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    The Jets are going to give 40 million dollars to a 32 year old receiver who has 800 yards the past two seasons? His last 1,000 yard season was 5 years ago. Who wrote this article, his agent?
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    It is true that the 2020 cap is healthy but not the stereotypical “treasure trove.” However, we have an insane amount of money free in 2021 - with almost no players worth re-signing in that year (only Jamal Adams). Important to note is that the money in a signing bonus is spread out evenly over each year in a contract, which means that the Free Agent can be satisfied by a big payday upon signing, meanwhile the team can spread out the “cost” of the cap hit. The awful last year showed us some great things to be excited about - especially the depth we have at linebacker and cornerback, a possible role player in V. Smith, good tight ends, and of course Darnold’s strong finish. As we pretty much all know, the highest needs are at offensive line, wide receiver, and then pass rusher, and this plan addresses all of those needs. 2020 Cap Space: 53M 2021 Cap Space: 138M Release: Brian Winters (Saves 7 Million in 2020) Darryl Roberts (Saves 6 Million in 2020, Saves 7.5 in 2021) Trumaine Johnson (Saves 3 Million in 2020, Saves 17 in 2021) Trade: Avery Williamson (saves 6.5 Million in 2020) 2020 Cap Space Updated: 75.5M 2021 Cap Space Updated: 1625M Re-Sign: Brian Poole (2 years, 15m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 9(1.5, 7.5) – 13 (5.5, 7.5) Kelvin Beachum (1 year, 6m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 9(3, 6) Arthur Maulet (2 years, 8m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 7(3, 4) – 8(4, 4) James Burgess (1 year, 2m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 3(2, 1) Neville Hewitt (2 years, 3m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 3(1.5, 1.5) - 3(1.5, 1.5) 2020 Cap Space Updated: 44.5M 2021 Cap Space Updated: 138M Sign: Amari Cooper (4 years. 30m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 10.5(3, 7.5)-12.5 (5, 7.5)-15(7.5, 7.5) - 16 (8.5, 7.5) Joe Thuney (3 years, 18m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 10(4, 6) – 11(5, 6) – 12(6, 6) Vic Beasley (1 year, 4m Signing Bonus). Total hits: 8(4, 4) 2020 Cap Space Updated: 16.5M 2021 Cap Space Updated: 114.5M Draft: Andrew Thomas (OT) Lloyd Cushenberry (OG) KJ Hamler (WR) -second third- Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB) -first fourth- Gabriel Davis (WR)... —- followed by some additional depth signings) — 2020 Depth Chart: QB. Darnold. RB. Bell. Edwards-Helaire. WR. Cooper. Hamler. Crowder. Davis. Smith. Berrios TE. Griffin. Herndon. Brown. OL. Beachum giving way to Thomas. Cushenberry. Harrison. Thuney. Edoga/Shell DL. Anderson. Shepherd. Fat. McLendon. Phillips. Williams (Rotation) LB. Beasley. Cashman. Mosley. Hewitt. Burgess. CB. Austin. Maulet. Poole. S. Adams. Maye You’re still going to have about 110+ to play with in 2021. Then another 23M will be added when you cut Bell and Henry Anderson. Then you probably save another chunk with an injury settlement with Enunwa. Heading into 2021, the only players above who need an extension are: Jamal Adams. Marcus Maye. McLendon retires. You make a decision on Harrison, Daniel Brown, Beasley, Beachum, Burgess.
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    Lol, Jet fans are so bruised & battered. SAM IS THE MAN, and Jet fans still don't believe it. The guy played behind the 32nd ranked Oline in the league & went 6-2 to end the season. Oh but he lost to the Dolphins in Miami! Tom Brady lost to the Dolphins in New England. Sam had the dirtiest uniform in the stadium at Miami. He got the sh*t kicked out of him trying to make up for a turnstile like Kalil who should never have come out of retirement. Sam was unpolished entering the league with two bad flaws he threw a lot of interceptions & he fumbled. He cleaned up the fumbles & wait until JD gets a freaking Oline & some weapons for this guy. All of you doubters are gonna be like, "I always knew Sam was gonna be the man". Everyone who critiques Sam is wrong, they're just saying he's gonna be very good because..well...because. Look at all of the QBs that have come through this league that needed a bit of times & some talent around them, Testeverde, Steve Young, Brady, Rogers, the list goes on & on. I'm sad for Jet fans that think Sam is just another bloke passing through. Go back & look at some of the throws he made last year under duress, which slightly above 80% of the time. I cant even imagine how good this kid could have been entering the league & playing behind an Oline as good as the Jets had in 2009/2010. Just the thought of this guy being behind center for the NY Jets for 15 years is incredibly exciting. I cant wait for free agency & the draft. Oline-Oline-WR- Edge- Oline- RB- WR- CB can you imagine Sam with time in the pocket & weapons?
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    Williamson and Harrison should be brought back. I don't care about any of the others.
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    I would fall down if I had to do that drill. Probably fracture both ankles.
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    The site turns 15 years old today and I want to say thank you. These forums are so much fun, they keep growing thanks to your passion. To everyone that reads the forums and the site, and everyone who posts in the forums: THANK YOU SO MUCH. We put some stats in the video below, it is a bit of a flash back. A walk down memory lane and it has been an incredible ride so far. The results on the field haven't been what anyone hoped for but this fan base never gives up. The site is a reflect of that, the passion of Jets fans is stronger than ever. The numbers are staggering, over 100 million page views, closing in on 20 million site visits, WOW. I know I left people out of the thank you video, there are too many people who have helped build this site to name everyone individually. Just know that I appreciate all the hard work, all the effort that so many have put into this. You are what makes this site great. Check out the short video and let me know what you think.
