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    This is one competitive dude. No way he was gonna' let Quinnen Williams show him up by just carrying a gun in his luggage. Your move QW.
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    Nope. Not loaded in a bag isn't as bad as loaded while driving drunk.
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    First, I would go to a football forum filled with man-children to find out their thoughts...
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    This is inconsequential to the NFL. I think any reasonable person would recognize that QW was trying to do the right thing, but was clearly ignorant of the laws in NY, while Oliver was knowingly breaking the law and acting recklessly.
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    Oliver way outperforming Quinnen here. Driving drunk, AND while illegally carrying. That's so much more impressive than QW's declaring a legally held weapon in the wrong state.
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    Well drugs and alcohol were nearly the end of me. My Father and my relationship wasn’t good especially after my mom died when I was 19.. it took another 10 years before the grace of God turned my life around and healed our relationship. Be strong but fair, set boundaries and be the example of a man he would want to emulate. Above all show him love and friendship
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    The problem is these guys come from a very ugly background and are taught to “keep it real” & “don’t forget where you come from” and when you take that mentality and add millions of dollars to their situation you get VERY ugly results. Best thing they could do is move their family out of the area and never look back Sometimes you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid Sad but true
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    The TD pass by Namath to put the Jets in the superbowl on that cold windy championship game against the Raiders has got to be up there for the Jets.
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    Damn near everyone has more free time now. That's not an excuse for their recent transgressions
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    Sorry you're going through this dude I have been there and I completely understand. You ARE amongst friends. Kids don't come with instruction manuals whether they're yours or not. And every individual case is totally different. Usually at that age they don't even understand themselves and they're just acting out to keep everybody away while they try to figure it all out. Try not to take it personal. Try to find common ground with the kid, see if you can earn his Trust and try to talk to him about the future and where he wants to be? This definitely isn't easy s*** to deal with as it affects your wife and your entire household. Just know that you're not the only guy dealing with this.
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    I don't consider a 1st and a 2nd to be a real haul for a proven impact player entering his prime. I'm not suggesting we get a Herschel Walker level haul but if I'm moving Adams I'd want a very lopsided return.
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    Make him become a Jets fan. If that punishment doesn't teach him, nothing will
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    Week 1: Jets at Bills HAHAHAHAHA! SAR I
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    Yeah ultimately @TNJet has little he can do until the kid is convinced there are negative consequences to his behavior. That’s made even harder when he only sees him every other weekend, it isn’t his kid in the first place, and the father seems less than entirely helpful as well. Pay for a truck he messed up? First thing is take away the truck & make him earn it back and then pay for it himself. Kid needs a job to eat up his free time, but that’s not happening with covid either. But that stuff really has to come from the father anyway, since he’s the one with custody. I don’t know what can be accomplished by a stepfather every other weekend, to a kid who doesn’t care enough to listen. There may be ways of reaching him but that’s hard enough when you can be there all the time. Not really my area of expertise anyway, but to me any suggestions of solving this with hugs and kisses and patting a rude rebel without a cause/clue teenager on the head - i.e. “support” - as reward for acting like an ass including being high in front of his guardians, sounds unlikely to get desired results. At the same time, with an angry kid who gives no effs about anyone but himself, if the father comes down too hard then the boy may just disappear outright. At the risk of being a Booger McFarland here, it’s a tough situation. TNJet best of luck to you and your wife. You’re unlikely to get easy answers from here - or anywhere, really - but I can sympathize with the despair of asking anyone when you’re out of ideas yourselves. Ultimately it sounds like he’s not going to listen to anything until he’s worried about future consequences, whether long term consequences of being a loser (or incarcerated, or worse), the short term consequences - enforceable consequences - of privileges being revoked, or the consequences of being a letdown to those who love & care for him. If his father isn’t going to take the lead in handling this ~12 out of every 14 days, there’s probably not much you can fix as stepfather. Again best of luck, though.
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    So, this thread is going well.
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    This is an absurdly stupid hill to die on. The argument most people are making is that what Oliver did was dumber and that the NFL is going to come down harder on him Quinnen made a dumb mistake while trying to do the right thing and his case will, likely, be reduced to a simple fine. This was discussed in the thread when he was arrested. There's a decent chance he isn't even suspended. Ed Oliver got hammered and drove around with a loaded gun. That's more than a dumb mistake. He's looking at a serious suspension. The NFL doesn't give a flying you-know-what about where an incident happened. They care about the optics. Oliver is 10x the goober than QW in these situations.
