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    You are 100% right my friend. I’m the most positive person on the world, explains my jets outlook Iol. But seriously that’s what got me through kidney failure and beating two bouts of cancer. I never thought I wouldn’t win my battle. Anyone facing these types of battles remember your attitude is key
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    Hmmmm, I would have you as an Air Supply guy.
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    Sent you and @Mogglez a PM with my cell number. Call me with if you have any medical questions or even if you just need someone to talk to. I don't claim to have all the answers but if I can help you cut through some of our physician lingo I'm happy to. Wishing you well and hoping for a quick recovery.
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    Jet Nut - you are tough, so I know you will hang strong. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better from your other post. Hopefully that continues. I will make you a deal. I have NEVER made this deal with anyone and I am being serious. You fight, you beat this virus and then you send me a message that says I tested negative. Once I get that message in exchange you get a "Get out of jail free card". Now I am being real here, in 15 years we have never made this offer to anyone. It is my hope that you will use this get out of jail free card to make @T0mShane pay in some way. But I can't tell you how to use it. You are one of the most passionate Jets fans I know. And I know a lot of Jets fans. So I am trusting in you that you will put this get out jail free card to good use lol. God bless and if we can do anything for you just say the word!
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    F*ck man. Please get better; we are thinking of you and @Mogglez
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    I haven't been around much the past few weeks. I am checking in, but there is so much going on I haven't had time to talk about the Jets. The one thing we never wanted to do is stifle anyone. We have always had the no politics rule and that has served us well. It let us focus on football, focus on the Jets. It meant we don't have partisan divide, letting us focus on Jets talk. Right now, there is so much uncertainty. We don't even know if training camp will start on time or if fans will be in attendance when the games begin. That is all a long way of saying we hear what is on everyone's mind. Back to the first point, we never wanted to stifle anyone. We are just trying to make sure people aren't fighting here, we are all one Jets family. I have an idea on how we might be able to try something new. I don't think a group PM would work out, eventually it will get too big. Please give me a day or so. We don't want anyone leaving the site. I want to test out another option, a more private option that could allow a little more freedom. We will never be a site that welcomes the normal partisan politics conversations that happen everywhere. I think we have a way to keep the NFL forum about football on the field and still give people a voice. I will post more information soon. Not to be overly dramatic but we are a family here. So many people are hurting right now. Let's stick together, that's what family does.
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    Covid is nothing compared to what the Jets have inflicted on you. You got this. Rooting for you and your family.
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    I actually hold you in regard as my number one enemy on this board. I thought about Buttfumbling this post. 😉 I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone. I know you’re going to kick its ass and be back to posting in no time. I need you to do just that so I can continue to embarrass you and stoke my ego. Get well soon!
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    Jet Nut stay strong.... You have no idea how much happiness you have brought me out here on this site. You are going to be fine, because God wants and needs Great People on this planet here at this time.
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    That can't be, I was told by a prominent poster here that Manish has legitimate sources and that anything suggesting otherwise is just #haterz. Can't wait to hear Manish's explanation for this one on the next podcast episode with that aforementioned poster.
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    Wasn't sure if you wanted me to keep it private or not lol, that's why I haven't said anything. Thank you everyone for wishing dad well!
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    Thank you Charlie Brown, you don’t know how much I appreciate your extremely kind words. I’ll hold them close to me forever buddy, your an amazing close friend to me and my son
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    Just bumping this so the last post is seen. We are working on something, give us a little time but I think we have a way to extend the conversation beyond what is normally considered acceptable here. Being civil towards each other will always be a requirement though. Thanks everyone, hope to have more info soon.
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    When you saw @Mogglez‘s three day meltdown over JD not signing a RT, the family resemblance crystallized.
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    Keep the faith Jet Nut I had emergency back surgery at the end of March wound up getting pneumonia and turned into a 6 day stay in the hospital tested daily for Covid-19 luckily I never got it. That little breathing thing they give you with the tubes and balls helps a lot. Stay positive, eat and stay hydrated. Wish you the best my thoughts and prayers are with you. joewilly12
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    God bless, Nut. Hang in there and get better. No one else yells at me with the panache you have.
