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    Most telling comment from Cimini's article (at least to me): "Enunwa remains on the Jets' payroll, earning a fully guaranteed $6 million for 2020. He has a $4.1 million injury guarantee in 2021 as part of the four-year, $33.4 million extension he signed in December, 2018. If he opts for voluntary retirement, he'd jeopardize his salary." As long as he is due $4.1MM next season, he is likely to keep saying he wants to play rather than retire. I am still very skeptical that we will ever see him on the football field again. Can't blame him for wanting his money, though. Mike Maccagnan - the gift that keeps on giving.
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    Take the money and run, Q. Stay healthy.
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    unless i'm mistaken, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, right? if david wright couldn't play baseball with spinal stenosis, there's ZERO chance Q can play football with it.
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    I bet it is about guaranteed money that’s what is not mentioned here.
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    Jets own JA for 3 more seasons, 4th year, 5th year option and franchise tag and there's not a damn thing he can do about it. Except bitch and cry like a dawg. Current contract that was negotiated by the CBA 2020 4th year - 3.5M 2021 5th year - 9.9M 2022 Franchise tag 11-12M (current tag value for a SS) 25M over next three seasons Conservative contract extension 5 year deal @ 17M per 2020 17M 2021 17M 2022 17M 51M over next three seasons That's 25M that could be used on impact positions FA's or for Sam's contract extension.
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    If the Jets were a hot woman she would end up keying your car and giving you herpes.
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    Yeah, that was the main thing I took from the article too. I had no idea he had ANOTHER $4.1M in injury guarantees for 2021. Basically, Quincy just needs to pretend that he wants to play again, turn up for rehab, and pocket another $10.1M over 2020 and 2021. Everyone, including Quincy, knows that his playing career is done. Not blaming Quincy, who is just playing the game based on the contract he signed, but his agent really did a number on Macc with that deal. How can you give so many injury protection guarantees to a guy who is always injured?
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    Worst Jamal Adams hater: a) Tom Shane b) Beerfish c) Jetsfan80 d) The field
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    Wasn’t Sam a linebacker in high school? So he already has experience playing Jamals natural position.
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    I don’t recall anyone making this argument, but way to derail the thread with the first reply!
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    I think 1 less win. But point is clear. He's not a massive game changing player that you invest huge money in. You just don't.
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    I mean - the guy is the best QB in the game and the reigning Superbowl MVP on a trajectory to goat. Not many guys can make the case for a new deal in year 3 - Mahomes you just back up the brinks truck and give him a wheel barrow.
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    As far as extending Adams now, this is it in a nutshell. Only one first round pick from his draft has signed an extension. It's not like the Jets are being unfair to him compared to how the rest of the league does business. I get that Adams wants his "long term security," but lets not lose sight of the fact that if the Jets do nothing at all with him the next two years, they will have paid him $32M. In his worst case scenario, I think he'll be able to get by. And the Jets could slap a second franchise tag on him in 2023, too, and still not be at the number that Adams is looking for! If Adams was saying, "hook me up long term, and I'll give you a team friendly deal," then fine. But he's not. He wants to reset the bar for safety contracts, and do it a year early. He can wait.
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    I’m not buying these numbers. The Seahawks declined to put the May 5th tender on Clowney which would have been 16.5M. If they were offering $17M, applying the tender would have been a no brainer. This is a last ditch effort to get something out of some team.
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    Maybe it's already been said, but anyone who thinks a "straight ahead, power runner" is the ideal fit for a zone blocking scheme doesn't know much about zone blocking based run game.
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    Shepherd played really well last year, and looks like a keeper as a versatile DL reserve. His grandchildren must be very proud.
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    The Chiefs approached Mahomes because they know for a fact right now that they want him at QB forever and he’s going to cost a boatload of money. Money they’re prepared to spend. By doing it two years early, they can spread the huge signing bonus he’s going to get over two extra years. Mahomes has also publicly said the right things, talking about understanding the salary cap and not wanting to hurt the team. Much, much different than your guy here creating all of this pay me or trade me bull****. The Jets have zero incentive to pay him early. There’s no benefit, only added risk. And Adams has no recourse under the current CBA. This media show is all he can do, and it has no teeth. He can huff and puff, but at the end of the day it’s gonna be play or don’t get paid.
