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    Hi don’t know if this video was published out here but I always like this guys break downs and he explains why Mims is perhaps the Steal of the Draft!!
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    "Professional sports teams in NJ may return to training and even competition - if their leagues choose to move in that direction. We also strongly advise that the New York Jets trade Jamal Adams immediately." wow. Huge statement from the Governor's office.
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    So I’ve been working through this 2 hour pod breakdown of Mims by a Jets YouTube guy I don’t know with ex Jet Marcus Coleman. It’s detailed AF. My takeaways were that Mims is supremely talented but has some expected but significant things to learn with getting off press coverage with his shimmies and moves at LOS including hand fighting and not going the long way around the CB. He doesn’t have a ton of counter moves at the LOS. Then at the top of his breaks he has some inefficiencies lunging into breaks with his plant step and not keeping his feet underneath him as well as rounding off his breaks. He also needs to take shorter steps at the breaks for better control and quicker movement. he ran about 4 routes in college he also pushes off A LOT, sometimes very clever and sometimes with brute strength that he’ll get some flags on we have excellent WR coaches in Van Jefferson and Hines Ward to clean these things up and they sound simple on paper but I think in game action it’ll take a lot of reps to develop. WR’s often take a year or two to develop. Mims will probably see 100 balls this year but I think he’ll flash but we shouldn’t expect gangbuster from Jump Street. for anyone interested
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    Listen, you guys can an argue about Adams value as a player until the cows come home... but, it’s irrelevant. He wants out. He showed up in this market, began his self-promoting, while simultaneously anointing himself the leader, and has subsequently been criticized for selfish behavior that runs contrary to bring team-first. He’s a very good player. It’s be nice to keep him here at a pragmatic cost. However, it’s concerning to me that he’s shown that he’s 1.) not really a leader, as much as he’s a cheer-leader, and 2.) he’s far too soft, because it’s very clearly under his skin that he was called out for self-serving behavior by fans. Not much you can do with these guys when their insecure nature proves they can’t handle the fans.
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    Giant Zoom sessions. Put the fans up in small squares on the jumbotrons. Pipe in the noise.
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    Also, any team that would give up that price for Jamal is insane, but that’s his worth. The jets will not get enough value for him. They should just make him play and revisit next year. You don’t take a crappy trade because you fear you might lose him. That’s what stupid teams do.
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    Yeah nobody complained last week when there were no ads at all and I paid the hosting out of my own account lol. This feedback belongs in the feedback forum. But our old ad network didn't work out. Same old story but they were late paying what they owed and they under delivered. We signed up with a much bigger firm and the ads are being tweaked. I have asked them to remove the ads in between forums and topics for guests. That should be done soon, when that happens I think we will have the exact same amount of ads for registered members. For Guests? Sign up for an account, login. You will see less ads. Ads are 100% needed though. This site is expensive to run with a dedicated server, so if there are any ad thoughts please put them in the feedback forum. Thanks.
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    First, I would bet that 95% of the receivers coming out of college, and the vast majority of NFL receivers don’t run every route in the tree, it’s an over-blown attribute. Second, if you watched Hill at Ga. Tech you could see the severe limitations he had, it was an easy eval. Smith, was about straight line speed, he possessed nothing else. Being fast is about the only thing Mims has in common with Hill and Smith.
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    Tony Mandarich, Vernon Gholston, Ryan Leaf.....not Bryan Thomas. Like porn, you know it when you see it.
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    The Stephen Hill-Mims comparisons need to end. Hill caught 49 passes in his collegiate career. Mims caught 186.
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    I think the Big 12 is a huge factor into him "dropping" - using qoutes because even though many of us loved him, nobody really knew where teams had him slotted. I laughed at the idea of him going in the 2nd RD after he tested the way he did but do a little research into Big 12 WR's translating, it's not good. So I do think this is a reason. Corey Coleman was highly productive at Baylor and has busted out of the league, they have a challenges translating because of the lack of defense being played in that conference. Of 38 Big 12 WR's taken in the draft in the last 10 years, the top 10 are; Dez Bryant, Kendall Wright, Kenny Stills, Tyler Lockett, Sterling Shepard, Terrance Williams, Tavon Austin, Dede Westbrook, Hollywood Brown, Justin Blackmon. Locket and Brown have a chance to make not a disaster but otherwise, that'a a pathetic top 10 and much much worse results than the rest of the conferences. Hopefully Mims can help break the trend too.
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    This all Jamal all the time stuff is beyond sad at this point.