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    Everybody blames the Ape until we need a cattle prod and then everyone wants more Ape. Go figure.
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    I wish the Jets had provided as much entertainment as this site has in the last 15 years. Congrats!
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    Good luck town. I ended up spending large portion of day in meetings. very odd last 2 weeks Rule 14 scum
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    Lost in everything Darnold and the Jets have been through... Sam worked on, and corrected, his fumbling problem that he had at USC. Now he keeps his left hand on the ball longer. He will improve his mechanics too.
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    Now I see why you hate Jamal and it’s because you’re the same guy. All heart, effort, fundamentals, self-promoting but questionable value and mediocre athleticism.
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    Good for him to continue polishing the mechanics. When he is being pressured and Sam tries to make something special happy in that “sloppy” way that we’ve all seen work. His mechanics and footwork don’t always allow for him to make the throw he thinks he can make. Hope it pays off. with that said .. assuming JD puts a nice little OL together for Sam.
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    Pretty sure Hess is permanently on shrooms.
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    I have barely visited the football forum since this started. It has been nice actually.
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    Teh Mafia addiction is real, dude. Welcome to the club
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    Yeah I spent this weekend trying to get more into the game. I now have a list haha. I even had dreams about the damn game last night (that was annoying).
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    Just like 80 beaver is last on your list.
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    he also went 7-6 in the games he played, and at least two of them was when he was coming down with mono or not fully recovered. the future looks bright with darnold at qb.
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    This is nonsense. I give effort to absolutely nothing.
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    Props to him for trying to get better, not really our concern anymore but lets all hope NYG extends him!!
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    Get it done! https://www.prosportsdaily.com/articles/espn-predicts-emmanuel-sanders-will-sign-with-the-jets-613796.html ESPN’s Bill Barwell wrote a predictions column about possible moves we could see in free agency this in a month that could have a domino effect and cause chaos around the league. Barnwell involved the San Francisco 49ers in two deals, both surrounding the wide receiver position. The first move includes Emmanuel Sanders going to another team. Barnwell has Sanders signing a four-year, $40 million deal with the New York Jets: With Quincy Enunwa’s future uncertain after suffering his second neck injury in three years, the Jets could add a replacement for the 27-year-old by signing Sanders. The SMU product played well after returning from a torn Achilles and enjoyed his time under Jets coach Adam Gase when both were in Denver. Emmanuel Sanders says he’ll play at a high level well into his 30s The real takeaway here is that it’s going to be tough for the 49ers to retain Sanders. He’s going to have suitors, and someone is going to pay him a lot of money. Sanders did everything that the 49ers asked of him, and then some. In an offense that was more wide receiver centric, Sanders puts up bigger numbers, and it would be tougher to let him leave. I think Sanders was as good as he showed in the first few games where he went over 100 yards twice.
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    Brah, you barely post. Why make us wait?
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    Ok it wasn’t last night, but glad I’m the only one that has had a dream about figuring who is who
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    That play against Miami before the half was really suppose to be a touchdown to Griffin anyway. not that it’s an excuse because even Sam mentioned in the Sanchez podcast how stupid the throw was..but hey it happens. It’ll get cleaned up like everything else Sam works tirelessly on. Haven’t seen too many fumbles since they got on him about it pre-draft. Release is so much quicker compared to USC. Throwing balls out of bounds late in the year is important. he’s going to be okay and it’s up to fans to wait out the process of a raw QB finding his permanent footing in the NFL. He was younger and much less experienced at this position than anyone else. His situation, his coaches, his player personnel...all significantly worse. Consistently done the most with the least and his time is coming.
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    Sounds like you have something "pointing strait up" too.
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    @The Crusher was a big fan of it too. Though I think him being a Slice of Pizza when he's now a Vegan would be akin to me giving a Heroin addict a role of a needle and a rubber band. Probably an 8th Amendment violation or something.
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    I buttfumbled it because we mislynched Town silly goose. I actually think VTs being pizza is pretty funny and creative lol.
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    Our young QB is practicing QB-ing? Wow, what a mad mad world.
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    If I did the math right, Amari Cooper is signing a 4 year $54Mil deal with the Jets? $13.5 mil per year. That ain't gonna happen. He will probably be looking for $18-$20 mil per year. No way he signs for $13.5M per year.
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    At this point I would much rather have that $15 million in cap space than Bell.
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    Thanks for saying that, I agree the mods here are what sets the site apart. They put up with a lot of crap and they check their ego at the door. Thor also checks his coat at the door because he has a hard time fitting through it otherwise. But that's another story all together.
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    Doh! That's not good but appreciate the opinion. I did look up his PFF grade... which was better than Beachum's in 2019.... Vaitai performed better, is slightly bigger, is a little faster, averaged fewer sacks allowed per snap played than Beachum, fewer penalties per snap played than Beachum and is 4 years younger. Seems like an upgrade to me.
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    I'm so happy the Jets have Gregg Williams. This defense lost player after player to injury, traded their starting DT in Leo Williams, benched their most expensive CB in Trumaine Johnson, rotated undrafted free agents on the DLine more than 50% of the time....and still finished as a Top 10 Defense. The secret ingredient? Coaching.
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    Hard pass!!! No more old expensive CB's, he's already 29 and is going to be looking for a big contract https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/15863/darius-slay I could easily see him falling off a cliff once he signs. No way
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    8.5 sacks in 16 games last year. I'm sure there's an excuse or two but if we had traded 2 first round picks for him and he did that in year 2 for us jetnation would need to create a sub-forum for all the threads started about how much he sucks..

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