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    Yeah. We know. Jets fans keep getting told this. Every few hours. Every single day of the week. There was an article criticizing him for having a windowless office. Seriously. Did this guy put laxatives in the tuna casserole provided in the Jets press lounge or something?
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    We've had more than our share of differing opinions over the last decade plus and I'm wishing you and @Moggleznothing but the best. You got this.
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    Had no idea you guys were father and son! That’s awesome, a Jets family. With that said, hope dad kicks it’s ass and get better real soon. We’re here to take your mind off things! I can always start another Jamal thread if needed.
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    I had it also. The first two weeks were rough then I got better. Just fight out these next couple weeks!
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    Here's what I will say about this. I want to start off by letting everyone know that i am a 32 year old black male. There's a video that's going around recently that tried to show how white privilege is a real thing. I will post the link below. What I will say to this video is myself, I grew up what I would describe as upper middle class. My mother was a postal worker by my dad made a good amount of money as a general manager for a large fastener/tool distribution company in NYC. In all honesty, most of the questions in the video I would have stepped forward to. I myself have experienced racism but I deal with it different from others. I don't complain about it or let it bring me down, I push past it and move forward while chalking it up to ignorance. I do think it's more of a culture problem than a race problem but the fact of the matter is the proportion of minorities living in poverty is much higher than the proportion of white people but like I said even as a black man, I don't know if I have proper perspective on this because I feel I grew up with every opportunity as the white classmates I went to school with. My question to you is what do you think of the idea of it being a cultural problem rather than a race problem? I don't want to cause an argument with anyone here just want to hear another perspective on the issue.
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    Is Greenbean trying to get some ?
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    One year after McCarthy, and the Packers look like a much better team. The Cowboys traded one stale coach for another, IMHO. I was glad when the Jets passed on him. If you wanted to point to Matt Rhule or some other hot college coach, okay. This is a terrible idea, and once again I'm glad the Jets didn't pursue it. You don't see Allen or Mayfield being challenged by broken down former #1 picks because that's not the way it's done in the NFL. You invest that much in your potential FQB, you have to do everything you can to get him up to speed. That doesn't include spending a lot to hedge your bets at the position. He has to have this year as the unquestioned starter. If he doesn't show significant improvement, next year is the first year I'd bring in an outside vet to compete. Like Foles in Trubisky's fourth year. Not necessarily the names you suggest here, but I would've liked for the Jets to change OCs, too. Thing is, though, by not doing so, that's one less thing they have to worry about in this virus-amended off-season. Overall, though, I don't think Gase's seat is even warm right now. The organization seems pretty chill. Joe Douglas made a lot of positive moves, but none of them were desperation type moves. None of the huge splashes we'd see from Mac or Tanny. Everything feels calculated, which would suggest a certain amount of patience. I don't think JD is married to Gase, but he did take the job to work with him. I think things will have to be pretty bad for the team to go in another head coaching direction next year. My feeling is that the folks here looking for mandates -total offense rankings, w/l record, etc.- are going to be disappointed. I think Gase will be judged primarily on Darnold's development, and how they feel about the team at the end of the season. Another strong finish, and I can't see Gase going anywhere.
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    Hack job cheap shot Gase bashing article....Manish style- I saw Gase turn this team around last year. He put together an excellent coaching staff and in their first year the team was riddled with injuries. Freakish bad luck all around all year long. miserable offensive line, second-year quarterback who contracted mononucleosis, and a superstar starting running back who hadn't played in a year and a half. How is Gase on the hot seat? BONKERS IT IS!!! Also I am sick of hearing about Miami. He wasn't the Jets head coach in Miami. Miami had a fire sale and a few players showed up on the map because they were out of jobs and needed to prove themselves? Big deal. I have not seen any of these players say anything negative about Adam Gase. As a matter of fact it's the polar opposite, his former players have praised him. As far as Ryan Tannehill and a few other players that had a decent season last year whom apparently our terrible head coach was holding back, it's a ridiculous silly argument. Whatever happened to Jay Ajayi? He can't get a job at Burger King. Maybe you can go ask Nick Foles, Kurt Warner, and Doug Flutie about all the terrible coaches they had that held them back before they finally figured it out? Laughable!!!
