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    The constant bickering on the internet and social media about this situation is becoming nauseating. People flexing their "intellectual muscle" every chance they can get(I do it too). Both sides of it. The only thing that is probably certain at this time is the virus is not going away . We need to accept this reality, and eventually all of us will need to make informed risk management, risk acceptance, and risk transfer decisions for ourselves and for our communities.
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    "When you're fired, that means you don't gave a job anymore" - Booger
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    A great many fans on this forum envy you.
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    Dan Orlovsky should be in the booth. He is the best analayst ESPN has seen in a decade or two. Get it done.
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    This thread appears to be a timestamp of various posters.
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    Especially with a QB in place! Fix the Oline? ✔️ (Not only through free agency but adding Bechton & Clark in the draft), get a WRs ✔️, (Added Perriman & Doctson, as #3 & #4, drafted Mims, added Cager & Campbell as UDFAs), Backup RBs ✔️, (Perrine in the draft & Gore). Plus the return of Herndon + Griffin + Wesco in his 2nd year & Brown), 4 deep TEs. A lot of potential if guys stick.
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    I like his list. I think all 5 have a legit chance to make the team, make an impact this year or at the very least make the P.S. He is is really high on Lamar Jackson and Lawrence Cager both of whom he thought would get drafted . He reserves his greatest praise for Bryce Huff; He actually had a 3rd round grade on him. Time will tell of course but I really like what JD is doing. I think Cager and Huff not only make the team but make solid contributions this year.
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    MLS players have started returning to team facilities for “individual” workouts. Phase 1) Only essential staff are allowed in the facilities, Outdoor fields only, and only 4 players on the field at a time, Phase two) small groups of players can practice together, and Phase 3) entire team is back practicing together. And of course everything will be sterilized between sessions, and players will be tested regularly and temps taken daily. I feel like this gives us a glimpse into how we may come back. I know the sports are different, and football requires more players to practice together at a time, but we can learn from MLS. NFL players, HOPEFULLY, are already working out solo. And teams will start virtual training....our Phase 1. Phase two) Players in Specific positional groups can practice together, but all groups will be isolated from one another. Phase 3) Both the offense and defense can practice together as units, separately, and then finally get the entire team together in practice and meetings. I am aware that there are MANY details I am not aware of, but I think 32 billionaires can work out the details. TBH I had no idea how we might approach coming back for training camp and practice, but this gives me hope. But I am also getting cabin fever and I am desperate for football, so any and every idea/plan sounds good to me.
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    And it's also obvious who watches the fake news channels Nancy P was telling people to come to China town in San Francisco in march and Gov Cuomo said; “Excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers — I speak for the mayor also on this one — we think we have the best health care system on the planet right here in New York,” Mr. Cuomo said on March 2. “So, when you’re saying, what happened in other countries versus what happened here, we don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.”
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    Been reading the back and forth for awhile. While I understand football is not essential, the parking lot attendants, food service, ushers, maintenance, custodians etc. depend on these jobs to support their families. As a nation, we need to get back to work with around 30m people out of work. Gov. cannot support these poor souls struggling to survive. Our food supply system is in shambles as produce and meat lay rotting in fields because transporting and processing have been shut down due to COVID. I’m 57 with 1 kidney. I’d rather see people given a choice on whether they’d like to work or depend on a government system that cannot sustain payments for 30 m people for 18 months. JMHO
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    I think Orlovsky and Riddick could work. I really like Charles Davis in the booth but I think he signed to cbs recently. Ian Eagle and Charles Davis calling games is going to be really good.
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    Booger was terrible,,,couldn't stand his voice or his opinions...would turn the volume off and just watch the game.
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    I am going out back right now to kill a chicken in a Santeria ceremony to show my thanks.
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    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/09/joe-tessitore-booger-mcfarland-out-at-monday-night-football/ There have been some horror shows on MNF but these two were the absolute worst. Maybe Tess can salvage his career back doing college games but Booger belongs back on the SEC network doing his shtick as an analyst on talk shows or pre game shows.
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    Dane Brugler on Bryce Huff, and no, I am not kidding: "Energetic ball of butcher knives" RIP Bryce Huff's career.
