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    The only people who hate the Jets are us. Nobody else has time enough to care, they're just laughing. Most of the media just troll us cause we're a big market. The best example is that human bottom feeding roach, Manish. He has a career cause he knows we'll give him clicks on his complete bullahit. Guy is a cockroach, but he'll outlast most of us
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    When you look at this, Dallas and Las Vegas, it is very disappointing what an utter dump MetLife is comparatively.
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    People don't really hate the Jets. But.. 1) They hate New York. and... 2) They like to sh*t on New York teams that don't win. You'll never have a "lovable loser" from New York like you do Chicago. New York is the economic and cultural capital of the country, and subsequently has the arrogance to go with it. It's a hyper competitive city that draws the best and the brightest. It's full of winners. If you're a loser here you suck. Nobody loves you. So the solution is simple. We need to win.
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    He wanted the same contract language that others got. And I believe he got it. So I don't think he held out for nothing.
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    If he earns a huge contract it’s the best problem we could have.
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    Everyone forgets Sam Darnold held out pf training camp his rookie year for nothing. Now imagine what is agent will do when there is something real to fight about.
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    I just don't understand why anyone would want to give Adams a monster contract THIS year. He's not due for negotiation until next year. Why waste the extra cap money? The idea that he's "outplayed his contract" is silly. When people like Gholston, or Trumaine start giving money back, because they under played their contract, I'll consider it. LOL That, and the fact that no one has any idea what the cap is going to look like next season, would make giving Adams a monster contract now a very stupid idea. Jets are under 0 pressure to pay him now
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    Still one of the most insufferable people on the planet
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    If "the man" is the Governor with the single most coronavirus deaths in the nation (by a large margin) then yes, he's definitely the man.
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    He's actually a tremendous a$$hole.
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    Not really a placebo. They are overpriced terribly misrepresented vitamins. Vitamins actual are helpful for the most part. A placebo would be something like a sugar pill. Mmmmmmmmm sugar!!!!
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    We're an easy target as joke of a franchise with a 408-500 win/loss record all time. Our fan base is a healthy mix of moronic, masochisic, self loathing, and annoying. So that helps the outsiders perspective of our little tribe. I hate most of you along with myself and our team generally makes me ill. Looks like I check a minimum of two of those boxes on a good day, all four on a bad one. We all get points for being loyal masochists that no one wants to be around though. The real question is who cares what they think?.... They're all horrible insufferable a$$hats as well. Go Jets
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    As someone who has never lived in NYC or nearby, but has lived in at least 4 cities or at least rooting areas of rivals, no one hates the jets. They laugh at us for liking them. They might make fun of them. But no one hates them.
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    I know people dont want to hear this. But he right now is statistically one of the worst starting qbs in the league. For 2 years in a row. Let him put together a good season before we start discussing extensions. Always funny to see people who want us to get rid of a guy who unquestionably is one of the best, if not the best player at his position in Adams but Darnold who hasn't proven a thing going into his third season gets lavished with praise and talk of extensions. It is laughable.
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    He hasn't earned anything yet
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    This --- Getting at worst his 3rd favorite OT at 11 was a great start ... not sure how much of that was fortuitous ... but being secure enough to not need to move up ... at least in front of Cleveland deserves some credit. --- Then that round 2! 33 Higgins, 34 Pittman, 42 Shenault, 46 Hamler, --- 48 ... Please God ... WR! WR! WR! tick tock tick tock tick tock wtf ... pick already tick tock tick tock WE DID WHAT !?!?!?!? --- 49 Claypool (f*ck you JD you're just as bad as all the rest! ) 50 M, 51, A, 52, Y, 53, B, 54 E, 57 Van Jefferson ... OMG --- 58 ... please God nobody trade in front of us and Brett Favre our *$$ !!! --- 59 Mims ... make it Mims ... make it Mims for the love of Chr*st!!!!! ... please God !!!!! We Did It !?!?! ... We Did It !!!!! WE DID IT !!!!!! WE F*CKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- He got us an extra 3rd rounder too !?!?!?! JD you are my hero ... i love you so much ... you are the greatest ever ... if I ever have another son i'll name him after you i swear ... i bow down and worship you JD!!!!!!
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    Tantamount to saying that Hitler had some real talent as a painter. Grounds for banning iwbh
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    Says the Cali guy.
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    Agreed. Its not hatred, we have become the team people love to laugh at. I would rather be hated, but you have to give fans of other teams reason to hate. And you do that by kicking their asses. Something we have been incapable of doing for most of our history. Also, being the only team that does not "own" its home market does not help the perception. Other teams are beloved in their home markets. We are not and I think it impacts the way we are covered. It is what it is. Just win games and the narrative will change.
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    The jets aren't hated, they're irrelevant. If anything, we're lucky to get as much attention as we do, given how sh*t we've been historically.
