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    No, he's a developmental pick.
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    That will be the consensus regardless of what the Jets do anyway. If they give him $18mm, it’ll be “wow, they overpaid/what about the offense?/Douglas let himself get bullied and ended up bidding against himself!” It doesn’t matter. Belichick catapults top players off the roster every year and it’s “savvy roster management!” The Jets do it and it’s a High Crime.
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    What's the contract? What's the trade compensation? I'd rather sign him for 4/$50M than trade him for a second round pick, but I'd rather trade him for two first round picks than sign him for 5/$90M.
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    Better than Fales, at least we have a vet that should be semi functional if we lose darnold. I'm not a huge flacco fan but he is better than the alternatives.
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    I vote - do nothing. The Jets are holding all the cards despite what some media twerps think. He does not want to play for $3.5 - fine sit and get nothing. Next year he gets tagged. I doubt he sits for the tag amount. Is he worth more than the $3.5 - of course he is. Is he worth $14 - no way. Now if he was a WR, a CB or an OT - I might see it differently.
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    Jeezzzz..... or how about we act like a real football team instead. Trade him and sign him to a long term deal are not the only two options. JoeD has the leverage here. He's not some jamoke who gets pushed around by an agent. Jamal is under contract for 2 more years and can be tagged after that. Quick ---- name Defensive players who got a new deal after 3 seasons. If Aaron Donald doesn't get a new deal after 3 seasons, Jamal doesn't have to get one unless he makes it worthwhile for the Jets.
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    Just a side note on Morgan, I’m a Canes fan and I watch that kid take apart the Hurricanes defense and made them look like a joke. Just so you know Morgan could have a huge upside, can’t say for sure, the Pros are a huge step up. Yet, I can tell you he has a great arm and from what I saw, very smart with the ball. So that was no wasted 4 round pick, he could be a hell of a backup in a year or two. He could even turn out to be a great trade candidate down the road and a starter sometime in the future. So not a wasted pick but a very smart gamble on Douglas part. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Joe Douglas did this to distract from the Jamal debate. Don’t take the bate. Head back to the Jamal thread.
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    ESPN paid Stephen A Smith $8 million dollars, laid off hundreds of workers, and are now in the business of endlessly promoting Dana White’s homoerotic bum fights. I’m not looking to ESPN for sage business counsel.
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    I agree. Probably no one on the Jets more upset about Maccagnan getting fired than Jamal. Big Mac would've paid him bigly and never looked back. Douglas is going to do what's right for the team, and what's right for the team probably doesn't include giving Adams a record-setting contract. But there is a player on the Jets that Douglas is really hoping he wants to pay sooner rather than later, and that's Sam Darnold. If Darnold throws for 4000 yards with a passer rating close to 100, the Jets will park the Brinks truck in front of his house after his third year. Signing players early saves money down the road, and Darnold will be looking at more than twice what Jamal Adams dreams about. And on defense, he's already got C.J. Mosley making $17M/year and is probably locked into that thru 2021 at a minimum. He does Sam and Jamal, too, that's about $70M/year tied up in three players. Does he need a MLB and a SS combining for over $30-35M/year? I'm thinking; probably not. The other complication is the virus situation, and what effect that's going to have on next year's salary cap. Do they want to lock into Jamal Adams now with a Sam Darnold contract potentially on the horizon in an unusually low salary cap year? Again, that's a tough spot.
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    I only have one question, Grandy....can you ask your cat whether Jamal Adams will be a Jet in 2021? For those who aren't aware (from before the Draft in April 2018)...
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    What about a penalty for an automatic 1st down on that 4th and 15? That's one thing that would irk me is a team using this new "onside kick" method and having a debatable holding call or something create an automatic conversion that lets a team retain possession of the ball.
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    This just seems so contrived. What happened to making a stop on defense in order to get the ball back? There is great football drama when the D is pumped up after a score and are going balls out to get the ball back. 4th and 15 seems way to easy in today's offense skewed game.