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    Happy Mothers' Day to all Jets moms that supported our emotional distress as fans for all these years, giving birth to masochists and for rooting for our team. Thank you!
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    Wrong thread bro. This is the tua one where multiple people ended up attacking your fandom
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    Are you actually pretending that slamming Sam Darnold at every opportunity isn't your primary objective here? No matter the QB being discussed, it's always a chance for you to hit Darnold. You're also a primary participant in any thread where others are getting their shots in on Darnold, upvoting every single post that has the slightest negative thing to say about him. C'mon man, this is what you do. It's obvious to everyone. This playing hurt here is more than a little pathetic.
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    I do think there's a difference between neutral site individual sports and home/away team sports. Like, when it's third and long late in the game down by a score and there's zero crowd noise -- it'll be weird. That said, I have yet to meet a football fan who wouldn't take crowdless football over no football. Just a reality we need to prepare for.
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    Yes I rather you be unemployed for 3 months then die...this is true
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    +1. Guy is the absolute worst. Nothing wrong with liking some players and not having an affiliation with a specific team - it's actually what the new generation has seemed to take a liking to. Just don't sit here and claim you're a die hard fan of the Jets while simultaneously sh!tting on them (for generally well-received moves nonetheless) and c*mming over the moves other teams have made. I've no doubt he used to be a fan of the team, but those days seem long gone. And just to reiterate, there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't act like it's impossible to understand why people think you're a troll, rather than a fan of the team - when your posts and general sentiment towards the team you 'allegedly' route for say anything but.
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    You're lucky I'm beyond lazy to use the search function. There's a reason why many call you out on this site for being a troll that is not a Jets fan. There's nothing wrong about being critical of Jets moves, although here that is a tough stance, but it's another thing to hate everything they do. You praise the Browns, Giants, and now the Phins and crap on every move the Jets make, even now when some of the most pessimistic fans are celebrating a good draft and decent FA period. Keep on trolling and complaining about your neg reps on the site. Pathetic.
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    Booger never learned the idea that sometimes less is more. He made some good poitns at times, but his need to speak incessantly during a telecast drove me crazy. The guy never shut up.
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    I think Tessitore was arguably worse than Booger.
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    Good post. GW is good at disguising his coverages and manufacturing effective blitz packages. But.. There's nothing like having a dominate beast on that DL...that can be a wrecking ball behind the LOS. Jets definitely need a breakout season from QW. He doesn't need to be a 10+ sack guy this year. But at least be a 6-8 one. Give Jets consistency with pressures and hits on the QB. TFLs too. Do all this while double teamed...will allow GW to scheme stunts and loops with other players more effectively. Zuniga has the potential...to somewhere down the road...give Jets 10+ sacks. It will take some coaching and development to get there though. But if QW is doubled...GW can definitely scheme Zuniga's speed and explosiveness to get some pressures-sacks-TFLs too. I can also envision the speedy athletic Ashtyn Davis playing hybrid roles...and being effectively involved as a situational pass rusher. Does anybody doubt Jenkins getting his usual 7-8 sacks a game? And a healthy Mosely...is simply an All Pro ILB. One of the best in the game. He was dominate in last year's opener against the Bills...before he got hurt. Bryce Hall is going to eventually be a starter if healthy. Could've been no worse then a 2nd round pick. A steal in the 6th! He's a smart dedicated football player that can be utilized in different situations too. He will definitely provide significant help to that secondary. And may end up a starter before year's over. Look out for him! A UFDA like Lamar Jackson can make this team too and have situational role possibilities that GW can utilize. As a hybrid CB-S-blitzer. Brent Huff is another one. These guys are niche players can play useful roles. That's why these guys were signed. To compete for a spot on the team and provide situational roles for GW. IMO...this defense is top 10. Can be top 5 if...QW-Zuniga-Davis-Hall-Etc. can live up to their abilities...and contribute according to them. For sure...this D is going to be fun to watch.
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    Better than a bone on bone condition with butcher knives.
