that?
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    All I can say is Thank God we didn't Draft Mahomes like many of us wanted and get a proven HC in here cause think about all of the pressure we avoid with those HIGH EXPECTATIONS!! Look at em cheering! Suckers!!! Thank God it isn't us!!! With that I bid you adieu......
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    Now the Gase/Tanny meaningless fake story line can finally die. Thank god
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    Conklin saying his goodbye to Tannehill. He's saying, "it was a good run Ryan, but I'm going to the Jets."
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    Maybe Tannehill needs a few more years away from Gase?
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    There is a distinct difference between a "running" QB & a "mobile" QB... running QB's do not last & will not excel in the NFL... Mobile QB's have been in the NFL since the inception of the forward pass... They will always be there... some will succeed some will not just like pocket passing QB's.
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    It's really amazing being able to sit back and just enjoy an AFCC. The Pats going down is the best thing to happen to the NFL since ever.
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    I wonder if KC donates to domestic abuse victims everytime Hill scores a TD?
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    INT definitely on Gase. edit: will be overturned. still Gase's fault
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    No, but this thread makes you look stupid. SAR I
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    Sam's rookie contract is through 2021, so 2 more years. Plus with the 5th year option, he is under control at an affordable salary through 2022. We have 3 years of affordable Sam, lets build around him and see once and for all what we have.
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    Excited for Henry vs KC but fear it's going go be a blow out when Tannenhill is forced to pass. Honestly having a hard time caring about Green Bay vs SF, meh teams and meh game
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    What makes you say that? She moved to Boston...
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    An honest look shows only one thing a complete failure on the off side if the ball. Get real man.
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    Because he’s a bad coach and if you watch the team play it’s obvious. As far as I’m concerned if you miss the playoffs record is meaningless - and then you have to look at the product that was put the field. It wasn’t pretty.
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    Shoot me now, another nonsensical Gase/Tannehill thread.
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    It was a snowy night, and the Universal monsters were gathering to make a new movie. Frankenstein slipped on a puddle of blood and fell on the lifeless body of the invisible man. It’s up to you, the monsters of horror, to find the murderers. It’s is day, with 9 alive it takes 5 to lynch. players 1)Crushlove - Dracula - vanilla town - killed N2 2) Jetscode - Dr. Frankenstein- town doc - killed N1 3) stark - the creeper - scum goon - random killed D2 4) Spoot - the Mummy - vanilla town - killed N3 5) Lizard King - Phantom of the Opera - vanilla town, random killed D1 6) Jetfan80 7) CTM 8. Nol 9. Verbsy - Bride of Frankenstein- vanilla town - lynched D3
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    Dips cracker in Randall Cunningham chopped liver pâté. Rolls eyes.
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    Pretty cool. The Lamar Hunt trophy going to the Hunt family.
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    Mahomes plays like Young and Elway. Pass first run second. Everyone was saying it changed with Jackson playing the wildcat. Mahomes is a classic mobile QB.
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    Shut the fug up steratore, quit making excuses for inept bad reffing.
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    Thank God the Patriots are not there !!
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    The Patrots crumbling down makes for the happiest of new years in ages.
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    I'm sure glad we picked the Prez instead of that scrub Mahommes
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    Im not sure how to feel about Gase after that drive
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    Boomer wearing a headband today like hes about to go to a jazzercise class.
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    Make believe wife....but close mail order available, but you cant afford. So you settle for the blowup doll you found in the alley that you dress up with clothing box drop dresses with big hole that you patched with duct tape. That au-pair is the rooming house cleaning lady who may be man she does have a mustache and a deep voice and smells like a truck stop in July bathroom. . Enjoy
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    True all you need is a shovel..
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    There is broccoli and carrots and little tomatoes in this......
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    OMG.. I could do so Fatzilla that!
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    with a large plastic abrasive dildo.
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    I actually really love these rules. They’re not mindless just for shock value entertainment. They enhance special teams in all phases. My only gripe is the XP choices. While I like the choices, I just assume every team would go for 3 from the 10 every time. It should have been 1 point from the 2...2 points from the 15...3 points from the 30.
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    Before Gase ruined him 🙁🙁🙁😭😭😭
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    Remind me. Why did this guy ever get unbanned?
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    Wow that’s a new idea. No one has mentioned it.
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    Quinnen Williams is for sure top 5 in disappointing 1st round picks from last year.
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