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    I liked the part where it says the Ravens and Cowboys are in need of a "ball-hawking safety."
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    Weird. Ravens usually draft good players.
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    BS - the Ravens trying to steal Adams for low value. Surprise - JD is going to get top value - 2020 1st and 2nd and 2021 1st or the Ravens can go suck crap. Adams will not be given away just because he's complaining on twitter. JD knows what he has and that Adams has zero leverage to force a trade.
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    I wonder if maybe there's a third option
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    I was watching a German soccer game this weekend and they had noise being pumped in. Traditional chants and singing. It sounded better than the other game I watched played in complete silence. I don’t really care that much; I just want football.
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    Hill couldn’t catch. Mims can Take a break from obsessing over route tree and look at Mims’ tape from college catching balls thrown behind him while being covered well
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    Was shocked Mims wasn’t drafted in the first rd let alone fell to 59
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    Baltimore is smart and the Jets are dumb. Baltimore would never let a young, home-grown, perennial probowl/all-pro starter get away from them. A player like C.J. Mosley, for example. The Ravens were really smart to forgo trading him for an additional 1st round pick while they could, and instead use him for one more non-superbowl season. The 3rd round compensatory pick that wise Baltimore expected to get, for not caving to Mosley's demands, will prove useful to them. But a guaranteed, even higher 3rd round pick - plus a 1st round pick, plus maybe more - that the benighted Jets are seeking? Those are just crapshoot picks. We can comfortably scoff at these picks as though they're already worthless future busts. Compounded on top of those picks, we can further shrug off the extra cap room they could then use to upgrade a $4MM backup FA into a $17-18MM FA stud starter (or turn a pair of $7-8MM FAs into a pair of $15MM FAs, or however you want to slice it).
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    The reason to trade Jamal Adams is to build around Sam Darnold. I’d be much happier with Becton/Lamb than Becton/Adams right now, and I’m certain Sam Darnold agrees.
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    Yo my peeps! So I got WMCJ ready. It's going to be a classic! Only issue is, I have to take my 1 week furlough next week and we've decided to go to the mountains with the dogs and do some hiking, fishing, etc. Not sure what my reception is going to be like so I think I shouldnt start the game till I get back. If someone has one ready and wants to jump me, feel free or we can wait.
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    I think the fans deserves a guy that shuts up and plays football. The business aspect should be handheld by the front office and the players agent. Adams is the one making everything more public than it should be, but yes it’s the fans fault for reacting to it. That’s utter nonsense.,
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    At this point jets fans deserve Adams to be traded, our pick in exchange coming back to be a bust and him to go on to be an integral part of another team winning a superbowl and have a great career.
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    Nobody is going to give us two number ones, we'll be lucky to get one.
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    Westchester Community College is an elite institution, you son of a bitch
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    I don't know if he's "getting back," at the Jets, but all of this Jamal Adams noise is 100% coming from his camp and not the Jets. Adams wants to get paid, and the Jets -as they shouldn't be- are in no rush to pay him. He's under contract for two more years. The new CBA makes a hold out all but impossible. The Jets, if they wanted, could slap him with the franchise tag not once, but twice after that and still be paying Adams less than he's looking for right now. The only way he potentially gets paid this year, at this point, is with a trade. That's why we're hearing these things. Biggest concern here is that Adams doesn't seem to be too concerned about hurting his brand, and potentially his trade value, in the process. IMHO, this is not how a, "leader of men," under contract should be bahaving publicly.
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    The other thing I'll say is that the Jets added Phil Savage to their front office, and may've put a little more weight behind Mims' Senior Bowl performance than other teams as a result. There's also a senior bias out there, that if a player isn't draftable as a junior, maybe he's just not a good prospect, but Mims apparently had a hand injury his junior year that hurt his production. He certainly put up big numbers in his sophomore and senior seasons. I understand your concern, but I'm still honeymooning with JD and thinking that maybe the Jets got lucky here.
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    I don’r know why this made me laugh
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    100%, I was just about to say, what WR coming out runs more than 4 routes in college? I'd venture to say less than 5% of prospects have 4 or more routes they've really nailed down and Mims is really nothing like the 2nd RD WR picks of the Jets past. Plenty of great WR's have been taken in and around where the Jets took Mims. That 40-60 (which really isnt that big of a differencere from a prospect perspective, you're splitting hairs and it's a matter of preference at that point) range has actually been a sweet spot for the WR's lately. Just in the past few years, that range has produced; AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Mecole Hardman, Cortland Sutton, Christian Kirk, Anthony Miller, DJ Chark, JuJu, Tyler Boyd, Michael Thomas, Sterling Shepard, Jordan Mathews, Davante Adams, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffery. There really shouldnt be any concerns about the draft positioning at all.