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    Problem is while I totally appreciate the offer, I actually, deep, down, like Tom. Don't tell him though, lol, thanks for the kind words To all, Max and all the others who took the time to comment. Pease all, it's easy to get sloppy now with the new easing of rules, but BE SAFE!!! Trust me this SUCKs, it's painful and uncomfortable just to breath. You need to be careful I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Thanks again to all. It's really appreciated
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    O goody another Adam Gase thread. Well at least it's not a Jamal Adams thread.
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    Stay strong. You will beat this. Get well soon. SAR I
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    Get well man. We all send you good vibes.
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    And I thought I had a sh*tty week last week thanks to a Transient Ischemic Attack...a mild stroke to you non-medical types...when my BP spiked to 271/143... Praying for you; get better.
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    Jet Nut you better get well soon. I’ll have no one to argue with. Take Lysine and zinc, D and vit C. Also tea tree oil in boiling water with a towel overhead to clear your lungs out. And meditate.
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    That’s what I’ve been told the first few weeks a key. I’m already feeling better, hopefully that means something
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    Very sorry to hear this. I wish you much better luck and good health in your immediate future. Stay strong, man!
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    sh*t, that's awful, man. I'll be pulling for you to get better soon. Keep us updated on your condition, and take it easy, bud.
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    Mornings, afternoons, nights, eating, pooping or whatever, I am always viewing this awesome site. Maybe we can form an addiction support group. Let's get together people, let's pm each other and form a group of neutered and emancipated members of JN.
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    Only 23 and so much potential. Happy Birthday, bro. SAR I
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    This is the narrative, but one thing Gase demonstrated that he was quite good at was scripting plays to open a football game. Jets had gone maybe years(?) without an opening drive TD, then with Gase did it like four games in a row or something last year. Yes, then some long stretches in the game where the offense sputtered, but those opening drives suggest he's got some ability. The offensive talent was bad last year and I'm not completely convinced it's improved. Hopefully they did enough on the OL to get the unit up to respectable. There's a lot riding on JD's first two draft picks as a GM. This is why I keep talking about a slow start. I think it's inevitable. Once the team is up & running, though, Gase's in game play-calling needs to show signs of improvement, too.
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    Sorry to hear what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jet Nut Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    That's really tough to hear. But you sound strong and in a good place mentally. I'm thinking of you and truly hope you are on the road to a quick recovery.
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    I will be praying for you. Get well soon.
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    Get well soon JN the board is more fun with you on it healthy and in fighting form.
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    God bless @Jet Nut , sending prayers your way. Stay strong.
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    Damn man. Hope you make it out okay. Positivity and being in a good mind state will go a long way, you've got this.
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    I will say a prayer for a quick and full recovery.
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    WOW, really sorry to hear that Brother. Your on my prayer list
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    Hopefully things get better and you make a full recovery.
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    Chewing too loudly? GFY
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    Lots of people are not ready to be told they need awareness. Most people aren’t ready for this if you tell them they are chewing too loudly much less about larger social issues
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    What is going on right now is relevant to Football because a pioneer and hero of the revolution was black balled from this league for peacefully protesting the exact issue that is plaguing our country. Instead of being heard, he was ostracized and white america refused to hear his plight. Instead, they changed their anger toward a man taking a knee peacefully, within his rights, rather than appropriately placing it on the 400 of years of oppression black america has faced in the country. Maybe if his peaceful protest was heard instead of resisted, we would have saved the lives of many black americans who are needlessly murdered with no accountability by our law enforcement. Maybe if the NFL embraced one of their superstars for standing up for HUMAN RIGHTS, which has nothing to do with Politics and the Flag and whatever conversation white american wanted to have instead of the conversation that many players in the league (not just Colin) were trying to have, we would not have been subjected to watching modern day lynchings.
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    +1 And the entire point of drafting a prospect so young is to throw him in and get him experienced. Unlike Tua or Burrow, Sam has 26 games 11 wins 6000 yards and 40 touchdowns under his belt. And it's not like the Jets were a Super Bowl team these past two seasons anyway. Quarterback is the one position on this team I don't worry about. How refreshing. SAR I

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