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    You're joking, right? 5-100 is 20M per year. That would make Sam the 19th highest paid QB by average value... and that's without counting Mahomes, Watson and Dak, who are currently paid less but about to be paid way more, so make that 22nd. The only current NFL starters who both (1) earn less than 20M per and (2) aren't on a rookie deal are: Foles Fitzpatrick Tyrod Taylor That's it. That's the list. If Sam has a "VERY good year" his agent would laugh at a 20M per offer (and would be right to). No chance the Jets could get away with paying that low if he plays well.
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    Why would Darnold get a new contract next year? Even if he blows it up like Mahomes, he'll still be waiting for another year at the very least. We have him under contract for cheap over the next three years, and then we can franchise him for another year. There is absolutely no reason to extend him next year.
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    I'll preface this with the statement that I love Sam. That being said, I hope we're discussing the possibility that we're going to have to give him a massive contract this time next year. As of right now, he still needs to earn it.
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    My annoyance with the situation is that people somehow think in this situation that Jamal should be getting free market value when he is under financial control for 2-3 (franchise tag) years. So in a negotiation there is no reason for the Jets to sign him to something other than a team friendly deal. "well what's in it for Jamal" getting guaranteed cash early. That's what. Personally if it was my finances and I can get a guaranteed 20 million I'd be fine with it. But then again I'd put it a ton of it into stable growth mutual funds and be set for life. This is also because I am a non-nfl player who thinks about finances as someone who's not making funny money.
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    Wasn't this based on metrics rather than simple opinion? Frankly, we all know that Douglas did a very good job in the draft. Past GM's has nothing to do with it.
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    This is true, though it's very possible that he had Mims, Claypool and Jefferson - who were all on the board at #48 - quite closely ranked, and felt confident of getting one of them at #59. No doubt he was fortunate that Mims was the guy who was left though.
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    Cheating a$$hole, who even to today is a snake oil salesman, low character dick aided by cheating and blatant favouritism by the refs for years.
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    Go read the post about him selling placebo pills to capitalize off of a global pandemic and get back to us about whether or not he’s hate worthy.
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    I guess it wouldn't hurt. Id take clowney over ryan tho
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    Tom Brady Google search results right now: "How do I deflate a golf ball??"
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    5 for $100M isn't even close IMO. Even if he's only playing like a Top 15 or 20 QB, he's probably going to get at least $30M per year....and likely more than that.
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    ESPN and sports media pure and simple. - How ESPN portrays Jets fans acting during the draft (even though EVERY fanbase acts the same way, we were just the ones televised because it was in NY for so long). Toss in constantly replaying the buttfumble every 3 weeks for really no reason. - Our own NY sports media. It's a shark tank and the Jets are the chum. Most other cities have two maybe three beat reporters for their team. We have about 71, and they are all aiming to be relevant, so they one up each other with fabricated stories and "sources", but it damages the teams image in the process. I live in Indianapolis and there's ONE sports reporter here, Bob Kravitz, and even when the Colts were inept, you wouldnt hear that many bad things about them, and you wouldnt believe how much bad sh*t the media in Indy just quietly doesnt report on with regards to players getting in trouble.
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    Because the media knows New York is a huge market and Jet fans (for the most part) are beyond gullible. Pick on the team and you get huge traffic to your site ready to argue (giving them exactly what they want). Stop falling for the foolishness
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    To be fair I think it’s more laughing at us than hating us. That said, the jets have given no reason for people to talk them up. I love 14 and think he’s about to make these haters look stupid...but until the jets show they’re coming out of their Bowles/Gase enduced funk, they’re gonna keep throwing shade. Look how little it took for them to start talking about Josh freaking Allen as the next coming. Relax, it’s their job.
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    Yes, that was intentional. 😃
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    If you were doing a draft and building a franchise for the foreseeable future there’s only a handful of guys I think would be drafted ahead of Sam
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    Which part were you referring to when saying McCown played better than Sam? The 1:4 td to int ratio in 2018 or the 55% completion in 2018? You're the only clown here
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    Fungal infections can grow on you too. And they are still preferable to Tom Shady.
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    Remember when Mac “could never find the right deal” We have an adult in the room for the first time in over ten years.
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    Adams All For Trade To Dallas This links to a report about Adams agent putting it out there that he wants to go to Dallas. Honestly, I am tired of this. I have been a die hard supporter of keeping and paying him but this act has gotten old. I can see this being a distraction all season if we don't give him a contract as the press will not let this die unless Adams comes our and declares he will play out the season and either sign a contract after or seek a new team and I doubt that is happening. As far as keep him or trade him, I didn't vote because I don't care anymore. If we trade him, fine, if we sign him, also fine, as long as I don't have to read this BS anymore

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