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    Shonn green TD v patriots where he “went to sleep on the ball as a pillow” is a nice moment — maybe not the best but pops in my mind
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    The obvious answer is Marino, he was on the board and we passed him for a Division II QB. Ridiculous move.
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    This is a very drawn out way of saying "black people."
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    Breaking News Texas and NYC do NOT have the same gun laws
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    Muhammed Wilkerson's advice:
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    What is the matter with these players? Doesn't the NFL have in place a system where the player can get a ride anytime. It is just unfathomable to see anyone get in a car and drive after drinking. especially with a gun in the car, very bad judgement.
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    Bills to giants: hold my beer
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    Are we talking about Edoga or Cashman? Your post took a crazy left turn with zero explanation lol
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    There are few backups one can truly rely upon to win some games in the starter’s absence. Usually they’re veterans who are backing up rookies & 2nd year QBs with question marks, or are insurance for starters returning from injury, or unusual contract situations like Dak in Dallas. Among the majority of QB2/QB3s, who do suck (with whom you’ll likely lose most starts absent dominance on defense), what boxes is a GM/HC really looking to check off for from at least one backup QB entering camp? cheap, with very little guaranteed upon signing healthy can accurately throw a football >5 yards experienced (including multiple years starting experience) so he’s focusing on opponent prep not personally adjusting to the NFL or relearning his footwork & other mechanics from week to week was there last year: coach already knows what he is and isn’t; he already knows the play book (and which are most important, as they’re not all equal); he has familiarity with not just the other players on offense, but the team’s D as well so the offense’s reps don’t effectively come to a dead stop when the starter takes a break. I’d say this point is escalated further in a preseason of such uncertainty, that’s got a heightened chance of being abbreviated, because of covid19. knows his role, knows what the coaches want from him (and what they don’t want from him) in this role; and has a known & good enough rapport with the coaches and the starting QB; isn’t going to be moody about not getting a serious look for the starting job similar enough skill set that the whole offense doesn’t need to change when he takes snaps (whether in practice or even some live action). Based on that he’s a smart signing for them. If he’s needed in a game, whatever he’s physically able to do, he’s unreliable and error prone. But for all the injury predictions due to his size and dual threat use, Wilson is a bit of an Ironman; so it’s unlikely Geno will be needed much or at all in actual games. We have David Fales. He checks off most of these boxes for Gase and the Jets that Geno does for Seattle. He’s better than Fales but his role is the same. If/when Morgan settles down, or when he shows his upside value in a game is more than just theoretical because he’s an unknown who hasn’t failed yet, then at that point Fales - and possibly any QB3 roster spot - becomes expendable.
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    Baker's four-year contract is worth $10.52 million with just over $9 million guaranteed, including a $5.675 million signing bonus. His Rookie contact, $5.6 mill signing bonus, and $9 mill guaranteed. He risked all that for revenge over losing $70k in a card game. “IF” true this is an Apex Duffus individual, that should have a Munson type name for stupidity named after him.
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    Should I start jogging with a bulletproof vest to avoid a future “bummer?”
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    Sign Warford and Peters. Protect Sam.
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    I would probably pick the throw before that one. The long pass to Maynard that got us down to the 5 yard line to set up the winning TD.
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    Who’s giving the Jets a first & second for Adams? And who do I need to contact to make it happen?
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    I don’t understand why it is so hard to stay home, especially with the amount of money they have. I’d have installed a home theater and a gym and called it a day. Crime aside, when everything gets back to normal, we are going to see who took care of themselves and worked hard vs. the ones that let themselves go. Who was getting drunk every day and who was eating healthy and working out.
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    A gang of angry cornerbacks that are bad at cards? Not necessarily. Herndon was at double the legal limit and witnesses said he was going over 100 mph. He struck another car, flipped with his wheel stuck in the other vehicle. I think the driver of the other car was 75 and the car was dragged 700 feet and on fire. Little details make a big difference in these cases. As does candor and contrition.
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    Yeah, I've been sitting around for 10 weeks. I'm bored Maybe I'll go get a gun, and knock off my old Fri. night poker game. LOL This has nothing to do with the virus. Obiviously they are not in lock down. These are just stupid people, doing stupid things.
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    One of the hardest things I had to do as a parent is realize at a certain point is my sons left the “ classroom of Dad” and entered the “ classroom of life.” No matter how much we try to teach our children things once they reach a certain age we are no longer the teacher and become much more like a guidance counselor. Young kids can be controlled for the most part but once they hit 16 they have to be guided. It’s a different model and both sides have to accept the inevitable life’s lesson of actions producing consequences. Sometime you got to alloW them to take their lumps in order for them to be ready to listen to you again. Be clear to make sure he knows you are 100% there for him, you are concerned and you’ve been through it. Tell him your not an expert on what to do but explain you have the scars to remind you what not to do. Then pray a lot
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    Not excusing it at all. I am concerned that more idiots may follow suit.