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    Fair The market seems to be $15mm for a top safety, which is what I’d deem fair for Jamal, but I think you could replicate his production pretty easily with a replacement player making $4 mil, as the Cowboys are doing with Clinton-Dix. The salary isn’t really why I’m pro-trade, however. I’d just rather have the picks and the extra cash to build around Sam as opposed to tying those potential assets up in a guy who doesn’t bring all that much to the table, objectively speaking
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    I'm not sure why people would be celebrating this development if true. The more friction between the Jets and Adams, the lower the Jets leverage in getting maximum compensation in a trade. Last thing the Jets need is to trade away their best player, an all-pro going into his prime, for less than he would otherwise fetch. Bottom line, the Jets control Adams' rights for three more seasons. Joe's asking price should be two first rounders, and he needs to stick to it.
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    He's been around forever and I don't recall him ever breaking any news. He also sucks balls as a writer.
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    Weird that folks are still so critical of drafting a developmental QB with a 4th round pick. Smart teams do stuff like that all the time. We also drafted a 3rd string RB and a developmental OL in that same round, but no-one seems to be questioning that. Flacco is here for 1 year - to backup Darnold and to help groom Morgan as next year's #2. I like the Flacco signing - he's a seasoned vet with big-game experience, and he came very cheap. Jets might have to carry Fales early in the season though, if Flacco isn't going to be healthy to start the year - unless they are comfortable with Morgan as the #2 in the early going.
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    And yet people are still somehow complaining about the Morgan pick. This ain't Mac playing checkers, Joe is playing chess. Each move he's made has a purpose, short and long term. Smart move. We are set at QB for the season.
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    Hence why several of us wanted to trade Adams at the deadline last year. This was always going to be the direction things were going to head. Adams wants to be paid like one of the game's best defenders. Zero interest in giving the Jets a hometown discount, especially given the reality that he wanted to go to Dallas at the deadline. Nothing JD has done to date would suggest he'd ever cave in to Adams' demands, no matter what he's SAID about Adams to try to massage his massive ego. It's very possible ownership is what prevented Adams from already being traded. But if Adams throws a hissy fit and holds out, JD can go to the Johnson's and say "Told ya so."
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    If the Jets rushed to give JA a huge contract, you'd still be able to post this.
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    I've come to the point where I'm certain Adams will not be a Jet long term. This type of stuff doesn't just always pop up and then everything is resolved and everyone's happy. I like Adams a lot, I think it's ridiculous the amount of flak he gets on this board as a player. If you don't like his personality that's one thing, but lots of people still try to downplay how good he is. He's very good, and probably the best player the Jets have had since whenever Revis no longer held that title. All that said, I can understand the Jets not wanting to pay, especially this off-season, what he wants to be paid. And if that makes him not want to be here, he's eventually going to not be here. Adams can be a great player, worth a big contract, and not be worth the investment for Jets. All those things can be simultaneously true.
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    I’ve changed my stance on Jamal. As much as I’d like to trade him for premium draft assets to help get this roster on track, I’d much rather have the drama for the next 3 years. I think the insanity on this board would be entertaining enough to justify it.
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    Great game set up, DPR. Monday was 1 month since my father died from COVID19 and I'm grateful that I had the distraction of playing in a Pac & DPR game and modding my own after a long haitus. There was a 24 hour online vigil spanning yesterday and today called #NamingTheLost, where volunteers read the names of tens of thousands we've lost to COVID19, including my father's name, Americo Cordero. His name was read at the 1:22:30 mark in the first 6 hr segment:
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    It doesn’t have to be resolved anytime soon. He’s under contract for the next two years, and the franchise tag for a safety is relatively cheap. The new CBA makes it just about worthless for a player to hold out. There’s no real reason for the Jets to do anything unless they’re completely convinced they want him on the team for the long haul. They have him affordably under control for the next three years.
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    Hey, Mike, first time long time. I just want to ask what the Lions record was with Calvin Johnson, Barry Sanders and the Bears with Dick Butkus. I'll hang up and listen.