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    If the Jets were my ass they would be a hemorrhoid.
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    @HawkeyeJet stop distorting sh*t. He didn't say "straight ahead, power runner." He said "deliberate, powerful straight ahead runner." You better come correct.
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    I still can’t get over this contract.
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    Bingo! He'll never step on the field again. This is all about collecting the guaranteed (for injury) $$$ that Macc gave him. Can't blame him because that's the contract both he and the Jets agreed to.
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    He wants to be a Jet, obviously, and Joe Douglas will end up signing him to a 1-year deal for $5.5M.
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    Sir, this is a Baker Mayfield thread. Please place your Darnold obsession in the proper thread(s). Thanks, Management
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    But he said there'd be lots of science?
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    I'll fight any man that doesn't have Lou Holtz #1
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    We would have also accepted, "He can huff and puff, but at the end of the day our house is made of bricks."
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    Oh I definitely want a bigger package - hey now! - but I'm not walking away from an expected mid-1st + a 3rd. If it's a likely top 5-10-ish pick (never mind whatever actually happens; it's an educated guess) I'm not going to nitpick about not also getting a 3rd rounder, since that's recouped so easily by an insignificant trade-down of ~2 slots. Never mind starting up that high can be turned into a pair of 1s (or the value of a pair of 1s) if you trade down enough. Go down from one of our recent #6 slots to that #17 pick Dallas just had, and theoretically there should be enough change leftover for another pick at #25 or so (though it may come in the form of lower picks we pool to move back up to #25; same difference). If there are multiple QBs projected near that acquired slot, the payoff will be substantially more.
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    If the Jets were a general manager they'd be Mike Maccagnan
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    If the Jets were a cartoon character the J-E-T-S Jets would be Wiley Coyote
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    It's looking like the "every sports season will dEfInItElY be cancelled crowd" shot their wads a little prematurely.
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    lool..... noooooooooooo I don't care how highly some may think of Adams.... Really? comparing a Safety to the cornerstone QB of the Superbowl champions is/should be a bridge too far even for those folks. Mahomes is probably the most valuable asset for any team in the NFL today. With all due respoct that includes the Donald's and the Bosa's and the Thomas' of this world. 2nd isn't even in the same continent and Jamal Adams ain't even on that list anywhere. Edited to add that Adams is 37th on that list if you go by that ranking
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    I've been on the trade Jamal bandwagon for a while now but this breakdown has changed my mind. The Jets should just let the contract play out through year 5 and try to negotiate a long term deal at that point. If that cannot get done, franchise him for one year and try to renegotiate after that. He's wants top dollar now and will want top dollar in 3 years. Might as well get as much value out of him as possible. It's been a minute since the Jets had a player that produced at a high level that is UNDERPAID. They should take advantage. He has zero leverage now, and no matter what impact you think he has on a team, he plays the lowest salaried position on the field. We shouldn't be jumping through hoops for him because he certainly won't for the Jets.
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    Ugh. How could Mac give a dude with a broken neck these kinds of injury guarantees? ****ing mind boggling.
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    Its admirable but at a certain point you have to step away from the game before you do irreparable damage to your body that would ruin your post football life. Loved to watch him play, would love to see him play again but he should walk away for his health.
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    Here's accurate and honest. I know a lot more about zone blocking schemes than you do. A lot more. I don't care that I do, nor do I think it's some badge of honor. I don't care how much or how little any person knows regarding football schemes. It isn't a requirement as a fan to be able to know what schemes are used and why. What I do care about for is when someone like you tries talking down to people when they are clearly full of sh*t.