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    I have on record, there will be fans. Not sure at what capacity but they will be in the stadiums. My assumption is either half full with distancing rules in place or some percentage like that...which I think will lead teams to pump noise in no matter what.
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    So are you going to transfer your Sam hate to Mims now?
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    Most likely it was a loaded WR draft and a lot of teams drafted WR early on Every year really good WRs fall to round 2
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    I generally agree with "show me" but what's with these examples?
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    I’ve watched both videos, and a bunch of others......because I have an addiction, lol. Mims doesn’t run a full route tree, but the routes he does compliment each other. He runs curls, slants, outs and go routes. Essentially 4 different directions, which is very similar to what Josh Gordon used to run his first year with the Browns. When you are that fast and have size, defenders have to respect the deep speed. However, Mims has the lateral quickness to be good in slant or out routes as well. The issues with him will be the nuances of the game, setting up his breaks, release form, etc. If he gets those things down, could legitimately be the top tier WR from this draft. I think the real factor for him and the Jets depend on Perriman. If Perriman is on the field, that’s either a two safety look, or someone is getting a one on one outside. That’s really the biggest change I’m looking forward to seeing from the offense. The YouTube guy, Joe, used to post here I believe, I think he was co-hosting the radio. He posts a ton of in-depth pieces that don’t seem to get much views. Wish he went more concept oriented because if you know “middle field closed for a mesh concept” you can probably watch film on your own. However, he puts in a great effort so it’s kind of a shame that it’s not more popular.
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    Oh dear yet more ADS (Adams Derangement Syndrome) threads. God forbid we don’t run our best players out of town because they have a personality.
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    We've been stealing all of their linebackers. They have holes to fill at the position.
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    In today’s nfl a player like Jamal can take a team like the ravens to the super bowl, but does little for us, albeit as spectacular a player as he is. Two #1s and that’s a wrap.
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    Why is it not long after we traded Keyshawn and Revis they were soon part of championship teams? (Makes no difference Revis was in NE - another championship team, cheaters yes, scooped him up). Because championship teams recognize special players who teams must account for. Adams is a difference maker. He influences the offense when he’s at the LOS. Make him the highest-paid safety in NFL history and don’t look back. It’s a bad precedent to tear up his deal after year 3; but every player and every deal is different. Adams is the AAPL of safeties - you don’t let go of such an asset, you pay the premium and watch your investment grow. And then for a little while it becomes a bargain. Also: sure safety isn’t the most valuable position on D, but it has become a premium position in the flag-football modern NFL. ‘19 Honey Badger with his big contract in KC and they win it all; Earl Thomas in Baltimore they get the No. 1 seed. Thomas & Chancellor LOB Seattle. Denver’s ‘15 safeties. Safety position has always been strong at the Cheating Pats. And so on.
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    100%. Lazy ass comp. mims actually catches with his hands not his body.
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    So if they don't trade for Adams, then they got the better of the Jets by not making a deal?
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    Funny how California was opposed to the openings till other states like Arizona said they would host the Cali teams. Suddenly California's gov. said it was OK and they welcomed the pro teams. Money talks like usual.
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    Looks like semantics to me. If he catches 55-60 passes, that probably means he had 100 thrown his way. That would be a huge disappointment. I'm expecting primarily a base 3-WR set with Perriman and Mims both starting along with Crowder in the slot. It's certainly possible that Mims sees the field the least of the three, though, especially earlier in the year. I still expect him out there a lot. If he's healthy, figure something like 66% of the team's offensive snaps... ? It's a good question. Best I've seen is that there's a Big 12 bias, and a Baylor bias specifically. I don't know. Six WRs went before Mims in the second round, and the only one of those I expected to go before Mims was Higgins who went #33 overall. Joe Douglas was obviously happy to not take him at #48, but then happy to take him at #59. Dude has size, tests really well, was the star of the Senior Bowl, and produced in college. It was strange watching him drop, but I'm glad he's a Jet. Hope I still am this time next year.
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    Some Jets fans have been praising him from the day he was drafted and a few people are pissed off that he's not Pat Mahomes. Not his fault. That being said, he's being a huge hypocrite by doing this. Joe D answering the phone is his job and Jamal having a conversation is his business. But if Jamal was justified in having a hissy fit over the Joe D call, he shouldn't then turn around and do this.
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