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    It's always tough to lose your mom, trust me , I know. It seems almost cruel for it to happen this weekend. Condolences to the Johnson family.
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    Guys, if we kill the guy with the big blue dong, I think we win automatgically.
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    This is the most Caucasian sentence in the history of the world.
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    Look it’s no different than the common cold
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    Gang green MOPP 4 on sale. Problem solved.
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    Ah, someone is up on their Fox News. Perhaps we should start by punishing ourselves as well for the absolutely horrible failure to respond to the virus in the first place. Every week mattered and our fearless leader dithered and avoided, despite repeated warnings. But let's blame China and WHO. It's really asinine.
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    It's all speculation and Jet Nation happened to be in the biggest hot spot in the country. So the views will vary greatly in different parts. I live closer to New Orleans than NYC metro area and the virus problem is not as great here as up north. So it's a long way off to the season opener so all I can say is stay tuned for constant updates moving forward. Wish all Jet Nation well!
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    It's understandable why they're trying to mock us. Their roster may be better than ours, but we clearly have the better QB. And that makes them nervous.
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    Im not giving up my egg foo yung for anybody. More importantly if only the scientists and politicians would source and implement all the JN expert suggestions and solutions this thing would have been over weeks ago. Amazing the amount of untapped expertise here.
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    On paper maybe. In reality they did not beat the 30ppg Tannehill Titans that got close to the SB. Nope — Buffalo beat the sub-.500 17ppg Mariota Titans during its 2-4 start; a team well on its way to earning a top 5-10 pick. Even Tennessee’s 2 glorious early wins came against teams that started 2-6 and 1-7, respectively. Impressive victory. The Jets sucked last year — I’ll first think about bragging when we start beating anyone noteworthy ourselves, and winning more than we lose for a change, but Buffalo can EAD.
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    ^This guys odds for 2021 MVP: Baker 3/1 Allen 2/1 Tua 1/1
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    I respect that thought process. I'm a Bama guy too, so I have to take my own personal biases out of it, hard as that may be. Tua was the first guy that I personally felt wasn't just "along for the ride" when it came to watching the Bama offense. That being said, you'd have to be an absolute fool to think that the star studded cast he had didn't make life easier for him and I definitely think it helped. I think someone here said it, but it should be concerning for pro-Tua guys to see how Jeudy and co. fared without him. Ultimately, I think he is a really good prospect, but I don't think he comes close guys like Darnold, Luck, Wentz, etc. when it comes to collegiate-to-pro prospects.
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    I don't agree that he was a fantastic prospect and I'm going too leave his medicals out of this. He played with an NFL offense and was able to hold the ball forever. If you look at his offense he had two WR's go in the first round this year and possibly two more first rounders next year in Waddle and Smith. His RT went in the first round this year and his LT will go in the first next year. Then you add in Najee Harris. It's damn near impossible for a QB to fail under those conditions. Just my differing view on him as as prospect without consideration for his injuries . I also love the fact the Dolphins drafted him so high. Besides landing Becton and Mims my next favorite move was Miami drafting him.
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    Every fan base "thumps their chest." There are fans here talking about us winning the division this year, and we only won 7 games last year.... and there's nothing wrong with that. If you're a fan of a team, why not thump your chest in May? If you can't be optimistic now, when can you be? As for the Bills fans, they have every right to be optimistic. They had a good season last year, and look to be the favorites to win the AFC East. Thump away. Who cares?
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    More than 14,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 in the last week, but go off king
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    For all of those bringing up that horrible move to trade up for DRob, just remember we could be the Bears right now getting annihilated for the Trubisky pick after passing on Mahomes AND Watson. The Bears crapped the bed with that one. That might end up being worse than the teams who all passed on Marino.
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    One of the GREATEST lines ever out here.. Just Beautiful...
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    Without the injuries, I'd be very concerned. With them, I'm less concerned.
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    I’d tell him to suck the wettest fart from my assh0le and wish him luck with Jarrett Stidham.
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    Naaah, I'd say bye bye J Smith first. V Smith is going to be given a real shot to make the team. It would be fine if Campbell is better of course, but I see V Smith as a player with legit upside.

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