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    The fact Sherman signed a contract, dodnt get fat, and showed up still playing after he got paid.
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    They traded away a SB QB to keep Brady. What a great day today is.
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    The correct takeaway from this is that running back is easily the most interchangeable/replaceable position on the field and there is almost never a reason to have a running back as your highest paid player.
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    Revis in his prime was better than Sherman. Revis's prime was way shorter than Sherman's, and he proved his character and integrity after he got paid, got really fat, and didn't even try. Meanwhile, sherman gives the 49ers what they paid for, years after Revis Island closed up shop, and is going for another ring.
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    Great olines and a good scheme can make many a back look really good.
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    There is a distinct difference between a "running" QB & a "mobile" QB... running QB's do not last & will not excel in the NFL... Mobile QB's have been in the NFL since the inception of the forward pass... They will always be there... some will succeed some will not just like pocket passing QB's.
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    I’m marking those two as wins.
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    Didn't Brady win 2 bowls since the trade?
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    But Adam & Sam have enough to work with, what a f*cking joke! When you win a game 37-20 & that's your QBs stats it say more about the talent on that team than the QB or the coach. Great freaking job by GM John Lynch. Lets get Sam some help.
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    How in the **** is it that even our great players suck so bad
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    Richard Sherman just got an interception. What's Revis's hot take on that?
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    In situations like this I find its best not to think.
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    Who did the Jets not give time to develop on the defensive line?!
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    Revis sounds really bitter
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    Revis is right though. Sherman is vastly overrated as a CB. I'm not saying is bad but he has been semi protected most of his career and is not remotely in the league of a revis or some of the other great shut down cbs.
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    And is about to go to yet another Super Bowl.
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    Watson and Mahomes are not running qbs. They run when the defense necessitates it (in Watson's case it's more for his life) but they always look to throw first, run second.
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    Ryan Fitzpatrick had more yards rushing this year than Patrick Mahomes
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    This thread and responses like this are just a small sample size in a long list of reasons that make it impossible for me to take you serious when it comes to the QB position. The worst part is, you cant handle being challenged on it as seen by your responses to anyone in here who disagrees and the neg rep you gave me for calling out your hypocrisy. That's why I stopped discussing this particular topic with you. I just couldnt contain myself given your strong hate (for the player, not the person) of Sam Darnold that you started this thread and classified your take with the criteria of "strong armed, mobile, elusive" ie; the exact description of Sam Darnold.
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    I get another opportunity to rip on Josh Allen?
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    Also, even though this player has been injured the last two seasons, if he remains healthy this week it will show that he is now durable
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    I dont typically comment on anything the OP says about QB's because I find his takes and evaluations beyond puzzling and flat out wrong (as we see on display here in this thread). But I felt completed to call out the hypocrisy of his thread since others have already pointed out how utterly inaccurate it is. What's ironic is the OP hates Sam Darnold and thinks he's the worst QB in the league, yet the one true undeniable feature that Sam presents as a QB is that he is "strong armed, mobile and elusive". If it werent for those abilities, he wouldnt have gone 7-6 as a starter behind a historically bad OL, running for his life with no real supporting cast around him. It was basically the only positive feature of the the offense in 2019. Yet, here we are talking about how Josh Allen is changing the game of Football.
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    lmfao - prior to last night, he eclipsed 100 yards once this season. He had an epic game. People acting like this is the norm and we can now crown him as the best RB in the league are having a little recency bias, to say the least. Side note; I used to see Raheem surfing in New Smyrna growing up, he's a much better Football player, to say the least.
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    Revis could have been a legend around here, number retired, Jets hall of fame - Beloved wherever he went, did whatever he wanted...probably would have made more over the course of his lifetime than the few million more he made leaving the Jets. Instead he chose the route he chose, made a few million more and is now entirely irrelevant.
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    I just mentioned this to a guy at work who was supposedly a Jets fan for 58 years... He told me he decided to switch his allegiance to the Dolphins, because he was impressed by what they did this year. (He's also a Red Sox fan because he loved Fred Lynn growing up) I said nice knowing you, and walked a way.
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    Dudes talking out there ass in this thread . Revis only good for 3 years Lmaoo . He didn’t make plays? like he didn’t lead the league in turnovers in his 9th year . Like he didn’t have the best season ever for corner in 09.. the way hate turns into lies is hilarious. These 2 been going at it for years really nothing to see here. There both great at what they do . Just different styles. if you want to hate him for making most money out of his career so be it. To pretend he was only good 3 years is a joke
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    Any defensive pick in the first round will spell disaster. No way around it.
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    I just don't think they will go outside of WR or OL. Esp since this draft has good classes in both areas.
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    Somebody who wants not to be forgotten. Well you have.
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    What with Occupy Wallstreet working so well, I'm confident we can get this done.
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    Oh another one of these threads. Well raise 2 billion and buy the team 🤷‍♂️
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    This isn't a revolution. This is a bunch of athletic young QBs who haven't taken that big hit yet that forces them to never run again...
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    Damn I was hoping they would fire Pollack and bring Callahan here.
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    Do you have any experience thoroughly investigating a Beaver?
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    You do realize that is effectively what lost the game for the Ravens and Bills, right? The game plan was to force throws outside the hashes and it worked. So excuse me if my fairy tale QB guru BS gets thrown around like it has a place in the conversation — because it does. I love when you misconstrue mobile QBs and running QBs and the entire board gets on your case about it. I just don’t bring it up.
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    He’ll get laughed at if he talks about Baker at this point, so he’s turned his focus to Allen.
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    They need to give Darnold a better OL, first and foremost. Time will tell beyond that. I honestly don't know what Darnold is going to be yet. I think he has the chance to be a good starter for a long time, but I could see his career going a few different ways.
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    What's funny is, Josh Allen played in the league about 10 years ago but his name was Vince Young back then.
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    So, I'm not buying any of this. There have always been running QBs, and young QBs have always run more than more experienced QBs. What's the difference between these guys and Tarkenton, Elway, Cunningham, Steve Young, Vick, etc. They will all throw more and run less as they gain experience, or they will find themselves nowhere like RGIII, or in purgatory like Cam. Sure, these young guys are exciting to watch when they take off with the ball, but history tells us it's not sustainable - especially if they aren't protecting themselves. This is nothing new. There's been no seismic shift. The quality of athletes in the league have been evolving over the course of the century, and that includes the QB position. I'm very impressed with what John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson managed to achieve this year, but I'm also impressed with the way Mike Vrabel shut it down. Very interested to see what, "the offense no one has ever seen before," looks like, and how it's defended, next year. Mobile QBs a new thing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-threat_quarterback
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    Maybe it does. Still a long way to go and a lot of things can change. Douglas could have a great offseason. Last year injuries really killed us we were decimated. But I think good times are coming
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    Football is the ultimate year to year sport .
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    You just watched SF get to the Super Bowl with a running back pulled from our PS who ran for 220 yards. Running game is all OL and scheme. You can find guys to run the rock anywhere.
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    And right after this tweet Sherman makes an interception !! Take that Darrelle !!
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    Sherman just shut Revis up quickly.
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    They day Revis learns the difference between the words except/accept is the day his burns will mean something.
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    "So Sam, on this play we'll already know what the defense is running...." "No, Tom, we don't get that information here." "Really? Weird. We'll ask around about how we can get you that. Next, three of your OL are going to grab the jerseys of the D-Linemen, and...." "Tom. TOM. That's called a holding penalty." "Ohhhh THAT'S what they call it. Hmm........Well, I've got nothing. Want to talk about TB12?"
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    How Mike McCarthy feels watching Rodgers right now.

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