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    Jets get to the super bowl and the season gets cancelled
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    I got a larger signing bonus then some of those guys to join the Army back in 1984
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    Nothing not to like about the move. Flacco has a ton of experience, won a SB and played in a lot of playoff games. He'll be a good mentor to Darnold and a QB who can actually win a game if called on. Douglas has done a good job on "paper" of spreading his resources around the whole team to make it better
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    Flacco knows his role here. He's not here to compete for a starting job. And, I think he'll be a solid veteran voice for both Sam Darnold and a developing James Morgan (rookie). We probably can't count on Flacco to win a game with his arm should he need to step in for Darnold at some point, but I'd count on him to not lose one with stupid mistakes. The best thing that might come from this signing is having James Morgan learn from Flacco and be a competent QB2 the following year. To me, all of the above is worth $4.5M for one season. Darnold > Flacco > Morgan should be the QB Depth Chart.
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    David Fales right now:
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    It's not next year he gets tagged. Next year is the 5th year option the Jets already picked up at $9+ million. Two years from now he gets tagged. They control him for 3 years. That is a boat load of leverage
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    Like Michael Jordan but if Jordan played power forward and averaged five points and six rebounds per game and had a hype Instagram account
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    DIdn't the Chiefs have a small ILB that used to play for the Jets? What was his name again?
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    Sage mystic: Hm, Jamal’s statistics are embarrassing. You can’t pay a guy like that too much money. Man Who Purchased An Adams Jersey At Full Retail: You can’t just look at the stats; he’s a winning player whom you need on the team if you’re going to win! SM: He’s never won anything at any level. Never came close, actually. MWPAAJAFR: Oh yeah? What about Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders? SM: They were statistically prolific! MEPAAJEFR: But did they ever strip Daniel Jones???
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    Jets Fans: He's more than a Strong Safety Also Jets Fans: You're not allowed to talk about the fact that he doesn't have interceptions. But, look, you got me. If this gentleman from Germany who writes for a Jets fan site says it, what do I know?
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    Agent with client who wants new contract, but who is under team control for 3 years, attempts to create leverage where he has none by spinning "talks break-down" story to willing writer. I'm sure JD would be willing to sign JA to a new contract that takes into account the fact that the Jets already control his rights for at least 2 years (3 with franchise tag) on manageable salaries. What he won't do is effectively throw away that advantage by signing JA to an excessive contract that ignores this reality.
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    Jets own his butt for the next 3 years. According to NY Post's Costello writes Adams could be fined $40,000 a day if he holds out. Plus it's very rare for 1st round picks to receive a contract extension after their 3rd year. Adams has some set of balls to think he deserves huge dollars now when he has no leverage. Plus he plays a non-premium position. The best thing he could do would be to shut up and play his butt off in 2020 and make a case for a new deal. https://nypost.com/2020/05/21/jets-jamal-adams-at-contract-stalemate-as-tensions-rise/ Even with all Adams has accomplished, it would be unusual for him to get an extension before his fourth season. Just 15 of the 191 first-round picks from 2011-16 received contract extensions after their third season and just four of those were defensive players. Rams star Aaron Donald had to wait for a new deal until after his fourth season. The Panthers did give Christian McCaffrey an extension this offseason. McCaffrey was taken two picks after Adams in 2017. But other stars from the 2017 draft, like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, have not received extensions yet. The next step in the contract drama figures to come if there is a training camp. Adams can stay away but can be fined $40,000 a day for doing so.
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    I think it's obvious what's going on with the Adams situation. Not only does Adams think he is the best safety in the league, (he's got a good argument for that) he thinks he's one of the elite players in the league. I'm sure he's demanding to be paid as an elite player. Another issue is the uncertainty of the coming cap situation. A GM would really be rolling the dice with his job to be handing out a major top contract right now when he has control of the player for a few years. I'll be really surprised if there is a deal. IMO the Jets will/should just sit on it for at lease another year. If it's true that "half the league" is interested , if some one is willing to give up a stupid deal, go for it. Don't think anything is gong to happen except the Prez will be hitting Twitter.
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    Adams can not holdout. Per the new CBA any player on their rookie contract who holds out automatically gets an extra option year added on to their contract. Which means the Jets would now have him under team control for 3 more years plus the Franchise tag year for a total of 4 years. Adams doesn't want that. He has zero leverage besides skipping voluntary activities.
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    He also has a Jordan headband on. You think he wants to play for the Bulls too?
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    You spelled scum wrong. Your best post of the game.

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