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    What a fun thread. So many choices. GM -- Idzik and Macc getting a lot of votes (and deservedly so) based on recency bias, but how about a mention for Al Ward. GM for two seasons, 75 & 76. Team won 3 games each year, hired Lou Holtz, let John Riggins move on, traded 1st round pick for Billy Newsome. Dreadful 2 year tenure as a GM. Coach -- Gotta go with Kotite, although Lou Holtz is a close second. Kotite gets the nod because Holtz had the good sense to realize what a disaster he was as a pro head coach and voluntarily left to go back to college. Draft -- So many to choose from. Based on where they were picked. Lam Jones, Blair Thomas and Vernon Gholston are probably top 3. I will give the edge to Gholston -- edge rusher who never had a sack. FA signing. Tru and O'Donnell stand out as 1A and 1b.
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    This thing .....I see both sides of the coin. I wouldnt mind keeping him but not for some kings ransom just because “good teams keep their good players” I can see the dropoff on D be very minimal with him gone.
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    Kevin Stefanski is a friend of a friend (I'll just leave it at that). Kevin Stefanski won't be putting up with the Baker Mayfield bullsh*t show, that's for damn sure. I expect this guy to be out of the league entirely in 3-4 years. Waste of a pick. Adios.
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    I was going to post the same thing. Those are the breaks, this is what his union put in place. If he doesn't like it, take it up with the union. He is more than welcome to sit out, have a great time. As much as he may be "worth more" thems the breaks dude. It's a business and the Jets are running it as so. If they pay him fine, if not, oh well. As much as I feel the players should get as much as they can, god bless them. Make that dough the owners and GMs have the same right not to pay them. This is what the players union agreed to. To bad
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    Isn't Phillips a part of this rotation? He and Kaufusi didn't look too bad finishing the year. It's nice to have a young, deep group. I think they will have a great year as a group: an instructive year of NFL experience under their belts, and a year within Greg William's defense means more reacting and less thinking. I believe they will be living in opposing backfields all season long.
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    I understand the sentiment, but then why must only the Jets extend him? Why aren’t there 20 teams pushing each other out of the way to take advantage of the Jets’ extreme myopia by offering the type of package so many here think he’s worth? It’s not you - we’ve heard this here for years whenever the Jets entertained shopping a player who wasn’t another Jets bust - but it’s an argument that I’ve felt never made much sense. It’s borne totally out of emotion. As far as the contract aspect of it, that’s bonus. Plus it’s just the case that a team with an extra ~$20MM in cap space is more likely to make a play for a veteran (via trade or FA) in that price range. I don’t think on paper his presence prevents one more signing so much as it’s addititve to a presumed package of picks that can be spent on more of a difference-maker. The pick(s) they get for him, plus the extra veteran star they are then more likely to sign, would have a greater cumulative effect than keeping Adams anywhere near that price range. This is the rationale. It doesn’t make it so, since we don’t today know who those upcoming players are, but the team also doesn’t keep trading away its high picks to other teams so we can get first dibs on their players soon reaching FA status. Nor does any winner. Time will tell which was the right move in hindsight.
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    If every season has this relatively easy stretch for all 16 games, we’ll do great. Until the playoffs, lol. But at least we’ll be there, and our QB can stat-compile his way to a cap-crippling contract extension that also prevents the team from taking any chances on drafting an elite QB. I’m quite sure I like Darnold better than you do at this point, but it goes without saying that he’s got to put up those numbers or better when it the opponents aren’t creampuffs and backups. Otherwise he’s 2015 Ryan Fitzpatrick, except he’s Fitzpatrick that the team locks itself into for a decade after investing a high 1st rounder plus three 2nd rounders for the privilege.
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    Yeah those pesky good numbers that fly on the face of what you said are so annoying. I gave you the last 8 games. You said at no time were his numbers impressive. At no time. Right? Yeah but those numbers dont really count, got it. A 22 year old, 2nd year QB with a little over a year of experience on a team devoid of offensive talent. When not rushed even he was damn good. And the point here is that you were wrong. No one gives a shlt about QBR. Other than ESPN it’s pointless enough, never mind the whole season
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    Gases's system appears to be have a 37 year old hof QB who runs the whole offense. Other than that the results of his system has been about the worst in the whole NFL over the last 4 years. The number of players that were good before or after their time with Gase who were not 'good fits' for his system is growing very fast.

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