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    This is kinda the harsh reality. If the kid has free reign at his dad's for two weeks, he's not going to respond well to discipline for a weekend, and it's not surprising that he acts out against a step-parent. I think your best bet is to step back a little. You and your wife need to be on the same page but at the end of the day it's her son, not yours, and most of the parenting should be coming from her with you backing her up, "your mother loves you, she's trying to do what's best for you, you should respect that and listen to her." I empathize with your frustration, but I can't imagine that any "going off on him," from you is having any effect other than to alienate him further. I also think that what you all want in the end is for his visits to your home be pleasurable. So maybe instead of trying to straighten him out, maybe reach out. What are you listening to? What are you watching? What's this about? Be curious and interested and not judgmental. Ask him what he wants to do when he's with you. Make plans during the week before his arrival so that maybe he's actually looking forward to coming. Nothing will change over night (and may not change for many years) but he'll always appreciate having a safe place with people who are actually interested in him somewhere in the back of his head. This is all amateur advice, of course. Family counseling and the like are probably the best suggestions, but that's something that would work best with him, mom, and dad, IMHO. If weekends at your place mean a visit to the therapist, I'm really not sure how much that is gonna help anyone. Good luck, @TNJet!
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    And Sheldon's 2 cents: "Where the hoes at?"
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    Quarantine has not been kind to football players. They are losing their minds, hopefully all this craziness stays away from the Jet roster
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    Really. “Here’s an idea for a new logo! Ready? We’ll write the name of the team in italicized block letters like before! Shorten the height of the “J” so people will know we changed it around a little. Instead of the NY over it we’ll write NEW YORK in smaller letters above it. Oh and of course an icon of a football partly covering team name, so people know what sport we’re playing when the product on the field calls that into question, even though it’s doubly redundant since the green background area is (sort of) football shaped in the first place.” They really couldn’t find a creative graphic artist in a metro area that has like 15 million people? Nah, Nike will come up with something for us: a flat triangle (which we’ll put on the uniform but not on the logo anyway). It’s not like there was some uphill battle making the team’s name look “tough” (which they instead weakly tried to accomplish by being 10-20 years late on their black uniform thing for the alternate). Cardinals, ravens, dolphins, saints — these nonaggressive/unimposing (if not outright wimpy) things provide a lot less to work with than the jets who can go with a freaking war machine of sorts. A fighter jet with an NY on/below it, with a distinctive font (even the existing font is so basic, but I could get past that if it was part of a logo instead of basic block lettering effectively being the logo). Or even just something creative that draws upon pride in being in (ok, near) the biggest metropolis in the country. Or come up with a more distinct styling to the letters that really makes it their own: the unique NY logos used by the Yankees, Mets, and Giants; the 49ers’ SF logo; KC putting theirs on an arrowhead. Even the Rams made a freaking effort, though it’s awful and unlike “NY” that has only one association, LA is also the abbreviation for Louisiana, and frankly I just see the word “Laaaaa!” myself lol. I liked their basic rams horns one. Not my favorite, but it was instantly identifiable and it was theirs. At least the new one is an attempt at an actual logo/icon; imagine if it was just a rounded football-ish shape that plainly said LOS ANGELES RAMS on it. That’s the Jets’ logo. It’s so lazy and uninspiring - after making such a big deal about the secret unveiling for so long - that yes the only thing that will make it not-awful (or less awful) is associating it with winning superbowls.
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    Are you sure you were not drinking and driving while texting this BS?
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    I think Edoga makes it as the 3rd Tackle, backing up on both sides. Not so sure on Cashman. He looked good when he was in there, but his injury history is extensive and the Jets have added loads of depth at LB.
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    Baker will need the $70K just to pay the lawyers.
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    Speaking from experience, juvenile detention might be the best thing for him. I grew up as an angry young man who thought he was a tough guy. Juvenile detention showed me how not tough I really was.
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    Sorry to hear. 16 is such a hard age, old enough to think you know everything but too young to know that you don’t. Sounds like counseling might be a good idea even if the 3 of you go all together. There is probably some underlying cause of anger or pain that he doesn’t have the maturity to deal with. Sounds like you and his mom don’t have the best relationship with his dad so maybe there could be some resentment there. I would try and really dig into what the main issue is first before you can try to come up with a solution. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Dick Enberg sounds like football to me.

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